Having problems with your 1986 Mercury Grand Marquis ?

I try to start the car and all I get is vibration sound coming from the solenoid. I have tried the old trick when you put the key in the on position and touch a screw driver to the post on the solenoid, but I still get nothing. Is my solenoid bad, or is my starter bad?

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If you have a second vehicle, or a ride, you can take the starter to Autozone where they can test it for you to tell you if your whole starter motor is bad. I'm not sure if you can get just the solenoid, if so, you might ask them about it. I imagine if the solenoid was bad, it would fail the test for the starter motor as well.
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I try to start the car and all I get is vibration sound coming from the solenoid. I have tried the old trick when you put the key in the on position and touch a screw driver to the post on the solenoid, but I still get nothing. Is my solenoid bad, or is my starter bad?

If you have a second vehicle, or a ride, you can take the starter to Autozone where they can test it for you to tell you if your whole starter motor is bad. I'm not sure if you can get just the solenoid, if so, you might ask them about it. I imagin ... 1986 Mercury Grand Marquis

I replaced starter solenoid and shortly after that the starter was bad. Replaced starter and now vehicle will start but the starter will not disengage unless the vehicle is shut off. How do I get the starter to disengage when key is in run position and not in starting position?


No start condition new battery , good starter, turn key to start position light come on dash, go forward to start light go out and you hear click under dash area like relay, no power getting to starter. happens intermittently - remove battery cable let sit for a bit . starts right up . happened twice to my wife , then would not reoccur . got into car & finally happened to me. bad relay ?? is there a relay under drivers dash area that's bad ?

No starter relay is always at the fuse relay box at the engine compartment. The relay that you hear is the relay for the accessories to turn off the power during starting position. ... 1999 Ford Windstar

My vehicle is a 1996 jeep grand cherokee when I turned on the ignition to start it, it feels like it does not go all the way over in start position. But can turn the key on and jump start the starter with the screw driver and it will start..... does this mean my IGNITION SWITCH CAN BE BAD? Thank you Robert

It could be or solonoid you jump is bad try banging solonoid might unstick when turn to start if lights dim switch is fine ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 95 chevy lumina 3.1 liter car. When I turn the key, the all the light work but nothing happens when turning the key to the start position. The battery, starter, and solenoid are all fine. I have found that there is no starter relay or starter fuses in this vehicle. I have also found that the wire to the solenoid isn't getting any power. When hooking the solenoid directly to the ignition wire, the car cranks but will not start.

There is a fuse from the ignition switch. There is also a fusible link. Below is a wiring diagram that you can look at and it has the wire colors as well. This I hope will help you narrow down your power loss to the solenoid. If you need anymore wiri ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

I have an 1988 Toyota Celica G/T.It hasn't been starting with the key I'm on my 2nd starter.But it does start when I stick a screw driver in the part that stickes out of the starter with another screw driver touching a bolt then touching the 2 screw drivers together.Can you help me with figuring out I need to look at????

There may be a problem with the ground of the starter. The negative should run from the starter to the engine block and back to the battery via a cable connected to the block. Have the area where you attach the starter cleaned out using a wire brush ... 1988 Toyota Celica Liftback

I have a 1994 Honda Accord and I had to break the passenger side outside door lock to unlock the door when I left the key inside. After a few drives, now it won't crank over and start. I think that the anti-theft system is being activated so it won't get voltage to the starter solenoid wire. I do not have voltage at the solenoid when I have the key in crank position and the starter is okay, it cranks when I apply voltage to the solenoid wire. What shall i check?

Hi,\015\012\015\012Have you checked that the transmitter which is attached to the door lock assembly, also make sure that the connector is attached to the door lock which you had to break off.\015\012\015\012Let me know if you need more i ... Honda Accord

I have a 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse gt that the starter quit working. We could here a click when turning the key to start. So im thinking the solenoid was engaging. But the starter was bad. I replaced the starter and it cranked and started right away. 3 weeks later the same thing happened. Thought it might just be bad luck and got a bad starter. Replaced it again and the same thing it cranked and started right away. Took the starter back to get it checked, it checked out and turned over like it sho

... 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse

98 Jeep Grand Cherokee - will not start - starter solenoid clicks once when engaged but starter will not turn engine - plenty of voltage (14V with jumper cables connected) going to solenoid - with screw driver jumpered terminals, solenoid to starter, but starter did nothing. I think the starter is bad.

The starter is bad. Solenoid is good, the starter itself is bad. You can remove it and take it to Schuck's/Chief's/Kragen/NAPA, they will test it for FREE. You can't beat free!!! ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Starter won't turn over,I shorted selenoid with screwdriver and it kicked in selenoid and started,,ok bad selonoid,,I just replaced with new starter and selonoid,,still won't kick seloniod in,,shorting selonoid it will start,,I checked voltage at little wire which send voltage to selonoid when key is turned to start position,,no voltage,,,,where does this wire get it's voltage when turning key to start position,,is there a fuse,,what am I missing here

That wire may be coming from a relay so you may need a service manual to find which one it is.\015\012\015\012BTW, to save frying all of your screwdrivers, applying 12 volts for a moment to the terminal with the smaller gauge wire will cause th ... Buick Skylark

The truck wont start in the park or neutral position. If I jump the starter all is fine. When turning the key i dont even get a clicking sound. Is it the solenoid or a worn out switch. Every once in a while it would happen and i would turn the key on and off a few times and get the starter to catch. Thanks

This could also be the anti theft security system (passlock) shutting down the starter. This is a common GM problem that effected Escalades from 1999 to 2007. When the anti theft starts to fail, it gets confused and locks YOU out instead of just thei ... 2000 Cadillac Escalade

I have an 1989 jeep comanche. It had an ignition switch bypass. I took it off and replaced the switch and the relay. If i touch the positive battery cable to the green starter wire on the relay it starts. Everthing works fine when driving. I just don't want this push button. I get power when the key is in but it does nothing in the start position but it still has power i took the ignition wire off at relay and turned had someone turn key to start and it is getting no power.

... 1989 Jeep Comanche

When the key is turned to the start position, the current passes through the ignition switch, down the heavy yellow wire, to the junction with the wiring loom, but does not reach the solenoid on the starter. The wire is purple when it gets to the solenoid, the wiring diagram says it changes to purple after it goes through the anti theft moidule. If the key is on and the solenoid is activated remotely, the car runs for about 2 to 3 seconds, then dies. Where is the module actually located and how

If it turns out to be your anti-theft unit as the problem, contact your dealer and give them your VIN number. They will be able to tell you the code and procedure on how to reset it ... 1996 Buick Regal Olympic Gold

My 1989 Camero RS will not turn over when the key is turned to the start position. I can jump across starter and get it to turn over but not from the key. The ignition switch is new and it does not have the key that has the chip in it and the old one did. Could this be the problem or is it more likey the fusable links at the starter. Is there another fusable link behind the drivers side kick panel.

The key must have the chip key in order for it to start, hire a good lockshp to programme same for u ... 1989 Chevrolet Camaro

My daugthers 2003 Olds Alero (3.4) isn't starting. Turning the key doesn't ingage the started. First time: I went in and tapped on started and couldn't get anything to happen then all of a sudden she turned the key and it started. She took her car into the shop and they replaced the battery and cleaned connectors. Worked fine for 3 weeks. Second time: Car won't start, won't turn over. Starter doesn't engage. If I cross arch the sylinoid and starter with screw driver starter engages and turns

This sounds like there is a dead spot in your starter. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to replace your starter. Many times, if you take a lot of short-distance trips over the life of your car, the wiring inside the starter itself will wear ... Oldsmobile Alero

My 1992 chevy g20 won't crank the starter seems to be getting no juice...we charged the battery, checked connection cables, tried to jump it from another car, tried to tap on the side of the solenoid while turning the key, attached jumper cables to positive wire going into the solenoid and to a bolt under the starter for a ground and the other end of the cables to a second battery.....nothing....I don't have very much money at all...any advice?

... Cars & Trucks

When I have the key in the ignition, the panel lights come on, glow plug light cycles but when I go to turn it over ... Nothing. Same thing happens when I'm getting a jump. With the key in the on position, I can get it to turn over by arcing across the two terminals on the starter solenoid. Turns over strong but doesn't start. Like there's no fuel. The truck has been sitting for a few days but I don't know of any fuel leak that might have created air in the lines. Not sure if there is a way to p

... 2004 Ford F350

I have a 1993 isuzu pup pickup and I was having to keep turning the key to the start position several times before the starter would finally engage and crank the engine. Now that does not work anymore. I can short across the starter solenoid and crank the engine but I am not getting fire out of the coil. Do not know if the ignition switch is making connection or not. How do I determine if the key switch is good or not?

... Isuzu Cars & Trucks

My 1995 Wrangler wont start. It isn't firing at all. It's not getting power on the plug for the starting solenoid. I've changed the relay and the crankshaft position sensor. I removed the distributor cap to make sure the rotor is turning when it turns over, and ensure the timing belt wasn't broken. All fuses check good. With the starter relay removed and key on, I get power one relay contact. With relay in place, and key on, according to Chilton's manual, I should have power on the brown wire co

Would you mind describing the whole relay switch to me?How many prongs.3 I am guessing?Which prong is what or which colored wires are what.Wires relation to prong.I hope you understand this lol.And please tell me what you are reading the power with.A ... Jeep Wrangler

I have a 99 bonneville SSEI. My starter on my car went out. I replace the starter,and I have an new fully charged battery. My alternator is also good. When I turn over key it sounds if it wants to start but won't turn over. My ends on my positive are kind of bad, the red boot covers are all split up and broken. But I can still press them together to get a connection. I have side post battery. The red is a little loose not much. Could that be my problem? I also noticed while putting on starter th

... 1999 Pontiac Bonneville

Battery died. Charged and Checked good and reinstalled. In ignition key "on" position oil lights etc turn on as normal. In "start" starter motor does not activate. No loud clicking. Looking for manual trouble shooting list of things to look at and some illustrations (where's the starter?). Can starter be short started with a screw driver for ops check as in older cars? I haven't worked on cars since the early '80's. Much forgotten.

Easiest way to locate the starter is to follow the positive wire off the battery connection to the starter. Once you have located he starter I would put a voltmeter on the positive lead and check to see if there is any voltage reading at the starter ... 1990 Buick Century

I have a 91 f-150 and the it has problems with solenoids .its a brand new solenoid jus put on last week and a brand new one was on it jus before this one and it went bad to kept draining the battery. the new one i have on now once in a while wont let my starter stop spinning even with the key out of the ignition it continuously trys to turn over i have to unhook the positve on the battery and tap on the solenoid to get it all to work right.

I suspect you have a bad ignition switch that's not releasing current to solenoid taking your solenoids out. Solenoid has to be activated by switch to work, if it stays on that tells me current is still being fed to solenoid. Double check your wiring ... 1991 Ford F150

Won't start Worked fine last night, didn't start this morning. Battery level fine. Lights, radio, dashboard indicator lights, all work fine. Blower fan for heater doesn't work, and turning the ignition gets me silence. 12.3 volts to starter, multimeter registers 0 on other solenoid terminal when key is turned into start position. Seems like the restart relay is the common element between fan and starter, as I look closely at chassis wiring diagram. Probably have no A/C, but can't tell with engin

A friend here solved it. It was a bad connection of the ground wire, with the paddle-shaped connector loose. He cleaned it a bit, slid it back on, and crimped it a little (not easy to do in that tight space). Solved both problems. ... 1993 Isuzu Trooper

98 Toyota Corolla - won't start or turn over. It ran fine but when we tried to start again, there was nothing. Sometimes the dashlights light up when you turn the key, but then go black when you touch the brake pedal. Other times we get nothing at all. No clicking or anything when the key is turned. Battery cable ends were corroded, but I clipped them back and reacttached with new ends. Ignition switch, solenoid, starter? Please help

Does the start try turning the engine?.. or does it just click? or not even click?\015\012\015\012HOw is the battery voltage? \015\012check with volt meter. it could be dead after many attempts ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

I cant get my starter to turn over i have power to it when i turn the key i get nothing i can use a screw driver and make it work just put in a new transmission and after that i wont work

Your sarter silinoid is bad. replace it and you will be good ... 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe
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