Having problems with your 1989 Lincoln Town Car ?

I have lights in the car,just no digital lights on the dash. the car doesn't say anything to start it. the car has a factory alarm system in it. the problem started ever since i replaced the ignition switch under the dash. Please help if you can.

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Answers :

Did u properly adjust the new switch? go under the dash and loosen the two nuts holding th switch in place on the steering column, with the key on move the switch back and forth and see if the dash cluster light come on. let me know, I suspect it is just miss-adjusted.
Make sure the ignition switch you put on is lined up.and you did not acidentley place the rod in the wrong hole.Also the ignition switch,depending on where you purchased it may be adjustable.,Go back re check everything,and look for a wire,that may have pulled out.Disconnect the battery on the negative post,for about 15 seconds,and reconnect,to see if the alarm,will reset if you have to only.I hope this shed some light on the situation for you.If so please let us know,thank you.
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I have lights in the car,just no digital lights on the dash. the car doesn't say anything to start it. the car has a factory alarm system in it. the problem started ever since i replaced the ignition switch under the dash. Please help if you can.

Did u properly adjust the new switch? go under the dash and loosen the two nuts holding th switch in place on the steering column, with the key on move the switch back and forth and see if the dash ... 1989 Lincoln Town Car

Help me! My '03 BMW 325i will not start. The interior lights and headlamps come on and I can roll my windows up and down. I did try to jump start it because it has been a few days since I drove the car ( 4 or 5) and the rear door was slightly adjar so I thought the battery might just be low but when I turn the ignition switch on nothing (except dash lights) happens......I am car repair and bank account challenged.....I am checking the fuses in the glove box now but I am not sure which ones wou

Hi, the problem could be a number of things. First, check for a security or anti-theft light on the dash. If none, try starting it in neutral rather than park. You can also try shifting thru the gears while holding the key to start (with your foot ... 2003 BMW 325

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First of all check the voltage with meter at battery terminals.There should be 12 volts.Then check the voltage at battery to starter connections,there should be 12 volts.Then check voltage at ignition switch terminals there should be 12 volts.But if ... Audi Cabriolet

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Check for ground wires in the engine and body area. If a ground wire is loose or corroded the power will be intermittent and sometimes not at all. Does the car run ok otherwise? Look for grounds from body to maybe transmission or to motor need to lo ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

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Peugeot 307 sw ignition switch fuse keeps popping????sometimes the car will start and work normally but other times the dash lights illuminate but nothing works and the car wont start. replace the ignition switch fuse under the bonnet and the car will work for a few days perhaps sometimes it pops straight away. the car is a 2005 307sw 1.6 16v auto thanks in advance

There are three likely problems.... check the battery of the vehicle if the battery is still ok, or the alternator is not supplying the right power and finally the fuse box has some burnt part in it internally... ... 2005 Peugeot 405

My 2004 Cavalier has two issues 1) parking lights will not go off when i turn off the car and remove the key from the ignition. I had to pull out the fuses for both main headlights. 2) my main headlights will not turn on even when we replace the fuses back into the fuse box. In short, the light switch on the car has no effect on the main headlights, however the switch still turns on the dash lights. And the parking light will not go off untill i remove the fuses... I am at a loss..... pleas

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My honda 1991 crx model hf will not start. when I turn on switch starter does not engage so engine does not even try to turn over. lights, horns, and fans are strong so I believe it not to be battery problem. dash board lights light up when I turn the ignition....car beeps to let me know that I'm trying to start it. I've just hours ago had the main relay switch replaced(pgm-fi) believing that that was the problem but car is doing the same thing again. Go to start it and it is dead. I

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Ignition switch how do you remove and replace the ignition switch in a 94 jetta i can start the car if i push it off and pop the clutch i have all ready changed the starter and the ignition coil and nothing happend my next choice is either the switch or the fuse but i could not find the starter fuse and the only fuse box i could find is under the drivers side dash. Id realy appreciate the help.

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I also have 98 neon with "door ajar" light and buzzer staying on but ONLY when all doors are closed. key doesnt evan have to be in ignition! also the dome light works perfect with the door and light switch both. (on when open, off when closed.) alredy checked all rubber and is perfect. didnt start this prob till replaced dash cluster 3rd time. only way to not have buzzer is remove lightbulb from dash. WTF please help... this is the 3rd dash. im sick of neon electrical!!!!!!

Sounds like their is a short in the wiring to the dome light and buzzer... i know you don't want to hear that... if it is grounded somewhere that is why it quits when you remove the bulb... possible wire caught behind the dash when you put it back ... 1998 Dodge Neon

How do i bypass the security lock system? the seurity light went on and now after shutting my car off, the car wont start. all lights and sounds go on but when i go to turn on the ignition, nothing happens just the sound and the blinks of the lights on the dash and speedometer. i just recently replaced the fuel pump and starter, had 2 diagnostics done and everything showed up good w/the exception of the thermostat. pls. help, i need my car and im on a tight budget

You cannot by pass the factory immobilisor if you could every car thief would know how to steal it ,dealer only try the spare key ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 95 Lesabre. I was doing errands, stopped car, came out of store and tried to start car. The engine didn't turn over. All lights on dash came on when I turned key on and all went off when I turned key off, except the security light. Even with key off it stayed on. I was trying to call someone for help, when the security light went out. I tried to start again and it turned right over. A friend told me I might need to replace ignition key. What do you think?

Hi,The ignition lock cylinder is most likely the problem. It has the sensor that rears the key inside of it. The cylinder has two wires that come off run down the bottom of the steering column. This is where you are going to splice the re ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

2003 kia sorento 4wd low light stays on and then check engine light comes on . since this happened vehicle will not shift into overdrive. already replaced switch on dash and no help. was told there was a switch on transfer case that can cause this problem. can this switch be diassembled and cleaned to work again

... Kia Sorento

Heated seats not working on 2005 300c...car had no owners manual...guessing how to turn on heated seats; turned on switch located on dash in front of gear lever and below radio but switch doesn't light up and seats don't get warm...replaced 30amp pink fuse in trunk but didn't help...guessing problem is in switch on dash or problem under drivers seat..how do u troubleshoot/repair?

Here is a sight for your owners manual to download or order one.http://www.chrysler.com/en/owners/manuals/index.html ... 2005 Chrysler 300

1995 e-420 no crank. put a remote button and car starts and runs. ignition switch was braoken replaced ignition tumbler, cylinder lock, and switch. same problem, turn key about half the dash lights come on, engine will not crank

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Have dodge 1991 spirit ignition problems....replaced ignition switch.........car still won't start.....radio,turn signals,wipers,dash lights don't work, however headlights, heater blower harzard lights will work....any clues as to what to try next?

Bad ground on battery to engine block,use jumper cable from negative to a metal bracket on engine and see if that resolves issue if so get a new ground cable. ... 1991 Dodge Spirit

I have an 1983 Nissan Sentra, the car will not start. the lights dont come on. I have used a test light and there is no jucie at the ignition . I replaced the ignition switch , checked the battery as well as the starter , also the fuses all of which are working properly . Any suggestions would be helpful . thank you for your time. going no where in az

Check the fuseable link at battery connections ... 1983 Nissan Sentra

Ignition problem/electrical My 96 Achieva has had a problem with the ignition since I bought it almost 3 years ago. It turns over just fine, but turning it off is a problem. The key won't turn back all the way. Sometimes jiggle it helped, but for the last 3 months, it won't do anything so I have been disconnecting the battery every time I park my car. Today, I put on the parking brake and the car shutoff. The dash lights will not come on, but the electric locks work, as well as the dome lig

You need to replace the the actuator parts that go from the ignition lock cylinder to the switch they are inside the steering column, this is a very hard job and not for the do it yourself mechanic, there is the issue of the air bag be d ... 1996 Oldsmobile Achieva

I spent most of the day tracking down an ignition failure. I thought I had it narrowed down to the igniy ion switch. I replaced it and it still does the same thing. When you turn the key to the on position, you get nothing. No dash lights or anything. When you hit the start position the same thing. There is power coming into it via the pink wire. When i jumper the pink to the blue, the wire that feeds the dash and the coil, I can then start the car with the ignition, but when the jumper is pulle

Look at the rod on the tor of the switch it's self the switch on the tor of steering shaft may have moved or be worn out. ... 1993 Dodge Shadow

I have a 92 sonoma and i was driving and the truck died....i check battery and was good and tight connections...replaced the ignition switch and didnt help...when the key is on i get no dash lights, no head lights, and no power windows or locks.?? help

If your were driving and the engine suddenly quit the battery would not be the culprit.From all of the indications that you mention it sounds like a fusable link has malfunctioned. If that is the case, make sure you isolate the reason for the f ... 1992 GMC Sonoma

Interior lighting when I insert the key into the ignition all of the dash lights work but as soon as I turn the key on, all of the lights turn off. All gauges work with the exception of the gas gauge which is stuck on full and the information system that has not worked since I bought the car. At night time I cannot see the mph or anything. Can you please help!

Sounds like your ignition switch going bad ... 1991 Lincoln Mark VII

I have a 2002 Kia Optima 2.7l v6. The car was shifting at high rpm's, check engine light was on. When driving steady at 30 and 40mph the car jerked in and out of gears. Auto Trans. I have had a tune up which included: Ignition coil, plugs, wires. I had the IAC and TPS Switches replaced. New battery and alternator. Alternator was bad. Car is still doing same thing as when I brought it in. HELP!!

The problems you are having are not addressed by the repairs you have had done. The shifting problem is going to be in the transmission. Without opening the transmission and looking I would have the say you have a bad solenoid in the Transmission ... 2002 Kia Optima
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