Having problems with your 1992 Dodge Dakota ?

Emergency Brake light and Anti-lock light show on the dashboard of my 1992 Dodge Dakota...thought it might be low brake fluid, but it looks ok. Just had new front brakes put on 2 months ago. What else might be the problem?

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Answers :

Well sounds like at this point you need to have the ABS system scanned for codes.generally, whenever those lights come on one or both it is an indication of a malfunction in the ABS sys.could just be a inexpensive sensor so dont panic yet...just get it scanned and go from there. hope this helped ley me know have a good day Darrell
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Emergency Brake light and Anti-lock light show on the dashboard of my 1992 Dodge Dakota...thought it might be low brake fluid, but it looks ok. Just had new front brakes put on 2 months ago. What else might be the problem?

Well sounds like at this point you need to have the ABS system scanned for codes.generally, whenever those lights come on one or both it is an indication of a malfunction in the ABS sys.could just be a inexpensive sensor so dont panic yet...just get ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

The front left brake is doing all the braking and is heating up. brand new caliper on both sides and new rotors and pads. Had to repair yesterday because the pad on the left was sticking to the Rotor badly. I am also hearing a faint pulsing soundwhen rolling at any speed now. (installed a new flexible brake line on the right as I thought that might be the problem) I'm at a loss... maybe proportioning valve problem? ABS and Trac off Amber lights are on.


My Hyundai Coupe 2ltr SE (2000) has been well maintained, my pride and joy!! But yesterday the warning light for ABS came on mid journey(7 miles) then went off. Today it was off at start of same journey then came on and stayed on. Had new front brake discs, pads etc few months ago, new rear wheel bearings, and new clutch last month. Is this a real problem, dangerous?? The website does not give me the option to enter Hyundai Coupe as a make and model.

It could be problem with any sensor of abs of any wheel, it as not a major problem , dont worry check with technician. ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

Brake Problem My sons 1998 Mazda 626 has had new disc & brake pads fitted to the front of his car & rear disc machined & new pads. Still has Brake problems & is costing him a lot money and the problem is not being fixed. Problem : When the brake is applied he gets a shudder feeling all the time through the brake pedal. His hand brake is adjusted each time it is serviced but after 1 month it is at max position up when pulled on. I hope that you can answer my questions.

Hi im dave\015\012hope i can help \015\012when you had the rear pads applied and the discs turned was there noticeable damage to the disc surface it sounds like your e brake cable is not adjusted properly or perhaps the braided wires insi ... 1998 Mazda 626

1999 Silverado 5.3 I changed all my light bulbs they are all new front and back. But im having a big problem all lights in front work perfect including signal lights, the problem its in tha back that the driver rear "left" brake like light wont turn on or sinal light wont blink when I put the left directional, but when I put the directional to go right both signal lights in the back blink at the same time.. Does any body knows whats wrong with it?

The lamps got mixed up. For a Chevy 1500, the left tail/stop lamp has dual filaments with LT BLU and BRN wires connected to the socket. The left rear turn lamp has a single filament with a LT BLU wire connected to the socket. One other possibility is ... Cars & Trucks

My taillights do not work on my geo metro 91. they have not worked for a few months but i bypassed the problem by wedging a quarter between the front light and parking light buttons because i could not find any blown fuses. now the quarter does not work anymore and i hessitate to go buy new switches because i dont think the ACTUAL problem is in the switches as you do not have to access your parking lights normally simultanously with your front lights to also get you back lights.I took the switch

The switch is your problem,Yes I know that you took it apart and cleaned it and checked it out.But they are parts that you cannot see and the switch will fix it.Where you put that quarter in there it made contact until it burnt away.Try a switch. ... Geo Metro

Brakes i just put on a new master cylinder because i have had bad brake problems, but when i was bleeding the back brakes there was no fluid coming out, only in the front. i realize i got a new problem is there anyone who might have an idea?

Hi you may have a colapsed rubber brake hose going to the rear from the frame to axle.try to open the passanger rear bleader and let it just sit for a wile to see if you get fluid.if yes then continue bleading. if not remove steel line from the inlit ... 1994 Ford F250 Supercab

I am having a problem with my brake lights coming on. I can turn on the lights and the turm signals work. I have replaced the brake switch twice with new ones. I also replace the plug that plugs into the brake switch. I have checked the fuses and they are okay. What else can I check that might becausing this problem?

If you have changed the brake lamp switch and it has made absolutely no difference on each occasion I would be checking the earthing connection to the rear lamp clusters. ... Mercury Cougar

ABS Problems My ABS light and Brake light are on and the Speedo works intermittantly, above 30 miles an hour. What would be the most likely culprit? Powertrain Control Module or the Speed sensor?? The ABS circut routes through both, or they run to it. The brakes themselves are new on the rear and fairly new on the front Thanks, Gary

Gary, \015\012\015\012 Just went through this problem with my Dakota as well. This is a very very very common problem with the Dodges. First things first. Replace the Vehicle Speed Sensor on the rear differential. Cost around 40 dollars ... 1998 Dodge Dakota

2003 Discovery II 2 problems... I keep getting water on the front driver side floor (soaked) What and where should I check? The other problem is the 3 light on my dash ABS/Brake/? they stay on and have been on for about a year! I't like christmas! New brakes and rotors Front & back. New RR caliper. What next? Please Help! any Ideas? I love my Rotten Rover! LOL Thanks,jessie

There are drain holes in the bottom of the door that may be clogged. Open the door and look up at the bottom for hole, which may be covered with rubber flaps. Also if the door was serviced the mechanic may not have reinstalled the inner rain shield c ... 2003 Land Rover Discovery

I have a problem with a 93 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4W - The right blinker & brake light works like they should. However,the left brake & backup lights are out ( new bulbs have been installed & still out). When I use the left turn signal it looks like emergency flashers are on in the back. The front of the vehicle looks normal. What could the problem be?

By emergency flasher "look" do you mean both rear lights are flashing? If so,The problem may be in the signal switch. otherwise it could be the ground for the light sockets not being connected well. Try swapping the four way flasher with the directio ... 2000 Jeep Wrangler

My 2006 F150 abs light would come on after driving it for a few miles. I changed the rear sensor and it still didn't correct the problem. I had the brake pads replaced and cleaned the front sensors. I had an error code on the front right sensor and after having the pads replaced and the code check again, the error code was gone. I drove it for a little longer period of time and the abs came back on. Is there any other solution you might have to correct the problem with my abs light. Than

It sounds like you might be having a problem with your Electronic control module. Are the only codes coming up just for the sensor? Have you recently cleaned your engine or driven in very wet weather? If so, water could have gotten into your conne ... Ford F-150

2007 Saturn Ion Front end grinding noise while rolling up to a stop. New brake pads & rotors. New front struts, CV shaft and rear coil springs all replaced in the last month. I Have had in into two different shops including the dealership and they can't replicate the noise nor find any problems when inspecting brakes. Any ideas???

Wheel bearing ? ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 Ford Windstar and this might be a long story. About a three months ago the door ajar light started coming on along with the brake and ABS lights (the brakes lights always came on). As a result of the door ajar light coming on, the dome lights stop working. The van makes a loud sound like the the fan is stuck or something when I am sitting in traffic, but it stops after a few minutes. About two weeks ago, the front windshield wipers stop working and the very next morning when we

... 2001 Ford Windstar

2002 KIA Optima LX rear brakes done last year did fronts drums were good. Slowly over 2 months before fronts changed brake pedal is kicking back, now it kicks back at evenslower stops. Thinking its ABS sys pump, before money can I bleed each brake? can I disconnect electricplug from pump to stop the kicking and still have brakes, Know the abs light will come on but just want it drivable. Where can I get a used or new pump and how much?

Make sure rotors were machined and are not out of spec. bleeding the brakes to start. make sure you do it in the correct bleeding sequence.most are RR, LR, RF, LF. check with manufacturer to be sure for your application. also check the brake lining ... 2002 Kia Optima

2005 pontiac montana SV6, last 6 months blowing the same rear drivers signal light( fishy ) so i cleaned the connection and put dielectric grease, problem solved( i thought ). recently the "service park lamps) " warning turns on with no other issues. then one day weeks later both signals (rear is also brake light) front and back stop working, however 3rd brake light still works, light in the van flashes real fast both sides. What i've tried... changing fuse #20 10a fuse(park lamps), blown- repla

Never replace a circuit with a fuse that is stronger than what is asked for as you will then burn the wiring.i would get my hands on a wiring schematic and trace the problem with a tester.once found replace the bad wiring or relay with the right part ... 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6

Strange problems My wife's 2003 honda accord is acting strange. First, the tcs light is staying on. And the brake light on the dashboard is staying on. I checked the fluid level for the brake system- it was full. We just got new brake pads put on 4 months ago. -- While looking at this stuff, I tried to turn her car off, but the fan kicked on. So I started it back up, let it run, and turned it off. Then the fan kicked back on. Couldn't get the fan to turn off. (turned off ignition and pulled key


Did complete brake job on 1997 Ford Escort wagon no abs rear shoes, drums, lines, wheel cylinders,even changed the block at the rear were the lines go in & out of. Front lines hoses pads, caliplers & rotors everything is new. Hit brakes when driving brakes will not lock on as if you were just lightly stepping on the pedal were do I look now never had a problem like this before. We have bleed the fronts & rears 5 times now still no change.

Is brake pedal hard to push down without engine running ,if so proceed to step two and thats to start engine and then push on brake and if pedal softer to push then the servo is working ,now if excessive pedal travel with engine running then remove t ... 1997 Ford Escort

Brake problem Hey guys I just bought a 93 Lesabre and it had sat for a year. Before the car would even move I had to collapse both calipers and the calipers and brake pads are new. After I got them to collapse I was able to move the car and get it home but the drivers side caliper seized up and the rotor was red. On the passenger side the caliper never showed when the brake pedal was pushed that it even operated. I need to know what kind of problems I might be having. There are no lights on insi

Ok, you are most likely having problems due to contaminated brake fluid. Is the fluid clear, or dark? Whenever a car has the brakes changed, the fluid should be flushed out, which is accomplished by bleeding the lines. The former owner probably did ... 1993 Buick LeSabre

1999 Olds Silhouette -- Problem - ABS & Brake Traction light "coming on" on the instrament panel. Brake fluid level "full". Brake pads & shoes "new". No brake fluid is getting to the REAR brakes. Rear brakes don't work. Front brakes & emergency brake work fine.

In your case, there a lot of meaning about ABS light problem. But the sulotion is go to the nearest auto parts or autozone, they scan your car for free of chage and they will give you the obd diagnose code and they can also look up on their computer ... Oldsmobile Silhouette

I own a 2000 Hyundai Elantra. One afternoon while driving, I noticed that the Airbag light came on & stayed lit on my dashboard panel. A couple days later, the dashboard panel lights all went out. Then I began having problems with my driver's side tail light. Not the brake light or the directional light. The same thing with the front driver's side parking light. The headlamp & directional light work. We tried to troubleshoot the situation. I went to Advance Auto & purchased new fuses - 1

Hi, you have a short somewhere along the pink wire from the fuse. It goes to all the lights you're having trouble with. The most common place for a short is in the bulb socket. Did you look carefully at the sockets when you changed the bulbs? Als ... Hyundai Elantra

ABS indicator light came on soon after I replaced brakes. Dealership said computer indicated it was a wheel speed sensor. After disassembling my right front wheel, brake and caliper setup I discovered the real problem. One of the two caliper bolts had jiggled loose and fallen out so it was messing up the sensor. I replaced the bolt and put it all back together. It works line new but now I need the ABS light to turn off. Can you help?

Unhook the negative terminal on the battery for an hour. This will reset the code. ... 2006 Ford F 350 Super Duty

ABS problem every time I step on the brake on the bumpy road, ABS light comes on and start acting up by making vibrated noise and brake pedal actually pushes back towards me, which I can not be able to stop immediately. I almost hit cars in front of me many times. Mechanics were not able to detect ABS problem. They said it might be the ABS control unit. Please help! Thank you for your support.


My 06 chevy equinox tc light and abs light is on when you push the brake s sometimes it want stop the pedal is hard .the scanner shows a left front wheel speed sensor i have changed the hub and sensor but no change in the problem I have checked the wiring up to the module nothing problem has been going on for 6 months can any one help

... Chevrolet Equinox

1992 Cadillac Deville won't shift out of park. ABS and parking brake lights stay on, brake light will go out when I pull up on the pedal. Car sat outside at mechanic for 6 months, had a new battery, but it had to be jumped several times. However, this was happening before I had the car towed. He thinks it might be electronic and have to do with the battery being so low because the car hasn't been driven, but he said that on the basis it hadn't happened before the car went to his garage. Just had

Hello;\015\012\015\012 Have your mechanic adjust the interlock between the trans and the brake. In doing so you will also adjust the brake light switch which should cure your battery drain problem.\015\012Thanks;\015\012R ... 1990 Cadillac SeVille
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