Having problems with your 1992 Ford Taurus ?

Sometimes it just won't start as if battery is bad. Most recently , the car cut off and would not restart while I was driving. It turned over but would not start. In middle of diagnoses the battery went out. Charged the battery but the car dd not start. I may go out today and turn the key and the car may turnover and start What is going on? I took it to a shop about 3 weeks ago. It didn't do it form him so

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Answers :

Could be an electronic ignition problem or also could be a computer problem either of these will cost a bit to fix... hope this helps, without seeing the car or actually experiencing the problem it is hard to tell...
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Sometimes it just won't start as if battery is bad. Most recently , the car cut off and would not restart while I was driving. It turned over but would not start. In middle of diagnoses the battery went out. Charged the battery but the car dd not start. I may go out today and turn the key and the car may turnover and start What is going on? I took it to a shop about 3 weeks ago. It didn't do it form him so

Could be an electronic ignition problem or also could be a computer problem either of these will cost a bit to fix... hope this helps, without seeing the car or actually experiencing the problem it is hard to tell... ... 1992 Ford Taurus

2008 Saturn VUE XE 3.6L V-6 122,000 miles filled gas tank on 04/24 returned home for 15 minutes went to start car and it would turn over just not fire? my wife then thought she may have left the key on-so she hooked up the battery charger, the car started but with a very heavy shake and no power! when i came home within the hour she had turned the key off and re-started the vehicle and it acted normal until i took it to the local auto parts store to have them run a scan to see why the check engi

... 2008 Saturn VUE

Chevy Cobalt 2008 - Key will turn in ignition but doesnt start the engine. I cannot remove the key, nor turn the stearing wheel or change gears from park to nuetral. The lights on my car were all on, my battery was NOT dead prior to this happening. The battery died because my key is stuck in ignition. When I would turn the key to start the engine, the display would show a car with a lock and the transmission light. It would aslo make an odd clicking noise. Similar noise as the blinker

... 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

When I turn the key in my Lexus ES 300 the dashboard lights up, but it won't start. For the past month, I would turn the key and the dash would light up and do nothing, but if I tried turning the key again, it would then start. Now it won't start at all. Three weeks ago, I tried turning the key and none of the lights were on, so I had the battery charged at Autozone. They completely charged the battery and the car was fine. Now two weeks later, it won't start at all?

... 1999 Lexus ES 300

Have 2004 s40 Volvo. Turned car off, left key in ignition about 5 minutes. Car has been running great, went to take key out, dash light would come on, key would turn but couldn't take key out of ignition. We took out battery hooked up another battery because battery went dead by time someone came to check out car, key came out of ignition. Put key back in ignition car will not start. What shall I do.

The key lost synchronization with the the computer. its a common problem with these new high security systems they're very sensitive. this made the battery die, next step is to take the car to the dealer, dont try to start the car anymore. if you hav ... Cars & Trucks

The car won't start at first if i slam the gear shift in park it would I thought it was the starter because I would turn the key and nothing what so ever but we checked the starter and it was fine. I unplugged the battery for a few minutes and the car started right up, can someone please tell me what the problem may be please ?

You are having a problem with the park neutral switch, could be out of alignement of shorting ... 2003 Pontiac Aztek

1995 BMW 525i. Car will not start or turn over. Have lights battery is strong, replaced starter, starter was tested, and worked. When ignition is turned dash lights up but starter does not engage. Have antitheft code entered when battery was disconnected to install starter, had new non chip key made because chip key would not unlock car door. When starting car use chip key nar ifgnition and start with non chip key. Was aorking fine for 2 months. Now will not start.

I had the same problem, after having the car towed to four Seasons, it was discovered that the electrical portion of the ignition switch was defective. Works like a charm. Part number 61 32 8 356 026 Hope this will help. ... 1995 BMW 5 Series

My car will not start. I thought it was the battery because it startet to take a while to turn over and then it didnt turn over and i started it with another battery but i had to hold the key for a while before it would start and after it started i smelled burnt rubber of something then it worked fine for a week and then started to take a long time to turn over again and finally it did nothing but click when turning the key and now completley nothing when turning the key. battery has been tested

Sound like your starter has had it, the smell was the starter asking for to many amps to work, replace it and it will be fine. ... 1995 Buick Skylark

2004 mitsubishi endeavor - I changed the battery 2 days ago. I changed it as the car seemed as though the battery was going out, somewhat hard to turn over only at times. 2 hours after changing it, the car would stall, I would turn key off and then restart (according to the manual, this is normal as electronics reseting). Now, today (1 day after), it ran all day just fine however this evening, just would not start. I have lights, the car just will not turn over. When I turn the key, I do he

Hello allen team it seems to me that either your alternator isnt working properly and you will notice the battery light on andn it wont charge battery or you have bought the wrong battery as far as cranking amps i just bought the battery for my 04 en ... 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

For a couple months now when starting the car i would have to turn the key a couple times before the starter would engage. the first couple turns it would just clack. Then i went to start it tonight and the starter just kept running. even with the key off. i had to pull the negative wire off the battery to get it to stop.i managed to take the hot wire to the starter off, reinstall both battery cables, put the key back then turn the ignician on and touch the starter cable to the hot post of the

It may be the relay. The relay can make a clicking noise. But, if your ignition is sticking, it may do this as well. You really need to check them all. If you turned it off and the car kept running, you have a bad ignition switch. You can try hitting ... 1999 Toyota Camry

S-430 2003 Both remote keys have stopped working at the same time. They do not lock/unlock the doors. When placed in ignition, nothing happens, cannot turn key to start, does not turn on. The car battery has been checked and no problems and the key batteries are fine too. At first the problem was minor, it would take a few minutes but then it would start, then it started taking longer and longer, and now all together the keys have completely stopped.

You will need to take your keys to mercedes and get them to re-programme the keys to work will the car alarm/immobliser as they seem to have stopped working, There is no way to program them yourself for security reason's, They should do it for a smal ... Mercedes-Benz S-Class

2001 sunfire put new starter in car would not start so put in new battery car finally started after holding key to start then would not turn off unless u disconect battery posts, now when u put posts back on its trying to start its still engaged no keys needed so brought back battery & starter they r fine can anyone please help

Hi, it sounds like the starter solenoid was not wired properly. You have 2 wires at the starter, right? The bigger wire goes to the big top post on the solenoid, right? The smaller wire is called the start wire and it goes to the smaller terminal ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

When we tried to start our 2007 Suzuki XL-7 this morning, we heard a loud crack (like an electrical spark). Now when you turn on the key. all lights, radio, etc. work fine. Turning the key to start the engine results in a single click from under the hood but the starter does not turn. Battery connections are good and battery is fine (all other electrical systems work fine and do not drag down when trying to start the car as would happen with a weak battery or bad battery connection). Is there a

Check the start solenoid, starter side, when you turn the key... The battery side will always be hot, the starter side should be hot when you turn the key. ... 2007 Suzuki XL-7

I have a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada. I just had the battery replaced about two weeks ago. A couple days after that I got in my car but it would not turn over, no power, and I couldn't get my keys out of the ignition. turned out that when the guy replaced the battery he did not tighten the cables. After re-tightening them the car started fine. But then a week went by, I got in my car again and the same problem...car won't turn over, no power, and I can't get my keys out of the ignition. The battery

... 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

Acura 2004 TL - won't strat- no noise at all when key is turned - had battery checked and was dead - replaced battery and still same thing - when key is turned no noise - lights on and all electric seems to be working fine- about a month ago car would not start- clicked once when trying to start after a couple of minutes car started fine and has been fine until now - please help?

... Acura TL

I have a 2004 neon that will not turn over. I have checked all relay swiiches, cleaned the battery cables, replaced the battery, checked the starter, checked ALL the fuses, and replaced the ignition swich, (not the ignition switch that the key gose in.) Initially turning the key would light the service lights anf the starter would click biut wouldnt ingage. The car would push start, but wouldn't turn over using the key. Now nothing is happening, noservice lights are coming on, no clicking fr

... 2004 Dodge Neon

Problem with theft system car may not start light will not go off but car starts. To day I went out to my car and started it and the problem with theft system light came on this time it would not start (this has happen to me before ) I cleaned the key and it stared. I drove to walmart and when i got back the same thing had happen (car will not start this time ether) but this time i cleaned the key a little more and jigged the key a little when i turn on the car.( had to do this 3 time and the w


Doesn't start my 1991 acura integra LS won't start. Car drove fine, then went shopping. came back tried to start and it wouldn't. The car would turn over but would stay running. It reminds me of trying to start a lawn mower. So i replaced the fuel pump(what a job). I replaced the distributor cap and rotor(that was easy). I cleaned the the battery cables to battery posts. the battery is new last month. I tried to to put the key in the on position to read the CEL but nothing happens. I put a screw

To put it simply it's either spark, fuel or compression. If the timing belt is okay (not broken or timing marks don't line up) and you have spark, you need to make sure you have clean gas and not water (from condensation) or air being sprayed out the ... 1993 Acura Integra Hatchback

Car won't start when I turn the ignition key. I put in a new battery thinking that might be the problem but that didn't work. When i intitially turn the key one click some of the lights come on in the display like the battery light oil, and seat belt. When the key is turned to start the engine the digital clock seems to lose power and the numbers fade out. The engine doesn't even turn over. Any ideas of what the problem might be would be helpful. Thanks!

Seems like you have a bad ground connection..Check that the wires are all tight and clean from the battery to the engine, and from the engine to the body of the car.Good luck ... 2001 Kia Sephia

Has 4.0 engine I bought this car 8 days ago. It started fine till yesterday. Now it won't start, When you turn the key it would crank over like only one revolution. I've pulled the battery and starter and had them checked out at my local autozone. They tested out okay. I still have the starter out because it sits underneath the intake manifold. I don't want to reinstall it until I'm sure of the problem. I think I may have a problem with the lock and tumbler or my ignition switch. When I check th

When the key is held in the start position do u have 12 volts to the starter solenoid? if you do have the 12 volt signal then I suspect the starter solenoid is bad, but I doubt that is the problem, it is more likely the actual ignition e ... 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora

I have a 96 VW Jetta. Last night I tried to unlock the car with the key. The key would turn in the lock but the automatic locks did not disengage. A friend ran a wire down inside the door and pulled the lock up. This set off the alarm. Now the when the key is in the ignition and I try to start it, the dash lights come on but the car makes no effort to turn over. The hazard lights also begin flashing. Jumping the battery made no difference. I don't know what I need to do to start my car.

Hi! Please try this. Disconnect the battery connectors of the car and let it sit for 30mins. This should reset the car's system. Turn it on after 30mins and see how it goes. Hope this helps and have a good one! ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

My 2007 Saab 93 car is malfunctioning. key will not start nor come out. dashboard, interior, head and rear lights are flickering. nothing works. I got into my car started it and turned it quickly back off to go back inside and when I came back out to restart the car, it would not start nor turn. key took forever to get out. I took cable off of battery for 5 minutes and put it back on and still the same results. what do I need to do?

... 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible

05 cts v6 drove car,when i stopped an let it sit for a few min.when i tried to start again the key turned on but would not start and key would not come out. the only way it will come out is by unhooking battery for awhile and then restarting. after driving again ,it will start again,but after sitting awhile,unless you unhook battery again and wait. key will stick in ign. and you have to go through all over again. any ideas???

I dont remember the name for it.VATS I think it's called,it a security item inside your steering wheel the little wire breaks and the system looses it's sense to know what's going on.The car thinks you are in drive mode. ... 2005 Cadillac CTS

PORSCHE 944 Starting issue: ok, so i have a big question. The starter itself is good. i just had it tested and didnt believe them and crossed the ground and hot and it started to turn. so it does work. (sorry autozone). No faith. so when I turn the key in the car i hear the fuel pump activating. Am I wrong to think that it could be something else? The battery has a 97% charge. I would think that if the ignition switch is bad then the fuel pump wouldnt start would it? When i turn the key there i

Please read through once and then perhaps go back again and take a couple notes.I believe you would get more out of it as I had a couple of different options to respond about as you will see. I believe the fuse is not likely the cause because when ... Porsche 944

I have a 2003 sl 500. I drove down to Indy from Merrillville and the car started normaly but it said to visit workshop once I got on the road. I made it down with no problems. It took about two hours to get to Indy. When I made it down i shut the car off and when valet tried to start the car, it would not turn over as if the battery was low but it's not. the lights come on and everything works normally. However it still won't start. when key is turned on it sounds as if the battery is low.

Hello there , I am So So Very Sorry for Running off , I Had Forgoten that My Son (a Cub Scout) had to be in A Parade this Morning and I Simply Forgot you Here when I had to take him to the START point. \015\012 Anyways PLEASE if you hav ... Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
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