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My daughter was driving our 1992 Subaru Outback wagon on the highway when all the lights on the dash panel went out and all the guages lost power. The only guage working is the fuel gauge. The cruise control continued to work and she made it home. The next morning the car would not start,. From her description, itsounded like a battery issue. Battery replaced and charged, no luck. Alternator replaced, no luck. Checked fuses and found blown fuse. Replaced fuse, attempted to start it and i

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Answers :

Disconnect the neg batt cable and bridge it with a test light, it should light up and dim after a few seconds, if it stays bright you have a short in one or more circuits, pull each fuse one at a time to see if you can locate which circuit, good luck
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My daughter was driving our 1992 Subaru Outback wagon on the highway when all the lights on the dash panel went out and all the guages lost power. The only guage working is the fuel gauge. The cruise control continued to work and she made it home. The next morning the car would not start,. From her description, itsounded like a battery issue. Battery replaced and charged, no luck. Alternator replaced, no luck. Checked fuses and found blown fuse. Replaced fuse, attempted to start it and i

Disconnect the neg batt cable and bridge it with a test light, it should light up and dim after a few seconds, if it stays bright you have a short in one or more circuits, pull each fuse one at a time to see if you can locate which circuit, good luck ... 1992 Subaru Legacy

Gas tank I ran over something in the road this week and punch a hole in gas tank. We have found a replacement, but would like to know how difficult it will be to replace tank. The person who will be replacing it says it looks faily simple, but I would like to know if there are any problems we should be aware of..Thanks Pat

No it not bad to do if its not full of rust you better remove the rear seat and disconnect the gas gauge and pipe because if you dont remove wire and pipe before the wire gonna break if you lower the tank HOPE IT HELP FIXYA OUR POST ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

My 1990 cultass supreme ic turning over and over and is not starting I have replaced my coil packs and also replaced my starter.the problem i was having is the would in the morning and would run to one place and come back out and sounded like it was missing and i would put it in gear and i had no compression it was like it was clogged up.

Try a new battery.Thanks for asking and I hope this helps out.Please leave me 4 thumbs up. ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Conv

Coil issue My 2005 forester x threw a p 0301 and 0302, I replaced plugs and wires and it didn't work . The car would still sputter and stop! I went to Subaru for a replacement coil $140 and after installing it,I turn thee engine over the car goes z... And then the power no longer works unless you un plug the negative on the batt and re set. Is there something I'm missing that would cause the new coil to behave like that? Like a reset? Use more electric grease? Spark Wires are in the correct ord

Code p0301 and 302 refer to cylinder I and cylinder 2 misfire detected.--- causes--engine mechanical fault--wiring---ignition/ fuel system--injector--ECT/MAF sensor ---ECM I would have had a fuel pressure test done as miss fires from injectors not g ... Subaru Forester

I would like to replace the Pollution filter on my VW Jetta TDI 06. I have the replacement filter and would like to know how to get into the filter storage area to make the switch.

Remove the foam cover under gkove compartment,filter will unlip ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I noticed the check engine light come on today while being on the parkway going over 55. It seems like being on parkways for long distances I would get the check engine light. If I go back to regular street driving, the light goes off. I used a ODBII diagnostic and I got a Knock Sensor code. I have like 144,300 miles. Am I best off trying a higher octane gas or should I replace the knock sensor? The knock sensor hasn't been replaced yet. I had the timing belt replaced at like 67000 miles and c

Hiit may well be time for a new knock sensor with them miles, also check the MAF sensor. Changing this now will save you money in the long run as the cars engine will run smoother. it could just be dirty so it's up to you if you want to t ... 2002 Kia Rio

My blazer at first started to misfire at idle and if you take off on it the dam thing would run beautifull but at soon as you stop and go back to idling it would shake worst than a scare rabitt now i replace the dist cap and it would not start and if it starts it would backfire some or trying to started it would have like a knocking on engine it smells very strong like gas and them i gave up

Now you remove the upper intake manifold& replace both the leaking fuel pressure regulator& leaking plastic spyder poppet valve assyGo to You Tube & see what the issue isThen go to Real Fixes Real Fast & watch ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

I took my 1998 Astro van in to have a/c looked at. They told me it was my a/c compressor and vacuum line. Well I would like to rebuild the a/c compressor. Would just replacing the o-rings and buying a shaft seal kit be good enough? I got a price on a remaufactured a/c compressor but would still like to rebuild the one I have to see if it would work. can you give me an idea if rebuilding it would work?

Proubly not.you won't have a warrenty if you do,evenwhen you buy an a/c compressor from your local parts store,you'll need to purchase the plastic filter and condensor,about $250,here in wv but worth it in the long run. ... 1998 Chevrolet Astro

1998 ford escort 2zx. ssometimes the car woulld not start but if i fiddled with the key then it would finally start. Then it did that for quite a while. then new symptoms. if it would sit overnight etc get in acted like a dead battery it would start with a jump. anyway put a new battery in and changed the heads out on the cable but did not replace the whole cable. ran ol for awhile. then back to acting like the battery was dead but it would start with a jump. then one night on my way home it die

The valve you are talking about is the fuel pressure regulator. replace it, it is bad. Let me know . we can go from there .\012Randy ... 1998 Ford Escort

HI, I would like to know what the transmission sensor look like. Is it easy to replace it? I prefer that the picture(s) and/or video that show how to replace it? However, there are TWO opinions about the transmission. One from auto zone said that I need to replace the transmission fluid/filter and other said that I need to replace the sensor. While i drive the car, the speed won't change until it reach 40 mph. Do you know which opinion correct, sensor or fluid/filter? Do you know where I get the

That would be fluid and filter first and foremost. Supposed to be changed every 75000 miles anyways. \015\012There are nearly two dozen malfunctions that can put the trans in 2nd gear and not allow shifts. However because your speedo still work ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

How much would it cost to replace a 2001 BMW 330i radiator? It has been leaking each time i would replace the coolant, and in the meantime i've been just replacing it with water so the car wouldn't overheat. I'd just like to know if there is any other way i can fix it, but i've heard i just need to get it replaced. Thank you!

You can get the tanks removed & the core cleaned out at a radiator specialist for around 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of a new one\015\012dont forget to have them flush the engine too!\015\012& replace the hoses& clamps aswell as the t ... 2001 BMW 330

I have a 1998 ford contour se with 2.5 v-6. It would star and run. Would get about two miles douw the road and it would start to sputter and stop. I replaced the alternator and battery. Did not fix the problem. Acts like it aint charging and will not turn over at all like the battery id dead.

... 1998 Ford Contour

Hello. Recently replaced a cv axle on a 91 honda 5 sp. It had been making noise for several months, started sounding worse and while driving the clock the car seemed to 'slip' when I'd accelerate. Then, the car got where it would not go. In any gear it would just sit and rev up, like being in neutral. Might move a few inches but that's all. I replaced the cv axle on the dirvers side. It was bad. I thought the problem would be solved. But, when I tested it, the problem was still there. W

Transmission clutch going out need to change it axle is in good condition ... 1991 Honda Accord

2006m45 cats Check egine light came on so I went to dealer to read code. They said it was bad cats. It's like 3k to replace. I was told that I could replace the cats with a straight pipe & my check egine light would come off? what would this do to the sound of the car & would it effect the cars performance? Car also turns off every now and then but starts wright up with no problem.

... 2006 Infiniti M45

I have a 2008 dodge grand caravan. Recently it had an exhaust leak so the gaskets and things like that were replaced and the muffler was broken so replaced that as well. Since getting the gaskets changed The van sputters like it is trying to stall while I'm driving. An ideas what it is and how much it might cost to fix it.This van has been converted for wheelchair use rear entry. It hasn't yet stalled on me. I would like to get it fixed before that happens especially since my son (in wheelch

... 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan

Fuse Diagram Can I get a fuse diagram on an Infiniti I30 online FREE i bought a 1996 infinity j30 and it didnt come with a fuse box in the cabin and i would like to get a picture of what the layout looked like on it because the lights inside the car do not work and i don't know which fuse to replace... i would also not want to pull them out one by one because i just don't have the time to do that so i would really appreciate it if i could get that picture

... 1997 Infiniti.5 J30

I have a 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara. I would like to know what the OEM in Dash 6 CD changer is? I think the OEM is Clarion. If no longer available what would be the replacement for it? I would like to install a 6 disc CD Changer. My Radio/Stereo has a place that says "Compact Disc Auto Changer Control System so I am assuming that I can install one. Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

... 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara

I would like to replace the bench seat in my 1988 Toyota 4x4 truck. I'm was wondering if 4runner seats would be compatible with this truck. Could I use any 1988 Toyota seats? I really want buckets seats in this truck, and would like to avoid any drilling or custom bracketing. thanks a lot.

... 1988 Toyota Pickup

I have a 540i 2001 bmw. while i was driving it yesterday it simply just shut off and would not start back up. Vehicle would crank, however would not start. It sounds like and acts like it's not getting fuel, but there is over a half a tank of gas in it. How do i replace the fuel pump.

... 2001 BMW 5 Series

How do I remove the buttons on the steering wheel of my 2004 Buick LeSabre Limited (the ones that control the radio and temperature)? I have lights burned out in some of them and would like to replace the lights (more than likely I'll have to solder them in, like I did with my HVAC control unit). If nothing else, I'd be able to replace the buttons myself and save a labor bill.

... 2004 Buick LeSabre

There is a crack in the coolant reservoir of my 2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 6 cylinder vehicle. I need to replace that but I'm not sure if it's something I can do myself or if I should take my car to an auto shop to have them replace the part. I also would like to know what other parts should be replaced in addition to the coolant reservoir, like the coolant temperature sensor..can you help me?

Its just a plastic bottle,held in place with 3/4 screws,so you should be able to replace just the bottle and clip that holds the hose to the bottom of it.....nothing else to worry about, oh yes, refill with neat anti freeze., ... Volkswagen Jetta

I have a chevy 350 in a 1999 express van. the van has been sitting for 2 years.. The van would not start.. I replaced the battery the van started right up and ran for about 1 hour. then it stalled like someone shut off. Then wouldnt start back up. I replaced the computor, it had started after that but will only run for about 2 sec.s then shuts off like your turning the key off. when it starts and you give it a little gas is acts like its backfireing thru the intake?? any suggestions??

Replace fuel filter and check fuel pressure. ... Chevrolet G20

1997 nissan maxima problem alternator was bad I replaced alternator two weeks later battery died I figure it was old and needed to be replaced replaced battery,worked for a few days then battery was drained. Nothing seemed to be left on, like lights or anything.when I jump start the car it started fine but using a meter i can see if I took off jumper cables the voltage would start at 13.4 then slowly just start dropping until the car would just died. Any suggestions. the alternater was a refurb

... 1997 Nissan Maxima

For a couple of weeks my car would just randomly shut off while i was driving it. One night it shut off and would not restart. I have replaced the coil,distrbitor,rotor and cap and plugs. My car sill still not start. it acts like it wants to but just wont. the fuel pump and fuel filter are good as that to has been checked. Please tell me what else it can be. Like i said it acts and sounds like it is going to start but it just dont. I look forward to hearing back from you and thank you for any a

Ok, is this a Chrysler product?? If it is then replace the crank shaft position sensor. Should clear your problem right up. Chrysler products are famous for this problem. Especially Jeeps. ... Dodge Stratus

Hello everybody, I have 1998 GMC Jimmy and after replacing the worn out AC belt with a new ones squeaking noise (when its cold) is gone BUT some "TUG TUG TUG" noise appear and it sounds like behind the radiator. It's been a week now since I replaced the belt but the noise is still there, can any body tell me what it is? 2nd Question; How would I know or when should I replaced the timing belt? I got 215k in my car now. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you.

Can't help you with the noise, but I suggest that you remove the belt and check all pulleys for any roughness or binding when turned by hand. You have a timing chain...You are right in the "window" where I've seen the most failures. It;s time to chan ... 1998 GMC Jimmy
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