Having problems with your 1993 Dodge Shadow ?

I spent most of the day tracking down an ignition failure. I thought I had it narrowed down to the igniy ion switch. I replaced it and it still does the same thing. When you turn the key to the on position, you get nothing. No dash lights or anything. When you hit the start position the same thing. There is power coming into it via the pink wire. When i jumper the pink to the blue, the wire that feeds the dash and the coil, I can then start the car with the ignition, but when the jumper is pulle

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Answers :

Look at the rod on the tor of the switch it's self the switch on the tor of steering shaft may have moved or be worn out.
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I spent most of the day tracking down an ignition failure. I thought I had it narrowed down to the igniy ion switch. I replaced it and it still does the same thing. When you turn the key to the on position, you get nothing. No dash lights or anything. When you hit the start position the same thing. There is power coming into it via the pink wire. When i jumper the pink to the blue, the wire that feeds the dash and the coil, I can then start the car with the ignition, but when the jumper is pulle

Look at the rod on the tor of the switch it's self the switch on the tor of steering shaft may have moved or be worn out. ... 1993 Dodge Shadow

I need a wiring diagram for a 1983 Dodge power ram 150 4x4. Can anyone help? Motor would crank and run only when the starter is engaged as soon as the key is switched back to the run position from start it looses power and cuts off. Some butcher has been under the dash and hood cutting and splicing, so I figure the best thing is to trace the wires and from one end to the other and fix the butcher's damage. Can anyone help or tell me where I can get a free diagram to solve this problem ? Thank yo

Its your balist resistor you will find it on the firewall,its useally made of white porcelin and has a 2 wire feed ... 1983 Dodge Pickup

I was driving my 87 Dodge w150 225cid slant six when it stopped running (as if the key was turned off). Will not start. No spark from coil wire, no voltage positive post of coil when cranking. Replaced coil. No change. Ignition control module is supposed to be on driver side firewall by master cylinder (according to part placement I got off internet) but only thing there is wiring harness connection. Did not see anything that looked like an ignition control module underhood or under the dash. No

If you are not getting any fire from the coil check the ignition resistor mounted on fire wall. you can have someone to turn key over to start and u can take test light and check both sides of resistor . if no fire on side going to coil (replace it) ... 1987 Dodge W150

I went to start my 2005 Durango, all dash lights came on as usual then went off and nothing happened when I went to start position. I hooked up jumper cables, got all dash light after a short charge, went to start position and just got a chattering noise. What might be the problem?

Bad ground or positive connection to your starter motor ... 2005 Dodge Durango

1990 daytona, when key is turned no fuel pump and no start, if we use a jumper wire from positive battery to positive coil wire it will start then you can take the wire off and it will keep running. Have changed the magnetic pickup in the distributor with no luck.

Did you change the ignition module? Td ... 1991 Dodge Daytona

Wiring Problems? I have been having on going problems with my blazer. Took it to the garage and was told that the security fired the wiring to the fuse box and the neutrual position sensor. They fixed that problem, my truck ran great for a couple of weeks and then quit again. Now I've been having problems with it starting again. I have to start the truck with a live wire to actually get it started. I was told that the wiring harness in the steering column could be bad. Took apart the dash and th

If the chopped and taped wiring was done by the shop that worked on it, and it worked after they were finished, It's likely that they did the right job (short of replacing the entire harness) but may have done a sloppy job, resulting in your present ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

2001 Pontiac Bonneville will not start. I had some wiring problems at connector c201 (next to passanger airbag under dash. This caused me not to get any power to the ignition switch. The connector was burnt up, so I cut all the wires off the connector (male and female side) and soldered ends together. I now have power and dash, radio, heater and everything else works. Problem is....when turning the key to start position, I hear relays click, but the starter does not get power to it. There is

... 2001 Pontiac Bonneville

I have a 1997 Lincoln Towncar that everytime I stop I have to get a jump to get started again. When driving with A/C on the A/C control unit cuts off and the dash lights go out. When we cut off the headlights the dash lights cut back on. I replaced the the wire coming from the alternator to the distribrution box with a new and also I changed the wire from the distribrution box to the battery. It worked for five days no problems, until today when it started to do the same thing. The A/C control u

Remove the battery cables and clean them real shiny,and the battery post also.As for that wire,just repair it.And take a volt meter(DC 20 volt meter)and connect it to the battery,and start the car.It should be 13.65 to 14.25 volts.If it is less than ... 1997 Lincoln Town Car

Have a Ignition Problem with a E-450 Van with 6.8L V10 When the switch is in the on Position the radio comes on and the fuel pump runs, but no dash symbols or gauges read anything. If you continue to the start position the warnings and gauges light up and at the end of the start area the starter runs.when let off to the run position all lights go out. Thinking the switch is bad but could it be any thing else before I start spending a lot of money on this van?

... Ford F-450

I have a 96 Nissan Altima that is not charging. The charge warning light on the dash is not coming on. Had the alternator checked and it is good. The fuses have been checked and are all good. I am not getting any power on the Yellow and white wire at the alternator. When I put a jumper wire with 12 volts to this wire the alternator starts charging. I cannot find any broken wires. Tested the warning light bulb on the dash and it is good. I think the problem is where ever the Yellow and White wire

Have you checked the indicator bulb in the dash for the alternator warning? here is how the circuit works, the Field of the alternator is excited by the power coming from the ignition switch to the bulb in the dash, when ... Nissan Altima

I have a 69 chevelle SS. I just replaced the original wiring in the dash with a new wiring harness for factory gauges. I can't get the tach, oil pressure, alt or blinkers to work. The wiring harness in the engine compartment was replaced a couple of years ago and I went with the harness for factory gauges and tach. When I plug the pink wire into the distributer, the car won't start. Once I unplug, the car will start. Has anyone had this problem? What was the problem?

... Chevrolet Chevy

Battery drains at night. truck had smoke around dash or wheel. will no longer start. horn is shorted on. guages not working. accessories work when key is turned on but no start or guages. a black wire of the positive goes into 4 wires. one was broken off at factory splitter.a red wire was used to replace it going through the firewall connector box and to the steering wheel. i am in the bahamas with no help and limited experiance. can you help mefix it or tell me how to jump this starter which is

I would advise against driving this vehicle in the current state. You mention 2 things, a shorted horn, and smoke in the cab. This could mean the wires under the dash have shorted together and you are now at risk of fire. An electrical fire on a veh ... Dodge D150

1996 Ford Escort Wagon yesterday turn key and everything went dead, popped hood wiggled bettery wires checked some connections and it started. Later on did same thing once. Now next morning same thing but wont start and positive battery terminal get hot. When u open car door it peeps annoying as usual but there is a black plastic box under drivers seat that is clicking really fast.

Check whether that which was clicking fast is the main relay. If it is call the expert - electrician for help. ... 1996 Ford Escort 4 Door

I have a 83 280zx non-turbo which quit running. Heard pulsating noise at fuel pump relay (kicking in and out) under dash passenger side. Replaced relay, still does same thing. Replaced water temperature sensor, pulsating goes away but relay kicks out almost immediately. Can hot wire fuel pump to get it to start but this method is not very safe. Is fuel pump bad or do i need to look someplace else. I have been able to hot wire fuel pump briefly to get started and then car will run on its own

... 1983 Nissan 280ZX

1993 Mazda 323 Won't start -Fuel Pump Hums -Got no spark from distributor or from the lead line. -Fuel is coming through fine -Fuses are fine -Can't Bump Start -Belts Move on attempt to crank -Little computer looking like thing with two wires into it (Red/white) and dark coloured wire. gets warm when iginition left in on position. -No warning lights -Sounds like it's trying to turn but again no spark.(tested for spark) -Mazda say it don't have immobilizer thou we did break the or

... 1993 Mazda 323

I have a 199 chevy s10 4x4. the starter will engage in the run position and stay engaged even when the engine starts. .I've replaced the starter and checked wiring at started. replaced ignition switch(electrical ) and switched relays in power distribution box. i've also moved wiring harness around under hood and under dash. Any ideas????

It is so confusing though I had a go at one sometime and it took a whole lot out of us before we realised that it needed a touch from Chevy garage.Please visit the Chevy Garage it won't cost you much to fix.Good luck and thank ... Chevrolet S 10

I was hit by another driver on my passenger side from the tail corner up to the gas. It appears to simply be body damage and driveable until I can get it repaired except for one thing. The battery light comes on my dash and the truck won't start. After I replaced the "meter" fuse, it starts but the fuse again blows and my dash meters fall to zero. What wires or parts back there could be causing this? The gas gauge? Can I possibly disconnect something so that I can stop blowing fuses and read my

... 1994 Nissan Pickup

Asd relay has no power to the pcm and fuse panel inside has only half power run jumper wire to dead fuses and dash lights up and pcm powers up and jeep will start and run till jumper wire is removed

Hi, pull out the ASD relay and use a 12 volt test light to interrogate the relay socket. Hook your test light clip to ground and probe the terminals of the relay socket. There should be one hot terminal when the key is off and 2 hot terminals when ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Volts Light I started my car one morning and it wouldn't start and then i charged the batter and it started. I kept it running with out the battery charger then I turned it off then back on it started to i turned the car off so the battery can charge. I tried the same thing when the battery was charged and it wouldn't start. So i put the battery cahrger on the next day and let it charge for a while and took off the positive jumper cable off and it stayed on so i bought a new batter. My car start

If the light is on the charging system is not charging properly.. it should be over 13v running the most likely reason is a bad alternator.. ... 1996 Chevrolet Lumina Mini

No power to instument panel,will not crank over, red wire live on ignition switch wiring harnes, could it be the wiring harness(ignition),can jumper red wire and pink wire on ignition conn. block and truck will start

It sounds like your ignition is faulty. All you are doing by shorting out the wires is making a connection which you ignition should be doing have it replaced I bet that is the issue!!!! Good luck ... 1998 GMC Sierra

The brake booster motor would not run, I think because the emergency brake cable is broken. I was going to try and get power to the the booster motor to see if I could test it. With the engine running I took a jumper wire and ran it from an extra light green wire that was hot to the red wire on the booster motor. That did nothing, but when I took my test light to the black wire on the booster motor the engine quit and won't start now. Everything on the dash lights up and the engine turn over bu

HiTr and disconnect the car battery for about 30 minutes, this should reset the cars ECU, you may have also blown a main fuse for the engine components these are not the smaller fuses inside the car but the bigger ones under the hood,. Wh ... 1990 Buick Reatta

Install new battery but negative cable ground was broken so when I hit a bump it started smoking stopped ans fixed ground and vehicle ran. I drove to store and started up and out in gear and every thing stopped ignition lights everything!!! I thought maybe new battery low so I tryed jumping but it sparked violently so to positive and neg cables off and connected jumpers to them and again the sparks!!!!I don't have a clue of where to start any suggestion would be appreciated! Put key in ign

If you had a big short, then all relays and fuses in fuse box must be checked.\015\012\015\012If ignition does not work you may also have damaged ignition switch. In that case it will need replacement.\015\012\015\012After che ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

Just recently when i start my car and usuly when idialing and sometimes when driving my battery gage is fine but when i am driving the gage drops to 0. I just replaced my owe battrey in august. I am woundering if i have a wire shorting out. There is a blue colored wire with an eye hook coming from the positive clamo. The only thing about that is I can see the metal wires right before the clamp.

Well my first suggestion is to purchase a repair manual for your very make and model including year of vehicle if you dont already own one. They come in very handy you'll see. Find the electrical schematics your engine runs on and follow the color co ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2002 S10 4 cyl 5 speed manual trans. Truck will not start, no power to starter, or starter relay, when turning key odometer readout goes blank in run position, and fuel gage appears to not power up aswell. Battery is new, and fully charged, have tried a known good ignition switch, and clutch switch. Funny thing, this truck has failed to start randomly a few times in the last few years, but try again and it works, just not now, hasn't started in 2 weeks. Doesn't crank or click ....nothing, dash l

Could be the security system. this same thing happened to my grandmothers s-10. she took it to dealer and sure enough thats where the problem lay. i would start there ... 2002 Chevrolet S-10

My 4.0 starts only starts after turning the key to the on and off position svereal times. I can tell it will start because I hear what sounds like a low voltage short and then the injectors spray. I learned of this noise after several attempts at different things like, wiggling the wire harness under the hood on the drivers side (that used to work) Then I wiggled the fuel relay in the fuse box, when that worked I figured I found the problem and replaced it. It turns out that didn't work either

Check the auto shut down relay and wiring.\015\012\015\012 ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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