Having problems with your 1993 Ford Escort 4 Door ?

Bad solenoid everytime i drive my 93 ford escort standard and stop, when i come back out it want start. i tap the starter and wait 30 minutes and then it will start. how can i test the solenoid and see if it is bad. how can i bypass the solenoid to start the car

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Answers :

Well first u cant bypass the solinoid at all.
\015\012and if u have to tap it yes its buggured its cheaper and easier to get a new starter motor to bolts in and out to replace the solinoid what a headae and nearly the same price
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Bad solenoid everytime i drive my 93 ford escort standard and stop, when i come back out it want start. i tap the starter and wait 30 minutes and then it will start. how can i test the solenoid and see if it is bad. how can i bypass the solenoid to start the car

Well first u cant bypass the solinoid at all.\015\012and if u have to tap it yes its buggured its cheaper and easier to get a new starter motor to bolts in and out to replace the solinoid what a headae and nearly the same price ... 1993 Ford Escort 4 Door

2002 Camry. Car will start. Drive it to the store. Run in and now it won't start one click but no crank. Lights are on, and radio works. Tested battery with a multimeter 13.6VDC. Wait about an hour and it starts. I was told at the dealership that the starter was bad and had it replaced. Now a week later and I am running into the same problem. Is it a heat issue with the starter from driving around or maybe a relay or solenoid.

Hi Yes this is a heat problem. Hot starting problems are usually fuel related. When a hot engine is shut off, the temperature of the engine and everything on it continues to rise for awhile as the engine undergoes a peri ... Toyota Camry

How can I test the starter solenoid on 1998 Volkswagen Cabrio? I remember from many years ago that you can bypass it to verify if that is the part causing it to not start, but can't remember details, and don't even know where to look on this car. The symptoms are that the car won't start, it has power, and makes a loud rapid clicking noise when I try to start it. I assume this means it will be the starter itself, or the starter solenoid. Please educate me if I am making the wrong assumptions.

The loud rapid clicking noise wounds like the solenoid is working. Your description sounds like not enough battery power. \015\012\015\012Works like this: Enough power to fire the soleniod, but when the started in engauged, not enough pow ... 1998 Volkswagen Cabrio

Car runs, but stalls. All power indicators on. Car rests, then starts. Runs for short distance, then stalls again. Tests indicate no power to starter from ingnition leads when keying to start. Already replaced starter solenoid relay, fuel pump relay, auto shut-down relay and bypassed starter motor. Applied power directly to starter and it cranks. Now, turning key does nothing. This vehicle has key decoder module. Do I need to replace this module????

Check for proper current from alternator more than13.5 volts that should do it if not check active codes if its not stolen ... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

Had a problem where the car would not start, did nothing. Removed starter and had checked ok. Found the security reset thread and it starts now. Drove it about 20 minutes and car died no power at all. Two month old battery tested bad. Replaced battery. Still have battery light comming on. Removed and had alternator tested ok. What next?

Check for a bad ground on frame or engine. Crawl under and around the engine, any wire attached to the frame or engine for ground should be clean and tight. ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

1999 Mk III Jetta, will not start. Will not turn. I drove everyday for months, then parked as always, and would not start in the morning. Had the battery tested and it is good, bypassed the clutch switch, ''jumped'' the starter solenoid with no results (and not a single spark), checked battery and starter cables. Dome/interior lights do not dim when trying to start (I was told they would if the starter was bad), and radio/windows/lights all work. The only noise is a single click from the rela

It sounds like the starter is locked up in the fly wheel. Try hitting the starter with a hammer to see if it will disengage. You'll need to give it a fairly sharp hit but you shouldn't need to beat on it. If it's locked up once it disengages you shou ... 1999 Volkswagen Jetta

89 firebird will not start sometime you turn the switch and nothing happens start dont turn over and fuel pump dont work wait 15 minutes starts right up have bypass on starter starter works just fine but car wont run cause fuel pump wont work in that time span security light is on dont do it all the time getting good fire

Here is a great write-up on the subject. This will get rid of the entire VATS system. It was the only thing that saved my 94 Park Avenue: http://newrockies.com/vatsbypas ... 1989 Pontiac Firebird

Starting problem. when trying to start the car it takes about 15 tries to get it to start. All you hears is a clicking noise. Had it tested and all they could tell me was that it had low cranking amps, that the battery was good, and so was the alt. How can you figure out if it the relay starter, solenoid, or starter that is going bad,

If you just hear a click the starter is going bad ... 1996 Mercury Sable

I have a 1995 Lexus LS 400. Occasionally it is hard to start. I turn the key and nothing happens. I wait a few minutes and try again and the car starts. My mechanic tested the battery and charging system and found them OK. Could it be a dead spot on the starter? Would a tune up be in order. The car has 128,000 miles. I've owned it for 4 years and have not had a tune up...thanks.

Tune up wouldn't hurt. replace the air and fuel filters too. And yes you most likely have a dead spot on the starter. It will only keep getting worse ... 1995 Lexus LS 400

Hi - I have a 2004 saab 9-3 2.0 turbo. The other day it would not turn over. We jump started it and it started right away. Tested the battery, alternator and the starter - all work fine. Car started fine by itself. Turned it off - would not start - waited a few minutes started up. Turned it off - and went through the cycle again. Please help.

Please check the day code on the side of the battery. Battery is rated for 24/48/84 months.\015\012\015\012It may should 12.8V to 13.6V but the capacity is decreasing.\015\012\015\012Check your service record on when was th ... Saab 9 3

1991 honda accord start fine and when you turn it off, you have to wait for a while almost 10 to15 minute before the car will start again. the car just crank and crank. is this a relay problem or fuel pump. when i open the fuel line at fuel rails, gas comes out. then the car will start without waiting for 10 minute. and sometimes the car will start quickly just normal. im afraid it will not start again. battery is new, tune up is done. some people say main relay is bad some say the fuel pump is

I would think the PGM-FI relay maybe bad. It's located up under the far driver's side of the dashboard. When it doesn't start, I would check to see if you are getting spark at the plugs. There could be a problem with the PGM-FI Control Unit. ... 1991 Honda Accord

2000 chevy impala overheat and starter failing tried changing 3 starters for no start, start relay, ckd battery for good one..reconnected, cleaned cables at battery......new one still has bad symptoms of bad starter but when tested, they ck good... now car is overheating as well...what is posible fix? some say, vapor lock? some say, bad starters..? 3? some say, thermostat bad, water pump? only possible sign maybe...not seen yet to remove is thermostat for overheat but no turn over-no start actio

Okay do this go directly to the starter and started directly from the starter, it should work or you can hear it kicking in but if it doesnt turn then the problem is gonna in the engine, if it turns the problem is gonna be in the electrical ,put ... 2000 Chevrolet Impala

Car started acting up a week or two ago. car stopped after idling very rough. I proceed to buy a new battery which was bad, new ignition coils, new crankshaft sensor, new fuel pump and finally a new ignition switch. the car will not crank over still. I just had the starter and alternator checked and both passed. i just put them back into the car test battery at 12.78 and the starter with a test light which came on bright aswell. i was wondering if the starter relay could make the starter thud a

Your starter relay has at least three other relays in the distribution center that are identical to it and can be interchanged to test.It sounds a lot like you have a partially corroded connection that will allow low current draw but not the hi ... Jeep Liberty

Starter problems i have a 1992 ls400....the car died on me once for about three days, so i let it parked for those three days then i tried starting and it didnt start, i waited about 2 minutes then started the car and it work.............now the car is dead on me again this time its not working, when i try to start the car there will be a clicking noise coming from the engine.... alot of people tell me its the starter but im not sure...thanks

My 92 lexus turns over but will not crank, is it the timing or starter ... 1992 Lexus Ls 400

I have a 199 chevy blaxer four door-403 EFI engine. The last few days it been hard to get the car to crank over. Last night I went to start the car and the starter was hesitant to crank the engine over. This morning I tried to start the vehicle but the starter din.t make a sound so I waited five minutes and it bearly crank the car. I went to work and around 2:00 PM, I tired to start the car but it did not even make a sound. I replace the battery with a brand new one. I turn the key and the

Hi, if the engine won't crank or cranks slowly when you attempt to start or jump start the engine (and the battery is fully charged), you can focus your attention on the starter circuit. A quick way to diagnose cranking problems is to switch on the h ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

Where could i find a vacuum diagram for a 1990 chevy caprice ..4.3 engine ...this car will buck jump then a bad loss of power and will die...wait a minute then then start and runs ok.....no service engine light comes on and computer test show nothing....some of the natural gas equipment is still in place and i was told it is a vacuum problem and needs to be put back the way it came out....please anyone with info on a vacuum diagram i would greatly appreciate it...thanks david

There could be a vaccum diagram in the engine under the hood. IF not I would go to Alldata,com. The get the information from them. The dealer might be able to provide a copy of it, ... 1990 Chevrolet Caprice

2003 ford taurus how does you car sound when you try to start if your solenoid is bad just had starter replaced 1 year ago I don't know if it was a new starter or not but now car won't start battery is good, had to turn key 3 times before it would start everything lights up runs good once it started. today won't start at all

If you have a test light, you should check the small "tickler" wires on the starter relay. You do not know if the start signal is getting from the keyswitch to the solenoid. With the small wire detached you should be able to use a test light or 12v ... 2003 Ford Taurus

Alternator started vcar battery light came on after driving for a few minutes car stalled like alternator wasnt working lights went out and it wouldnt start while waiting for tow turned on lights and they seem bright so i tried to start the car and it did after five minutes running it started cutting of as if no current was available and it stalled again, battery is brand new so is the alternator, starter, ignition coil, apart from the obvious which is the alternator what else could be causing

Try checking you belt tension. That happened to me once while I was driving. Turned out to be a broken fan belt. ... 2001 Mercury Cougar

I own a 1997 dodge ram 3500 turbo diesel. I was having intermittent problems starting it and tested the starter by shorting out the solenoid and determined that the starter was bad (I put a screwdriver between the two lugs and when a second person turned the key nothing happened). So I replaced the starter (with a starter from auto zone). The truck started fine for couple days and now will not start again. It turns over strong (two new batteries) but will not start. Although, It did start

No it doesn't mean that you have a problem.When you cross the lugs with a screw driver no matter whether you have the key on or not it will still engage the starter.The reason being that you have the hot wire from the battery going to on ... 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck


Buy a cow... Literally. I did and it worked right when i bought it. My cow's name is Susie. ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

Hi guys- I have a 1998 Expedition with high mileage, but I've taken good care of it. Recently I started having starter problems. I'm on my 4th starter (the third this year!), and its started the dreaded click like all the others. A tap with a hammer on the solenoid starts it right up (with a second person at the wheel), but getting underneath the car every time you want to start it gets old fast. When we took the last starter back into Autozone, they tested it and said it checked out fine, but

Hello my name is Israel and I will try to help you. What you might want to do is do as you were doing before, get under the expedition but this time use a volt meter to see what voltage you are getting at the solenoid. There could be a problem with ... Ford Expedition

1996 Ford Taurus LX wagon. 3.0L 24v Duratec. Stalled leaving red light then no power at all. Towed home. Starter tests passed at home by manually putting power from B+ to 's' clip on starter. Starter also passed bench test at Auto parts store. When on car the solenoid clicks but does not turn. 12v constant to starter main, and to 's' clip when key is turned to start position. Igntion coil pack also passes tests. A sensor? A short?

I would look at the positive cable at the battery and at the starter. Pull the cabel off and a continuity test to see if the wire has a internal break if the wire gets even a pinhole it can build corrosion on the inside of the wire and when a current ... 1996 Ford Taurus

Occasionally when I turn the ignition key to start the car, it will not crank but I can hear the air pump running. Also I do not hear the starter relay click...nothing. Sometimes the car will start after waiting several minutes. Then it may start for a week or so. Could there be a problem with the security module? The car has 120,000 miles.I have interchanged the starting relay with other same part number relays.

Yes i think you have hit the nail on the head here ,big issue here with security problems on lots of makes of vehicles ,one of the biggest causes is the key ??people put them in their pocket with a mobile phone of leave then on top of the TV all of t ... 1997 Volvo S90

I have a 1992 pontiac sunbird that starts when it is cold, but after it is driven and warms up if I shut it off it won't start again. If it sits for 1.5 hours it will start again with out a jump start. If I try and jump start it right away after it has been shut off it won't jump start. If I wait 15 minutes or so it will jump start. I have notice that when the car warms up the volt meter starts to jump around. The batter has been tested with a volt meter and shows 12.75 when car is not runn

Replace the starter for the armature is swelled up when hot and biding against the starters fields in there starters casing. Upon cooling off the swelling goes down and the starter is able to operate again. Remember when metal gets hot, it will expan ... 1992 Pontiac Sunbird

91 caprice classic-305 tbi no start last week-- pulled ign module, tested bad, replaced-- started fine-multiple starts for a day- then, no start- engine warm---pulled new module-tested ok- put back in but cleaned the screws holding it down in case of conductivity problem for ground path- car started- thought solved. Concurrent with this- battery has been borderline-- I replaced today. Drove home from parts store--started right back up after shutting off. Went to start again 30 minutes later- no

... Chevrolet Chevy
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