Having problems with your 1993 Ford F150 SuperCab ?

93 Ford F150 drivers side inside door handle cable broke. I have the inside door panel off and removed the 3 screws holding the latch to side of the door and removed the window channel anchor but I can't get the latch assembly out so that I can unhook the broken cable. I stopped where I am at before I do more harm than good

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Answers :

Remove the inside door handle trim.Remove the inside door handle. Remove the 2 phillips screws holding the handle. Slide the handle back slightly. There is a notch in the sheet metal to allow removal of the handle. Find the notch, lift up and out until the door handle clears the door. Disconnect the cable from the door handle. Remove the screw mounting the cable to the door handle. Hold the door handle open and rotate the cable around to release the cable end from the handle. Disconnect the plastic retaining clip mounted to the interior of the door. Pull the cable to the bottom of the door.
\015\012For more detailed procedure click this link below:---\015\012http://howtobyme.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-to-replace-inside-door-handle-cable.html\015\012-----------\015\012This will help.Thanks.Helpmech.
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93 Ford F150 drivers side inside door handle cable broke. I have the inside door panel off and removed the 3 screws holding the latch to side of the door and removed the window channel anchor but I can't get the latch assembly out so that I can unhook the broken cable. I stopped where I am at before I do more harm than good

Remove the inside door handle trim.Remove the inside door handle. Remove the 2 phillips screws holding the handle. Slide the handle back slightly. There is a notch in the sheet metal to allow removal of the handle. Find the notch, ... 1993 Ford F150 SuperCab

This is on a 1997 Geo Tracker 4-door. The inside door latch cover is broken and causing major problems. My problem is: after removing the philips screw holding the cover on and loosening the assembly, I can not remove the bar that attaches to the latch. I have tried prying off the white clip on the bar and squeezing the clips on the door latch - no go. I need to replace the whole door latch assembly, and am stuck on getting the stupid thing OFF. Thanks for any help you can offer!

Most of the white clips on the bars twist upward and the bar pulls out of it. ... 1997 Geo Tracker 2 Door

How do I remove the driver side door panel to get to the door latch. The door latch will not release from the outside or inside. I need to be able to remove the door panel but cannot open the door.

If you can't open the door fromt inside or outside, you might have to cut the metal piece that the latch connects to when closing the door, using a sawzall. \015\012\015\012I learned this trick from a local body shop where I live.\0 ... 1998 Honda Accord

Jaguar xj8. 1999. front passenger door will not open from inside. I have removed the paneling and have removed the flashing enabling me to see the cable that runs into the door lock unit. When i pull the cord, it will not pull the lever all the way in order to open the door. A piece has broken off that looks like it should go on the wire cord end, inside the latch. What is this piece called and where can i get parts diagram to order this part.

... 1998 Jaguar XJ8L

Hi, My drivers side door latch does not work - the inside latch does nothing and the outside only opens the door sometimes - I'm trying to remove the inside door panel to take a look but am not able to get it completly off

Think you may need a new dorr lock mechanism but without seeing it i cannot really say ... 2007 Saturn Aura XR Sedan

1999 Toyota Sienna Drivers Side Sliding door hard to open from the outside only - OK using inside latch. (think maybe cable attached to inside latch is "stretched". What's involved in removing interior panels for access and possibly shortening housing of "stretched" cable?

Well they dont use cables they use a iron rod so just snap off the pannel the snaps are in the out side of the door then just remove the arm rest and the panel comes right off remove the dirt cover then just tighen it and it will work again ... 2001 Toyota Sienna

Inside handle will not open door. Can not figure out how to get latch out of door to look at problem. Pulled door panel, moved window rail, 3 screws from latch, and cable mount attached to latch. How do you remove bars to outside handle with out breaking something?

There are plastic clips that hold the rods in place - one for the rod that goes to the exterior handle and another that goes to the exterior lock. You need to snap the plastic clips around so they release and then the rods will pull right out. ... 2000 Toyota Tundra

1998 Chevy Suburban driver side front power window won't roll down. All other power windows roll down. Fuse is good. How do I check the power window motor in the front driver side window? How do I remove and replace this motor if it is bad? I can't get the inside door frame off because I can't figure out how to disconnect the linkages for the door latch handles (interior and exterior) Thank you.

Uses crappy cable drive for windows..will need replaced ... 1998 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a power window on driver's side that has been laboring to close for awile. Today the window would not go up all the way with a crunching noise. I could push it down with manual assistance. Upon removal of door panel a cable with a barrel end cap was loose on latch end of window track. I found the cable to motor had frayed and broken. Can I just replace cable or the whole assembly with motor and cables need to be replaced?

Hi!!\012\012That assembly is call the window regulator or elevator. An you can get a replacement without the motor, they run about $100 and is sold at most autoparts stores.\012\012Good Luck!! Don't forget to rate this post! ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Audi 80 Drivers side door wont open...cant open it from the inside or out how do i get it open and remove the inner door panel to access the Door latch..Thanks

... 1996 Audi A4

2008 Chrysler Town & Country. Need to remove inside passenger door panel to access wiring harness for replacing outside passenger side mirror. I removed the 2 torx screws on the door panel (one located behind the door latch and the other in the inside door handle). I tryed to pry off the panel but was afraid of breaking it. Is there a trick to removing the door panel?

... 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

Rear door will not open on my 2007 Ford Fusion. It won't open from the inside or the outside. I removed the interior door panel and can look inside the door. I can see the mechanism for the outside door handle is still attached and is not broken. The cable attached to the interior door handle is attached and not broken. I cannot remove the latch mechanism because the bolts are installed in the door jam. Any tips?

Use the fob and keep clicking unlock/lock button see if everything is moving.then try banging outside of the door about 6 inches from door handle while pressing unlock.has worked on some other cars like vw audi and vauxhall ... 2007 Ford Fusion I4 SEL Sedan

1998 Plymouth Voyager drivers side sliding rear door will not open. I have removed the inner panel, checked the linkage and everything appears fine. I deduce that the rear latch mechanism is jammed. Replacing the latch would be easy enough with the door open, but the bolts are in the door jam. So. Getting the door open is the problem. I'm thinking on, removing the rear panel and unbolting the strike pin, But if there is a stud that is very long then the strike pin will not separate from the

Is the door latch mechanism moving and moving far enough to release the latch to open the door,you can`t remove the the striker plate from inside a panel as the bolts that hold the plate go in from the open side of the door jam,these do have a proble ... 1994 Plymouth Voyager

On a 2004 cavalier, my rear driver side door wont open from the inside or out. i removed the door panels, compared the two to find the mechinism that opens the door is broken or jamed. i tryed everything to get it open but couldnt get at it without getting the door open to disassemble further. is there any way to get the door open manually without using the mechinism?

Unbolt the hinges at the other end of the door and unbolt the pin that the the door latch locks on. The pin nut is behind the seat back. Be careful that the door doesn't fall on the floor and get scratched up. Good Luck ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey with automatic doors. The passenger side sliding door will not close and is stuck all the way open. In comparing the two doors it appears that the cable that pulls the door open is the problem as it is very tight and has no give. I am able to get some give when pushing on this cable on the working door. This leads me to believe that the motor in the rear or whatever the cable is connected to inside is stuck and will not let the cable unwind. Ideas?

Try this two procedures one by one:--\015\012Suggestion #1 1.) Disable the power door switch on the left dashboard. 2.) Remove the power door fuses located under the front passenger leg area. 3.) Manually open and close both s ... 2005 Honda Odyssey

1. Problem noticed a couple of years ago - When it gets cold (40F or below), my passenger side door cannot be opened from inside or outside. The door lever just moves but doesn't seem to "engage". If you blow on it for a bit (or use a hair drier :)), it opens after a bit. Driver side door works fine at all temperatures (seen so far). 2. Problem started a month or so ago - The dome light does not come on when the driver side door is opened, nor does the car beep anymore if the key is removed fro

BMW and Mercedes had the same problem. They changed the type of grease used to assemble the door latch mechanism.WD40 Squirted into the lock area often does the trick. Roll down the window and aim nozzle/straw at interior latc ... 1997 Volkswagen Cabrio

Removed door handle and there is a cable that is attached to the handle that is broken (driver's side) and I'd like to know how to remove the cable inside the door to replace it.

To remove the old cable and to install the new one you will need to remove the latch and then unhook cable from the latch. remove the screws on the outside and then you will need to unhook any linkage connected like outside handle rod going to latc ... Toyota Avalon

The passenger side rear wing door on my 200 f250 super duty will not open. When i pull onthe latch it offers no resistance. Is there a way to get it open so I can get the door panels off to see what has broken or come off inside. The latch handle appears to be riveted in place rather than fastened with bolts or screws.

You will have to remove the rear seat cushion to gain access to the door panel-lift it up from the front base (usually have to exert pressure rearward to unhook it), then remove the door panel to find the problem. As to the riveted latch handle, you ... Ford F-250

Fiat scudo van 2007. My van was broken into last night the passenger door window has been completely smashed, then the door some how forced open but not with any tools. Now the door lock appears to be stuck on and the door won't close. The central locking still works on the other doors but has no effect on the passenger side. Ihave removed the inside panel and can see the mechanisim amm the cable are still connected and when i pull the door lever on the inside i can hear the locking mechanisim b

See the diagram attached, and fix it. God bless you ... Cars & Trucks

Having trouble removing interior door lining on my C180 Mercedes so I can repair the electric window. I have removed the screw on the door latch plastic plate and pulled sides and bottom free of plastic clips, but cannot remove top of panel - solid rubber moulding at inside door handle or walnut trim wont come off

... Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I can not lock my power driver side door on my 1997 pontiac grand prix , I think the door latch does not catch. I would like to repair it my self, and don't know if the spring is off or the latch is broken, and how to check or remove the door latch. What tools will I need where can I find a replacement at the local Auto parts store. Is there a exploxed image that show how the mechanism is assembled. What parts is missing. Thank you Will

If you can lock the door using the key, the mechanism for the lock like the latch should be OK, the power lock for the door may just need replaced. \015\012\015\012Below is video I got when researching,which shows the inside. Pontiac or Chevy ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

My kid rolled down rear window of 2004 Galant GTS while a window cling (for shade) was on it. The window static cling (thin plastic sheet, kind of rubbery) is now inside the door and the window will not roll back up because the window cling has jammed it. Tried but can't get interior door panel (rear, driver's side) off. Can't find any screws other than one in the door handle and one under the inside door latch (by the lock). None obvious on bottom or around the outside edges. T

Sounds like window came off track ... 2004 Mitsubishi Galant

1994 nissan sentra drivers door wont open from inside or out is it possible to pop door latch with screw driver or anything to get door open so i can remove the door panel and get a better look at things

Here's a trick I learned from a local body shop where I live.\015\012Get a sawzall and cut the post that the latch hooks to.\015\012\015\012This will open the door for you. Then repair whatever is required in the door, and replace t ... 1994 Nissan Sentra 4-Door

I have a 1994 Nissan Altima. The passenger side front door is locked and will not unlock. The window is inoperable as well. The door cannot be unlocked from inside or outside either manually or automatically. I have partially removed the interior door panel, in itself a miracle, and am able to somewhat get at the metal rods controlling the lock and levers for the door. I cannot pull on them and get a manual release. Is there some sort of trick or am I not hitting the right trigger?

With a pair of long nosed pliers you should be able to pull the lever that comes down from the outside door lock to the lock ,now the lock itself has a shroud around it so you may have to remove this the best way you can ,some are really difficult an ... 1994 Nissan Altima

My 99 Grand am door latch on the right side back seat wasn't lined up right with the latch part on the car and the door wan't shuting..I tried to adjust the latch part on the car and when I started to un-screw that peice the thread fitting for the screws arent attatched to the car and fell inside the car..I don't know how to get to it ...Any help would be greatly appreciated

They sell a flexible magnet at kragens or napa ... Pontiac Grand Am
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