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1993 Jaguar xj6 won't start, battery drained of power. Went away over xmas and new years so have not used our 1993 Jaguar xj6 for more than 4 weeks (probably more like 6 weeks!) and battery hence lost all power after sitting idle for so long. Furthermore it seemed to start briefly when jumpstarted but then went dead as there was no fuel in the tank so went and bought £10 worth but still won't start! The radio and alarm has power and the lights come on and also lights on the dash board when we ho

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Answers :

Replace your relays on your firewall! Sounds awfully similar to a problem I had
Is the car immobilized? if so you may have to lock and unlock the car with the key and not the remote.
\015\012Is it turning over or just nothing, also starter motor may be jammed. put the car in gear with the hand brake off and push the car forward until you feel the engine turn over. You dont need the keys in the car!
\015\012This should free the starter off, sometimes they jam very tight and will not move at all, on these jags. they get rusty quickly if sat about. I had a XJ many years ago great motors.
\015\012Good luck.
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1993 Jaguar xj6 won't start, battery drained of power. Went away over xmas and new years so have not used our 1993 Jaguar xj6 for more than 4 weeks (probably more like 6 weeks!) and battery hence lost all power after sitting idle for so long. Furthermore it seemed to start briefly when jumpstarted but then went dead as there was no fuel in the tank so went and bought £10 worth but still won't start! The radio and alarm has power and the lights come on and also lights on the dash board when we ho

Replace your relays on your firewall! Sounds awfully similar to a problem I had ... 1994 Jaguar XJ6

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My interrior lights, radio, and power side view mirrors suddenly don't work on my 1999 Dodge Neon?! --My car wouldnt start about a week ago so I replaced the battery & starter to find that it still wasn't starting. So I took it to a garage thinking it was an electrical issue. Well, they sent me home with a new starter and it's been starting fine now (knock on wood). But every since they've changed it my power side view mirrors, interior lights, and radio wont work when they were before. HELP?!

I think you can fix this yourself, I just need you to get out the book everyone fears (the owners manual).I want you to go to a section in the book called fuses and relays. Now, in the book, they will have a diagram of the fuse panel with numbers on ... 1999 Dodge Neon

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Replace your dead alternator. ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

F-250 Super Duty 7.3l diesel. Truck wont start. Just clicks at starter and then dash lights and all relays flash off and on constantly. When I disconect the two batteries, I get a big spark like there is a major power draw. Any hints as where to start? Also, this happened after one of the batteries went dead and a charger was connected to the battery to start the truck (on 50 amp start mode).

Is there a security system from the factory on it if so if so just try using your key in the drivers door and unlock it with th key ... 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Super Cab

Today our suburban dies while sitting at a light, lost all power and with a little tlc started up. We brought her home right away. We just went to check on her and she wont unlock with the power remotes she wont even click no dome lights.. I think s it's a dead battery but could i be wrong?

I think you are right. the battery is dead. make sure the battery cables / terminals are clean and tight. Charge or replace the battery. If the battery is over three years old you should probably replace it. Once you get it started again make sure yo ... 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

I have a 2006 Camry Sportivo - a week ago - it would not start - got a new battery on Monday - it started all good - although seems to be running "rougher" by Friday - dead flat again. New battery - went for a drive Satuday morning - the ABS light and battery came on - I stopped - wont start - jumpstarted it - got home. Noticed it whining going through the gears (its an auto), other things I have noticed - slow to accerlate and the air con from new does not blow hard....... this is driving m

It sounds like the alternator,have the alternator out put checked at the battery,it should read 13.65 volts,to 14.25 volts.Todays cars will not run well ,on just the battery,they need more volts than 12,just to run correctly. ... 2002 Toyota Camry

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I have a 2001 BMW 7 Series and just a moment ago, I went to start the car and it wouldn't start, I get a clicking noise instead. All the lights are working fine, so I am thinking it has nothing to do with the battery. I know when a battery is dying/dead in a vehicle, you either get low or no electric power. This is not the case with my car, everything else is normal. It just wouldn't start, only clicking instead. I haven't driven the car in about a week, it was working perfectly last time I did

Looks like the case of lose connection. ... 2001 BMW 7 Series

98 Toyota Corolla LE with 56,000 miles on it. Hadn't had the oil changed even though the check oil light had been on for a several weeks. Driving car on the expressway and suddenly the power went off and I coasted over to the side of the road. It wouldn't start back up. No noise made when turning the key to try to get it to start again. No power, battery is dead. What happened? What is it? What needs to be fixed? I don't want to get rid of it since it has low mileage and has been sittin

How old is the battery? Does it need water? Is the alternator trying to charge the battery? Not changing the oil after sitting for 2 years was a huge mistake. The engine light has a meaning. Ignoring it can be costly. You didn't define 'Power" in yo ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

Went to start jeep and for the last week th od light would come on . i would turn it off and jeep ran good. tonight i try to start jeep and no power . i jump it and it ran . but gadge light came on and battery singal was very low

Check your battery and charging system. On the battery make sure you have clean tight connections. ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Two months ago I went through the car wash and my ebrake and battery lights started flashing intermittently heater blower losses strength when I accelerate and the headlights dim. Started idling crappy at a light a week and a half ago and completely died. Got it jumped drove a few miles parked and shut it off and couldn't get it restarted but it had power. Towed it to a shop they said my security system was engaged and they couldn't do anything. Towed it to the dealer they said it was my engine

It sounds like you have a bad ground. follow all your ground wires. should be one to the engine, body, and maybe frame. disconnect them and clean the surfaces with sand paper and reconnect ... Cars & Trucks

Wont start at 1st the wipers and door locks were goin,then it came up something about lights when i knocked the lights on and off the whole car just went dead and now it wont do anything,the other week my front windows also stopped working,they still dont.i rang renault garage and thay said it could be battery

Yes it may be the battery... but have ur battery checked first by professionasl before replacing it because if the battery is working fine then u may have a faulty alternator. hope this helps ... 2004 Renault 181

I have a 2000 ford explorer that wont start alls it does is make a clicking sound when i try went to get gas it was running i turned it off when i tryed to start it wouldnt turn over it sound like it wasnt getting enough power or gas tryed it 2 more times slower and slower it sounded then i smelled something like a burnt wire or a nast fart now alls it does is click when i try!!! dont know if its the battery starter or whatever all the lights work gets power

There are a few things it could be. \015\0121) Solenoid is bad, or the starter is bad. Here are the instructions for removing the starter, the solenoid should be atached to the starter so by removing on you get both.\015\012\015\012 ... 2002 Ford Explorer

My Saturn wont start. The battery has a charge, but power locks and interior lights don't work. My car ran fine I pulled into a parking lot went into store 30 minutes later came out to start my car and nothing, no start noise, no fuel pump noise. what could the problem be?

Its the power somewhere along the chain. So of course first is too check the battery. get a multimeter from harbor frieght.(5 bucks) Set it to D.C. voltage and place the red lead on the positive terminal, black on negative. It should read 12 volts i ... 2001 Saturn L-Series


I believe if you remove the steering wheel upper and lower covers, there will be a button to push to allow the removal of the key..as for the no start, the battery light is on because of the alternator. Its faulty. the clicking sound could very well ... Dodge Stratus

My battery light started flickering a couple weeks ago and then my check engine light came on. my car then started freaking out and died. we tested the battery and the alternator, the battery was fine, but the alternator tested bad. we replaced the alternator and the lights on the dash went away for about a week. then the same thing started happening again. we tested them again and once again it was my alternator. what could be the problem?

OK, try to replace the alternator with one that is 'lifetime' warranted rather than one with a '1 year' warranty or less.\015\012\015\012Return the bad alternator to the auto parts retailer, and get a higher quality one.\015\012 ... Honda Civic

I had just put 20 dollars in my van parked and keep it running it shut off and would not start again.I let it sit for two weeks went to start it ,it acted like itwanted to start but it didnt so I waited two more weeks went to start it ,it started and shut off and would not start back like the battery was low . Now I have charged my battery and it started up 2secounds and shut off wont start again have to wait awhile to try again.

... 1995 GMC Safari

Power freakout turn the key to start car and the power shuts down, turn off and pull key out the lights start blinking and the battery buzzer starts going rythmically, if i put my foot on the brake the lights and buzzing stop, but as soon as i remove my foot it starts up again. the car wont start on its own, but will start by jumper cables and runs fine once it's started, but i do have to hit the battery reset button to stop the flashing and buzzing once it is started. the button does nothing

Sounds like the battery won't pass a battery test, but if it does your explaining dirty battery cable connections clean and or replace as needed as this is the number one reason for a no start . This corrected and known good battery and it still act ... 1999 Subaru Forester

Electrical??? A few weeks ago my battery light started coming on while I was driving just suddenly. So I took it in and battery checked out fine and so did the alternator. Just tonight the battery light came on again then the abs light then all my lights started to dim, battery dropped low and when I push on on my breaks to slow the RPM needles starts jumping around. When I made it home the truck died and wont start now. Any suggestions on what it could be. I have given up on this truck.

Since you've checked your voltage at the battery and alternator and they are ok, I would say it seems like an electrical issue. You need to put the truck on a diagnostic scanner to see what part (electrical part) is malfunctioninig. ... 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Hi there, Kia Carens battery went totally flat after sitting for 6 weeks. Car was fine before. Following recharge of the battery, the IMMO light in flashing. Car turns over but wont start. Any ideas???

... 2002 Kia Sedona

My Land Rover Discovery started up fine this morning and about 3 miles down the road all the lights went haywire and the Rover stalled out. Now it just clicks when I turn the key and wont start. The Battery was just replaced 3 weeks ago.......any suggestions as to what my problem may be would be greatly appreciated.

There is a cable from the battey to the fuse box we had to replace that caused the radio to go off, then the speedometer and then no power from battery. ... 1998 Land Rover Discovery

I have a 1992 Chevy S10 4.3, it will not start....there is power going to it all the lights come on and the radio ... etc.... but it just wont start...there is no click ...no thing...i checked the wire that goes to the starter from the battery it looks all fine to me....it was running one day, not the next and hasnt ran since...it has been 2 months and i bought it 2 months and a week ago... i just want to find out what is wrong with it... anyone ?

Be sure you have a good ground on the battery my mechanic pulled the plastic sheath off my ground and that fixed it so you might have a bad ground some where ... 1992 Chevrolet S-10
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