Having problems with your 1994 Lexus GS 300 ?

Car trouble Car not starting. ON dash board following lights are on: rear light faliure, low engine oil level, ABS, low washer fluid & Discharge (battery) Warning Light. All of the above (apart from ABS) have been checked, i.e. have topped up fluids for washer fluid and engine oil. Power steering turns on and off on sharp bends. Steering becomes difficult on bends. And finally right side speakers are not functioning. Please advise me of what I should do.

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Answers :

Check all of the fluids, check all sensors.
\015\012get a hayes book on you car and change what ever need to be changed.
\015\012too many problem, nothing too expensive and nothing is critical for now, if you don't fix them, they will be your worse nightmare.
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Car trouble Car not starting. ON dash board following lights are on: rear light faliure, low engine oil level, ABS, low washer fluid & Discharge (battery) Warning Light. All of the above (apart from ABS) have been checked, i.e. have topped up fluids for washer fluid and engine oil. Power steering turns on and off on sharp bends. Steering becomes difficult on bends. And finally right side speakers are not functioning. Please advise me of what I should do.

Check all of the fluids, check all sensors.\015\012get a hayes book on you car and change what ever need to be changed.\015\012too many problem, nothing too expensive and nothing is critical for now, if you don't fix them, they will be yo ... 1994 Lexus GS 300

I bought a 96 dodge intrepid 3.5 v6 car that ran great except it was leaking oil from somewhere on the front bottom left hand side of the engine checked everything and put power steering fluid cause it was low i drove it like that for about a month and it drove fine i noticed though that the power steering fluid would constantly be low so i figured that was the oil it was leaking any how one day my boyfriend noticed that there was some little plugs or hoses disconnected so he connected them were

It sounds like the car was ran out of oil.The engine bearings and crankshaft journal are probably scarred.The noise you are hearing is more than likely a piston rod slapping around about to break loose from the crankshaft.So,yes the engine is toast.. ... Dodge Intrepid

I have a 2009 Buick Lacrosse. After a year of driving with no issues, it has a very loud whining noise every time I crank it and never stops until I turn off engine. Does it in drive and park and at all speeds. Very embarrassing! Check power steering fluid level and belt . Fluid full and belt appeared fine. Also, this car has been using oil. The low oil level indicator came on after 2,000 miles after last oil change. Checked it and was 2 qts low. Any suggestions?

The most common source of the whine is the power steering pump is low on fluid or the pump is defective. Check the owner's manual for instructions on how to check the fluid in the pumps reservoir. ... 2006 Buick LaCrosse

For the past 4 days, my 91 4-runner idles rough and vibrates. yesterday the check engine light came on. there is transmission fluid, oil, brake fluid, and steering fluid. I allow my vehicle to warm up before driving, but even then it feels like the vehicle takes its time shifting into gear. sometimes when I'm driving, it feels like the car revs high or is driving one gear too low. When I stop, it sometimes feels like my car is grinding in the rear.

Take it to a major parts store and they can hook up a scan tool and tell you what is wrong. Most do this for free. ... 1991 Toyota 4Runner

94 Cadillac Sedan Deville... starter or blown engine! Help?rn My step daughter is having a problem with the cadi that I gave her... The car wont start... battery is good... but making a clicking noise... which makes me think it is the starter motor (I am handy and could probably change this)... but when the car was towed back to her house and I checked the fluids there was practically no oil... isn't there a sensor for low oil... and if so if the oil gets to low would it cut off the engine

... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

I ran over a deer lying dead on the road and now the gas, speedometer and rpm and temp gauges won't work. The engine light, service light, brake, change oil, and air bag lights all stay on when the car is on. The rest of the dashboard lighting won't come on nor will the lights fior the hvac controls. Also the wipers only come on for the low and high speeds and won't come on for interval or when using the washer fluid. I checked all the fuses in all 3 fuse compartments and none of them appeared t

Tis is os rare; first, I could suggest reset youe PCM, disconnected the battery few minutes and reconnected again. If the warning lights turn on again, and the engine light too, its possible that you need scanning the PCM to knowe excalty any caulft ... 2000 Saturn L-Series

My 1995 Buick Lesabre has a low humming noise. It started right after I got my oil changed. It sounds just like the noise a car makes when you don't have any power steering fluid in your car and when you turn the steering wheel, that whining noise it makes? Well that is the sound, but it is not as loud. It don't make the sound when I turn the steering wheel. It is a constant hum while driving, until I get up to about 60. I checked the power steering fluid, It was empty so I filled it up.

I would go back to the oil change place. Fluid levels are their responsibility and you should have a trail of fluid from the leak. If you had no problems before the oil change and immediately after you have problems, then they are the people to tal ... Buick LeSabre

Just bought car with 111,000 miles on 3.1 v-6 ,motor has sludge in valve cover and am afraid of low oil press . What is the best way to rectify this ? I have heard of the run trans fluid in engine trick but scared of locking up oil pump or worse engine . Runs good and no other probs just worried about low oil press .

DO NOT run transmission fluid in the oil. You can buy engine cleaner that you put in before you change the oil and let it run at idle for a 15 to 20 minutes, then change the oil and filter. It might take a couple of treatments to clean it all out. ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Am

The service engine soon light is on. The check engine light had come on several times the day before. The check fluid light had come on & went off. Added 2 qts. of oil to the engine and it is fine. radiator fluid level is fine. Brake fluid level a little low. Not sure about transmission fluid level because it is all over the stick after wiping off and dipping it again. The car has jerked very hard a few times while excelerating but not actually shifting gears.

Have the computer scanned if you want a quick scan have Auto Zone or the like scan it for free , they also will give you a printout of the problem code, if any, that may be stored in the computer system.\015\012Trans. fluid is only checked on a ... 1999 GMC Yukon

I was coming back from the store which is 6 miles away. The engine transmission line read hot with the oil light on. I shut the car off and checked the transmission fluid and it was very low, so I put some coolant in up to the line, and checked the oil and it was full. I tried to start the engine and the transmission light was on and I tried to start the car and it stalled. It also knocked a little and it smelled like rotten eggs. What is wrong?

The smell was the catolic converter, the knock was probably a spark knock because the engine was so hot, i need to know what the make and model is before i can give you much more advice, i hope you did not put coolant ... Chrysler Sebring

I have a 2006 H3 hummer and all of a sudden my check engine light comes on and car throttle drops to 50, very low and stalls at a light. The stab/system/tractionsystemfailure lights appeared then the egine stalled. It starts right back up but continue's to stall at low throttle and loses power steering and power brakes. We had the oil changed and every since then the check engine light would come on and off periodicaly. Technichnician says it was just a start up glitch. HELP PLEASE?? Car ran

Closes bet its a bad alternator, bad battery or loose connections, last 2 options throtle needs to reprogram,bad as well. ... 2006 Hummer H3

I was driving and all of a sudden engine light came on then shut off and then oil light come on as im losing power and steering wheel locked up then oil light went off. i pushed it to side turned on hazard lights. got a quart of oil put it in.. thats all it was low (although i am in need of oil change and last time it was changed it was done with synthetic and that is not what was put in my car when we added the quart it was not synthetic) had it towed to my house. then then my car had no power

From your explaination you have a bad alternator, with the new battery it will run until the battery drains, what happen was the alternator went bad engine stopped running when there was not enough voltage left,the oil light and steering problem is a ... 1999 Chrysler 300M

Brought my audi a4 in to have the timing belt and water pump replaced and my car is now leaking power steering fluid and making loud noise, i was told when i took it back that the the powersteering fluid was low, they topped it off, it was fine until i drove it for a couple hours and the problem returned and my check engine light came on. had the fluid topped off again. can changing the timing belt and water pump damage the power steering pump/rack?

They may have loosened the power steering pump to take off the belt and not put it back right.\015\012They may have overtightened the belt which has worn the bearings out on the steering pump and made it start leaking from the bearings... ... 2004 Audi A4

I get knocking when engine gets hot stopped (on D,1,2,3 or R). There is no check engine light, it is not LOW ON OIL, I have installed a new idler pully, put a new power steering pump on, spark plugs, fan clutch, gear oil and filter. I was disappointed nothing changed. The knocking goes away directly when the car starts accelerating or idle (N or P).

Sounds like it could be low on oil PRESSURE. Or possibly bad bottom end (main bearings). A lot of times when the clearences are excessive in the main bearings, oil pressure will drop considerably once the oil is hot and has a lower viscosity. Sorry a ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

One month ago, I went to the Jaguar dealer because I got the engine warning light on. I did't have problem driving the car which was very smooth and fluid. They give me the code P0745 problem and told me that it was necessary to change the transmission. I asked for another opinion. They found that the transmission needs additionnal oil. Which was done. Now, the idle is irregular and too low, so the car is shaking slightly, when I start it. Plus, while driving, the engine "bucks" (sm

HI. This code is in reference to your transmission valve body functions. This is a major issue here, and will cause the symptoms you are experiencing at this time. This is electrical and not mechanical. You will need to replace the damaged solenoid p ... Jaguar S-Type

My mazda 6, 2006 is makin a hissing noise. while in park or stopped at a red light my car idles low and sounds like it could die.? when i start my mazda it pulses( low idel? ) kinda like, cutting out. if im not ideling while stopped and out on the road it does good, so far. and the engine light is on. i need an oil change, but the car has enough iol, brake fluid and coolant.

Find put where the hissing noise is coming from, you have a vacuum leak. Fix that , and everything else will be fixed. After you fix it, disconnect the battery for 5 minutes to reset the computer and fuel trims. ... 2006 Mazda 6

Abs Well my abs light has been on for a few weeks but, my boyfriend decided to wash the engine a little after refilling my washer fluid and now my van does not work. The dash displays a message that Reduced engine power. And the van starts and idles but, the gas pedal does nothing. The car has no power whatsoever and cannot be driven. Please help....Thanks , Michelle

Possible after it sits a while and engine drys off will be fine. all you can really do is check connections and dry them off with air ... 2007 Chevrolet Uplander LS Minivan

I left my 2005 mustang perfectly fine on the parking lot at my work, it was only with low fuel, whe I come back and start my car, something weard happen, ligthts on gauges turn on, the light of parking breakes, engine, also the computer mark low on oil, break fluid, I went to the next gas station put gas on it, and tha gaudget is not working,the oil gauget is not working neither. Im freak out.

Dealer only computer glitch ,2005?? chances are its using encrypted software ... 2005 Ford Mustang

We have a 1997 toyota camry, my daughter has been driving it and was checking the wrong dip stick, hense the engine needed to be rebuilt due to running w/ no oil. the mechanic replaced the seals, pt head set, bottom gasket set, head belt set, oil filter, oil, antifreeze, thermastat, gasket, can rod bearing, main bearing set, piston w/ conn. rods, Recond.Head, used crankshot, and oil pan. The car now runs through 1 quart of oil every day or E.O.D. and also power steering fluid every few days. He

I would think that the shop would have seen a problem with the belt, but you never know. You might think of that when you consider the oil use, my best guess is that whom ever rebuilt the engine installed the piston rings up ... 1997 Toyota Camry

Just had my oil changed and the check engine oil level low light is coming on . But checked it and it's not low , just on the full mark . It comes on everytime I restart the car . how do I fix that ?After having my oil changed when I start my 1998 buick park ave. up , the check engine oil level is low indicator comes on but when had my oil checked it is on the full mark . how do i get the check engine light to stop coming on when I start my car when nothing is wrong ?

You have to reset the check engine oil level light. The light is just a 3 month reminder that lets you know when to change your oil. You have to hold the reset button on your dash for more then 5 to 10 sec. The procedure is in the owners manual that ... 1998 Buick Park Avenue

Code P0342, Chevy Aveo Sedan 2006. MIL is on with the DTC P0342. Yesterday, when drove it got stalled in busy highway and at carpark. When stalled the engine off, with all the lights on - Engine, ABS, oil indicator.. aircon wind blows, Radio FM...etc but the engine. Even the steering is jammed and nothing can work. This cause nuisance since it got jammed and not able to drive the car - almost cause accident. Thereafter not able to starts up but waited 10mins then only the engine ignition

... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

I am having a problem with my power steering. The car steers like a tank. When I removed the cap, I noticed that the power steering fluid was low, and it looks like its a coffee color. Also noticed that the power steering line goes behind the engine and looks wet. Is this hard to replace? Thanks mike

It's that color because it was low and sucking air so half that is bubbles and there not too bad you may have to to loosen the rack for better access. ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

Yesterday while driving my car shut off, steering wheel locked up and I had to try to steer it out of traffic. I then restarted it and it went but it happened a couple more times before going home. Now this morning it happened again. I checked oil, still good but a little dark. I think it might be steering wheel fluid? A little low if it's the one I think it is but what kind do I put in it?

Well, I'm glad your O.K. You could have one of many problems going on, I would start with the simple, change your air filter. If you service your car regularly, thats probably not it, but ya never know, there could be something stuck in there. If tha ... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

My 2000 ford mustang is running really rough. I added a gas additivie, a tad bit of transmission fluid, a little power steering fluid and some oil recently. I'm hoping I didn't cause this but now my ck engine soon light is going on and off....all the fluids were low so I just added a litte. :(

... Cars & Trucks

Have a 2001 Volvo s40. it was low on oil and check engine light began flashing. when I stopped the car, the oil was very very low. begin to see puffs of white smoke. After checking oil and adding 3 qts. when I cranked the car, lots of white smoke came from tailpipe and under engine. No oil and water mixing, car did not ever overheat. had a friend come by and he changed the spark plugs and ignition pack according to the code that was being given. Car is still running rough and white smoke.

\012HelloWhen the service engine\012soon light (Also called the check engine light or engine management\012light) is turned on this is to alert you to the fact that Powertrain\012Control Module (computer) has detected a failure somewher ... 2001 Volvo S40
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