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My signal light fuse kept on blowing so i looked at my switch wires and they were melted so i bought the 400 dollar switch from gm and my lights worked for another week started blowing fuses again now they wont work and my fuse is good checked the wires as well and there still good as well...? please help truck keeps breaking down on me im gettin tired of it... and broke

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Answers :

Do you have trailer light hook-ups? Fifth wheel lighting and brakes, maybe a gooseneck ball? I would start with anything foreign to the vehicle(Not OEM).Most OEM wiring isn't subject to damage without help from you and I. :o) Hate to say it but we (or the guy who wired the truck for aftermarket lights) is sometimes the worst enemy.
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My signal light fuse kept on blowing so i looked at my switch wires and they were melted so i bought the 400 dollar switch from gm and my lights worked for another week started blowing fuses again now they wont work and my fuse is good checked the wires as well and there still good as well...? please help truck keeps breaking down on me im gettin tired of it... and broke

Do you have trailer light hook-ups? Fifth wheel lighting and brakes, maybe a gooseneck ball? I would start with anything foreign to the vehicle(Not OEM).Most OEM wiring isn't subject to damage without help from you and I. :o) Hate to say it but we (o ... 1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

1988 Dodge Omni. I have no park lights or dash lights. I have replaced the fuse multiple times. I have the Chilton's and have traced the hot wire from the headlight switch to the battery with no errors found. I removed the headlight switch and fuse still blows. The wiring diagram in the manual shows that all electrical draws occur after the switch in the circuit. But with the switch out of the circuit the fuse still blows with no electrical draw... I am lost and need help PLEASE

There should be a link wire that goes from the fuse box to the headlight switch check it for a short. ... 1988 Dodge Omni

Brake lights dont work, replaced switch, checked for power, power to switch, power to fuse, checked wiring to back end, all appears to be good, put power to white wire, no brake lights still, i need some help please, anything i can check, does someone know were to find a wiring diagram, should i check the direction switch, thank you

You hit it on the nail, you have check every thing we would have checked here at my repair shop, it's going to be the turn signal switch, as you now the brake light circuit run's through it and more then likely your center top brake light works.Bad s ... 1991 GMC Sierra

Brake lights will not illuminate when brake is pressed. However, the signals work along with evening lamps as well. They do illuminate with the light switch on, but wont get brighter when I hit the brake. I checked the wires from the fuse box through to the tail lights, nothing seems to be cut. Fuse is still good. I tested the fuse with a test light, and there is current. The brake switches spring in and out fine as the brake moves back and forth. They dont seem to get stuck. I replaced 2 of

I would test the brake light switch. maybe its bad ... 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 98 k3500 and the 20 amp fuse keeps blowing when I push the brake pedal...I've replaced the relay under the hood the boards and bulbs in the tail lights and the brake light switch but it still is blowing the fuse and don't no why???? I checked the harness from the engine compartment to the lights and all the wires look good and don't have any indications of what would cause it to fail need help plz?????

... 1998 Chevrolet K3500


If you check the fuses, and the wire has burn, I suggest check the rest of the wire or re-wire this system; review this diagrams... ... Chevrolet C1500

My 1992 gmc when shifting into 4 wheel drive it feels like it does but 4x4 light does not appear. I have checked the wires they are good. checked fuse and it was blown so I replaced. I unpluged the switch located on the transfer case and put it into 4x4 and still blow fuse? After changing to new fuse. what could this be

... 1992 GMC Sierra K1500

I have a 1997 cavalier z24 that is having some electrical problems. The tail lights, side marker lights, and instrument cluster lights do not work. I've already replaced the fuse, but it keeps blowingan . All light bulbs have been removed and the fuse still blows. All lights, except the instrument cluster, do turn on for a brief moment before the fuse blows. The dimmer switch has also been removed and the fuse still blows. All other fuses have been checked and they are good. The light switch has

You have a dead short immediately after the fuse Check wiring for rub points/ pinch points. Check all bulb sockets to ensure that the power wire is not touching earth or the earth wire. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 88 civic dx hatchback with a horn blowing fuse problem every time i use the horn it will blow a fuseit could be a 5amp-30amp it still blows tried to run hot wire straight to fuse box an ground wire to horn an it still blows fuse can you help me please thank you ROBBIE

The coil in your horn is going to ground you need to replace horn. ... Honda Civic

Tail light fuse keeps blowing. I have traced the wiring back to the tail lights and it all seems fine. I have taken out the turn signal lights and the light switch, put in to the first position for parking lights, still blows the fuse. I have also disconnected the Side marker lights and the fuse will still blow. Any suggestions as what to do / where to look for the short or frayed wires?

Are the bulbs out of the sockets and the fuse blows?Take bulbs out and check againPlace one back at a time if fuse was OK with bulbs out to locate bad bulb.Otherwise.......Do this........if still needed with bulbs out an ... 1997 Toyota Corolla

I have a 90 chev 1/2ton the brake lamps are inop,i was towing a trailer and the turn and brake lamps became inop, checked fuses and found turnsignal fuse blown and the brake good,but the brake fuse was a 15amp and some one had installed a 30amp fuse, i replaced the turn signal fuse and the turn signals worked but still no brakes, so i checked the brake switch and found the connector and switch burnt, i replaced the switch and fixed the wiring at the switch still no brake lamps?

Use a test light and see if there is power to the switch. Then depress the pedal and you should have power on both sides. If there is no power to the switch, check the harness from the fuse box to the switch. If it got that hot, it may have melted th ... 1991 Chevrolet C1500

My car is a 90 and the Fuses started to blow for the fuel pump. Replaced the fuel pump, filter, fuse, then checked all the wiring up to and including the injector plug then replaced the injector plug as well. Drove the car ten minutes and all was well until I let off the fuel and the fuses started blowing again. Checked all the wiring again and still seems fine from front to back. Can anyone save my sanity???

Did u follow the wire from the tank even check the plug there if the car drove fine for ten mins then u must of went over the short some where get a cheap multimeter turn the key on and go from there check everything oh and umm take a deep breath im ... Pontiac Sunbird

2004 saturn ion driver power windows switch will not work. Fuse good and passenger window switch works. The switch unit is good had a new on put on still did now work. Problems seems to be in wiring after the split off to the passenger window switch. No visiable signs of electrical fire the wires look good. What could be causing this problem?

Pull the rubber boot for the wiring harness in the door hinge area. I would suspect cut wires. Have the same issue. Bad design. What else is new. ... 2004 Saturn ION

Hi, I have a 2000 chevy express cutaway 3500 with a short in the brake light circuit. I can unhook the plug behind the driver seat which runs to the rear and I still blow the fuse. I can unhook the brake switch an I do not blow the fuse but the circuit is still open at that point. The brake switch is in proper working order an is ok. My question is, What else can be causing this problem. I wanted to rule out any ABS or sensor problems before starting the look for a short. The wires going from

As I answer every electrical problem\015\012\015\012You as stated, are about to check wiring, \015\012for a possible short\015\012\015\012How are you going to do that ?\015\012What is your road map ?\015\012 ... 2000 Chevrolet Express Cargo

2000 cavelier a/c works but does not blow air through vent on any switch setting. all fuse are good but blower is still not working, looking for a wiring diagram to direct hook up blower motor.

Check for power at motor or simply tap with hammer a few times the humidity makes the motor stick ... Chevrolet Cavalier

My 1992 Corolla DX headlights won't come on! I have changed the fuses and the bulbs. The relay clicks when turning the switch and the wiring seems to be in good condition but I am no electrician. The running lights and brake lights still work but the hi beam lights stopped working months before the low beam stopped. My car works fine except for the low beams but I can't drive without headlights! Please help!!!

... 1992 Toyota Corolla

I hooked my battery up backwards. It took out the headlights and the heater fan. Replaced the light switch and still nothing but after much test lighting I found out the fan switch is still good. All fuses and relay are good under the hood. What could this be? Are there more relays for these two things I don't know about? Also all ground wires are still in tact.

... 2001 Hyundai Accent

Hi, Cadillac family.I keep blowing a 10 amp fuse for the fuel pump on my 1984 fleetwood brogham d elegance. wires in the driver side tail fin have been chewed by a family pet. put the caddy in the shop,solved the problem. put my tail fin cover on and still blowing fuses. can someone please help me out with a wiring diagram? miss driving my 84. i think there's a ground wire crossed.

Hi, the fuel pump wires are not in the tail fin. Check to see if the pet might have got under the car and chewed. Your diagram is below. Please let me know if you have questions, and thanks for using Fixya.\015\012 ... 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood

Keeps blowing fuse in fuse block ,burnt block and wire also burnt headlight switch replaced headlight switch and still blowing fuses lights will not work at all now

The positive wire in the headlight circuit is shorted to ground someplace, you have to check the wire by following it from where it connects to the headlight back to the switch and then to the fuse block ... 1983 Chevrolet Chevy

I have a 99 Pontiac Grand am and first when i bought it i didnt know at first but wires for the cooling fans were hard wired and the car almost caught on fire so we tried to get new wires cause the fans were still good but we tried to wire it correctly when we were done the fans would not come on so we were broke down on the side of the road so had to re hard wire the fans to get home and now the fuse panel we think is bad cause the cooling fan fuses and ignition switch fuses keep popping we we

If fuses are blowing then this is a indication the a hot wire is grounding out. Now as for the fan,alot of times what happens is that the sensor that tell the fan to kick on goes bad and someone wires them direct" Bad move " make sure there is no wir ... Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 1999 Mercury Tracer that died on the way to work. It has no spark, fuel injector pulse and no fuel pump. I have checked the timing belt and it is good. The cam and crank sensors have been replaced as well as the computer. Still no luck.The emergency fuel pump switch is down. All the fuses are good with the exception of the 10 amp fuse for the fuel injection. The fuse is good but there is no power to that particular fuse. The other fuses in that seperate block all have power to them. If

Sounds like possibly the constant control relay module (CCRM) has a problem,you will find it under the plastic air filter housing , takes a 13mm\015\012socket to remove the three bolts holding on the housing and there it is. It is like what ford cal ... 1999 Mercury Tracer

I have a 2002 BMW 540i blowing a fuse on the IHKA panel no lights on panel and switchs inoperable, when fuse blows heat starts blowing through registers before fuse blows system works great all IHKA controls and fan good. Please help

Replace the final stage resistors and fuse both.-----------\015\012Disconnect the resister and check, if the fuse still blows.---------If the fuse is not blowing, without resister connected, then its faulty resistor,, that has to be replaced.-------- ... BMW 535

I own a 89 toyota toyopet truck. The EFI fuse keeps blowing every time I replace it and turn the key on. Tracked and tested all wiring related to this problem. All test good and look good. replaced all modules and sensors related to this problem. replaced altenator twice because voltage regulator is on inside, each time replaced truck would start and run for 20-30 seconds before the EFI fuse blows and truck dies. please help me fix my truck. my name is Tami.

I had the same problem with my 1990 P/u. It turned out to be the O2 sensor touching the underside of my box shorting and blowing the EFI Fuse ... 1989 Toyota Pickup SR5

1993 Buick Roadmaster keeps on blowing fuel pump/ecm in-line 20 amp fuse. Car stalled out in a parking lot, would not start, no fuel. Changed fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pump relay. Found fuel pump/ecm in-line 20A fuse keeps on blowing when I turn key on. Looked all over for shorts, disconnected oil pressure/ fuel pump cutoff switch, changed fuel pump relay, fuel pump is disconnected at tank at present, still blows fuse. Please help as I cannot afford to take car to shop and presently working

You said the fuel pump is disconnected at present and the fuse still blows so I am thinking you have a dead ground in the fuel circuit maybe a wire is pinched after the fuse and before the pump. Check along the frame for this and make sure all of you ... Cars & Trucks

99 Chrysler Sebring thought I had a bad inginiton switch, found fuse 8 ( Ign, fuel starter) blown in the fuse block under the hood. Replaced the fuse then the radio, wipers and others items all worked on Acc., in the run postion everything was still normal and ths fuse was still good. As soon as I try to start the car the fuse blows. Bad starter, solinod?

Have starter checked ,most likely starter ... 1999 Chrysler Sebring
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