Having problems with your 1995 Subaru Legacy ?

At oil temp light flashes 1995 Subaru legacy when starting the car, then goes out and the engine stops. When starting again and car warms up it seems to run fine. Every so often the engine sort of loses power then runs fine.

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Answers :

Sending unit may be faulty replace with new unit also check for a loose ground and or alternator belt
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At oil temp light flashes 1995 Subaru legacy when starting the car, then goes out and the engine stops. When starting again and car warms up it seems to run fine. Every so often the engine sort of loses power then runs fine.

Sending unit may be faulty replace with new unit also check for a loose ground and or alternator belt ... 1995 Subaru Legacy

How do I troubleshoot problems for a hemi car engine? Car has been back and forth to dealer six or seven times, do to check engine light. Car has been tuned up, wire harness changed and engine decarbonized. Still engine starts rough and check engine light comes back on,   but after 8 to 10 minutes warming up, engine seems to run fine, yet the engine light remains on. This happens every time the car sits more than six hours (rough starting and so on as stated above). It has been hooked up to Auto

Misfiring is often due to ignition system components. "Decarbonizing" is Chrysler's version of using "SeaFoam" in your engine. In fact, the product is basically the same, only more expensive. It has nothing to do with misfiring unless your spark plug ... 2006 Dodge Charger

I have a 2000 nissan maxima. Yesterday i started the car it was making a belt screeching noise. I then put it into gear and the car died. Ad it died a cloud of white smoke came from the engine. The smoke came from the engine bay and the vents in my car. The car would not start again. After a few minutes I was able to start the car. It seems to run fine for the 10 feet I moved it. However every light is light up on my dash.

... 2000 Nissan Maxima

I bought a second car for utility use; B6000, 1994, p/u, standard trans. Only when starting and running when the engine is cold, it runs very rough and difficult to idle. At normal operating temperatures the idle is somehwat okay and it seems to run fine. Also, the tach seems to jump up and down (even when the engine is at normal operating temps). Lastly, it appears the vehicle is running very rich as you can smell unburnt gas (moreso when engine is cold) and the tailpipe is packed with black re

A coolant tempurature sensor will make it run to rich if it is bad. run rough at idle, and produce black smoke, engine may stall out. it also causes retarded timing, slow idle speed, cold hesitation or stumble, poor fuel milage. good-luck!! if light ... 1994 Mazda 2WD B Series Pickup

I have a 2003 Buick Park Avenue with 114000 miles. I had a tune up 1,000 miles ago. When I start the car in the morning every thing runs fine, starts good every time. I drive for .7 to 1 mile and the car stops dead when I slow down or stop. Car starts fine and runs very good for about a mile then the tachometer drops down to stop but the engine catches and runs OK till I stop. If I slowed down or was stopped the car engine would stop dead. After not running for a few hours it does the same thing

... 2003 Buick Park Avenue

Car was working fine...just bought 2001 chevy malibu with a 3.1 liter engine, 37,000 miles on it. Drove on this past Sunday, everything was fine...went out to drive it on Monday and no heater, no cruise control, no gas guage and no temp. guage reading and the radio does not work...checked all three fuse panels and all fuses, all fuses are fine...any ideas? Then drove it up the street 1/4 of a mile and the check engine light came on...car seems to run fine and starts right up.

Does the speedo work? Speed senser ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

1998 audi a4 quattro I changed the engine hooked every thing back up and started the engine up.I ran the engine to operating temp shut it back down checked fluids and restarted ran up to temp. everything seemed normal so iput the automatic trans in gear and had nothing. the trans worked fine before replacing the engine. the trans was left in the car and none of the electrical to the trans was disconnected. I checked the fluid,dropped the pan and found what seemed to be normal wear, no metal fai

Did you replace the torque converter? If so, did you fill the converter with fluid before you bolted it to the flywheel? It sounds like you have no connection between the engine and the transmission. I don't understand how you could get the input sha ... 1998 Audi A4

Every time a start my audi a3 i have to crank it several times to start it when cranking it you can hear it trying to start when pressing the gas pedal also sometimes when cranking it the rev counter moves round to 4 or 5 then back to zero and car finaly starts fuel fillter has been changed oil done aswell temp switch back of engine replaced to egr unit been removed cleaned and put back on, its a 1.9 tdi 130 2001 model wen the cars running its fine its just getting it started.

Check the battery terminals. it could be loose or salt formed. if salted pour some hot water on it or tighten the connections ... Audi A3

2003 kia sedona--ck engine with P0135 when starting car-replaced bank 1 sensor 1 O2 and car runs fine ck engine comes on every time you start car with same code--i replaced ECU and it still comes on--if i clear codes the car runs fine with no ck engine until i turn off and start again etc,,,,

... 2004 Kia Sedona

Engine revs 2002 hyundai accent Just replaced the timmimg belt,two bent intake valves on the #3 cyclinder put every thing together the engine is running fine. After a hundred or so miles the engine starts reving up to 2500 rpms then drops to normal, when the car goes from drive to park. No warning lights are on. Cleaned the throtle body, but this did not help. Also this does not happen all the time, intermitten problem and only after the car has been driven for awhile and at operating temp. Chri

This may be due to the fault of the knob that connects the gas cylinder and the engine check that better you consult a mechanic\015\012check the pump and the gas filter\015\012\015\012You may press the accept button on my solution i ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

Datsun/Nissan 1978 280Z 2 2 6-Cyl in-line: Car will not re-start if parked after ashort run of a fewe miles, for about 30 minutes. Starts and runs fine from cold (first start) Cranks over fine. If hood is left open, it may re-start sooner, but engine sputters and spits for a short while, then smooths out.. Possible: Ignition Coil failing when heated up? OR is mixture too rich for hot engine? (Fuel Injected engine)?after a run of a few miles. Engine coolant temp 185-190 degrees.

Check the condition of the fuel pump relay. It is located under the bracket in front of the battery that has the fuseable links attached to it. You will have to take the fuseable link holders off and remove the 2 bolts on top and the 2 on the bottom ... Nissan Z

I have 2001 acura 3.2tl with 200,000 miles on it. it runs fine i did a tune up used original spark plugs, new air filter and i even changed 4 ignition coils. Only problem i had with this car is when weather goes down under 65 degree, it is impossible to start. it crank but it does not trune on. I replaced coolant temp censor. Also i used synthetic oil 5w30 once car started it runs fine and has good gas mileage. Engine start fine when weather is hot and run great. I dropped my car at pepboys and

Plug the block heater in , End get a good battery for it, get awinter battery, Not a california battery, Then it might start, If the engine has seen it,s better days, End don,t use snake oil in it, Use real oil. ... 2001 Acura 3.2TL

What should the temp gauge in my 2005 911 C2S read in "normal" operation? The engine seems to start and run beautifully, but I have noticed that the temp gauge inside the car shows the engine warming up to read "80"...and then the gauge just seems to sit at that reading no matter what I do - more or less aggressive driving, the temperature on the day, etc etc etc. The fan never seems to run after i shut the engine off, which makes me think it isn't running too hot, but the way the temp gauge nee

They are designed not to fluctuate with engine temp and are kept stable once operating temp is reached. only if the temp exceeds a set mark will the needle rise to indicate overheating, ... 2009 Porsche 911

I have a 1994 Chevy Corsica with a 3.1 liter engine. The engine dies every so often when it hot and wont restart until 4-5 minutes later. Have checked vaccum lines, map sensor, and replaced temp sensor. I also completly flushed cooling system. It seems to have helped the car run a bit cooler but it still dies. What else can I check?

The idle flare up is when u start it the rpms go above normal idle speed for about 3-5 seconds then comes down to normal idle speed,if this car is stalling in park then all u need to do is remove the air cleaner from the throttle body and clean the t ... 1994 Chevrolet Corsica

Somedays my car will start ok, and often, there is not even a cranking sound from the engine. The dash lights are on, but only a soft clicking sound is heard. The battery starter, and alternator checks out ok. I replaced the fuel filter, and spark plugs. It is a stick shift. when it runs, it runs very good. The intermittent starting seems to be a mystery to me. Also it seems like when the engine is starting to crank, forcing the key forward seems to keep it cranking continuously as if there is a

A common problem is the ignition switch.When it does not start....with the car in park or neutral jump it at the starter....or check for power at the small wire at the starter while trying to crank the engine.Power in the small wire ... Honda Prelude

2006 Dodge Charger will not start. I put the key in, turned the ignition, car started, and engine ran for a second or two, then shut itself off. I did this a few times hoping the engine would continue to run, but each time the engine would shut itelf off. Now, the car will not even start. I put the key in, turn the ignition, and get nothing. Electrical system seems to be fine. Lights, horn, radio all work fine. Maybe a sensor or fuel filter? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Your timing may be off usually when that happens . . have u done any work to the car recently? ... 2006 Dodge Charger

Hi, l have a 1991 MR2 MK2'' turbo with Ferrari 355 body kit. The car has been standing outside in the wet all winter, only being started up a few times. Now l have started the car and as usual she starts on the button every time. She runs fine, however the dash is showing three warning lights, 1) battery, 2)engine cooling fan 3)exhaust temperature. Non of which go out when the engine starts. l have determined that the battery is not being charged and when running l have removed the earth lead fr

Those are the error lights that show on the MR2 when either the alternator is giving no charge, or when it is overcharging. An alternator can fail in both ways, and it sounds exactly like what you describe - improper charging. ... 1991 Toyota MR2

Running rough I have a 2001 sebring convertibl and while driving on the freeway the engine bucked and the engine light came on. the car continued to run fine until i reached a stoplight, then it died. Now at a cold temp the car will run fine, but after warming up the cat starts to run very rough and will die. can you tell me what this might be.

Replace the o2 censor ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

Car was running fine never an problems then it stalls out once started then have to have it jumped to advance auto parts. run a test battery starter and alternator are fine. then stalls back out and then twetny mins later starts to run again but the start engine light is on. seems to be running fine but have no idea what the problem is scared it will stall out and my cause an accident.

Any time the check engine light comes on the computer wil have a code in it have the auto parts store read the codes and have them tell you what it says the you can determine how to fix it. ... 2002 Mercury Sable

I have a 95 camaro with a lt1 when engine is cool it runs fine when i start engine wih scan tool hoked up computer temp starts going to the negative with engine at 180 degree temp on scan tool reads -40 and car runs realy poor at low rpm have replaced sencer and its not that

Check your fuel to see if there is something wrong . ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

My 2000 Grand Prix GTP Supercharged was running fine but it shut off with a "check guages" warning. The gusges were fine and the car will start but it shuts off right away. The engine will stay running if it is kept at or near full throttle. As soon as the engine slows, it shuts off. There doesn't seem to be any engine miss and I was able to drive it home by making many restarts and hard accelerations. I did observe (on a long stretch of road) that the car would only go 90MPH.

Check fuel pump resister. its conector is by the batt. pump runs through it in run, not for 3 sec. when key is turned on. thats why it will start and then quit this happend to my 99 gtp ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

2006 Pontiac Grand Prix Command start The car has factory command start. Worked fine last week but this week the car turns over, starts, than shuts off. No engine lights, plugged in my OBD reader and nothing. Other than the command start issue car runs fine. On a side note this car needs repair every other day, I wouldn't buy another one.

Car\012not starting or turning over indicates towards multiple possibilities. It can\012be issue with battery or weak battery. But if battery checks out ok, then it\012can be starter issue or faulty alternator or problem with low fuel pressu ... Cars & Trucks

Engine won't start. I used quick start fluid into the intake. It fires up as long as I'm spraying the quick start, but stops when I stop spraying. The engine was running fine, and although the car is a bit of a sitter, I start it up at least every 2 weeks and let it run for at least 20 minutes each time. This is the 3.8 V6 engine


2001 Alero 3.4L, won't start. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I figured I would start a new post since the original one is getting too cluttered to follow. I replaced the UIM and LIM gaskets the weekend before Christmas. Car seemed to be running fine, thought the coolant temp sending unit wasn't working. Wife took it in to service center to have the coolant system flushed since Dex-cool likes to turn to paste. Care seemed to run fine aside from idling a little high and shifting into gear ver

Wow..that was a lengthy post, however, it contained useful information. I believe you are looking in the wrong place. You gave a couple of clues that lead me to believe you have suffered a heat related failure. #1 temp sending unit was not working ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

Engine hunting 1.8 rover 25 techtronic gearbox, automatic. the engine has started to "hunt" when cold, and has blown fuse often when starting cold. runs fine when warm, but warning light for "powerdrive" lights when fuse blows ! could this be a simple problem ( low transmission oil) or some underlying serious fault ? it's a 2001 car, 120,000 miles, last full service unknown but has run fine for 5 years

What a lovely car -if it was a manual ,i have a diesel manual one and its a flier ,as for this iam not sure so try reading the codes but if this is a gearbox related fault car then its the scrapyard as this car has no value in the UK but if stuck fo ... Cars & Trucks
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