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I have a 1995 subaru legacy sedan automatic non turbo with a EJ25 motor. it will start when cold drives for about 5 minutes when you turn it off and leave it for around 30 minutes it wont start theres fuel but no spark (power is going to coil tested with a light) leave it for a while (any thing from a few hours to over night) then it starts again.sometimes you can go most the day with no problems.when the car is running it does not miss a beat.

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\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. Please clean\015\012the throttle plates, idle air control valve, fuel filter and dump some\015\012injector cleaner into the gas tank. Also check there is no vacuum leaks. Try a\015\012can of Sea foam through the fuel system to clean the system and to enhance the\015\012mileage.
\015\012\015\012Please do accept the solution if the issue is resolved or\015\012else revert for further assistance.
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I have a 1995 subaru legacy sedan automatic non turbo with a EJ25 motor. it will start when cold drives for about 5 minutes when you turn it off and leave it for around 30 minutes it wont start theres fuel but no spark (power is going to coil tested with a light) leave it for a while (any thing from a few hours to over night) then it starts again.sometimes you can go most the day with no problems.when the car is running it does not miss a beat.

Hi\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. Please clean\015\012the throttle plates, idle air control valve, fuel filter and dump some\015\012injector cleaner into the gas tank. Also check there is no v ... 1995 Subaru Legacy

My 2003 toyota corrolla wont start. turn the key, no clicking, just nothing. lights seem strong, heater fan blows, radio works so dont think its battery issue. can tell you after 20 min drive last night car sat for about 45 minutes and wouldnt start. went back up today after sat all night and started right up. drove it home 20 minute drive, turned it off tried to restart, nothing. let it cool an hour with hood open, it started again.but tried to start alittle while ago with engine cool and it wo

May have a bad starter colenoid, easier to replace the whole starter. sometimes the starter colenoid goes 1st when really hot & then it cools & restart no problem. next time it won't start, try boosting it.if you can, tap on starter when turn ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

My 91 corsica 4cyl 2.2 has started stalling at traffic lights. Restarts but stalls at next light. After a few restarts it won't start until I leave it for about 10 minutes. When running in park, engine surges and dies back a few times and then runs smooth. Now it sometimes won't start if I shut it off while it's warm. Turns over fast enough but won't fire and I smell gas. I have to wait 20 minutes to an hour before it will start. Taken it to a garage 3 times but they can't find the problem becau


P1687 code twice within a day the check engine light came on and the speedometer and tachometer quit working, went to zero. After sitting for an hour and a half after last drive that the issue occurred, the car started fine for a two minute ride, then would start and immediately shut off after being off for 5 min. the car has sat for four hours and will not even turn over. If I leave the key turned to the on position the check engine light comes on and finally spits out codes P1684 and p1687, an

Code 1684 is not on the list for Chrysler cars, code 1687 is for the battery voltage dropping below 10 volts. This can occur if the voltage actually does drop below 10 or if the battery is disconnected from the computer.It could be a wiring prob ... Chrysler Cars & Trucks

I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE and it has not been running for some time now. A few weeks ago it wouldn't start and just locked the key. We thought it was a battery problem but that was not the case. We had to leave it for a few hours then when we came back late at night it started again. We figured it was the starter so we had it changed and the old one was rusted and falling apart. I went to leave and the battery light came on so they checked around a little more. Anytime after that for awh

Its probably the anti theft making it so the starter doesnt start when it should. Check out this link\015\012\015\012http://vatspasslockpasskeys ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

My 1997 buick lesabre runs fine for about 10 minutes then dies while im driving, i can wait a few minutes and it usually starts back up unless its being stubborn then i might have to leave it for a few hours. the engine turns over but it wont start so i dont know if its the VATS but the little waiting time seems like it might be the VATS, also my security light stays on when the car is running.

It's when the security light starts flashing that the infamous "chip" in the key becomes a nightmare to many. Gradually the car begins not cranking anymore or if it cranks it would start and die in a second. Randomly it will do this more and more oft ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

Not Starting I have a 1998 Aston Martin DB7 Volante, with 35,000 miles on it. Sometimes this car will not turn-over, all the lights are on, power windows, radio, horn etc.. functioning, but no kick from the starter. This happens most often, after the car has been out for a run and is hot. If I leave it sit for an hour, and return to it, it usually starts-up again without difficulty. Yesterday, I was driving for 1 hour, with top down, stopped for 10 minutes, and the car would not turn-over aga

Check to voltage output of the alternator, if ok check the starter solenoid for dirty connections ... Aston Martin DB7

My 1998 cavalier 2.2 standard, starts, runs for a couple seconds then the fuel shuts off. we have NO anti-theft lights lit on dash, and none of the tricks for resetting antitheft work (ie: leaving key on 'on' for 10 minutes or doing the 3 cycles of ten minutes with key in 'on' position, etc). car won't start again until it is ready to - sometimes half an hour, sometimes days or a week. please help! dealer has replaced pcm, ignition cylinder and instrument cluster and nothing has made any differe

You kidding 1300 euros ?? right try this under the bonnet their is a emergency fuel cut off switch ,its about an inch squre with a red rubber top ,push it down or by/pass it as a temp measure ,if that doesnt work then remove the sender unit and check ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

Similar issue I had my friend ''jump start'' my car after the ignition failed to turn on whatsoever. I didn't even hear so much of a click. After a few minutes, we heard a click as we tried to start up the car, but it would not. It seems like the gas gauge is still receiving power (it should be shut off when the car is), and the clock is still on. Power windows, locks, lights, and overhead lights will not turn on either. I did not leave anything on in the 6 hours I had it parked, so I don't know

You may have issues with wirings. check the ground if there are anything loose. Check your battery using a voltmeter. The battery may need replacing. ... Saturn SL2

I have a 50cc Direct Bikes scooter and I leave it outside work for 6/7 hours each day. When I start it up, there is no acceleration for a least 10 minutes. It coughs and splutters once started and will not exceed 5mph. Then suddenly after 10 minutes or so it accelerates away as if nothing was wrong. I am concerned that this problem will get worse and I won't get home one night. This seems to happen when it is really cold outside ( I'm in Scotland). Is there anything I can do to stop this happeni

... Cars & Trucks

2006 chevy colorado turns over but wont start. It has done this twice yesterday. I stopped at a gas station and it wouldn't start and last night I drove somewhere, turned it off, went to leave samething. It would turn over but not start. If you wait a few minutes try it again it will start. Can you help? Thanks Comments: Oct 25, 2009 - The light is not on and the truck cranks up. I dont know what to do next. See less

It really sounds like a bad crankshaft sensor.The crankshaft sensors are expososed to oil,and some heat,witch sometimes,does them in.It would be good if you could get someone like autozone to put it on there scanner,and see if it confirms the problem ... 2006 Chevrolet Colorado

1997 Mazda 626 (2.0 liter): The check engine or malfunction light came on and will not go off. Since this light came on, the heater/defrost will not blow warm air. Temp guage shows hot after car has been running for a few minutes. Engine acts like it wants to die when in drive and brake is applied at complete stop. Last night the car started fine as normal. After driving it approx. 3 miles, the car died while driving it (I coasted to my destination). Car would not restart immediately. 2 hours la

Sounds like the head or head gasket is blown. your cylinders may be getting coolant in them which will not only cause the motor to lockup, but also cause bent rods and valves. check your oil dipstick and transmission dipstick to see if it looks lik ... 1997 Mazda 626

1995 Chevy Lumina has a hard time starting up in hot and cold weather after vehicle sits over night, or for more than 3 to 4 hours, it take three to four turns of the key in the ignition before car starts, then engine revs between 1 and 4 on the rpm, does this for about five minutes, sometimes collapsing below one and engine shuts off, was told car needed a tune up bad, got a full tune up, but problem still exist, car is also leaking oil, low oil light on, and spot beneath car is the proof, plea

You may need a mechanic for this.The strong gas smell and the hard starting could be connected.You could have a leaking injector, or faulty pressure regulator. And you could have a fuel leak in the line.A mechanic would do a visual inspe ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

Alright, so i was out driving the other night and for some reason my accelerator got stuck. i tried pulling back on it and it wasn't doing anything but reving. i had to push on the brakes due to a stop light. when i stopped my truck would just sit there with my tires spinning. i had to turn the truck off and call a friend to help me push it into a parking lot to leave there over night. The next day i go there to start the truck and some reason it was still trying to rev itself. after a few hours

Cables will run $20.00 to $30.00 . They are not hard to replace and there isn't any adjustments when you replace them. there is usually a couple of bolts by the pedal in the firewall to remove and it clips into the throttle bracket. If you want to ha ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Flashing headlights my 1999 ford crown vitoria headlights after about a half an hour of night driving begin to flash on and off. I have played with the swith and the turned and beat on the dash with no effect. And then they will start working again. Then another ten minutes down the road and it starts again. The running lights and turn signals are not affected. I have looked for a ground short with no success. I can hear what appears to be a clicking relay when this occures coming from beh

It sounds like the LCM (Lighting Control Module) which is a black box located directly above the gas pedal has a burnt relay inside of it. You can either have the box replaced which is costly or take the box to an electronic repair shop and have them ... 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

I have a 2001 Ford Escape and recently it has been blowing both the break light and hazard/flashers fuses. It started with the break light fuse leaving me stranded in a drive through for an hour because I could not get the car out of park (I've since learned about the manual override for the interlock solenoid). We figured out the problem and put in a new fuse that blew immediately, and then we put in another and it got me home. It worked for a few days, but then on my way home one night I notic

There is a shorted wire in somewhere in the circuit. The problem is where. You can use an ohmmeter and trace all your wiring or use a voltmeter and find a light socket that doesn't measure up to the rest or has inconsistent voltage readings. Make sur ... 2001 Ford Escape

I have a 2006 Nissan Xterra that is a standard transmission. Recently, a screw fell out of the clutch (common problem apparently with this model). Last night, I was leaving the grocery store and was making a turn in an intersection when my car started shaking and the service engine soon light was flickering. It is almost as if my car was losing power. It had 1/2 of a tank of gas. I had it sit with the flashers on for a few minutes. Then, my brother-in-law started it up and the car ran perf

Thats one hell of a common problem for parts to be coming out of the clutch, if the problems did not start before the clutch lost a screw or bolt i would have to say that the missing clutch is most of your problem. if the clutch slips you will have a ... Nissan Xterra

I have a BMW 528i 1997. Last night, the battery light came on, followed by the traction control light, then the ABS, and finally the brake light. It went on for a few minutes then the dashboard started flicking/blinking then everything went out. The car ran for a little while with all the lights off. I parked it and tried to start it. It started a couple of time and would do the same thing after a few minutes. The car finally wont even start. Does anyone know what the problem could be? you can e

I had a BMW 540i 2000 and that happen to me, my advice is to get the battery out of the car and recharge it. It would be advisable to have it check for malfunctioning. If it is ok, put it back on and the car will start. If not good, put a new battery ... 1997 BMW 5 Series

I have a 1994 buick park avenue, one day the car just wouldnt start and the security light came on. After three minutes the security light would go off and the car would start up. After few days, it would have the same problem but it would take anywhere from three minutes to an hour to get it started. We tried jumping it and that worked too. Now we have replaced the wire harness in the steering column, but the car will not start at all, and the security light flashes. Can anyone help? Itsbeen

I believe your car has a passkey security system,a chip in the key is actually a resistor which sends a signal to a module allowing the car to start.There are two very small wires running from the ignition (perhaps purple and white) which relay this ... Cars & Trucks

Jeep Liberty 2003 3.7 starts good. After 10 minutes the engine stalls, stops. Com P0320 code? Changed everything. Jeep p0320 code is Crankshaft to ECU fault, the sensor in new Mopar case, buy in dealer. The trouble is the same. Cold start OK after 10-15 minutes engine stalls, check light comes on, tachometer after motor stops go to 4,000 and 1,000 rpm, gas odor, no start after 2 or 3 hours. The light is on, code p0320 and start normal about 10, 15 minutes and another stall, stop, tach fluct

... Jeep Liberty

Audi starting A4 Audi. Hit a curb, had a flat. Went to work. Hours later: Drove on flat 200 feet. Inflated with "fix of flat". Start car with lights on low beam. Drove 100 feet. Lights does not go to high beams as needed !! Stopped, turned car off. Turned lights off then attemps to start car. Hours later... After 3 separate 20 minute charges later and a push to autozone. No start, Help needed.

You may of dislodge a main fuse, check them for security and integrity ... 1996 Audi A4

2003 Hyundai ELantra shifts hard sometimes after proceeding thru a stop sign or a red light. My mechanic says my car is fine drived for 20 minutes the noise don't occur. Later in the night the noise is there. He says I should leave the car overnight so they can drive it once an hour during the day. He mentioned a fuel pump recall for cars bought on the west coast. Does anyone know what this problem can be. Is the mechanic giving me the runaround Please advise.

Is the shifting due to the transmision? or the engine? i had a friend who's car did something simular, diffrent car though and a older model. turns out, it indeed was the fuel pump, when they thought it was the tranny. try some Lucas for the transmis ... Hyundai Motor 2003 Elantra

2006 ford mustang wont start after driving the car for a few hours cut car off and parked for about a hour or so when returned to get back in car to leave the car would not start the lights inside the car will come on but whe you turn the headlights on nothing will work. the dashboard wont light up and car makes a clicking noise when key is turned in the on position. the lights also flicker but car is not starting.

Sounds like an electrical mess up. Im not too familiar with ford and newer vehicles. It could be the starter getting jambed. The make a grinding/clicking noise..Something like a selenoid? Just ideas.. ... 2006 Ford Mustang

1989 - GMC Sierra 3500 4x4 has 2 issues: 1) dash brake light flashes with engine on, but repair shop says all brakes are functioning properly and pads and rotors are OK & safe to drive, but they don't know why the dash brake light flashes. 2) Truck starts fine and runs fine. After driving for more than an hour and cutting off engine, engine will not start until it sits for about 10-15 minutes. Lights come on in dash, but no clicking, no sound, does not start. Also, notice after about an hour of

Put a remote starter cycloid on the firewall that's hooked to the one on the starter to get rid of the having for it to cool in order start it. At least that solved my problem. As for the brake light flashing..well mine does too but everything work ... 1989 GMC Sierra

Hi, This morning I tried to start my 2001 Lexus es300-nothing, no cranking. A few of the dash lights flashed on briefly. I left the car alone for a couple of hours, went out and tried to figure it out. The lights were brighter and when I put the car into neutral, all of the dash lights came on. I put the car back into park and it started immediately. I let the car run for 45 minutes, turned it off and it instantly restarted. I did this several times. About 3 hours later, I tried to start the car

Ok this should work, I think that you disconnected the battery terminals when you clean the corrosion correct? If you did then TOYOTA/LEXUS will tend to blow the BATTERY MAIN FUSE. Its located in main fuse box in the hood It ... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada
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