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My 1995 volkswagen passat won't start, it has no power in the car at all. The dash board has no power and theonly light on is a little red one next to the drivr side lock. I just had this problem occur last week and the mechanic I towed the car to got the car to start and replaced the spark plugs. Any suggestions on how to get the car started?

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Answers :

Are the battery cables corroded? has the battery been tested? that is where you start with this problem.
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My 1995 volkswagen passat won't start, it has no power in the car at all. The dash board has no power and theonly light on is a little red one next to the drivr side lock. I just had this problem occur last week and the mechanic I towed the car to got the car to start and replaced the spark plugs. Any suggestions on how to get the car started?

Are the battery cables corroded? has the battery been tested? that is where you start with this problem. ... 1995 Volkswagen Passat

I have a lincoln town car 2001. The car only has 68,ooo miles. I drove through some water last week on my way home during the tropical storm(Isaac). The car then started making a loud noise. I had it towed to a local mechanic 6 days ago. He finally got back with me today and said I have 2 options. Either replace the heads or he could put in a motor that has 170,000 miles. Does this sound right to you? The car has been kept in mint condition...

If had driven threw a large amount of water and hydro locked the engine yes you could have damaged the heads but also the connecting rods could be bent having such low miles on the car i would not but a engine with so many miles on it if you have fu ... 2001 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 2002 Jetta automatic. I've had the car less than a year and shortly after I got it, the engine light came on. A mechanic told me my catalitic converter needs replacement. My car hasn't given me any trouble (despite the light) until recently. For the last 2 weeks my EPC light has been coming on in traffic. This morning my car started then died. I got it started and through out my commute to work (15 minute drive on the freeway) it kept reving up. Once I got to work, it continued r

First things first...more than 75% of all converters that are replaced are still good! so lets skip that for now2nd...I do not have an EPC light in my database, did you mean the check engine light or the coolant light3rd and m ... Volkswagen Jetta

Hi. I own a 2003 Saab 9-3 with 32k miles. Last week after driving 20 miles and then getting stuck in a traffic jam for 20 min, my car shut down completely. Wouldnt turn over or anything. It was 20 degrees weather and I had just replaced the battery in November. I had to call for a tow truck. Once I got to the repair facility the car miraculously started. I tried starting it 6-7 times before the tow truck came. Anyway, it sat overnight at a repair shop. The next morning the guy called me an

... Saab 9 3

Last week i got stuck in a snowbank in my 1997 chrysler concorde and when i got it unstuck the car would not start anymore. before going into the snowbank the car was running with no problems. it has been in the shop now for a few days and they replaced the computer and the mechanic says there is no ignition pulse. i do not know where to go from here to get it fixed and the mechanic does either. can anyone can help please answer my question? thank you very very much!

Have him check the crankshaft position sensor. ... Chrysler Concorde

Daughter's 1999 Jetta; smelled burnt rubber when leaving work last week. Car ran fine. Yesterday, started squealing (sounded like belt slipping) when started. Later in day, she turned car off and sat with ac on-battery went dead, also car ran out of gas at same time. Car jumped, gas added-went to drive and has no power steering. Before I call tow truck, could it (hopefully) be lack of transmission fluid?

It sounds like the alternator belt or the alternator is going bad. The squealing sound was probably the alternator belt. the alternator belt might need to get tightened or replaced or you may need a new alternator. The alternator keeps the battery ch ... 1999 Volkswagen Jetta

Hi, me and my girl friend was on the way home one day sitting at a stop light as we pulled off the car suddenly start loosing power. We was lucky enough to drift to a local kfc parking lot and tried starting the car but it wouldn't stay running. Finally we got the car towed from the kfc parking lot to our house. Had a few different mechanics look at it. Some say its the battery , some say its the alternator, well we took the battery to advance auto parts to let them charge the battery , but the

When you see the starter,it looks like two round things,one big and small one ontop.tap tree times whit small hamer on the small,round thing and see if it starts.if it does change starter.coils are worn out ... Cars & Trucks

1998 Windstar 3.0 starting problem. About a month ago the engine would spit and turn but just wouldn't kickin. A mechanic gave me this much info as I cranked the car 1)Fuel was coming2) there was a spark .but week He suggested it might be camshaft sensor. Got the car towed to my trusted car people and of course it sarted right up. We put on new camshaft sensor, ran great for a week, happened again. We now have a new fuel and air filter,heavy duty injector cleaner top shelf gas and when it runs i

Not likely the coil,is engine check light on?has come on at all? if not light at all suggest you wait till check engine light comes on,then take to an autozone,or advance auto parts. they will code read it for free! just the check engine light HAS to ... 1998 Ford Windstar

Two months ago I went through the car wash and my ebrake and battery lights started flashing intermittently heater blower losses strength when I accelerate and the headlights dim. Started idling crappy at a light a week and a half ago and completely died. Got it jumped drove a few miles parked and shut it off and couldn't get it restarted but it had power. Towed it to a shop they said my security system was engaged and they couldn't do anything. Towed it to the dealer they said it was my engine

It sounds like you have a bad ground. follow all your ground wires. should be one to the engine, body, and maybe frame. disconnect them and clean the surfaces with sand paper and reconnect ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2004 Vw Lt 35 van that has recently broke the timing belt & has been rebuilt, but after about 400 miles it got very smokey when you start it but would stop when the engine warmed up & would last only for a few days & stoped for a few weeks & would start again,it also lost fuel economy after the first full fill by about 100 miles to the tank.Now it has got very smokey again & it burned about 2.5 litres of oil in 6 days.The power seems to be alright but my mechanic thinks its the turbo

... Cars & Trucks

Radio Dead I've got an 1997 LS-400 - best car I ever had. The radio has always worked fine - but for some of the display graphics dying out. Last week I had the timing belt replaced. I get the car back - it runs fine, but as I'm driving down the road, I see the radio is blank. I hit the power button - nothing. I brought it back to mechanic - he says it has nothing to do with him. He says "radio must have died". He checked the fuse under the hood and in fuse panel inside car - which were good. He

When it comes to independent auto shops, its tough to get them to take responsibility if they did something wrong, thats why most people with a car as nice as your wouldnt trust it to just any shop. Theres nothing in a timing belt job that would caus ... 1997 Lexus LS 400

I have a 2003 Chevy impala and last week driving to the store I heard a loud pop didn't think much of it I went into a drive thur and my car started to smoke so I pulled over and looked under the hood everything seemed to be normal had my uncle come look at it tried to start it and it was like my steering wheel had lock on me come to find out my belt broke ok fixed that two days later got a tune up and 2 days later which is today my belt is broke again and my power steering is out what could be

The reason the belt broke was not found yet. Most likely you have a belt tensioner issue or a frozen pulley. ... 1996 Nissan Pickup

I purchased a cv shaft and had someone install it. Tranny was slipping for a little while afterwards, but still running. Last week, the car got very overheated. Had it towed into a shop. Mechanic said that the radiator blew and took out the motor. He said that the cause of all the damage was because the cv shaft was too small and caused the leak? Is it possible that a cv shaft could be too small and still fit the car and would it have caused all that damage?

Yes and yes. ... Cars & Trucks

I am having the same issue with my anti-theft device in my 2003 Alero. Last year it stopped running and would not turn-over. $400 later, Brakemax said they just had to reset the anti-theft device. oK, so then it has run fine until last week when it left me at the mall, again, not starting. Towed it to mechanic..same damn thing but this time he went ahead and ripped it out completely and it ran perfect...until today. Now I do not have the anti-theft device in the car but doing the same thing

The shop that told you they ripped it out only ripped you off unless they removed some aftermarket alarm system i,m a gm mechanic and if you remove the factory anti-theft on a 2003 olds alero it will not run ever again until re-installed make sure yo ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

Got a focus 1.8 deisel zetec 2006, had an engine systems fault light on for past few days, lack of power at speeds up to about 50 mph then seems to clear and call pulls away and light goes off, maybe fuel blockage? Any way, waiting for my mechanic to look at that over weekend. But, car has on 3 occasions over last 2 days, not started for about 10 minutes. I turn the key and there is nothing, completely dead, doesnt even turn over. If I wait a few munites and try again it just starts as normal, b

If no lights on dash then the battery terminals are corroded high resistance, if you have light in the dash and still the eng doesnot turn then I would suspect the starter selonide. As for the system light you migh have to get it scanned look into Hi ... 2006 Ford Focus

I have a 1988 Ford Bronco II 2.9 V6. It has a problem that I or my mechanic can not solve. Ex: Last week I drove to a local bookstore about two miles from my house. On the return trip (about 1/2 mile from home)my car died (this is infuriating because it has happened to me several times before). It will absolutely NOT start until it sits for 10 or 12 minutes. After I got it restarted it made it almost to the house before it died again. I coasted into the drive and called my mechanic. He came over

Fuel pump connections in top of sending unit in the gas tank. See my other posts on this subject and how I fixed mine for good. You will find yours have overheated and arched, a dangerous mix in the tank and just above the gas. ... 1988 Ford Bronco II

Bought a 99 Sable a few months ago, it was running fine. Several times this week I got in to start it and when I turn the key all power goes out - no lights etc. There is a ticking under the dash that stops when you depress the brake. I waited a while and suddenly the lisghts came back on. THe clock needed to be reset but otherwise the car ran fine again. This last time it when off and came back - but this time when I turn the key the power just goes out again. There is no alarm system that I kl

Have you checked and cleaned the battery posts and all connections (including the ground connection)? Another possibility is the accessory feed relay. ... 1999 Mercury Sable

I drove my Nissan pathfinder and it drove define. I got out of the car and then a second later I got back in to start the car and it would not start. I tried starting for a could of days and even tried to jump start it but it still would not start. Three days later I had it towed to a mechanic and he started it right away. I am perplexed and so is the mechanic. Nowe we don't know whaty this happened.

Probably a loose or corroded wire. Tell the mechanic to check the main wiring harness. Simply disconnecting and reconnnecting all the plugs might fix it. ... 1996 Nissan Pathfinder

I have an on going intermittent starting problem . sometimes car starts great and runs great . but sometimes engine just cranks and does not start. it may start in an hour or a day later , but sometimes it feels llike it's not going to start at all. just cranks engine? I had towed the car to my mechanic , but when I left it with him , the car started fine 3 days in a row . Mechanic told me that if it starts , he can not find the problem. The car was ok for about 3 weeks and now it won't start ag

I had a problem like yours on my 96 towncar and after literally months of replacing the wrong parts.I bought a crank shaft sensor and crawled under the car to try and install it. Looking at how oily it appeared I unplugged the wires from it an ... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada. I just had the battery replaced about two weeks ago. A couple days after that I got in my car but it would not turn over, no power, and I couldn't get my keys out of the ignition. turned out that when the guy replaced the battery he did not tighten the cables. After re-tightening them the car started fine. But then a week went by, I got in my car again and the same problem...car won't turn over, no power, and I can't get my keys out of the ignition. The battery

... 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

Car lost all power when using emergency brake - stopped using it and everything was OK - a week later went to start car and when turning key was totally dead - friend went to give me boost and when he lifted the hood power came back and car started with no problem - new battery last March - new alternator last year - am having to set clock, etc.

Welcome to FIxYa.com\012\012 Check for a drain remove the positive side battery connect a test light clamp end to the battery wire and the pointed end to battery post light will be on. Pull one fuse at a time. When test light :light goes ... 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

1994 plymouth acclaim. I dropped off my son last week, got out of car and when I got back in I could not get it started. Starter relay was buzzing, i bypassed relay with remote starter button and starter only emitted a high pitched soft whine but did not turn over. Replaced starter and replaced battery and removed remote switch and tried to start car. The relay is still buzzing and car not starting. Don't understand why car wouldn't start with bypassed starter switch.

Welcome to Fixya\015\012\015\012Starter relay switch control the starting solenoid. The starter relay provides power to the starter when the key switch is turned to "Start." The starter relay acts like an electrical switch routing battery ... 1994 Plymouth Acclaim

I was driving when my oil light started blinking off/on and my car started to lose power. i pulled over and when i took a look under the hood i noticed that the oil i just changed the week b4 was draining out. i got under the car and notice the drain plug was gone then after a few minutes my battery drained. i checked all spark plugs and cylinders (no oil or water), replaced the drain plug, put new oil and charged the battery. now my car wont start (engine doesnt turn over) but the car has power

Chec ur batt connections-make sure terminals r clean n tite ... 1995 Toyota Avalon

I went out to start my car this morning and it would not start. I understand that it takes a bit longer to start in cold temperatures (which it was this morning). I have had a problem starting the car for about 3 weeks now off and on. Today was the only day that I got a low oil pressure message on the display. The battery was replaced about a week ago. I do know that I am due for an oil change soon. When I was driving the car last night, it had a pulsing sensation in the gas peddle while o

It may be but not for sure. Your oil pump may have gone bad. I would check the engine and see if you have a leak somewhere around the belt. Has your check engine light came on any? If so, you need to get it scanned for codes. Autozone and other part ... 2006 Ford Taurus

I have a 1992 eagle summit wagon dl that won't start. I've had the fuel pump changed and a new distributor put in and today a new battery. It started after the battery was put in and when I got home I shut it off and tried to start it again and it wouldn't start. Last week I tried to start it nothing....then a 1/2 later it started so I drove it back to mechanic. He's had it for a week and its starting everytime. But he did say the battery was weak so I got that today and now won't start ag

... 1992 Eagle Summit
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