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2001 Acura 3.2 TL..I just got gas at Exxon while on the hwy the car just started shaking the check engine light started blinking I thought it was going to shut off. It feels like its coming from the engine. When I got to work I put it in park and press the gas petal its accelarating very rough and even stayed at 3 RPM when I let up.

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Answers :

Sounds like your EGR Valve is plugged up or stuck open with a carbon build-up. Try taking it off and check to see if the above is true...if so, unplug and cleanup as good as you can. Re-install and hopefully you'll be good to go!
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2001 Acura 3.2 TL..I just got gas at Exxon while on the hwy the car just started shaking the check engine light started blinking I thought it was going to shut off. It feels like its coming from the engine. When I got to work I put it in park and press the gas petal its accelarating very rough and even stayed at 3 RPM when I let up.

Sounds like your EGR Valve is plugged up or stuck open with a carbon build-up. Try taking it off and check to see if the above is true...if so, unplug and cleanup as good as you can. Re-install and hopefully you'll be good to go! ... 1996 Acura TL Series

93 Dodge Spirit hit curb Hit curb on back driver side tire. Nothing wrong with tire but right after I hit the curb, my car started to shake and slow down. It turned off completely when at a stop. Oil light came on. Pressed gas and turned key, it got me home...smoke coming from engine. Oil spilling out..no hole or anything. Engine shakes..I still have a good amount of oil and transmission fluid. When I put it in drive, it shakes and rattles and turns off. I have no money for a mechanic..please h

The smoke came from the spilled oil leaking onto a hot surface ( manifold) No problem there. The oil light coming on was probably from the oil surging away from the oil pickup in the sump momentarily allowed the oil pump to suck air hence a drop in o ... Cars & Trucks

2002 Chevy Tahoe ran out of gas got gas filled it up,started right up drove about 4 miles or less and died out again? Notice check engine light was on?and low engine oil flashed on the dash?So I put a quart of oil and it ran fine,but check engine light still remained.Drove car later that evening and died out again?Low oil pressure flashed on the dash? Started up ,but when I press on the gas the oil pressure gauge needle would advance,is that normal?Did test and PO305 code came out,what the this

You need to do the fallowing :- make sure that you donr have a n oild leak some where look under the car - u have a missfire in cylinder number 5 ( it colde be the spark plug or the coil ) if you wana go cheep , start by buying 1 spark pl ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 93 lexus es300 my mechanic put the scanner but no codes came out the problem is that in the mornings when the engine is cold the car wont start i have to press the gas pedal to start so it wont turn off and also when i'm at a stoplight the engine starts to shake and when i press the pedal it runs slow and white smoke comes out the mufler and smells a lot like gasoline and is also waisting a lot of gasoline i already change the catalyc converter also clean the egr i changed the spark pl

If it were my car , I would first be sure that there are no vacuum leaks anywhere on the engine . Also I would check to be sure that all of my vacuum hoses our OK . No cracks , collapsed hoses , or sharp bends in any of the hoses that might inhibi ... 1993 Lexus Es 300

Want idle i have an 1988 trooper want idle unless you hold it at 2000 rpms,put it in gear press gas to floor act like its barely getting gas,no check engine lite comes on,but will start every time.oil pressure holds at 45lbs new engine.it just want idle put a load on it, like putting it in gear acts like no power at all blows black smoke but not a lot,put it back in park hold it at 2000 rps it will run.what could be the problem.thanks

... 2000 Isuzu VehiCROSS

Gas in tank/line - nissan maxima 98. still wont start. There are two lines. One with an arrow pointing to the engine the other I suppose is the return. I seem to only get anything from the line to te filter (assuming water blocking at filter). Should I keep bleeding the line to the filter?? I got abut 16 oz (1/2 water) and I put it back together and and still wouldn't start. should I keep bleeding the line to the engine or will something eventually come out of the return (wouldn't after priming

So you got water out of the fuel line? The fuel tank has water in it, you need to get that out, all of it. You cant "bleed the line" The return will be leaking fuel after the regulator reaches 30-40 psi. So maybe the pump isnt able to pressurize the ... 1998 Nissan Maxima

Almost always have to crank twice to get to start. has erratic idle at times. runs strong just passed emissions, no check engine light ever comes on. driving on a hot day down the freeway the engine temp went to about 230, normaly about 220 with ac on. got off freeway and was ok for a couple miles. then started to die while driving, every time i came to a stop it would just die/no missfiring just die unless i put it in neutral and gave it gas to keep it running, if i didn't it would die but star

You may have a dirty radiator. If it tends to overheat at high speed then it is caused by dirty radiator. The stalling part does not have anything to do with the overheating. You may have a burnt valve, but before anything else. Check for air leaks. ... 1989 Pontiac Firebird

1994 Pontiac Grand Am Its sat about 2 months now. I went out to start it. It was dead. So I jumped it. Well I got it started and the check engine light and abs light was on. Well I put my foot underneath brake petal and raised it up. The light went off. It won't stay ideled so I was givin it a lil gas. Well I put it in reverse and backed up 10 ft. As soon as I pushed in the brake pedal it died. This has happened 4 times now, right in row. As soon as push the brake pedal it dies. The brake resevo

If the battery is bad and not holding a charge, every time you push on the brake's. The break lights come on and puts a load on the electrical system and if the voltage drops below 10.5 volts, the ECM will shut down fuel injector and ignition system. ... Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 2006 Pontiac Torrent and when I start the car and press the gas pedal the car will not or will barely move, and slowly it will start to move and then it will pick up in speed like I am driving regularly. Sometimes it will not move at all in drive, so if I put it in L2 it will start to move. There are two lights that come on that look like engines and one has an arrow that points down in it

Unfortunately it has to go to the dealer you should have a 5 year 100k mi. warranty it is indicating you are having a major mechanical or electrical failure ... 2008 Pontiac Torrent

My 02 sonata 4 cyl started randomly reving at the light as if the engine wanted to come out when I accelerate it barely moves and when I put it in park it does have a smooth idel (it sounds like a gas golf cart if u know what I mean) the engine light came on at its a P0350 I noticed u had expertise on this. When I got it read it said coil or other electical issue, would a bad coil make the car loose engine power? thanks for your help.

It sounds like you lost a cylinder. This means that one cylinder has probably failed by either bad/worn spark plug, bad coil(which on these uses 2 and 2 wires going to plugs), or something mechanical inside the engine. These are good little cars. You ... Hyundai Sonata

2002 Hyundai Sonata, 140K, 4cyl, DOHC, started having no pickup when easing on the gas. If I punched the gas petal, rpms went up and car moved. Same on Highway. Could get up to high speed by punching down on petal, but seemd like no gas when easing normally on petal. Replaced the air filter, no help; Put in some injector cleaner and got on the highway to rev motor hoping to clean out system. Same problem. Got off highway and car died, Will not start now. Turns over but will not start. Could this

... Hyundai Motor 2002 Sonata

I have a 525i / 1995 and during the day i can't use my car because the engine turns off every minute. it's like if you stop the pass of gas or air to the engine, starts to trembling, and all de power and force of the engine comes all down and the tachometer shows de decrecent power of the engine.(goes down around 400RPM and if a press the gas pedal the car shuts down) it doesn' matter if i press the gas pedal to maximum..the engine won't answer. i have to wait a couple of minutes to start the en

I really would like to help u out, but problem would be tuning it up!\012\012U car looks like overheating on day driving, the fuel filter might have been blocked already(as u said when u step on the gas), spark plugs must be check also, ... 1995 BMW 5 Series

I recently bought a 1999 Grand Marquis the lady started using Ethanol free gas in it since she bought it. I starting using the 89 gas and the check engine light comes on and when I put some of the Eth. free gas in it and when it reaches the engine the light goes out. What do I need to do to the car to help me to start using the 89 gas without the light coming on?

... 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis

2003 KIA Sedona Last week the AC gave out - there was a hissing sound coming from the middle of the chasis on the passenger side. Yesterday after putting half a tank of gas in the car, I drove for about 10 mile before the car start running poorly, after which the check engine light came on and the car stalled. I was able to get it started and in gear to drive the final mile home, but it stalled again once I got in the driveway. Any ideas what going on. 80K mile on the car.

... 2003 Kia Sedona

Dog got under hood. Pulled coil wires loose. Put coil wires back on. Replaced fuses. Fuel pump comes on. Engine turns but will not start. Put gas in carborator, no luck. Also replaced plugs. Need Help.

If the dog tore and bit thru the wires you will not get any spark to you plugs this would cause a no start. ... 1999 GMC Suburban

My 89 Camaro has sat through the winter, and now after getting it started and "freshend" up, I am having major problems driving it. It idles and goes into gear fine, and the RPMs raise normally when I rev the engine. But when i put it in gear and press the accelorator, the RPMs don't hardly raise, or not even at all. When trying to drive on an incline, the car comes to almost a complete stalled stop with the gas pedal pressed to the floor. Again if I let off and just let it idle, or get the RPMs

If you car has been sitting for that long of a period it may have water in the gas. Water is heavier then gas and will block your fuel filter which will cause you to loss power because of lack of fuel, as the water runs down/off the filter it always ... 1989 Chevrolet Camaro

When I start my car sometimes it idols low and cuts off I have to rev up the engine just to keep it on and put the car into gear. On the way home I only had to press the gas pedal twice because it would accelerate by itself and when I got stopped the rpms were between 3 and 4 and the engine sounded louder than usual and was making a winding noise. what could be wrong and how can I fix it?

Sounds like either a fuel filter issue or a problem with a MAF (mass air flow) sensor. ... 2000 Lexus ES 300

It has been running rough i have the fan run to a toogle switch. the check engine light started coming on and last night i ran out of gas so i thought got gas and it wont crank man put it on a machine and it said codes 12 and 13

Code 12 is ecm functioning properly this is normal and tells you it is ok and it can read problem codes. 13 is 02 sensor open curcuit, ... Buick LeSabre

Cranking the car I have to press the gas for it to start. In addition, once it is cranked I have to keep the gas pedal pressed sightly to keep the engine running. To be able to drive it I have to use both feet, one for gas and one for brake. Once I am going down the road and make a stop (red light or stop sign), it gets suggish but does not die. Only when I put the car back in park and kill the engine and try to crank the engine, will it start the dying when cranked.

1. first change the air and fuel filter even if they appear or seem good. This will immediatly eliminate these.\015\012\015\0122. check and replace if necessary (if equipped) the distributor cap and rotor. If the rotor is cracked this wil ... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

Ok eldorado will not start stopped earlier at gas station and turned off now won't start. fuel pump is not coming on and checked fuse and getting current to fuse and put test light on wires to fuel pump with key on and only getting current to gas sending unit. theft system problem has been coming on but car has been starting but not now any suggestion to point me in right direction also check engine light came on before i shut off engine and (check gas cap) came accross dash display.

This sounds like you have a problem with the passkey security system, it has diabled the fuel pump, the common cause of this fault is the sensor in the ignition lock cylinder that reads the transponder code in the key chip, ... 1999 Cadillac Eldorado

Toyota Rav D4D 2.0 code P1229. When I first start car and if left to idle the engine management light comes on and engine goes into limp mode. If I turn engine off and on again light stays on but engine runs ok. If I start the car first thing and just drive and not let it idle the engine light does not come on. I've got new fuel filter in and had new svc valves put in 2 months ago. Any body got any idea

... Cars & Trucks

The car after putting gas in will not turn the engine over it keeps trying to start put you have to press hard on the gas pedal to get it to start. After it starts no problems starting again until we go put gas in it

It seems like a problem with the ignition system or items that are related to fuel delivery or the air to fuel mixture. If you have errors on the computer, a scanner should help us accurately solve the problem. It is possible to open up the engine ... 2005 Buick LaCrosse

92 honda accord Has gas Started and died like ran out of gas. Car was running. I was putting on my seat belt. The car died. Tried to start it again. Nothing. Pushed accelerator to floor, it started again and then immediately died. Waited about 2 hours tried to start again. wouldn't crank. patted accelerator and held to floor. car started. kept giving it gas. pressed on brake while putting it into gear so I could take off. Got home, but don't know it I will have the same problem

Replace fuel filter first check fuel pressure. ... 1992 Honda Accord

Engine knocking I was driving the car all day and got low on gas and decided to get some, after filling up and 15 second of driving the car started acting like it had bad gas. I barley made it home and put in some gas treatment and 20 second later the engine started knocking, so I took it to the dealer and told them what happen and they said I spent a baron or thought a rod. All he did was listen to the engine and check the gas. I think it might be the knock sensor. 02 X type jaguar

He is probably right the gas was just a coincidence ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

I have a 1981 Toyota 4WD with a 22r engine. Truck has been sitting up for about 8mos. I purchased it and got it home. The only way I can start if is by pouring gas in carb. I have replaced all vac lines and put in new accellerator pump diaphram. I got all of old gas out of tank that I could and blew out the fuel filter. Every once in a while I can get it to start without pouring gas in carb. Barely touch gas pedal and let off when 1st starting. I need help/.

Check the fuel pump, maybe it is not working. if you put a new accelerator pump, I wonder if it's same as the fuel pump. if so, maybe you need to rebuild your carb, clean the small fuel line in the carb, something block there. ... Toyota Pickup
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