Having problems with your 1996 Ford Mustang ?

Windows nether window will work,they are both down now. I checked the buttons on both sides, they are good, checked fuses in both fuse boxes, none blown, check wire connections, not sure what to look at next. I don't think both motors went out at the same time.

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Answers :

Don't know how all that checking took place
or why you don't know if both motors are working
I work from factory wiring diagram books, I buy for
all my vehicles
You look at diagrams of the exact product your troubleshooting
How would you know anything at all without reference material?
Where would you put your volt meter test leads without a print
& a point on it you chose to start your voltage drops.
I would say in most cases the door panels have to come off,
to test switches & motors all within a reasonable time frame
Just walk the wiring diagram from the fuse
You either have battery voltage or you don't
Once the door panels come off you unplug &
power the motors direct to the battery, with a circuit
breaker you install in your made up test wiring,which
obviously has to be 12 feet long.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1996 Ford Mustang

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Windows nether window will work,they are both down now. I checked the buttons on both sides, they are good, checked fuses in both fuse boxes, none blown, check wire connections, not sure what to look at next. I don't think both motors went out at the same time.

Don't know how all that checking took placeor why you don't know if both motors are workingI work from factory wiring diagram books, I buy for all my vehicles You look at diagrams of the exact product your troubleshootingHow would ... 1996 Ford Mustang

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I forgot to mention that I supplied my VIN number and mileage to the seller from whom I bought the PCM. They pre-programmed it so that I could plug it in and go. ... 2001 Dodge Dakota


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Combinationswitch both my turn signals dont work but the lights, hazards wipers still work. i have check the fuses and the are all ok. i have done some looking and think it may be the combination switch but not sure can some one tell me how much i am looking to spend for this piece or is their another something i can check. and can should this problem be fixed by a licensed mechanic or can i fix it, anything helps, thank you

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My friend and i tried to jump start my 92 civic. I connected the jumper cable correctly. But my friend connected it opposite. Dont ask why because i really didnt know why he did that lol. Anyways, had a big spark so we diconnected it fast. So the car cant start. No lights whats so ever. I checked all wires and and fuses and it looked ok. We cant jump it and stuff like that. Help me someone...i dont have money to get another car. Battery is good bcuz i used a multimeter.

Usually it'll just blow a fuse, did you check all the main fuses also? in the engine bay. Check those first. Also the cables are probably shot, your going to have to use a different set. ... 1992 Honda Civic

After parking thecar lat night , this morning ,the engine turns but the car won't start. i checked the fuel and added some checked all fuses, looked for a reset switch ( could not find one ) , checked all wireing connections, checked and replaced the air filter but still no luck . the vehicle has not been giving me any problem,(so, i do not think that it would be the fuel filter ) ,and i certainly am hoping that it would not be the timing belt ( since it was running last night without any incide

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1995 Grand Am GT-3.1 Ltr. V-6: I am needing a wiring diagram for the alternator charging circuit. I have a short somewhere and before I found a burnt wire coming from the alternator. But before getting too deep I want to be sure of exactly where and which wires I think I should be looking at. Alternator checked good to specs. BUT the red battery wire coming out of the back of the alternator is TOOO hot to touch. Could this be a faulty ground?

Most likely...seems like you have a handle on it. There may be wiring diagrams available, for example Chiltons manuals...To my knowledge there exists no "internal" wiring diagrams for alternators of any make.Good Luck ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

02 chevy 2500hd 6.0 still ses flashing checked plugs wires ,02 sencers all finenot sure what to check next

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I have a 95 chevy lumina. this morning my wife said there was smoke coming from the battery area and it smelled like an electrical burning smell. I checked it out and it looked like the ground wire running from the negative battery cable had the rubber wire cover had melted. I think this has happened before but when I replaced the battery several months ago the vehicle wouldnt start until I connected the wire to the car frame. Is this a common problem with this car and how is it corrected?

If the wire is not connected to the frame or to the terminal correctly it will get hot or even burn the cover off,make sure both ends are metal to metal and tight,then cover in silicon jelly to stop the air getting to the metal and rusting (which wil ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

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Diagnostic times 3\015\012test truck on its own (never mind the trailer plug) if ok not truck\015\012test trailer on its own (use good batery or charger) if ok not trailer\015\012test truck trailer system now look for cross wire o ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

2007 Lincoln Mark LT. The ABS and T/C off light come on over a hard bump. Figured it was a loose wire but took both calipers down and they look good. I do not have my old scanner to check for codes but even if I did wouldnt a loose wire still give a sensor failure code? How can I test wire or do you think I am on the wrong path? Problem goes away if vehicle is shut down and doesnt come back till next good bump.

SOUNDS LIKE ABS SENSOR ... 2007 Lincoln Mark LT 4x2 5.5

My brake lights still dont work on my 96 S 10 Blazer. The fuse is good and i just relplaced the brake switch. Not sure where to look next ??? The wiring hasnt been ripped apart or damaged that i can see. The vehicle is in good shape I noticed they were not working when got done using my snowmobile trailer but im not sure if they did not work when i was using it. any suggestions would be great brent

Did you also check the relays and fuses under the hood, or just the ones in the car as the ones under the hood control your brake lights too ... 1992 Chevrolet S-10

No spark I was driving down the road the other day and all of a sudden I had my truck went dead on me. 1994 Chevy Silverado 350 5.7 liter. I thought it was the battery with a bad connection but the next day bought new battery new terminals. I also didn't think I was getting any fuel. I notice that my fuel pump fuse was blown. checked all my fuel lines and replaced filter I have lots of flow to the injectors. Now I have no spare and i still dont think I am getting any fuel in my injectors. Replac

Are you getting any spark from the coil? The first thing you need to narrow down is the spark. The ignition system on this truck will run without the computer. It cranks over just fine right? ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Code P0121 on 2006 GMC Envoy Denali Check eng. light on. Is starting to cut off when at stop idling. Checked wires to the TPS and look fine. Thinking about cleaning Throttle body next. Need advice.

Classic signs of idle air control not able to cope with sudden engine loads. Cleaning should resolve this. Remove ducting from air cleaner to throttle entrance. Spray with carb. choke cleaner or WD40 spray and wipe back to the alloy finish. clean ... 2006 GMC Envoy Denali

Hellow my name is Luke. I just bought a 95 F800 dumptruck and I cant get the brakelights to work. All of the other lights work fine like the turnsignals and flashers. I checked the switch on the brake pedal and it is working too. I have tried chasing wires and they all look good. There is two wires that plug into the side of the mastercylinder that broke off, but i dont think that would have anything to do with the brakelights. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

They might, try this remove plug from brake pedal cross the wires on the plug with a split pin now with the ign on check the brake lights if they work its the switck. Check fuses, do the same with the wires on master cylinder. ... Ford Super Duty

Code P0121 on 2006 GMC Envoy Denali Check eng. light on. Is starting to cut off when at stop idling. Checked wires to the TPS and look fine. Thinking about cleaning Throttle body next. Need advice.

Cleaning the throttle body is certainly the right thing to try first. Make sure you clean the throttle plate as well. ... 2006 GMC Envoy Denali

Back lights wont come on but the front lights will so will the brake lights ive checked all the fuses i think both fuse boxes under the steering whell an under the hood dont have manul to see what fuse is the exact one so i looked at them all... lol. Do u think it might be a short in the wires then

NO, Unless someone tampered with the above, it still has to be simple. ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

We had installed a backing camera and wired the transmitter to the back up light. the back up lights now do not work. we can not find any blown fuses . what do we need to check next? we think we shorted the back up light to the ground wire. we fixed the problem and now both of the back up lights dont have power. please help.

Hopefully its just the b/u switch (on the trani) ... 2007 GMC Envoy Denali

98 Taurus. wouldn't start. Battery OK, Alt OK, repair shop cleaned grounds and fixed a broken ignition wire (they said). 4 months later, car was running fine then started acting up again. Started fine, drove about 3 miles, parked, came out from store about 20 minutes later and won't start. Starter gets no juice. checked all connections and wires and all seemed fine. Let it sit for about two hours and it started right up and has been starting the next day. I'm thinking a possible heat related dis

Sounds like the starter solenid is going out....Good luk ... 1998 Ford Taurus

I have a vacume problem also my cold start doesnt have power to it.i checked the wire harness at the computer it has power it seems with a multi meter the more i look it just gets worse i'm thinking its in the connections but it just gets worse!i went to the junk yard 4 a new computer and of course there are no 90 toyotas at all so now i'm removing the intake to expose all of it .any sudjestions?

You mean you want me to pay?come on .i just got a different ecu at the junk yard.and it fixed it.i took the brackets off and put it down my pants.lol.and you want me to pay...;.lol ... 1991 Toyota Pickup

I am attempting to find a wiring diagram for a 91 new yorker. my heater fan quit and the temp is dropping. i have checked all the fuses and they seem to be ok. not sure what to look for next. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Scott

Usualy the electrical problems are not due to wires if the fuse did not burn out. More often it would be a bad fan motor or fan switch. If you have an electrical testor find out if there is power going to the motor by placing the testor leads on bo ... 1991 Chrysler New Yorker

My car has 144,500 miles n i dont think the timing chain has been checked would it be wise to get it looked at when i get it inspected next yr

The timing chain usually lasts a long time, and if you don't hear a lot of rattling, it's probably ok.\015\012\015\012Timinig belts(replace every 80,000 mi.) seem to wear out faster than timing chains which when properly maintained throug ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

F150 Lariat supercrew heated seats dont work have checked fuses and wire connectors on driver side by peddles. Where should I look next.

Check to see if you have power at the switch. it could be the switch that is no good ... Ford E-150

I have a 94 gmc sierra 4x4 6.5l turbo diesel. i have feul problems replaced pmd, injector pump, lift pump, crank pos. sensor, checked connections and wires. still no feul press. leaving injector. The injector is good, thinking might be a sensor just dont know where to go form here. problem started when i tried to pass a truck on highway. Had cruise control on. When i let go of thottle it excellerated on its own for a few seconds then shut itself off. Tried to start it a few times truck would sta

... 1993 GMC Sierra K2500
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