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There was smoke coming out of the steering column and the wipers started going by themselves and the radio started cutting in and out, pulled over and shut off the car and it will not start, replaced the alternator and still nothing. no dash lights no power to the windows nothing, what could the problem be?

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Answers :

Smoke coming from the steering column would tell me that the wiring in there fried. remove the cover and see what you can see.
I am kindove wonderin if a wire did not get too close to a hot area on the vehicle melting it and creating problems I have a really good feeling it is on the drivers side under the hood thats where the wires for main components are at
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There was smoke coming out of the steering column and the wipers started going by themselves and the radio started cutting in and out, pulled over and shut off the car and it will not start, replaced the alternator and still nothing. no dash lights no power to the windows nothing, what could the problem be?

Smoke coming from the steering column would tell me that the wiring in there fried. remove the cover and see what you can see. ... 1996 Subaru Legacy

Starting Problem I have a 2000 Dodge caravan sport. Several months ago I started having problems starting the vehicle. When i turn the key, nothing happens, no clicking. the dash lights do come on. Usually starts after several attempts and runs fine once running. There have been 2 occasions when it would not start. Started immediately when I hooked up the battery charger. I have had the alternator tested and replaced the battery. Was fine for a month after replacing the battery but then problem

Probably a bad starter as well. A good battery can make a marginal starter work, but over time the battery will be weakened by the drain of the starter or the starter will get worse.Remove the starter and take it to your local parts store ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

I have an 89 GMC Suburban 4x4 auto with a 350. It starts intermittently. I have replace or tested the following items and I am still having problems ignition switch replaced neutral safety switch replaced battery replaced alternator tested good starter tested good I am at a loss. I have power to all electrical item in the vehicle and light work but no power to start the engine. It doesn't even make a sound, no clicking, nothing. Also I can't shift the vehicle into anything other tha

Im no expert but may have experienced an almost the same issue that you have.with all the items you have replaced, you may want to check on the starter solenoid and the ignition switch itself.hopefully this will give you a new ... GMC Suburban

I have a 1994 nissan altima ran and started good at first once in a while it wouldn't start in park but it would in neutral,now it won't start at all no crank or nothing checked the battery and alternator both are fine replaced neutral saftey switch still nothing,has n e one had a similar problem?


I have a 1989 Jeep Grandwagoneer that won't start. I've had it running since I bought it about 6 months ago, never had a problem with it starting other than when the alternator went bad. Replaced it and ran fine. Was driving it yesterday and it overheated on me, stopped and shut it off to let it cool down and when I went to start it there was nothing. It still has power, lights, radio, etc come on, but when I turn the key there is nothing, not even a click from the starter.

... 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Car doesn't start. When you turn the ignition key,it just shows lights on dash but doesn't crank. I have had the problem here for 4days,but still getting same responses...dead battery,bad starter,etc. It isn't any of these. I have replaced ALL these things. I need someone who knows about cars,particularly electrical issues relating to starting one. I am not mechanically inclined,but do know what I have already fixed and replaced. The battery,starter,selanoid,and alternator are ALL fine! I can't

If you can turn things on that are normally turned off by the key, then you have a bad ignition switch. What year is the car so I can get a accurate diagram and rand r instructions. I also need the sub model of the Escort(i.e. LX, EX, etc.)? ... Ford Escort

My dash lights all come on, the gages stop working, air conditioner stops, windows wont roll down. One day it works fine, next nothing works. One day it would not start- but only one day. They cleaned a battery wire for the starting problem. Body control module was replaced and still not working. Any help???? 1999 jeep grand cherokee Ltd. Yes, I know that it is an electrical problem! Battery can be disconnected over night and things work good for about 6-8 hours. Turning switch to "on" without s

Try the alternator ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Won't always start. Replaced starter.ignition key and switch, battery is good. all power to dash. amp gage comes up fine; but sometimes NOTHING!! Wiggling the the starter relay under the hood sometimes works. Replaced the plug- in relay but still problems. Could it be the re- ceptacle that the relay plugs into? When not starting, it can be "hotwired" with a screwdriver placed between the starter poles and the key turned to the run position. This is a '93 Grand.

It may be the starter relay receptacle. It can also be related to the ignition switch.How many miles are on this vehicle? The ignition switch has a series of contacts inside, and will shrink during cold weather causing the starter contac ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Started with occasional click sound when I turned the key but would eventually start. Problem got worse and worse and now I do not even hear a click anymore. Replaced the starter and cylinoide and still nothing. Get full dash light power. What was the click I heard when turning the key and is that my problem. Sound was located in the right front of the hood as you sat in the car. Is it a fuse? Have tried jumping it as well w/no results. Its a 1992 dodge stealth rt automatic.

Likely it is a bad relay. would have been easier to find when it was clicking but usually it's located with a group of other relays in a power distribution box.(under the hood) ... Dodge Stealth

My 98 Nissan Altima won't start. It has a brand new starter, brand new spark plugs, a new alternator, and a new battery, so I know it has nothing to do with any of them. The distributor was replaced at an auto mechanic shop just to see if that was the problem, and the car still wouldn't crank. You can turn the key in the ignition and all it will do is crank, but the engine won't turn over. If you work with it for a while it has a chance of starting if you hear that the engine sounds like it's ab

... 1998 Nissan Altima

Had a problem where the car would not start, did nothing. Removed starter and had checked ok. Found the security reset thread and it starts now. Drove it about 20 minutes and car died no power at all. Two month old battery tested bad. Replaced battery. Still have battery light comming on. Removed and had alternator tested ok. What next?

Check for a bad ground on frame or engine. Crawl under and around the engine, any wire attached to the frame or engine for ground should be clean and tight. ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

Ignition problem Hello, I just bought a 97 Grand Prix GT, it seems to have a problem with the ignition, I insert the key, turn it, the dash lights, the radio, everything lights up as it should, but then I turn the key farther to start the car and nothing happens, lights and everything still stay on but no ignition, this was happening sporatically, then 2 days ago it became seemingly permanent... had the battery, starter, alternator all tested and they are in working order... would changing the i

Hey, I had the same problem before, exactly the same thing. I had to replace the ignition switch wiring, not the ignition key cylinder. the wires that go from steering wheel to the bottom near the brake and gas pedals, is not hard to do, I did it mys ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

My dash lights all come on, the gages stop working, air conditioner stops, windows wont roll down. One day it works fine, next nothing works. One day it would not start- but only one day. They cleaned a battery wire for the starting problem. Body control module was replaced 3 times and still not working. Any help???? 1999 jeep grand cherokee laredo

Sounds like an electrical problem; look for loose, corroded or kinked/broken wires. The problem is most likely in the dash wiring/connections and seems to be pretty common in jeeps. ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My celica used to start with no problems starting before. now all the sudden the car will not even attempt tostart. ive replace the wires to 8.5 replaced all fuses checked all relays, checked with a power tester and all were powered up. i have a brand new battery and still nothing . its a manual transmission so i tried push starting it and still nothing wont even try im lost i know it has to be electrical but where

Double check all engine grounds ... 1990 Toyota Celica

1997 nissan maxima problem alternator was bad I replaced alternator two weeks later battery died I figure it was old and needed to be replaced replaced battery,worked for a few days then battery was drained. Nothing seemed to be left on, like lights or anything.when I jump start the car it started fine but using a meter i can see if I took off jumper cables the voltage would start at 13.4 then slowly just start dropping until the car would just died. Any suggestions. the alternater was a refurb

... 1997 Nissan Maxima

90 Corvette L-98. When warmed up engine sometimes stumbles. I can plow through the stumble. Never a start or idle problem. no codes coming up. Often when stumble occurs the dash lights flicker, but not always. I have already replaced : injectors, fuel pump, plugs, wires, coil, cap, rotor, alternator. I have checked resistance to all of the sensors. I have checked everywhere for loose or poor grounds. I have de-carboned the intake system. I have run a data scan that reveals nothing. Ideas ??

Believe there is a prom chip update for your problem,has to come from the dealership tho. Had the same problem with my 88,the update chip fixed it . ... 1990 Chevrolet Corvette

Starting problem I have a 2001 hyunda tiburon (automatic transmission). i can't get it to start. The gear of the starter makes a loud grinding noise when spinning on the torque converter. They don't grip together. I changed the bendix in the starter, soleniod and brushes. And still nothing. After so many attempts, i wore down the teeths on the converter. I had the converter replaced and still nothing. What is wrong???? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. It's making me crazy, cause no one can find the problem.

Trying moving the belts and turning the engine by hand. You might be able to move the flywheel to somewhere that the bendix teeth can grab. ... Buick Century

Battery/alternator problem My battery on my 93 mustang suddenly started draining. I replaced the battery, then replaced the alternator twice. the battery light still wont go out and the battery is still being drained.i dont know what else to do. the person that had the car before me has put a "kill" switch in for the fuel pump. could this be my problem. all these issues did not start until we were going down the road and my husband flipped the switch. at the time we didnt know what the switch wa

Another thing to try is the plug that connects to the alternator. You can get it at an auto parts store and it is cheap. \015\012We had the same problem with batteries and several alternators and all it ended up being is the small plug.  ... 1993 Ford Mustang

Mx5 MK 1 I have had problems with the car starting in the morning after it has run the day before. The battery has been checked and is holding cahrge but when going to start the car the charge sign comes up on the dash. I have had the alternator replaced and I am now wondering wether the immoboliser is running the battery down. The replacement battery is £120 I dont want to replace it for the problem to persist... has anyone encountered a similar problem

First have the alternator and battery load tested. The charge indicator is supposed to come on with the key on, but go off when the car is running. A shop will need to check for a draw if the battery load tests good. ... 1991 Mazda MX-5

!995 Buick Century Wagon electrical problem I lost anti-locks,brake lights,headlights,hazzard lights,horn and radio resets itself everytime turn the key on. I have backup lights and turn signals thats it. Blew two 5amp fuses replaced still nothing,replaced headlight switch still nothing.Checked everywire in the car can't find nothing wrong. Also tested alternator fine.Took off battery cables to see if she reset herself nothing going to replace relays next any more ideas let me know. Got me fixed

I have the exact same problem. Did you find out what was wrong? Please let me know. ... 1995 Buick Century

My truck had a vaccum belt burning smell, I replaced the fan belt and the idler pulley as recommended by parts store to fix problem. I tried to replace tension pulley also but could not get bolt loose to replace, will try again later. After belt replacement still had smell and truck did not restart. jumped truck and it started immediately, but when I tried to back out it died and would not restart again. I think the alternator is shot and that is the source of smell and starting problem, but

Sounds like your alternator. you can pull of and have tested for free at most parts stores. batteries should be ok. it is best to charge them and not just crank up and let vehicle charge them from completly dead this will cause an extreme pull on the ... 1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

91 GMC c1500 4.3l... I have an intermittent charge problem, gauge and dummy light read low, accessories start to dim... I had system tested, all ok, still replaced battery, alternator, and belt. I threw the wires out, installed new grounds, directly to alternator, and new power wire from alternator to junction box, and straight to battery. Clueless as to why still having problem any advice?

... Cars & Trucks

My wife has a 2005 ford focus and the alternator was replaced then problems with the new one happened but nothing was wrong with it??..so we thought it fried the alternator Three prong plug in and wiring so we replaced that and now its still not keeepin the battery charged Wut could be the problem or problems???Fuses?or>?

The problem is on the ( regulators ) its essential for battery to charge cuz it transform the alternator ( ac ) current into a (DC) current and stabilize it to be acceptable to charge the (DC) batter ... Ford Focus

I have an intermitent problem. 06 xb, will start most times, but other times, nothing: no clicking, no cranking nothing. all power comes on, ie dash and radio. then, for no reason will start. have replaced starter and i thought that did the trick. it drove fine for about 10 days and the problem started again. any ideas?

Check ground ******** top of trans to body remove bolt in trans holding ground wire clean with wire brush and reinstall had same prob at dealership took me 2 days to figure out wasnt dirty however it was repair please let me know and please rate this ... 2006 Scion xB

I have had problems starting my vette i replaced the starter soloid that was shot then went to start it got nothing checked fuses replaced alarm fuse that was burnt out horm kept going off pulled made a phone call was told has a security system that will not let you start the car if not reset so went back to put the fuse in and it went in and no horn this time so unlocked all the doors and still got nothing...Now i am lost and dont know what to do next!!! NEED HELP

I would disconnect battery for 10 minutes then re connect. once you do so get in the car and turn the key on it should turn the security light on programming your vats key then run car n shut off after 10. mins to store ... 1987 Chevrolet Corvette
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