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My car loses power when driving at 50-70 mph and the electric windows wont go up if down radio goes off rev counter stays at bottom car starts jumping put my foot down and theres nothing and seat belt light on dash keeps flashing.

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My car loses power when driving at 50-70 mph and the electric windows wont go up if down radio goes off rev counter stays at bottom car starts jumping put my foot down and theres nothing and seat belt light on dash keeps flashing.

... 1997 Ford Escort

Power freakout turn the key to start car and the power shuts down, turn off and pull key out the lights start blinking and the battery buzzer starts going rythmically, if i put my foot on the brake the lights and buzzing stop, but as soon as i remove my foot it starts up again. the car wont start on its own, but will start by jumper cables and runs fine once it's started, but i do have to hit the battery reset button to stop the flashing and buzzing once it is started. the button does nothing

Sounds like the battery won't pass a battery test, but if it does your explaining dirty battery cable connections clean and or replace as needed as this is the number one reason for a no start . This corrected and known good battery and it still act ... 1999 Subaru Forester

I have a 1995 honda accord what happends is when i go to start the car the rpms go up to 2000 and it dies it starts right back up but dies again i have to keep my foot on the gas to keep it goin it will drive a little then when i stop at a light it dies also the rpms jump up and down took it to two shops and the cant find out whats wrong i just put new plugs wiers fuel filter new battery good altnator please help

Could be a fuel pump problem or a fuel poor going into block clogged. ... 1995 Honda Accord

My car wouldn't start today and I got my sister to give me a jump and the car started. I took it to Advance Auto and got a new battery installed and now it wont start at all. the technician put the portable jump starter on it and I also put jumper cables on another car to mine and nothing happened. The engine will turn over but it will not start

Your onboard security system probably has the fuel system disabled. This is common when the battery gets disconnected. The imobilizer unit will sometimes set a code if the battery gets disconnected then hooked back up. clearing the fault codes wil ... 2004 Mitsubishi Galant

After stopping at a stop sign, the car would not go forward. I put it in each gear and nothing happened until I put it in reverse and then in drive and it went forward. Earlier in the week when I started from a stop it jumped forward as though I had my foot on the brake and gas together.

Sounds like lock up solenoid in trans ... 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

I have a 99 Nissan Pulsar, Ill turn it on and start driving. Ill stop to turn a corner and then when i go to put my foot on the accelerator the car has no power and seems to nearlly stall, (its an automatic). I will then pull over and push the accelerator and nothing will happen and that car sounds like it is going to die. I turn the engine off, restart it and then it seems to run fine for the rest of the trip. I've changed the fuel filters and oils and was wondering why this keeps happening. It

Sounds like its a faulty throttle position sensor ... 1990 Nissan Pulsar

I have a 99 Nissan Pulsar, Ill turn it on and start driving. Ill stop to turn a corner and then when i go to put my foot on the accelerator the car has no power and seems to nearlly stall, (its an automatic). I will then pull over and push the accelerator and nothing will happen and that car sounds like it is going to die. I turn the engine off, restart it and then it seems to run fine for the rest of the trip. I've changed the fuel filters and oils and was wondering why this keeps happening. It

Check your vacuum lines for leaks and the MAP sensor and pcv valve on the valve cover. ... Nissan Pulsar

Hi I have aq 96 Audi A4 2.8L, I put in a new coil pack and battery. After I put in the coil pack, tried to jump start and wouldn't turn over. Now I got a new battery and nothing, no lights no nothing. Tried taking battery out and putting old one back in and jumping but still nothing. Does anyone know what else this could be? Please help I just started school and desperately need this car to run.

When you reconnected the battery did you reset the alarm/immobiliser???? ... 1996 Audi A4

I own a 2000 hyundai accent a while back the engine light came on at the time it did not affect the car..but as time went on when I would climb a hill or down shift to pass a vehicle the engine light would start flashing..when that happens I can step on the gas but theres nothing there iit will not accelerate until the light stops flashing..Ive parked the car and know when I start it I step on the gas and the car stalls out Ive changed oxgen censor plugs and wires and nothing seem to help any ad

Could be two things (both of them, not just one):\015\012The ECM is responsible for advancing the ignition timing to give your car a boost when passing.\015\012\015\012The EGR is not operating the exhaust valve correctly. It is sup ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

Hi, This morning I tried to start my 2001 Lexus es300-nothing, no cranking. A few of the dash lights flashed on briefly. I left the car alone for a couple of hours, went out and tried to figure it out. The lights were brighter and when I put the car into neutral, all of the dash lights came on. I put the car back into park and it started immediately. I let the car run for 45 minutes, turned it off and it instantly restarted. I did this several times. About 3 hours later, I tried to start the car

Ok this should work, I think that you disconnected the battery terminals when you clean the corrosion correct? If you did then TOYOTA/LEXUS will tend to blow the BATTERY MAIN FUSE. Its located in main fuse box in the hood It ... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

My 99 jeep grand cherokee limited isnt starting and the no key symble is on. The car wont start, and it keeps killing the battery, and the only thing is that the no key symble and the car not starting didnt pop up till today. I started the car yesterday but had to jump it yesterday, but i tried to jump it today and nothing happened. What do i do?

Chrysler vehicles are very picky about the voltage. Most likely needs a new battery or alternator. Take it to get the battery and alt. tested. ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1998 renault megane ignition problems. My wifes Renault megane scenic 1998 has has nothing but problems since we bought it. The most recent being as follows. I was driving the car and stalled it. from then on the car would not start. key in ignition lights the dashboard which flickers at first, then settles. headlights dim upon attempting to start. engine does not turn over. jump starting the car with jump leads gets it running. once running the car has a flashing 'heart monitor' style warning l

It sounds like one of three things are happening\015\0121.your battery has adead cell in it and does not have enough cracking amps\015\012\015\0122. your alternater isn't charging your battery enough\015\012\015\0123. yo ... 2000 Renault 181

I have a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis. All of a sudden the car cuts off then back on again. The blinkers are flashing oddly too. I pulled on a parking lot and it died so I put it in neutral and started it, by the time I pulled into a parking space it died and when I turned the key nothing, absolutely nothing. I turned the key and put the car in neutral to back it up from the bushes and I got lights and dinging so I started it. On the way home it did okay until I slowed to turn on my road. It

There can be a number of things . it sounds like you are losing fuel pressure. check the fuel pressure regulator. there where any codes. when was the last tune up, ... Cars & Trucks

My 1998 mustang gt the anti theft is flashing the pcm data link is dead doesnt let nothing read the computer the car just keeps cranking but doesnt start the fuel pumps is good does thr ccrm has to do with this problem i changed the transciever on the ignition but didnt help its like theres no power in the front engine the fuses our good i think it cuold be the pcm or ccrm module

... 1998 Ford Mustang

I have a 96 plymonth breeze 5 speed. and my battery light came on yesterday,while i was driving and the car started kinda surging. I go to drive it today and my lights are dim radio wont stay on. While i was driving it died, i jumped it put it in gear car died again. I would go to start it and nothing. lights radio and power windows worked but were very dim and slow. Tried jumping once more and nothing not even lights or windows worked. Question is, is it my battery or alternantor?

Make sure the accessorie belt is still good and the belt is not loose or slipping.\015\012It does sound as though the alternator is not functioning. Once the charging system is working again, have the battery checked, a bad battery will ruin an a ... Plymouth Breeze

2004 Ford expedition service engine soon light is on (it doesn't flash) i took it to Auto Zone they said the theres to much oxygen in the gas. But now the car shakes and now it turns off when i stop. If i turn it back on i have to keep my foot on the gas so it won't shut off. Could some one have put something on my gas tank?

... Cars & Trucks

My 2001 jaquar s-type every two weeks car won,t start new batt,nothing draining elect sys,alt ok,car will not start if you jump battery,car will start if you put jumping cables on alt and ground other to grd.then its good for another two weeks,can any one help

The S Type is similar to the Lincoln LS.\015\012These are TSBs that address battery drain on the LS.\015\012\015\012Partial TSB\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Article No. 02-9-5 \015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

My son was listening to the car radio with the engine off for a couple of hours and as a result the car would not start. When you turned the key all you heard was a click, click, click. We tried to jump start it to no avail. Now there is no sound when you try to start the car. Also, when you open the door and put the key in the ignition the hazard lights flash and the interior dash lights also flash on and off for about 30 seconds. I installed a new battery and the same things happen. Did I burn

First shoot your son. It is not the fuseable link, when a fuseable link blows you get no power at all to anything. I suspect you have a security system that needs to be reset. ... 2002 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2005 stratus. It is in the teens here in Ohio and I went to start my car this morning and it started but ran for only a few seconds. I tried again with the same results. Tried a third time and again it started but failed to keep running. The fourth time I turned the key I got nothing. No clicking, no cranking, nothing. I have had a charger on it for an hour now and am getting the same results. The lights are bright, blower works, but nothing when I turn the key. I even put the car in ne

Check the fuse box under the hood ... 2005 Dodge Stratus

Renault Laguna 1.8 16v 52 plate. When I came home yesterday, I parked the car and pulled out the car card, but then I noticed the engine was still running? Normally it wouldn't let me pull the card out if I hadn't stopped the engine, but it did come out with ease. So I put the card back in and prested the start button to stop the engine. However today the Car won't start. You put the car card in fully and the radio comes on, but nothing else. No lights on the dash, other than the flashing imobil

... 2006 Renault Fuego

I have a 51 plate renault laguna and when i press the start button nothing is happening i put the keycard in all lights come on as normal then nothing happens when start button pushed only way of starting car is by pushing car and releasing clutch like a jump start. my reversing lights are fully working as i was told if they werent it could be the gear switch however this problem is intermittent sometimes the button works but more often than not now it doesnt sometimes it works by slamming the g

... Renault Le Car

Have a 1996 Volvo 850... left the light on and drained battery... nothing worked except that: I jumped car and noticed that alarm went off and I actually did the above and took neg. lead off then alarm went off then I put neg. lead back on and then started the car with the jump... it took about a minute of the engine barely turning over to get car to start... then I took it for a 10 min. test drive and then turned car off... then same thing happened... then I did same charging procedure with sa

Sounds like you need a new battery, also have the alternater checked. as far as the alarm, you should be able to disarm the system by locking and unlocking the passengers door, then the drivers door with the key, when the door are closed ... 1996 Volvo 850

Nissan maxiam 2001 the engine light comes on when I start my car and let go of the gas it shuts off I just had a muffler put on and a couple hours later that's when it started I went to a garage he put it on a dignostic machine and its saying nothing is wrong but he started the car and as soon as he takes his foot off the gas its shutting off on him please help what could it bbe

... 2001 Nissan Maxima

Not starting my car does the same thing when the D4 light is flashing the car hardly moves. I was told it was the fuel pump. also I have to put it in nuetral and put my jump start on the battery to make it start. what is that...

Have your charging system tested. ... 1992 Honda Accord

I have a 65 Mustang - Windsor Engine - replaced in last week : new battery, alternator and after car went dead at redlight without re-starting, it now has a new new starter solenoid. STILL NOTHING we put another battery in the car and it started - but when they put battery back in their car THEY needed a jump what is going on ??

Sounds like your mustangs charging system is not working and it drained the battery on the other car so when you reinstalled it the voltage was too low. You prabably needed a voltage regulator instead of all the other parts you had installed. ... Cars & Trucks
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