Having problems with your 1997 Mercury Villager ?

I have a 1997 mercury villager the dashboard lights come on the battery and the brake light on the dash all sometimes the gas light ,the radio goes in and out i have bought a new battery and tested the alternator, also i forgot the major problem after all the lights come on the car will shutdown and wont jump

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I have a 1997 mercury villager the dashboard lights come on the battery and the brake light on the dash all sometimes the gas light ,the radio goes in and out i have bought a new battery and tested the alternator, also i forgot the major problem after all the lights come on the car will shutdown and wont jump

Http://groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest/\012\012go here for help\012\012gerry ... 1997 Mercury Villager

Battery light I have a 2005 RAV4, my battery light keeps coming on and off. The alternator is still good when I got it tested and the battery is also still good when tested. When I turn the car off and turn it back on, the light goes away but then comes on again. I've cleaned all the wirings and the grounds also. What could be the problem?

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After i changed my alternator on my 2004 ford f150, my check charging system light and battery light comes on. also, my idle is really low now when i come to a stop, sometimes truck dies do to low idle. I tested the alternator, it was 14.6 volts, battery was 12.5. I dont know what to check now.

Sounds like a dirty plug connection somewhere, unplug what plug ends you pulled off and try cleaning the contacts inside plugs, good luck this should help ... 2004 Ford F150

Mazda protege 2000 dx battery light comes on with the airbag light flashing alternator has been tested and the battery is also new

... 2000 Mazda Protege

04 Dodge Intrepid Problem: Battery light comes on and makes the interior and headlights flicker (sometimes lightly sometimes very noticeable) looks like im turning my headlights on bright at times. I have had the battery tested (which its only 3 months old) also had the alternator tested ALL FINE SO THEY SAY.. Replaced the interior module that controls the headlights and dimmer for interior lights...STILL DOING IT... HELP PLEASE..

All dodge intrepids are piece of Sh sell it ASAP,they never end w problems!!!! ... Dodge Intrepid

I have a 2008 dodge charger that won't start when tryin to crank...The lights on dash and radio comes on but when tryin to crank the lights on the dash stays on but the radio takes a while yo come back on and the horn doesn't blow as well, only when the radio comes back on does the horn is able to blow. When getting a boost the car starts right up. No codes came up when getting it texted and also the battery and alternator were tested and both were good.

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The battery light on my dashboard keeps coming on. we have replaced the alternator and solinoid. the battery and new alt tested out fine. was told there may be a short in the alt wires or that its the pcm. been having this problem for 2 weeks now and have put quite a bit of money in tryin to fix the problem....or what i thought the problem was. also replaced the terminals......guess i just need to know what i can do about the pcm? was also told about a fuse to the pcm....do u think that may be i

There is also a fusablebe link that could be shorting out partialy ... 1999 Ford Expedition

'06 Sedona battery light comes on. Low voltage indicated on radar detector. Battery was replaced ...2 days later the same problem. When battery was replaced, I unhooked batt connectors and van still ran...so didn't think it was the alternator. Also battery did die the first time and could not restart vehicle. Battery was tested and was producing 1/3 less amps than normal.

It can still be the alternator, the alternator can produce enough to keep the car running, but it may not have enough to keep the battery charged 13-14 volts. It don't take long for a new battery to drain if the alternator isn't putting out the right ... 2006 Kia Sedona

What causes the battery light on a 1992 Saturn sl to come on and then go out when i tac 3000rpms or higher but comes on and stays on below 3000rpms and if the car sits for a while it may not even come on. i had my battery and alternator tested one day that the light came on the battery was fine but the alternator wasn't working i drove it home n parked it for an hour or so started it and the light was off the light has been coming on and off for a couple weeks but it never dies is it the alterna

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Drains batterie I have check and test alternator and shows that is good and also has a new battery...battery light comes on after awhile and drains battery. what coulod be the possible problem

Have you checked your voltage regulator? That could be the problem. How did you check your alternator? ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

Galaxy alternator got a galaxy 2004 1.9 tdi and the wheel come of the end of the alternator , i have had a new alternator fitted over two weeks ago and the car drives fine but when i go to the car for the school run and start it the battery light comes onand the computer bleeps and say alternator workshop i get a couple of yards up the road and the message goes and battery light goes out and never comes bk on ,unless i turn the car of and restart it again....the battery has been tested and is ch

The first thing to do is to reset the codes and if it returns then i would say theres a problem with the alternator, or the wiring, if it returns it sounds like the alternator is taking a while before it starts charging and the computer sees this, i ... 2003 Ford Escort

99 grand marquis the battery light would come on and off so i replace the battery... battery light stil came on. So i replaced the alternator now the battery light comes on an stays on once my car has heated up. I dnt know if i have a regulator and idk if that cud b the issue i do not think its the belt. But i plan on replace the battery cable... i took it back to autozone they said my battery was good but my alternator bypass the test.. not everytime but somtimes it does not want to start n sta

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The battery light in our 2005 Dodge Caravan keeps coming on. My husband took the alternator off yesterday and took it in to be tested. The alternator tested okay. Husband then replaced the battery. It was the original, so, it was probably time. The van started, but, the alternator sounded like it was ''struggling''. Husband then took it on a test drive and about a mile down the road, the battery light came back on. Anyone have a clue what is wrong?

Computer is out. The voltage regulator is in the computer. ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

2004 Chevy Z66 Avalanche Battery light came on day before yesterday with " battery not charging " on message dispaly. Had alternator checked @ two different places and and failed both times then I also had my battery tested & it also failed they said that my alternator fried my battery. So I bought remanufactured alternator and new battery ,installed them , started right up ,was driving but @ stops w/ lights on you could see headlights going from bright to dim and back to bright with voltage gau

... 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche

On my 2000 Nissan Maxima SE, the brake & battery lights are on and my battery died. I just bought the battery at Autozone in September so I took it back. They charged/tested it and said it was good. They also tested my car with the charged battery back in it. The result was that the alternator wire to the battery should be checked/replaced. However, the Autozone guy said it may also be the alternator itself and if I pulled it out, they could test that also. I'm wondering if I should go through t

Alt is most likely the problem ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

I have replaced the battery and alternator and the battery light is still on. I have cleaned the cables, I have replaced the bolts at the battery posts, I have spliced off the end conecting wire at the alternator and it still won't hold a charge for more than a couple of days. The light will come on all of the sudden and the car will die. It has ruined 2 batteries already. When they test it at auto zone on the bench and while on the car it tests good but the light is still on???????

I will give you a couple of ideas to try but these types of problems are hard to trace. I want to say take it someplace where a starter can be checked as well as the connecting wires to the starter and solenoid. The solenoid may be cracked or the w ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

99 mercury marquis battery light started coming on so i got a new battery.. also wen its cold its harder to get the car to start n stay started autozone said the alternator tested fine. jus trying to figure out what the problem is so i dnt spend my money on the wrong thing?

While engine is running, wiggle the little wires on the altenator while someone checks to see if light comes on. Hopefully this is the case. these wires break over time due to vibration. The insulation stays connected but the wire inside is broken bu ... 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis

Battery light comes on. New battery. Alternator tested OK

... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

Please help. I have a 96 toyota camry le that keeps dying on me. At first the battery light came on and then shortly after the car died. We had the alternator tested and it was bad so we put a new one in. So now the battery light still comes on. It will come on for a few minutes while I?m driving then switch off, then on, then off, then on. When the battery light stays on for an extended period of time, the car eventually dies on me while I?m driving it. We took the new alternator out and had it

You need to get someone who knows how to use a Multimeter. It is a device that registers how much voltage, is present at your battery when your alternator is charging. Anyone can use one of these tools and they are cheap to buy, just add some AA batt ... 1996 Toyota Camry

Ask 2004 Pt Cruiser. Put on a new alternator and new battery...the battery light still came on. when the new alternator was being tested it was fine with all the auxiliary things going...radio, lights, wipers, revving up the engine. Then mechanic noticed that when the ac was turned on the amps went way down causing the light to come on. so we shut it off. Then we drove it for a few minutes, when reaching 35-40 mph it come on. Shut it off. Turn it on. No light. Same thing after 35-40mph it is bac

Its possible. Any weak connection can be a factor.Any chance the belt is slipping ? ... Chrysler PT Cruiser

The alternator will not charge the battery but AutoZone tested the alternator good then they said it could be the battery well it also tested good. I called a mechanic and he said it could be the wire in the back of the alternator that charges the battery. he told me to run a wire from that post on the back of the alternator to the battery which I did still the battery light is on and it is not charging can someone help me please!!!!

You need someone to test the charging system on the truck.The warning light is on when the alternator is not producing power. The yellow white wire going to the alternator is on a 15amp fuse and it could be dead. ... 1995 Ford Explorer 4.0

2003 Ford Taurus, Replaced alternator 3 x, replaced battery 2x, ABS Light, Battery Light, Airbag Light, Brake light all come on, car does not show RPM's when this happens and eventually will not show speed either. Once stopped and turn car off, cannot restart. Same symptoms that lead the replacement of the Alternator. What's wrong with my car? Techs say either alternator again or computer. Alternator tested low at 12. Whatever that means.


Alternator problem? I just replaced the battery in my 2006 Ford Focus. The next day the alternator warning light flickered on and off two or three times while driving. I took it to Sears who tested the alternator and said it was bad and wanted $550.00 to repair. I am still driving the car and the light has not come back on and the car is driving fine. Is there a way I can test the alternator myself. If the alternator is bad wouldn't the light stay on all the time?

Check battery voltage with engine off. should be @ 12.5v\015\012check with engine running at about 1500 rpms. It should be @ 14 volts. If yes, it is ok. I think you are ok.\015\012Please rate higly if htis helps\015\012\015\ ... 2006 Ford Focus

I have a 1995 Toyota Tercel when accelerating my battery light comes on. I took it in to Autozone today and replaced the battery because it was dead. They then ran the test with a new battery and said battery, starter, and alternator is fine. When the battery light comes on all the lights get brighter.

... 1995 Toyota Tercel

My battery light used to come on periodically then starting this week it comes on and stays on. The abs light is on also, does this mean the alternator is gone or something as easy as the brushes in the alternator? The battery is new the connections are all clean. Any help would be helpful. I just purcheased this car a month ago and not wanting to sink a ton of money into it

... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback
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