Having problems with your 1997 Pontiac Grand Am ?

I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE and it has not been running for some time now. A few weeks ago it wouldn't start and just locked the key. We thought it was a battery problem but that was not the case. We had to leave it for a few hours then when we came back late at night it started again. We figured it was the starter so we had it changed and the old one was rusted and falling apart. I went to leave and the battery light came on so they checked around a little more. Anytime after that for awh

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Answers :

Its probably the anti theft making it so the starter doesnt start when it should. Check out this link
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

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I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE and it has not been running for some time now. A few weeks ago it wouldn't start and just locked the key. We thought it was a battery problem but that was not the case. We had to leave it for a few hours then when we came back late at night it started again. We figured it was the starter so we had it changed and the old one was rusted and falling apart. I went to leave and the battery light came on so they checked around a little more. Anytime after that for awh

Its probably the anti theft making it so the starter doesnt start when it should. Check out this link\015\012\015\012http://vatspasslockpasskeys ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

2001 ford focus zetec td di 1753cc . Battery and alternator has been changed all connections checked for security but battery losing charge and car will not start. Ok if i use car every day but if i leave for even one day battery not up to starting car. Ford main dealer says it could be computer fault,but their not sure. Reluctant to spend more money on such an old car. Your advice?

There is something that is not turning off. It possibly could be the computer. The way that I find problems like this is to remove and reinstall the fuses one at a time. DC voltage will arc when something is drawing a load. When you put the fuses bac ... 2003 Ford Focus

My 1993 Eurovan won't crank. I turn the key and nothing! Not even clicks. If I am lucky I get one click, but that is it. Here is what I have done so far - Changed the battery (the old one wouldn't hold a charge anyhow) Changed starters (when I was taking out the old one to get it checked one of the leads to the starter solenoid broke so I had to) Cleaned the leads from the battery cables, including the first ground hookup and all the little wires on both clamps. One time, after changing

I would say that you do not have a good ground/connection on your battery. I haven't looked at your clamps so I would say replace them, if you are sure they are still good. Then make sure they are tight and can not turn them when they are tight. Hope ... 1993 Volkswagen Eurovan

Keyless Remote I went to change the battery in my keyless remote and when I took the old one out a small part came out and now I don't know where it goes.

What does the part look like? ... 2001 Volvo V70

Hello i have a 95 ge prisum and i went to start my car. when i turned the key to on everything was fine, the moment that i try to start it, i hear clicking then power dies out untill i disconect the battery and reconnect no power when the key is to the on position but in the acc and the off positon i have power. now i changed the battery and charged my old one, the same thing happens i changed the starter and nothing different. i thoght abvout the igintion coil but i have never changed one that

Check the ground wire from the battery to the engine is clean and tight. ... 1990 Geo Metro

I have a 2000 Ford Focus , a/t, which I just aquired. Changed the Battery with new one and now can not start the car at all. Car came with only one key, not original and is a transponder key. Ignition turns and lights come on, but car starter won't turn when turned to start position. Was acting/starting randomly before battery change. Can the transponder key be faulty? it seems as if this is what is happening. I haven't yet been able to get to the starter to bypass,These cars set so low and appe

I just got a Focus myself with "special" key. Only came with one. You can't start car if key is not a transponder key. If yours was intermittantly working, I'd guess you now have a bad key.\015\012You cannot make key yourself. You have to get ... 2000 Ford Focus

Changed battery on 2003 toyota echo but when i put the new one in and start i have no power the new battery is fully charged 12.7 volts put old battery back in car starts is there a special procedure for changing batteries on this vehicle or am i missing something thank you

Check the new battery posts(connections if side terminal) alot of the battery companies put a protective coating on and it has to be removed. Use wire brush or sandpaper to clean them and you should be fine. ... 2001 Toyota Echo

Two weeks ago, when I went to Acura deller for oil change, they sugested me change the battery, since I never got a problem for start, so i did not change the battary. But next day I can not start my car, I went to O'reilly auto part got a new battary. one week late, I can not start my car again, I jump start the car and went to O'reilly test the battary, the battary is ok. the old Acura battary is 550 CCA, the new one not a Acura battary,is 720 CCA. to day I start my car without problem, could

First make sure the terminal and posts are clean and greased.\015\012\015\012Then make sure the alternator belt is tight.\015\012\015\012The type of battery makes no difference as long as it fits. \015\012\015\012 ... 2003 Acura 3.2TL

2000 grand am saturday battery light and abs light came on. tested car altanator low so I changed it. Drove it an hour out of town then back sunday. Then monday it doesnt start, cranks but no turn over. Changed battery, had altanator checked, changed one coil pak that tested bad and still no turn over. someone help.

It sounds like an a EMS problem. have I hope you have a mate with the same modle of vehicle as yours as yours, and will let you swap over for a trail, or look in a breakers yard/reconditioned company, who will let you try before you buy, on recondito ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Fisher minute mount drains battery after 2 to 3 movements of plow, can hear a click under the hood and battery gage shows only 8 volts, have to wait till battery recharges and another click is hear the low will respond again till nes set of adjustment of plow. Did not have problem until afer I replaced pump motor with a new one. Old pump was quieter also. Old pump negative post some how came loos and stopped working.

... Cars & Trucks

My 2004 chevy cavalier last week i was leaving the store and the light to pull out of the shopping center my battery light come on and car died. a jump wouldnt start it back up i changed the battery and it started. the next day i ran to a few places and something happened again. come to a light and battery light came on and died. now it won't start at all. i had the fuel filter changed but still nothing.

If the electrical system is not keeping the battery charged you should clean the contacts on the battery terminals and wires and then if that doesn't work your alternator might be fried, its what restores the power to the battery after starting... if ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

How to change a 2010 Subaru Legacy battery, do I need to hook up with another battery first before I disconnect with the old one.

Its possible, sometimes the new vehicles work with anti-theft systems; confirm with your owners manual battery procedure or ask your dealer. ... 2010 Subaru Legacy

Starting problem my engine light came on four days before it wouldn't start i bought and new starter cause old one had play in it its still making a clicking noise from the starter just like the old one its grounded the battery is good and the relay is good cause the starer wants to turn so there power there . could it be a fan clutch or the computer?

Have truck scanned for trouble code some stores such as auto zone /advanced do it for free the code will give u a start point ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I took my 1996 ford Taurus wagon because engine light was on and belt was making noise. He changed the belt and bank 2cencer 1&2 02 censor. The engine light and seat belt light came on and won't go off. I went to Auto zone they told me to disconnect battery for a hour. I did that, lights were off for about a mile came right back on. Now what do I do? Take the car back in or have Auto zone change the codes, to see if the sensor he put in is bad or wrong one???

Lets start at the beginning. You need to write down the actual trouble codes, then clear the codes, then see if they come back. The codes that come back tell a mechanic what to check, not what to replace.You may need to try a different shop ... Cars & Trucks

Electrical problem i have an 02 camry... my car was struggling to start and i got the battery checked...that was the problem so i got that replaced. when i changed the battery out with the old one i started the car and once i lifted my foot off the gas the car shuts off...if any one has any guesses plz e-mail me today or asap. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

The idle is controlled by the on board computer and other modules. Since you disconnected the battery, your computer needs time to reset to your modules operating parameters. After 5 miles or so of driving you should begin to see things stabilize the ... 2002 Toyota Camry

I have a 2004 Envoy XL. The passenger side dim headlamp went out about 2 weeks ago and I replaced it. On Friday, I was leaving a meeting and I noticed my neither one of my headlamps were on, then I hit a bump and they came on. This evening, I was leaving to go somewhere and got in my Envoy, turned the lights on and neither dim headlamp came on. I tried changing the fuses out but still nothing. High beam headlamps work, parking lights work and fog lights work, but my low beams do not. What could

Had both low beams go out on my 04 Envoy about 5 years ago. Don't have the service receipt but IIRC it was a bad module that controls the lights. The dealership replaced it for free even though my vehicle was out of warranty ... GMC Envoy XL

"2002 ford F250 7.3 diesel with ABS trouble light on" , batteries were just changed and light came on after batteries were replace. Old batteries failed early, only 44 months into 85 month warranty. Both batteries failed load test. No problems prior to battery failure and subsequent ABS light coming on.

... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab

I changed the plugs one by one, and the spark plugs wires one by one. but now it seems the truck is weaker than it was. know what the problem could be? it sputters as you rev the truck up. it was fine with the old wires but not this problem with the new ones.... any ideas of what it could be. the engine light came on, i reset it after i pulled each wire, and reconnected it with to make sure they were fully connected. now no engine light but truck still seems weak. any ideas of what it could be?

Are you sure you had the right firing order .....Also have you checked if the plug wires are oem spec sometimes auto parts stores mess up and give you the wrong ones ... 1999 Ford Explorer

I have a 2001 Pt Cruiser. The battery light came on all the lights went out the car still drove for about 4 min then it died. Replaced the alternator (the old one was bad) and still the battery light is on. Had battery starter and drainage tested no problem. No check engine light. You can drive it but only as long as the battery lasts . What else could it be?

Check wiring in your. I also own a Chrysler and the electric map manual says that it can be the battery the alternator or the car's wiring. Check for faulty wires and fuses, also for a short circuit (those can make battery die in a short time dependi ... 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My 1999 Dodge Intripid airbag light came on. No accisident or anything. My husband disconnected the battery as suggested by my father who is an old mechanic. My husband reconnected the battery, but I don't believe he left if off long enough. My dad said he should have left the cable off the battery and then turn the car key twice and then connect the battery after ten minutes to reset the senors. Or is there a fuse we can change or something.

There is a problem with the SRS (airbag system). Due to the inherent danger of working\015\012on the system, I recommend you take it to a professional for repair (Dodge dealer).Have a great day! ... Dodge Intrepid

The battery was drained and changed to a brand new one after 3 days the new battery is drained again... tried to leave the engine on to recharge the battery but engine died out... seems like it doesnt recharge the battery... had the alternator checked its still good what must be the problem...


I bought a new battery for my 2000 sonata, and then after putting in the battery, the car would not turn on. So we checked the clamps and everything to make sure they were connected. And after switching back to my old battery and back to the new one we got the car back working. So when I went to leave the store, the car would sputter badly, and now i cannot go over 20 mph. any ideas? I watched the guy put the battery in and even helped in and he did nothing wrong, so this whole problem is weird

The alarm system may have to relearn,and the body control module may have to relearn,I would drive it a long distance to see if this stands true.Also,most of the time you have to get the e c m re flashed at the dealer,it is a wonder it stated at all. ... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

When i turn the key i get nothing but instrament cluster lights i had a problem with the alternator overcharging the battery i had it changed when it came back from mechanic the car would not start,the battery acid got everywhere so i cleaned and replaced battery terminals and cleaned ground wires, one important note ,before i brought the car to the mechanic the car started and the battery boiled over thats when we figured it was the alternator, thank you for your time ,paul pallotta

... 1999 Mercury Cougar

One day my 1999 Dodge ram 1500 truck will start and if i leave it over night the next morning I will go out and it does not start, have to jump it. Changed alternator as well as new battery

Sounds like you have a draw in your electrical system. You will need a multi meter capable of measuring amperage. With the key out of the ignition, and the doors closed disconnect the positive cable from the battery. Hook one lead of your meter to th ... 1999 Dodge Ram

My starter i had my altenator checked and my battery both in brand new condition i changed my starter and when the battery cable is placed back on the starter turns on withoput the key bein in the ignition i had the starter taken back out and tested its workin fine the old one was tested it dont work so i know i got the right part but why would it turn on and spin when the battery is connected without the key bein in the ignition ??could it be the wires are wrong even if its hooked up the same w

Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Then disconnect both wires on the starter/solenoidOne of these wires is a big one that comes from the battery. It is probably a red wire and about the size of the wires that connect to the batte ... 2000 Nissan Maxima
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