Having problems with your 1998 Chevrolet Malibu ?

Every thing has been checked - new plugs, sensor, pump, injectors all working fine - but the car turns over just won't fire - Could bad gas cause this? - Car was running fine turned off at work came out 8 hrs later hasn't workd since - I had just put 3/4 fuel injecton cleaner in gas that morning and I had 1/2 tank of gas worked fine to get me to work. Could it be I got some bad gas and the Injector cleaner thinned it too much?

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Answers :

Fuel injector cleaner is very powerful. Most bottles caution against using a whole bottle with less than a full tank of gas. Smaller cars with smaller gas tanks are advised not to use a whole bottle.
\012I did have an experience myself once where I had put too much in, and it led to blowing out several valves.
\012As a precautionary measure I would do my best to fill the tank the rest of the way up very, very soon.
\012Bad gas generally wont keep a car from starting, but, sometimes we let our gas tank get very low and that allows years of gunk in the bottom of the gas tank to be pumped into the fuel line.
\012You should be able to have your fuel filter removed, and checked to see if gunk in your gas line is the problem.
\012I hope this helps.
I would suspect water in the gas, as the injection treatment wouldn't affect it like this. Take a sample of the gas from the test port on the fuel rail that's on the intake manifold. You should be able to see if there's water in the gas.
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Every thing has been checked - new plugs, sensor, pump, injectors all working fine - but the car turns over just won't fire - Could bad gas cause this? - Car was running fine turned off at work came out 8 hrs later hasn't workd since - I had just put 3/4 fuel injecton cleaner in gas that morning and I had 1/2 tank of gas worked fine to get me to work. Could it be I got some bad gas and the Injector cleaner thinned it too much?

Fuel injector cleaner is very powerful. Most bottles caution against using a whole bottle with less than a full tank of gas. Smaller cars with smaller gas tanks are advised not to use a whole bottle.\012\012I did have an experience myself ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

Perfectly running 2002 Avalahche 110k miles 5.3 4wd with engine at 3000RPM on highway misses as if about to kill then works fine for 20 miles or so.... recently changed oil and air filter. Could it be Bad gas?, bad fuel filter? This started happenning after battery went dead from car being stored without running for 4 months and putting a new battery. Could it also be injectors being gummed up from lack of use?

I would replace the fuel filter and if you are using the gas from 4 months ago then you should put some stabilizer in the tank. Also, inspect the plugs, if they are black then replace them. If you are using new gas then put some lucas fuel treatmen ... 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche

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Try cleaning the battery post and also try starting it in nuetral. ... 1987 Dodge Ram 50

Car would start idle really bad. Take off really bad spitting and sputtering then smooth out and be ok to drive. @ stop and start again did fine. It was hit and miss. Changed plugs and wires, still runs bad. Now it won't even idle. It'll idle when you spray carb cleaner into it but when you stop spraying it stops running as if its not getting gas. I hear the fuel hum when I turn the key. Could the fuel pump be bad?

Fuel pump may not supply enough pressure to run engine, but it could be a pluged fuel filter as well. you should get the code pulled out of the computer this will tell you exactly what is wrong or at least narrow down what is causing the problem. It ... 1996 Honda Accord

After hurrican sandy, I put some bad gas in the truck due to the gas shortage going on around here. This totally shot my system and I drained all the fuel and filled up when i could with a full tank of good high octane gas. From there i drove a clear and free 50 miles to my destination and my car sat for a few days. Got back in to drive home and the truck was losing power on the highways. I have changed the fuel filter and spark plugs and have been spraying carb cleaner but nothing has been work

Have check your fuel pump? ... 1991 Isuzu Pickup

I have a 2003 Toyota celica gt and about a month ago had a new radio installed, yesterday when I got in to drive it my dash light, tach, speedometer, and gas gauge weren't working, my car is a 5 speed so when I park it I usually put it in neutral and pull the e-break, during the day my lights are now all working fine, but at night when my head lights are on I loose all my dash lights? I have herd it is a tail light relay could of gone bad but I can't find it! I have looked everywhere for a diagr

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I have a 2004 Chevy impala, it recently shut down n stopped working ... I thought it may have been bad fuel so I put fuel cleaner the car ran for about 2 hours but it still had to b driven on breaks n gas at the same time when I stopped now it won't start. I've changed fuel filter, fuel pump, crank sensors spark plugs wires, new battery etc. it now starts but when I place it in gear it kills. What else could it be?

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Help. 2000 Avalon Toyota upon starting, "sometimes" has sputtering and stalling. I will give it gas, and wait until warned up. Or, I will drive in 2nd gear so the RPMs will go up. Sometimes, car works fine for weeks, then same problem. Replaced Fuel and Main relays last week, but replacements did not help. Fuel Injection cleaner twice did not help. Cat Converter is only 2 years old. No Check Engine Light is on. Could this be a fuel filter problem? Thoughts/Suggestions for a non mecha

\015\012toyota has an idle air valve\015\012locate the valve on the throttle body\015\012unplug and remove it as an assembly\015\012off the car it can be disassemb ... 2000 Toyota Avalon

2009 Honda Fit with 66,000 miles (I know....I drive everyday for work). Last week it when I was idling it would sputter. Figured it was bad gas. Went to get oil changed and had them take a look at fuel filter. Said everything was fine but that I needed the Transmission oil changed and it was dirty. They suggested that I get fuel injection cleaner. I did that and everything was back to normal for two days until this afternoon. I drove car all day with no problems and on my way home it started mak

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I was driving my car when the gas pedal stoped working, I stoped the car on the side of the road, the engine was still running but i could not move. (there were no weard sounds or movments in the car) I turned off the car and it would not restart (it dose turn over). I though it was the fuel pump, but that is working fine, as well as, the fuel filter. Any ideas what could have happend?

Sounds like your throttle cable is unhooked ... 2001 Daewoo Lanos

I have a 1997 jimmy. When it's cold, it runs and revs up fine. Once it's warm however, if you give it the gas slowly it will rev and hold fine but if you try to work the pedal in a normal way it bogs and backfires almost as if it's getting gas but can't fire properly. Also, even though the fuel pump seems to be working fine there is a constant high pitch noise. I'm thinking maybe this could be due to a bad vacuum. Any suggestions?

This almost sounds like the big vacuum line that runs off the back of the throttle body, the one that controls the PCV valve. I would check that first, also clean the PCV valve (should rattle when shaken), it may be stuck open, and look at the vacuu ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

Stopped to get gas car was running fine. Started car after filling now car wont run. Sputters and such. thought it was bad gas ran tank down to 1/4 and refilled and still have problem. Could the pump be bad?

Start off by replacing the fuel filter and spark plugs. If it still runs bad then check your fuel pump with a multimeter for consistency. If your fuel pump is ok then go ahead and replace the spark plug wires and oxygen sensor. ... Nissan Altima

Just picked up 2000 vw beatle with bad battery,car turns over fine with new battery, is not getting fuel, is there a fuel cut off switch like the fords? is fuel pump in tank or frame rail on passeger side,car reads full tank of gas, could computer be telling pump not to run. spray statrting fluid in breather car runs then cut off. unhooked 3 lines going to fuel rail and noticed no gas coming out when turning motor over, could fuel pump be that cloged up.

Sounds like and imbolizer problem "anti theft" call the dealer they can walk you thru the reset procedure ? ... Volkswagen Beetle

I pulled into the gas station the other day, and turned the car off. I walked in and back out and went to start the car. It wasn't turning over. Car has ran fine for 170k and now this. I replaced the ignition module and it still didn't fix. Gas pump works fine and my battery was drained over this first night. Now the battery will barely hold a charge and I don't know what the problem is? Would a bad battery cause this to happen?

Yes it can, if the battery has a weak or dead cell in it, it won't hold a charge, also the alternator should be checked to see if it's charging the battery, it should put out between 14 to 15 volts. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

Car is overheating since it got tow, thermostad was change , it work fine for a day then it start again overheating. similar situation happen a year ago when my husband put a 87 gas, but then it fix itself after filled the tank with 93 gas, and a gas treatment. my husband just confess to fill the car with regular gas. could this be the reason the car is overheating?

You need to check to see if the cooling fans are coming on properly. ... Honda Civic

Where is the fuel relay for a 1993 volvo 850 glt located? Ran out of gas a few weeks back, car wouldn't start a week after that. Replaced distributor cap and plugs, went to change fuel pump but it seems to be working fine (after taking it out and trying to put another one in, found that it works when hooked up to the battery.) Is it the pump relay? The injector relay? Where are those located? Could it be something else entirely? Car is 60 miles from home in a parking lot with the gas tank ta


Have a 2004 cavilier code is PO 455 DTC could it be a gas cap it is not the original, one I purchased from auto parts store for my car.. My car is running fine does not sound bad at all,replaced a part already it was a part that you would hook the smoke tester into. and the light came back on after a few miles driven, could an after market gas cap be the problem??? also what would happen if i kept driving on it , I am going to take it 1000 miles with a 4x8 u-haul..

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Anytime I fill up my gas tank, my car won't start. I have used different gas stations. Filled my car up when its half full or a quarter fill. Normally I can get the car to start but slowly pressing on the gas pedal, but I have had to have it jumped once. I took it to an auto shop who told me the battery was fine and that they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I also tried to put fuel cleaner in it from wal mart which didn't work either. Any suggestions would help

Our 2000 sonata has been doing this for 2 years, nobody can figure it out, lots of new parts with no success. Only thing that does work if get gas with the car running, it still has some bog down when you go to take of but clears right and and don't ... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

Car hesitating 2004 Chev. Cav. when i start my car, the engine light blinks and the car putters. When I drive, i smell gas and the car sucks gas bad!! I have changed the ALL the parts that have to do with the spark plugs, includ. the coil pack and boots, spark plugs, the silver ignition piece on top of the coil pack. That silver ignition piece on top of the coil pack screws into the top of the piece that goes over where the cap to the spark plugs go- I changed that and the car worked fine for ab

It might be a long shot, but i have a 04 cavalier and i once smelled gas and had a putter issue. Turns out the fuel pressure regulator basically sits on the fuel rail with one screw on the side. Over time, the regulator either goes bad or becomes u ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Daughter's 1999 Jetta; smelled burnt rubber when leaving work last week. Car ran fine. Yesterday, started squealing (sounded like belt slipping) when started. Later in day, she turned car off and sat with ac on-battery went dead, also car ran out of gas at same time. Car jumped, gas added-went to drive and has no power steering. Before I call tow truck, could it (hopefully) be lack of transmission fluid?

It sounds like the alternator belt or the alternator is going bad. The squealing sound was probably the alternator belt. the alternator belt might need to get tightened or replaced or you may need a new alternator. The alternator keeps the battery ch ... 1999 Volkswagen Jetta

My 2003 chevy trailblazer ls rpm gage has completly stopped working. when it first started going bad it would work on occasion and now the needle doesnt even move from 0. my car feels and sounds like it is shifting when it should its just the gage that doesnt work. what could cause this? is it a bad sensor, wires or something all my other gages work fine its just the rpm gage. if anyone knows how i can fix this problem please let me know what i need to check i want to be able to fix it myself if

... 1996 Audi A4

While driving to school today, my car died while driving. The battery if fine because the radio kept playing and the car turns over when I turn the key but it won't start. I checked the belts and they're fine. I changed the ignition cables. I checked my oil. I had a half a tank of gas when this occurred. I checked the spark plugs and they seem fine. I checked the EGI relay and it works fine as well. I've been reading that it could be the fuel pump or fuel filter, is this accurate? Also,

First you need to see if you have a fuel or ignition problem. Also check and make sure the timing belt didn't break. Chek and make sure you are getting spark. Check the timing belt first. You need to know if the crank and cam are both turning. The v= ... 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata

My car has been running perfectly since I got it. I got a full service oil change done on it less than a week before the incident. I fill up the tank and went to pull out from the gas station and the car stalled out at around 15 mph. Whenever I accelerated to around 15 mph the car would **** and if I let off the gas it would stall and shut off. I was curious and put it back on the road to see if I could get past 15mph and surprisingly it works perfectly fine one it passes 15mph. It is an

You may have gotten bad gas. The tanks have sediment and water and whatever in the bottom at the service stations, if the gas was being dumped in the tanks during your fillup or shortly before, water may have been pumped into your gas tank. You can ... 1997 Saturn SL

The car has been working fine all day. now the fans don't work and the car is stalling when i turn it on. it will run when i keep my foot on the gas for a little while then the rpm goes under 1 and wants to shut off, then i could drive it, but cant turn on the heat because it makes crazy noises. what is the problem? the car just got fixed.

TAKE IT BACK TO WHO "FIXED" IT !!!! ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2000 Honda CRV, and this morning I went to the gas station to fill up, my car was running fine all the way there, and I let it run while pumping gas, I went in and paid came out and my car was no longer running. I tried to start it and it turns over and has fire, but will not start, I added water remover let it sit and still the same. So I was wondering if maybe there is a fuel shut off switch? If there is where is it? Or could it just be bad gas? The needle was on empty when I went to

Shoot some ether into your air intake hose a few times. i agree it sounds like you got water in gas. ive had the same problem twice over the years and this worked for me hope2help shack ... 2000 Honda CR-V
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