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My 98 Explorer failed emissions, the fault code is PO455, "Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (large leak). Should I have it retested as a first step in trying to solve this?

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My 98 Explorer failed emissions, the fault code is PO455, "Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (large leak). Should I have it retested as a first step in trying to solve this?

... 1998 Ford Explorer

What is the most likely cause of DTC P0445 & P0441 Evap System Leak Detected (Large Leak)... I do get a strong unburn gas smell everytime I fill up. I try to see if any of the fuel lines are leaking but didn't see any physical leaks. The only thing I can think is the vapors not being exhausted properly. Does anyone has a possible cure for my concerns??? Thanks, Chris

The most common cause for these codes are a bad gas cap the seal wears down after a while. It could also be the charcoal canister has a crack or is damaged. ... Hyundai Elantra

My E46 330Ci convertible closes to within 1" but then doesn't lock down (and won't go back). If I press the release button under the back seat, I can then get it to close the last inch and lock down (just by holding the closing button as per usual). Then it opens OK, but then I have the same problem trying to close it again. The local dealer claims it is the hydraulic pump that is faulty, and is asking $3500 to replace same as a "first step" to solving my problem. Does this make any sense? Any o


Evap leak I have a 2007 audi a6 3.2 quattro and cannot find the large vapor leak(PO455). I initially had a small vapor leak, was told it was the purge valve, had it repaired then a large vapor leak code appeared. No one could find it and finally I was told it was the leak detection pump. Replaced leak detection pump and code came back on 2 days later. Any feedback would be appreciated as I am about to lose my mind spending

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P0455 (M) Evap Leak Monitor Large Leak Detected A large leak has been detected in the evaporative system.

... 2001 Jeep Wrangler

Evap large leak detected. troubleshoot code: PO455 . ECM has detected a large leak in the evap system during a symtem monitor test. Engine light has not come off , after new fuel cap, and fuel filter instaled.

The charcoal canister that absorbs the fumes is in engine area-u see a hose attached to it ina corner--inspect hose rite down to the gas tank as well as all parts of system--itz an EPA thing and doesnt effect car performance ... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

Service engine light on today. Took to auto Zone. Printout said: AAEVAP large leak detcted. Printout explanation: 88-The ECH has detected a large leak in the EVAC system during system monitor test. Probale cause: 881- defective or loose fuel cap. 882- EVAP canister broke, hose crack or not connected. 003- Purge or vent solanoid defective. 883- Purge or vent solenoid defective. 884- Vacuum leak at engine.

Can't tell you any more than you have on printoutNeed a repair shop to diagnose what you were given ... Buick LeSabre

2004 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 eco Automatic 94,000 miles Trouble Code: PO455 Evaporative, Emisson Control Leak, Detected Large Leak. Question: Between the EVAP canister purge solenoid valve, and the EVAP Canister, near the gas tank which one of the two would, cause Dected Large Leak PO455 All hoses & connenctions Look Good!. Thank You!

In my experience the usual culprit is the evap cannister. the problem is it gets moisture in it and freezes during winter thus cracking the plastic. if you lay under the car and look at the evap box it black plastic and if you see a loose or cracke ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 1998 volvo V70 XC had two eng light codes: 1) P0442 evap leak small and 2) P0455 evap leak large. I replaced the fuel tank gas cap for a new one and reset the codes with OBDII. After I drove 100 miles a code P0455 evap leak large turned on. I'm not sure what to look first, charcoal canister, any fuel lines on top of gas tank. Please help. thanks

A 0.040 leak has been detected in the \015\012\011\011\011\011\011evaporative system. (A faulty gas cap may cause this code). \015\012\011\011\011\011\011Also see\015\012\011\011\011\011\011 ... 1998 Volvo V70

When trying to start my vehicle I just get a clicking sound, this occurs several times then eventually it starts, I first assumed it was battery problems I had another battery available so I tried jump starting but this did not solve the problem, I then cleaned the terminals on the battery bu this failed. This problem was only occurring intermittently but now it is becoming more frequent and I feel that eventually it will let me down. If you can help me solve this problem it would be very muc

Sounds like the starter is going bad. ... 2004 Dodge Dakota

I have 1991 s10 blazer and the engine code p0456 emission leak small leak detected and p0300 random misfire detected. What exactly is the first one an how do I fix it??

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I experience the front end not coming up, but no issues in the rear end. The compressor is running. It first started intermittently, meaning I started the car, compressor came on and kept running, front end stayed down - next try, after a cup of coffee, it came up fine, but I noted frequent (every minute or so) compressor operations. First I though, sure, must be leak in the airbags in the front. But if, they must leaking so badly that the front end should lower itself fairly quickly when th

Hello, there can be simple fixes to some of these problems. You can find out a lot with a spray bottle of soapy water. I will mention a few parts and I know there are photos on the internet of the actual parts with step by step instructions and wir ... 2004 Lincoln Navigator

When i first got my mitsubishi lancer it would leak a little oil when the air con was turned right up, i was told this before i took it. Took it on a 3 hour trip on a hot day with air con going, down motorways ect parked up at my destination left about an hour later noticed a fair size puddle of oil had leaked in the time it was sitting. every now and again it would leak large amounts of oil last time i changed my oil after inspection i suspect it may be a crank seal prob udging from oil spray s

Front oil seal or valve cover seal ... 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer

Leak from radiator after flushing. left side bottom. then used stop leak product, helped at first but resumed steady flow leak from right side bottom of radiator. solved overheating until loss of too much fluid. is it a hose or the plug? where are they located. what do they look like? thankyou also the heater has been removed.

The newer radiators have plastic sides clamped on them now,so stop leak doesn't work on plastic,you'll need to pull it out and take it too a radiator shop or replace it. ... 1995 Ford Taurus

I have a 2001 ford taurus and its leaking coolant i fixed my first leak which was the assembly coming out of the firewall all those hoses and thought i was done but now a couple months later a new leak a slow one ive looked everywhere takin my passenger side tire off to try to get a better look but nothing it looks like its coming somewhere near the water pump but i dont seeing anything really wet from it when i look under the car i can see a trail from above my exhaust with some wet bolts but c

I'm assuming it's a 3.0L engine. Could you please confirm? If all else fails, most rad shops have a dye they add to coolant, then use a blacklight to shine all around and pinpoint where it's coming from, as the dye glows, when hit with the blacklight ... 2001 Ford Taurus

A light on upper dash came on, same time gas leak on passenger side a drip, friend over filled tank. It stopped gas drip when gas cap tightened and was checked for leak in tank. It has happend today. Tank not full but after an hour drive leak a large amount down tube on passenger side in rear, light on dash back on, cap retightened and stopped will check in morning after rain stops. I am in wheelchair, husband passed and kids and friends drive me. No one knows what to do. First time this h

Sounds like your canister vent valve is blocked or the charcoal canister is flooded with fuel. if you drive alot of dirt roads you can clog this vent valve causing backpressure in the tank. you may have to go to a reputable service shop so they can ... 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

Received P0455 Evap System Large Leak Detected - 2004 Cavalier

Your problem is probably a vacuum hose that goes from the purge valve to the gas tank (crack or broken hose). There should be two of these check both. A broken vacuum line will make the purge valve make a clicking noise that can be mistaken for noisy ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

66EVAP large leak detected

... 2006 Ford F-150

(5 mustang can someone tell me how to refill my 134a step by step finaly got my Vac leak fixed and air now blows out vent but its not that cool wanna try and add a can to see if it help before I spend half a years salary replaceing the entire system

Go to link\015\012http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a6LNAOLXqU ... 1995 Ford Mustang

My 1993 GMC k2500 truck with a 454. When started it tries to die inless i hold it about a quarter to the floor. And when i drive and try to step into it it chokes and sputters. I have changed the fuel filter, wires, plugs. I have taken off the throttle body and cleaned it very well and put a new gasket on. I am getting gas. I have no vaccum leaks. Could the throttle pos sensor do this? or could it be cap and rotor? Does this motor have a mass air flow sensor? I dont show one on any parts stores

Your idle air control motor could be siezing up. Take it off and try cleaning it up with intake cleaner (be sure not to let i the clean seep into the motor portion of it), or just replace it.This engine doesnt use a mass air flow sensor ... 1993 GMC Sierra K2500

I have a 2003 dodge dakota with a 4.7 v8 with about 126,000 miles the other morning I went out and started it and pulled out of the garage and shut it off I notiest some fluid leaking down from the front of engine buy timing cover gasket it only seams to leak at first start up can anyone tell me what kinds of problems I may or may not be looking at and what steps I should take thank you

That sounds like ur front seal is giving up it will leak firsthing but it stops onence the engine gets worm but need to be fix or it will get worst ... 2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

My 2004 stick shift Saturn Ion has a problem getting into gear. I step on the clutch and the car turns on fine, but when I step on the clutch and try to shift it inot first gear it doesn't let me. Some days before this happend I removed the clutch pedal under the steering wheel to fix it since the stick coming from the front (engine place) that attached to the pedal was coming off loose. So I removed that stick as well (a little oil came out), and after fixing the pedal problem I placed it back

That rod stays in there when fixing the pedal you probably need a new clutch master cylinder now ... 2004 Saturn ION

2003 Taurus 24V DOHC, have engine oil covering oil pan. I thought is was the oil pan gasket, mechanic did not seem to think so. Put dye in and trying to find the leak source. Is there a common leak problem with this engine to look at first?

Oil leak can be attributed to several factors.1. Gasket failure.2. Uncontrolled Crank case pressure Failure.RECOMENDATION:Tighten both the valve cover and oil pan bolts.Replace the Positive Crankcase Ventilation Va ... 2003 Ford Taurus

Do you have step by step instructions on replacing the heater blend actuator motor myself on a 1997 Lincoln Town Car (Signature Series). I am trying to save the large labor charge. Thank you.

My friend, no one has step by step instructions on these kinds of procedures that actually help the lay, backyard mechanic. That is why auto mechanics go to school for years to learn how to do these things. (And truth be know about it - they hate t ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 1992 Celica with a gas leak in the front of the car toward the back of the engine. At first it only smelled like gas but now I have a large gas leak right at my front left tire. Is this the fuel line?

That is the right area. Check the fuel filter which should be clipped to the inner guard in that area. Suggest you do a through degrease and clean of your engine bay ( leave the engine running and don't hose the distributor ) , it makes i ... 1992 Toyota Celica
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