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A couple of weeks ago I hit a pot hole that was covered in water and couldn't tell it was there until to late and my Lincoln Navigator 98' started shaking badly right after I hit the pot hole. Now every time I start the suv it shakes a lot. And when I press the gas to go it shakes even worse. And now the Engine light came on and keeps blinking. I was told it may just need a tune up. But it shakes way to much, and I no nothing about cars, what can be the problem? Please help!

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Answers :

It is most likely a coil electrical connection,or a coil that is shorted out,but you will have to have some one check the vehicle to see if that is the problem,from what you have said,this is the best solution .
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A couple of weeks ago I hit a pot hole that was covered in water and couldn't tell it was there until to late and my Lincoln Navigator 98' started shaking badly right after I hit the pot hole. Now every time I start the suv it shakes a lot. And when I press the gas to go it shakes even worse. And now the Engine light came on and keeps blinking. I was told it may just need a tune up. But it shakes way to much, and I no nothing about cars, what can be the problem? Please help!

It is most likely a coil electrical connection,or a coil that is shorted out,but you will have to have some one check the vehicle to see if that is the problem,from what you have said,this is the best solution . ... 1998 Lincoln Navigator

I have a 96 buick lesabre custom. it has about 110,000miles on it and about a week ago i hit a pot hole going about 25mph. now it shakes and vibrates like no other. when i was driving it, it would go along fine then id give her gas and it almost seemed like it didnt want to go. then it would slam into gear and vibrate the whole time. i was told it might be a rod within the trans, or....? what do u think?

Hmmm could be a cracked frame as well with that many miles on it the a frame would be all it needs to do this ...or ....it may be a bent rim ....a wheel bearing i guess to truly find out have someone knowledgeable look at it but im merely guessing fr ... 1996 Buick LeSabre

I hit a pot hole with my truck and when i try to start it the truck engine shakes violently and turns off

You broke the motor mounts. ... Ford Ranger

In 2007 I hit a pot hole on the front passenger side and i had to get a new tire and rim. When the dealership looked at my car they told me that I could have possibly tweeked my frame but they were not sure. About 8 months ago I have been having issues with the car shaking and it feels like it is about to fall apart. I have gotton new tires several time due to wear and tear on the front passenger side I have also gotton alignment upon alignment done also. Do you have any suggestions for me?

It sounds like definet frame damage. there is no surefire way of fixing due to it being a uniframe type. the only fix a shop can give you is lifetime alighnment deal and tires =( ... 2005 Hyundai Elantra

My security light is on and stays on. THE truck 1999 silverado starts and runs well. 300K. the headlights courtsey/dome and driver door lock are not worinking nor the key fab. I do not have a chip in the key the truck has been driven for several years without a chipped key. Some tech told to check the engine and body grounds. this happen a month ago and hit a pot hole and the system rebooted and work fine until now.

Try replacing the switch, that should take care of the problem.but if still the problem persists, then further troubleshooting is required.\015\012\015\012click this link below for more help:---\015\012 ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 2001 2500HD and when it first started the lights would go out when you moved the steering column up, now you have to move it up and down to even get them to come on and while driving down the road they will go off if you hit a pot hole or any sort of bump. I was told that this may be the bright switch located on the steering column but am not sure and dont have $500 to have someone fix it... any help would be appreciated!

Check the wires that go from the switch to the base of the steering column. There is a braket that the wires can rest on and cause all kinds of problems. I have seen it happen. Not for light but for starting problems ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

93 Dodge Spirit hit curb Hit curb on back driver side tire. Nothing wrong with tire but right after I hit the curb, my car started to shake and slow down. It turned off completely when at a stop. Oil light came on. Pressed gas and turned key, it got me home...smoke coming from engine. Oil spilling out..no hole or anything. Engine shakes..I still have a good amount of oil and transmission fluid. When I put it in drive, it shakes and rattles and turns off. I have no money for a mechanic..please h

The smoke came from the spilled oil leaking onto a hot surface ( manifold) No problem there. The oil light coming on was probably from the oil surging away from the oil pickup in the sump momentarily allowed the oil pump to suck air hence a drop in o ... Cars & Trucks

I ran over a high up man hole and it broke a hole in my engine. THe hole in the engine is about the size of a CD. you see through it and the oil pump is right there. its a 1995 volvo 960. im not sure what im looking for to fix. but all i konw is when i hit the man hole the compression was lost. car shut off and oil was EVERYWHERE. so i keep typing in oil pan. and that obviously isnt it. it is where the oil pump is located. please call wit the part name i should purchase. 803-370-5175 or email

Your engine is a paper weigh now. get a replacement is the best thing to do ... 1996 Volvo 960

I have a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 which when I hit a bump going over 20 mph the entire front end shakes so that you have to pull over for it too stop. It doesn't shake just going down the road if you don't hit a bump. Only when you hit a pot hole or bump.

I have checked different parts stores online and every one shows you should have a "steering damper" on your steering linkage. This damper is basically a shock absorber mounted sideways and attached to your linkage.\015\012See if you have one o ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

How do I get the pullies off the crank on a 94 Toyota truck? The engine is getting water in the oil and a mechanic said the water may be coming into the oil inside the timing cover. He said the timing chain may have cut a hole through the water line. I was trying to go inside the cover, but can't get the pullies off the crank. I thought I might pull the oil pan since I need to clean in there anyway to keep the engine from turning.

Do you have the crank pulley bolt loose? To loosen it, pull the starter and wedge something against the ring gear teeth on the flywheel-I often use a piece of wood in there, although a large screwdriver or prybar would also work. Put a socket on th ... Cars & Trucks

The engine oil in my VW polo (51reg) keeps running out and i have to keep topping it up. dont think there are any obious holes anywhere - as it doesnt leave oil on the drive. does anyone know what else it may be, what else may be causing this?

It sounds like its burning to much oil. May be time for for a valve job which is pretty costly try pouring a bottle of LUCAS oil stabilizer in your engine and see if that helps ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

The trac off, anti lock and service vehicle soon lights come on usually when there is a significant bump or pot hole in the road. They then stay on till the engine is shut off not coming on again till the next time a pot hole is hit. Last year the front wheel bearings were replaced which seemed to solve the problem for almost a year. The mechanic now says his computer isn't finding any issue at this time. Something must be wrong, can you help?

I think you just have a bad abs sensor, most times when a mechanic checks a sensor they will tap on it to see if a warning light comeson or goes off, since you say it only does this when you hit a bump or pothole i dont believe anything is wrong, as ... 2001 Buick Century

HHR stalls when driving down the road. I am riding down the road and hit a bump or pot hole. Last incident I was leaving a mcdonalds and as my right front tire came off the apron the engine lost power and all my lights went out. Low traction came up on the odemeter. The other two times it was pot holes and I lost all power including brakes and steering. Chevy dosn't want to touch this and says it never heard of this problem. What do I do. I am a widow with a nine yr old I drive in this ca

Check for loose electrical connections at battery,etc. ... Chevrolet HHR

The engine light on my 96 merc cougar XR7 is on. Car shakes bad when i accelerate and engine light begins to blink. I'm embaressed to say my engine light has been on for sometime but was told it c

The check engine light needs to be addressed. Yes it could be a sensor but you need to know.The light blinking means the problem is serious, such as a dead miss on one or more cylinders. The light being on means something is happening with the ... 1996 Mercury Cougar XR7

Clogged converter i have a 1990 toyota camry, it is overheated very fast, its catalytic converter is clogged and i drilled a few holes in it to let some of that stuff out to let it generate right, but it is not wanting to stay crankedand when the engine gets to a certain temperature, the sound of the engine changes and if you hit the gas all it does is shake and you hear a pinging sound in the engine and when you cut it off it wont crank again until it cools all the way back down. how do i fix i

... 2000 Nissan Frontier

My jeep keeps stalling on me and the check engine light never comes on, people tell me it may be the fuel pump. i have been told it cant be hooked to compuetr because of the check engine light not com

... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I ran over a huge hole in the road and my engine hit the concrete, now my oil light keeps coming on, im constantly putting oil in it even when the stick says i dont need it, now the check engine light is on,,,any ideas?

Hole in the sump leaking oil need to get it fixed will naff engine up \015\012if left ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

I just got a 1998 PLY Voyager 3.3 o.d. trans. 1. Problem lights blink on & off on rear wiper buttons.2. head lights stay on after i turn off engine day or night.3.Doors a jar dash light stays on.4.air bag dash light stays on.5. door locks don't work.6.check engine light comes on some times along with ABS light.I was told take it to the dealer get the body modgle reprogram.7. Dome light dosen't come on when door is open and the hole dash gos out some times.

Problem #1 The blinking lights in the rear wiper rear defrost area can be reset by holding 2 buttons of the 3 on the left hand side. The top and bottom buttons. Turn the key on and hold them for about 10 sec and they should start flashing differently ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

Car is shaking at all speeds....I do not recall hitting a pot hole! I bought car 2 weeks ago from dealer it had a slight shake at frist but not worth being concerned but in the matter of a couple days is very shaky....if anyone has any ideas def would appreciate some help!

It sounds like you just need to have a wheel balance done on all 4 wheels.Maybe just try balancing the front first. ... 2001 Lexus IS 300

I have a 1996 Mazda MPV where the engine fuse keep blowing. This happens after the battery was removed. Here is what happen. The alternator die one day. I replace the alternator and everything work fine. The next day when I drive the car I found the ABS light turns on every time I press on the accelerator. Somebody told me that the alternator that I put in may be defect. To find out if the new alternator is working, I shoudl removed the battery after the car is started. if the engine still

There is a diode in the alternator that you fried the instant you disconnected the battery....go get a new alternator. This was an acceptable test on much older cars, but not these days...... ... 1996 Mazda MPV

The clutch on the car keeps getting stuck, when the engines on it wont go into gear but when the engines off it goes into gear. I have been told that i may need a new clutch, is this true? R-reg 1998 Ford Puma

Check your clutch master cylinder, is it full of fluid, if not go to the clutch slave cylinder, mounted on front side of transmission right where engine and transmission come together, see if it is leaking, you may need to pull back the rubber dust c ... 1998 Ford Escort

0174 code I just buy a lincoln ls 2000 and the light of the check engine start to blink,and the car turn off but then I start the engine and keep running,I take the car to autozone and the code was 0174 and the man of autozone told me its the maxsensor,I just buy that part but the light its not comming out,if you think u can help please email me to [email protected]

You need to remove the neg. battery cable for 10 minutes to remove the trouble code. If the light comes back on after that, return to Autozone because more than 1 code can be in the computer. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1991 dodge ram D150 pickup. my problem is the key switch will not activate or turn on anything inside the vehicle nor outside (engine compartment), no relays click, no turning over, just silence.... i was wondering what could have caused this.. i drove the truck about 100 feet hit a small pot hole in the road, and suddenly the truck shut off... lights, horn, hazards, break lights and a/c blower motor work normally... all others are dead, radio, blinkers, engine, and all solenoids.... i

... Dodge D150

I recently had my 96 jeep into a shop becasue of a hard start. Thinking it may be battery or starter. Both of those passed tests just fine and ait actually started great for a week. Today it barely started and I don't think she is going to start again. It just went over 200,000 miles and have been told by a few mechanics it may just be tired. Could that be or is it not enough fuel maybe getting to the engine? i am at a total loss here and keep spending money to diagnose with no solution. Any ide

Does your check engine light illuminate on the dash, when you turn the ignition on, right before cranking? If it does not light up, at those times when it's hard to start, then the main ecu might be in need of repair. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2000 caravan odometer and speedometer stopped working and transmission started slipping and check engine light came on. All this happen after hitting a pot hole.

You need to have it checked by a mechanic soon! Sounds like you lost communication with the Vehicle Speed Sensor. The engine computer relies on it for shifting the trans and working the speedo, wait too long and you could cause major damage. ... 1996 Dodge Caravan
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