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Code po422 evaporative emissions small leak ,,,,,,,, what steps do i take to find leak?

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Code po422 evaporative emissions small leak ,,,,,,,, what steps do i take to find leak?

... 1999 Buick Regal

Leak detection pump in a 2006 pacifica engine light is on. Had it ran and small vacuum leak emissions control. I can't remember the code but it said the leak detection pump Where do i find that.

... 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Code po442 Evaporative emission control system leak detected.(small leak) How do I find the leak. Thank You, Jay B

You can inspect the hoses on the EVAP system for cracks or broken connections, but a smoke test that fills the system with actual smoke is the correct way to check for a leak. The leak can be as small as .040 inches. ... 2001 Subaru Forester

Have a 2004 f-150 ford truck code comes up as P0442 evaporative emission control system leak detected (small leak) how do i go about fixing it and where would i find this part to replace it. thanks for your help rudy

May just be a loose gas cap I would check that 1st ... 2004 Ford F150

P0442 Check engine light came on. checked codes. it reads p0442 evaporated emissions leak (small). I bought a new gas cap and have been screwing it on with three clicks. I checked all around full lines, but can't find a leak. My truck also has to be turned over the second time to start since the check engine light has come on. Wondering if there is a way to narrow down the problem?

If the check engine light is coming on i would take it to a shop and let them put it on a computer that would give the correct problem. A simple code scan does not work most of the time and the reason for that is if one sensor is bad it can make scan ... Cars & Trucks

Wont take fuel took to auto zone and 4 codes came up P1404 auxillary emission control-P0442 small vacuum leak-P0340 camshaft sensor-P1507 vehicle speed control. Can I replace these parts myself? Does any one part fix two or more problems? Car runs good! just wont take fuel from pump only half gallon at a time. Also a little surge idle is felt on idle at light I think or coasting with brake on. Those are the only two performance issues and both are minor. I would like to fix this my self if I cou

I would try to find and fix the vacuum leak, as this will be causing other problems, like the emission control.. other than that I am afraid I can be of little help. ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

Po551,po442,po455 these codes where found in a north carolina vehicle inspection code po551 power steering pressure sensor code po442 evaporative emission control system leak( small) code po455 evaporative emission control system leak (gross leak )

... 2001 Dodge Stratus

Evap leak I have a 2007 audi a6 3.2 quattro and cannot find the large vapor leak(PO455). I initially had a small vapor leak, was told it was the purge valve, had it repaired then a large vapor leak code appeared. No one could find it and finally I was told it was the leak detection pump. Replaced leak detection pump and code came back on 2 days later. Any feedback would be appreciated as I am about to lose my mind spending

... Audi A6

I continuously have my check engine light come on and the code is always the same PO442. I checked the code numerous times to make sure there wasn't a new one and it's always the same. I know this is a "small emission leak" but it really is a pain in the neck. Are the 1999 corvettes noted for this problem? If so where is the "small leak"usually at?

This code usually comes from filling it up with gas and not turning the gas cap at least three or four clicks after tight. ... 1999 Chevrolet Corvette

I just bought a 2004 jeep lardeo and told the guy I wouldn't take it unless it stoped. He said the auto tec said it was the emissions leak pump clicking in the drivers rear side. It passed the emissions test with flying colours. What can it be and how can I fix it. Now I have an engine light on and it says I have an large emissions leak and the mechanics can't find it.

Good day, maybe try replacing the gas cap or it may have a vacuum leak, you tell that to the mechanic and maybe he'll figure it out. hope this helps. have a nice day ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Engine code 0456 ( evaportive emission control system leak detected, very small leak ) installed a new OEM gas cap and reset the computer. Worked fine for 1 1/2 week and check engine code came back? Cleand filler tube, reinstalled gas cap reset computer.

It's a leak in your evap system. \015\012Causes: \015\012*Loose or missing fuel cap. \015\012*Evap canister broke, hose cracked or not connected. \015\012*Purge or vent solenoid defective \015\012*Vacuum leak at engine \015\012good luck ... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

My 2000 Elantra is throwing a p0441 code . I've replaced the gas cap & Evap purge flow solenoid . I cleared the code but it came back again ? Whats next , could the fuel pump seal on the tank be leaking or something with the fuel tank pressure sensor ? My next step is a smoke tester to find a leak in line or tank .

... Cars & Trucks

Mine also says check engine and has trouble codes po156 and po161 so I replaced the sensor but codes popped up again! it will not pass emissions because of this! when switching gears it takes a sec to switch and sometimes a bit longer! I cant find the main problem to fix so that it can pass emissions!

... 1996 Ford Thunderbird LX

My 98 Explorer failed emissions, the fault code is PO455, "Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (large leak). Should I have it retested as a first step in trying to solve this?

... 1998 Ford Explorer

I have a 2006 Saturn Ion 2. My check engine light is on whit codes P0171 and P0106. My car is running rough, and likes to stall at lights, stop signs, traffic jams etc. (anytime it's idling). There is an audible hissing sound coming from the engine, leading me to believe that there is a vacuum leak. I can not find a leak and I don't have any money to take this to the dealer or a shop. Anyone know alikely spot to check for a vacuum leak?

Remove the housing that covers the engine block and look behind the engine block, up against the firewall towards the bottom of the block there are some vaccum hoses(this is easier to get too if the car is up in the air, or lifted on jack stands) get ... 2006 Saturn ION

Small ECS leak code p0442 how do i find leak Check engine light came on, and got worried just had an engine/transmission replaced in it.How can you tell where leek is? Is there a dye or something to add to fuel to pinpoint the leak? Any help, greatly appreciated...Thanks

Running lean probably listen for any air hissing spray with soap and water see bubbles ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

Engine light on Codes show 1. Po 441 evaporation emission system incorrect purge flow 2. Po442 evap emission system leak (small) 2. 446 evap emission system incorrect purse flow 2004 Toyota Tacoma pickup 4 cylinder eng.

Hello! Those three codes commonly indicate the followi possibilities:\015\012\015\012The gas cap was not sufficiently tightenend ater fueling, a bad gas-cap rubber o-ring, the vehicle had the key in the 'on', or engine running, or the ta ... 2004 Toyota Tacoma

Trouble codes trouble code p0442 evaporative emission system small leak/no flow condition have fixed a leak at charcoal canister but didnt help. also trouble code p0742 torque converter clutch circuit, stuck in on position. this is an intermittent issue, can it be wired to a on/off switch and if so how.

... 1998 Buick LeSabre

I used a obd2 code reader and i got P0442 which is a EVAPORATIVE EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM LEAK DETECTED (small leak) any idea what this could be

I don't remember the exact code, but try re-tightening the gas cap. Give it at least a full turn (when it starts clicking). Wife had a code that was worded similar on her '01 Monte Carlo. After doing that reset the code and see if it shows up again. ... 1999 Buick Regal

My engine light is on and my trouble code is PO455 (Evaporative emission control system leak) on my 99' Chevy Metro with the 1.0 engine. I have checked and can find no vacuum leaks. What to do?

Have your gas cap pressure tested. ... Chevrolet Metro

Hi I have a volvo 2005 v70 D5 I have just run a diagnostic scanner on it and it has come up with code p0094 Fuel System Leak (Small) I have checked the pipe work in the engine bay but I can't find the leak, There is no smell of diesel nothing, Can someone please help with some ideas thanks in advance

Could be gas filler kneck that goes from fuel tank door /cap to---gas tank lines do apear to be in that locating it could be sucking air +++not fuel+++that might cause that fault code you retreved i seen this before****.John ... 2005 Volvo V70

Went on trip, drove a little over 500 miles to destination. When went from one freeway to another car seemed to go into a limp mode after slowing to bout 20- 25 mph. I reset by putting it in park turning car off and restarting. After getting back home it started doing this more & more. It seems the car goes into limp mode after reaching speeds of 40-50 miles per hour and then slowing to about 20- 25 mph. I have the codes; P0456 Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (very small leak) & P0440

PO456 is most times a gas cap or gasket,\015\012to get an incorrect gear ratio the transmission has probably started to slip.\015\012\015\012Change the fluid and filter first off in the transmission and use only atf+4 fluid and poss ... 2003 Dodge Intrepid

P055 ERROR CODE ON MY 2003 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY something with emission, large leak.... what should I do? where can I find the leak detection pump?

Po055 is h20 sensor bank 1 sensor 3 heater resistance ... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

So I have a couple codes reading po128, and I know thats a coolant deal (hopefully, I haven't checked yet), and the other, is code po442, evap emission, small leak. I have a 2001 Chevy S-10 and need to smog it in the next couple of weeks. Will these issues prevent me from passing smog? I understand they need to get repaired, but my biggest concern right now is the smog check.

Hello. yes these issues may prevent u from passing the smog test. Best to get them fixed firt if u can. Joe\015\012\015\0124 thumbs up please. ty ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Small ECS leak code p0442 how do i find leak - 1997 Buick Century

It will have to be smoke tested. ... 1997 Buick Century
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