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1998 Chevy Lumina, 166,000 miles Was sometime making a bad squealing sound when backing up. Took to Sears for brake inspection, they fixed rotors and brakes, problem still, took back to them. Now they said they cleaned and tightened them up. Still sometimes hear same problem. Last time I back the car out of driveway didn't hear that particular sound but a funny metal sound. It scared me, haven't driven it since. I may try to move it today.

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Answers :

Your rear brakes set your emergency brake system, to the proper required settings, your e brake system sounds to be the problem, the brake shop is liabl for this so bring it to a dealer and hav it serviced properly, you are having mechanics "pull the wool over it" basicially your being screwed, go back to sears and speak with a manager before having the dcar fixed properly.
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1998 Chevy Lumina, 166,000 miles Was sometime making a bad squealing sound when backing up. Took to Sears for brake inspection, they fixed rotors and brakes, problem still, took back to them. Now they said they cleaned and tightened them up. Still sometimes hear same problem. Last time I back the car out of driveway didn't hear that particular sound but a funny metal sound. It scared me, haven't driven it since. I may try to move it today.

Your rear brakes set your emergency brake system, to the proper required settings, your e brake system sounds to be the problem, the brake shop is liabl for this so bring it to a dealer and hav it serviced properly, you are having mechanics "pull the ... 1999 Chevrolet Lumina

Brake problem Took 1996 Ford Winstar to get brakes checked at Ford. They relined all brakes, turned rotors, and replaced pads. When I drove it I could hear a chirping sound when tire rotates, when brake is applied the sound goes away. Took it back to Ford 3 times, they said they couldn't find the problem, (even though they did it). Any suggestions?

It sounds like your disk brakes are the problem. two ways to fix the problem. champfer your brake pads or basically glue your pad to the caliper piston with some stuff called disk brake quiet. the shop probably does not want to take your whole front ... 1996 Ford Windstar

Hi my 2006 Accord (Acura) have this weird knocking sound when going slow and turning my steering left and right. This problem has been with me for quite awhile. The mechanic had tried many ways to find out the cause but couldnt . the strage thing is that whenever he took out some parts and put back again the sound is gone but it comes back again afet a few days. I have serviced the steering rack and changed my front absorber but the problem still exist. Any experts care to share your experience?

The axles are going out.\015\012most people look for a torn cv boot but that is not allways the case. \015\012how many miles on it? ... 2000 Honda Accord

Our car has this sound on left back wheel part that only heard when travelling a little far and we cant detect what's really the problem for it because the wheel itself is still new. we let somebody to check but they can't see the problem. we change the oil i think the french oil but still we can hear it especially when coming from a far and make a u turn but only on the left part.

This could be a wheel bearing problem, Due to its impossible to replace bearings on each wheel axle yourself its best to get a garage to do it as they have specialized tools to help. ... 1991 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz S Class

Engine problems???? my car was sitting all winter, just took it out for a drivr and theres rattleling sounds comin from the car (not loud but loud enough to hear when outside of car) once i drove it for about an mile it wouldnt go past 40mph while still pushing on the gas, then itll jus shut off. i drove it to a near by speedy and they told me that even though the car still drives eventually my engine will go dead due to gas not gettin to it like it should. does this sound right to u? plez i nee

Check the oil and make sure it is topped up.... i presume you are getting no check engine light as you haven't mentioned it but confirm that. it may just be that the gas has been in the tank all winter. one thing to try is to add a couple bottles ... 2001 Lexus RX 300

Have 2005 scion xa. have had this car for 6 years now, never any problems. i just hit 50,000 miles, tune up done and everything. been hearing whirring sounds, got it diagnosed was the back left wheel bearing. had all the wheel bearings replaced. still hearing a whirring sound in the front of the car.

Now you have the front wheel bearings to replace ... 2005 Scion xA

2000 silverado 4.3L V6 has misfire.check engine light on, code P0300.Check engine light will go out sometimes then come back. Changed plugs,wires,cap,rotor and coil, checked fuel pressure was stable at 62psi. still have problem. Checked other sites and found maybe it could be the distributor itself being sloppy.Anybody ever heard about that? Took truck to local garage and said it was fuel pump problem or cat converter problem, but sounded like they were not sure. Wouldn't like to spend a bunch o

Mine does similar , ive changed plugs ,wires,cat convertors,fuel filter,2 dist caps. it has no power up a hill or with the ac on.has even stalled out on me on the interstate going up a hill, light starts fashing . only says a misfire, thought maybe ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Having problem with Mazda 6 not starting. Battery sounds like it is trying to turn over but will not catch. Tried to jump it off but still would not crank. Towed to local Mazda dealership, they hooked up to charger and it cranked. Told I needed a new battery over 700 amps cranking. Purchased battery and next day problem occurred again. Tow truck came back. Serviceman tried charging battery but it would not crank. Took to another service location and cranked as soon as it came off tow tru

#1 The negative battery cable is loose, corroded, damaged, or otherwise not making a good ground connection where it connects to the engine block.\015\012\015\012#2 Another possibility, just as likely, is the positive cable not making a g ... Mazda MAZDA6

I have an 06 nissan sentra 1.8L i used to hear the fuel pump now i dont. It cranks like a champ but it doesnt start. I changed the fuel pump and the fuel pump relay and fuse. Still didnt start. I used a tester to see if the wires to the pump were hot and they are not. I took it to the local nissan dealer and they told me it was the ecm and the ecm relay so i took it home and replaced those with a used ecm i know works. Well the problem persists. I dont know what else to check for. Fuel pump is g

The used ECM needs reprogrammed for your vehicle. ... 2006 Nissan Sentra

I have a problem with my 1995 chevy blazer it would not kick into gear after I reached thirty miles per hour the governer was leaking I replaced the governer took my s.u.v for a spin to see if that was the problem and still doesn't go past thirty, I tried to go in'to reverse and it wouldnt budge then I shut off the engine for a few seconds then turned it back on after doing so the reverse grabbed,also trannie was making a sound as if it was running with out oil when I just filled it with oil wha

Sounds like it may be the modulator valve,which is attached to the side of your tranny.its a pretty easy and cheap fix.Hopefully that is what it is. ... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

I replaced the valve cover seal on my 2001 Kia Sportage but there is still oil leaking out of the back of the engine. My mechanic took apart the valve cover seal and said that he came across an "o ring grommet". He said e didnt replace it the first time because he disnt know about it and that its really rare. Apparently this was the source of the problem since it was made of rubber and had disintegrated. He charged me for the work because he said it was a bew problem, but not for the valve

Ripped of is your perception of somethingFraud is the real questionDid you get what you paid for,period Yes or NoNo then it is Fraud & punishibleRipped Off is a slang termMove on forget it find a different ... Cars & Trucks

Tranny slipping? Recently I heard a "ticking" or "crackling" sound at idle coming from the back of the engine, bellhousing area. When I put the truck in gear, the sound went away (flywheel??). Then as I was driving I started hearing a high pitched winding noise. Soon after the tranny started to slip and kept jumping out of gears. Took awhile to get it into reverse. Fluids all are fine, no leaks. I'm afraid my problems may be internal? All this with 49000 miles on it.

Dose it make a normal sound when you start the engine, then more then likely fly wheel ok, anf it's going to be the transmission, if not normal it's the fly wheel. ... 2006 Chevrolet Express

My problem started last night. The car wouldn't start, almost like the battery was to low. I took the battery out and put it on a charger. The battery was at 88% but I let it charge anyway. I put the battery back in but I'm still having the same problem. I had my wife try to start the car while I looked under the hood, I heard a chattering sound coming from the PDC. I have a manual for this car on my laptop but it doesn't help. I thought it might be the starter solenoid, I replaced it but no cha

Sure sounds like the battery. You really need to take it a good auto parts store and have it tested. It could have short in the cells and still show a good charge, but the cranking amps would be insufficient to ... 2004 Dodge Neon

NOise There is a noise that sounds more like a vibration that comes on and off when I press the gas. It sounds like a rattling and I cannot for the life of me figure out where it is coming from. I took it to the mechanic and they of course could not hear it. The service engine is also back on after replacing the gas cap which was what was the diagnosed problem. AAAAAAH - help!!!!

Unhook the pos battery cable to reset the gas cap light have the check the heat shield under the car for vibration ... 1997 Ford Escort

I have a check engine light on in my 99 malibu and the code reads P1810 , is this a sensor problem? I was driving along the hwy just fine and then I took off from a stop light and the car acted like it didnt want to shift and go over 35-40mph. Stop and let car sit for 5 min. and started shifting fine but check engine light was still there, got to a friends and shut it off and started it back up 15 min. and it didnt want to shift again..is this going to be expensive?

If you are really really lucky, it is the harness on the side of the transmission. Unplug the harness looking for corrosion. Clean and reassemble.It could be the TFP Switch, wires connecting TFP to PCM or the PCM is bad ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

I have had a sloshing sound in my dash board of my 2006 Kia Sprectra and have had it back to the dealer's many time for repair. They cannot locate the problem , and says it air pockets. They have drained the radiator and replaced the cap. I still hear the problem and the warranty is running ou

Well I hope this is it...\012I had the same thing happen to mine about 3-4 months ago and was\012baffled, until, that is, water started accumulating on the passenger\012side floorboard. As the sloshing sound got louder, the puddle on the\012fl ... 2006 Kia Spectra

We had a recall 03 windstar ABS light was on all time we had front and back brakes replaced ford checked said rear axle ok but, light is still on and brakes make a terrible noise and sometimes they go to floor sounds like metal grinding took back to garage where we got brakes they say they are fine what could problem be

I own a 2001 Windstar. Your noisy brake problem could be nothing more that new brakes being broken in. I have done many brake jobs on my 2001 Windstar as well as other vehicles that I have owned. To prevent this problem from occuring, I apply a th ... 2003 Ford Windstar

Horn would not work 3 months ago on Dodge Neon rt 2001; problem was intermittent so shop replaced horn 2 different times and it still had the problem. Took it to dealer and by then locks weren't working. They recharged battery and said that would solve it it didn't; took it back and they replaced alarm system in door. Now locks work but horn only worked for one day. Back at dealer and they can't sove problem...have spent 600.00 and horn still not working

Lets try step by step heck $600 you re-run a new horn. Open your hood, and take the fuse/relay box cover off. Press your horn listen for the relay to click in the box if the relay does not click then it is not triggering. take a paperclip and pull th ... Cars & Trucks

Sounds like whistling, jet engine sort of noise from front end. Only hear it above 30 miles hr. Took it to shop, & was told that it was the worn tires, had replaced, noise still there. I've seen other postings from 2004 Endeavors describing same type of noise, to have repairs such as ; propellar shaft, drive shaft. Should I take this to a transmission specialist ? or back to my normal repair person ?

... 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

My 2003 honda accord radio/stereo audio goes dead abruptly, all I hear is occasional static. Sometimes, if I turn it on/off the sound may come back for a little while then goes to static/quiet again. Changing stations AM/FM doesn't help. With the CD I get the same problem, I can still load cds and tracks seem to play on display, but no audio can be heard.

It sounds like something in the output circuit since it is both radio and CD.Obviously it hasn't been doing it from day 1 of getting the car or you wouldn't be just asking now right?The connector is not likely just because it doesn't get touched or a ... 2005 Honda Accord

Every since I got my timing belt changed, my car has been running differently. The acceleration doesn't seem to be as smooth, and at times, it sounds like it's running in a different gear. I took it back to the mechanic, and after he drove it, he said it's fine and if there was a problem or the car was not idling right, the lights/check engine light indicator would come on. I am still convinced something is not quite what it should be.

Your timming might be slightly off still ... Kia Sportage LX

2005 ford expedition a/c blowing hot air. took it to get it service and when i got it back it was still blowing hot air. Now I hear a hissing noise from the rear when I turn the a/c on. Could some one tell me the problem and the cost to get it fixed parts and labor.

There maybe a leak in the rear ac unit,cost could be anywhere from 100 dollars up,look under the truck,and see if the rack that it was on for the service might have broken a ac line,this is what is sounds like to me.If there is,the people that did th ... Ford Expedition

Yesterday I could hear a grinding sound coming from the back of my van when I stepped on the brakes now this morning my abs light is on and the grinding is still there there,do I need to get brakes are is there another problem?? does the abs light comes on when you need regular brakes?

It sounds like you need brakes IMMEDIATELY! This could be a safety hazard as well. Have a reputable and qualified mechanic / repair shop check them ASAP. ... Chrysler Town & Country

My horn does not work. I press the horn, but all i hear is a click in the fuse box. Checked the fuse and it is good. I bought it from a auction and had problems with the alarm and locking because i didnt have the clicker to lock/unlock the doors and set the alarm. So i bought a clicker and it works fine except no sound when i set the alarm or press the horn. I think someone took out a relay or something or something because the fuse is good and it looks like something is missing in the fuse box.

If the horn fuse ( Fuse #26 ) is installed and has power on both sides of the fuse, you might want to check that the horn connector is still on the horns.The horn relay is not serviceable in the fuse panel.You can test the hor ... 2005 Ford F-150

My 2000 pontiac sunfire is shakeing and lost almost all powere and sounds like **** just all of a sudden and my converter was cherry red so i took it off and punched it out that didnt fix the problem, i aslo replace the spark plugs and the oil and coolent and fule filter and gas line, so i thought there might be watter in the gas so i used some dryer agent and my car is still doing the same thing.... has no power is throwing a randome multipule missfire code, a DTC code i have no idea what to do

Do a compression test, it may have a valve problem or a timing problem ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire
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