Having problems with your 1999 Chevrolet Malibu ?

When I tried to start the car all the lights in the dash are off and there is no power to start the car. I tried a few times again then suddenly the lights come on and the car start.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

You may need to check your battery for bad connections or may need to be cleaned.
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When I tried to start the car all the lights in the dash are off and there is no power to start the car. I tried a few times again then suddenly the lights come on and the car start.

You may need to check your battery for bad connections or may need to be cleaned. ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

I do have a 1995 Toyota Camry 2.2. During the morning time it starts ok, when i drive like 1 to 2 miles and turn off my car and get a grocery or just for a short time period. When i come back it does not starts, when i turn on the switch, it turns on the lights inside the speedo meter, when i turn my keys , it dose not have ignition, it dose not cranks, no other sounds, i try like 7 -10 times turn it on and off, then after all in a sudden it starts. I have a new battery, new timing belt, new alt

I would replace your starter. ... 1995 Toyota Camry

I have a problem with a 2008 Dodge Charger, my battery went bad and I had to jump it off to take it and get a new battery put in but now my new battery won't start my car not even when the new battery is jumped off either. When u try and start the car it reads the key and the dash lights come on sometimes when you try and start it but won't start but when you try a second or third time to start it the dash lights won't come on at all and still won't start. What should I do?

When you jump started the vehicle, it started as normal and you drove to a shop to have a new battery installed.?? Correct??1. Who removed the old battery and installed the new one?2. Did the car start normally immediately after th ... Cars & Trucks

I have a bmw 316ti compact on a 52 reg. The central locking gave up working 3mths ago and we was useing the key to lock and unlock the car,then all ov a sudden we couldnt start the car.when you put the key into the ignition all the lights come on but then it does nothing else nothing even turn over. Then after leaving it for a day when we tried it at night the central locking worked and the car started,but again it stopped after a couple of times.

... BMW 318

Car will not start. Inside lights are bright one time then they flicker the next when trying to start. Usually all the maintenace lights come on as you are starting. Sometimes only the check engine light comes on and some times the check engine, oil light and battery light come on

It sounds as a weak battery. Try to horn with the head light on to see if it can sound.1- Have the battery recharged.2- Clean off the cable terminal really well to prevent corrosion built up causing high resistance. If there is high resi ... 2007 Toyota RAV4

Security light Saturn 2005. when you try to start the car my security light comes on and the car wont start. so i leave the security light flashing for about 10 min. and the light goes off i do this ritual 3 times finally about the 4th time the security light stays on and the car starts. Can I deactivate the security alarm? Help

Bypass the system completely. These antitheft systems are known for failing andcosting tons of money to fix. Go to this link for info and DO IT YOURSELF solutions.h ... 2005 Saturn ION

My 2008 Ford Mustang started having problems a couple of days ago. The radio would come on and off, and at the same time the power in the car (lights, windshield wipers, power locks, power windows) would come and go. Now my car will not start and the battery appears to be dead. I try to start and hear the clicking sound. I had it jumped twice today. Both times the car turned itself off after running for a couple of minutes. During this time I couldn't shift the automatic out of park. Please advi

Hi\015\012it sounds like a bad earth conection, check the battery leads and ensure the black earth wire has a good tight conatct to the battery and also a good tight connection to the car body, if the wire is loose then when driving will touch ... 2008 Ford Mustang

Exceleration problem While driving my engine light comes on once in a while. When it's off the car runs perfect...when the engine light is on and I punch the gas on the highway it kicks back and the car starts vibrating... I can only excel slowly... almost like the gas is not getting to the engine. Also, some times at traffic lights the car stalls out and I have to try 3 or 4 times before the car will start again. Could this be a fuel problem?

You need to take it to an auto parts store like autozone and they will put it on the computer. for free and tell you what is putting this light on. Try to take it there when the light is on so they can see the problem. I hope this helps. Don,t forget ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

1996 buick skylark alarm system when ttry to start the car the car starts up then quits;the remote has been used to ulock the door lights on dash do not come on:but after afer afew times trying to start the dash lights will come on then the car will start

Same problem here too...looking for answers?!?! ... 1996 Buick Skylark

The car runs fine when it starts. But when it has a hard time with starting. The whole system shuts down, all warning lights come on and panel does not operated properly. Then car starts running rough, gear shift lights go off. But warning lights are still on. However the car starts studdering and acting like no gas is getting into the system. The other day the car would not go into parking once I returned home. Finally after trying to get car in park for one hour, my son disconnect the batter

I would first have the computer checked for trouble codes AFTER the problem occurs.It will be very difficult for a mechanic to fix if the problem can not be duplicated. ... 2000 Volvo S80

2002 Hyundai Matrix transmission problem. While driving the engine check light comes on and I am unable to kickdown to overtake. Whenever, I try to drive from a complete stop, the car seem to be lazy. I discovered that if I switch off the car then start, then switch off a second time then start, the check light comes off. I am then able to drive and kickdown as usual until the engine check light comes back on. What can cause this problem and how can I fix it?

... 2002 GMC Yukon XL

88 Prelude - the S2 shift light is blinking on dash, the check engine light comes on at first start. no lights come on when I start the car the second time even after a few hours and it starts easily.. takes several seconds of cranking the engine to turn over on first try. Have replaced battery. Please help, single working mom needs car for work.

... 1988 Honda Prelude

I have telstar tx5 ghia 1990 2,2l 4 cilind automatic, power everithing,car is done 240000.yus wont start one mornig doing klik didn t start and couple time kliking alnaser (starter) and i have used cable to try start with other car, but no start,batery is ok.I have turned pulley motor is ok ,wasn't hard to turn, im thinking sometig wrong with power .Now there is no power in cabin ,nothing .power come on door lights an when I tried to turn key,no contact light ,power gone and nothing . nothing

Hi\015\012Easiest test is to reconnect jumper cables and switch lights on, if these work and no noise AT ALL from starter, NO clicking at all then could be the jumper cables are too light like most are. Try 2 sets of jumper cables. Ensure that ... Mazda 626

Sometimes car wont start and security light comes on. it will start after 3 minutes most of the time. if not the light goes out in 3 minutes and i can try again. it has done it for a few months and it seems random. i was told it was the key and bought a new one but it is still the same. it always eventually starts it just sometime takes more tries. sometimes its the first time.

Passive anti theft..you can get it bypassed withe dei. module if you have a good install shop (stereo alarm installer) ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

Electronic immobilizer my vw jetta wont start and the electronic immobilizer light is flashing but it starts then just turns off. I have a 2000 VW Jetta. Suddenly after 9 years my car ignition does not recognize the key and the electronic immobilizer light comes on. I have not had any work done on the car in recent months and have not had battery replaced, etc. For now, I can wait a few minutes and try again and the car will start. My 2000 Jetta has the same problem, except my immob. light doe

... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

2003 4 cyl Camry 90,000 miles Headlights, dash lights etc. come on but car does not start or turn over (nor even make a click noise). Doesn't seem like its the battery as at no time did it turn over until the battery wore down. It was running perfectly then just wouldn't start. I noticed yesterday that it didn't start on first try (ie: lights & dash lights came on but nothing else) but did start normally on second try. Now doesn't start at all. Could this be a solenoid problem or maybe need a n

Yes sounds like youre starter motor or maybe try and shift it to nuetral may b e neutral safety switch gone bad ... 2003 Toyota Camry

My 1998 jeep grand cherakee limited while driving it all of a sudden looses power and engine stops went in fuse box under the hood and found fuse that controls the fuel pump and dash idicater lights was burnt engine wood turn over but wood not start replaced fuse and car started instantly drove for a while fuse would blow again until this afternoon fuse blew replaced it tryed to start car it keeps blowing the fuse every time you try to start car

Sounds like a dead ground to the fuel pump.This could be dangerous if the bare wire is in the fuel tank. ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Electrical problem My car has 102,000 miles. The fuel gauge was first to not register right. Really whacked out. Then the idiot lights would come on while I'm driving. Next the radio would turn off. Then the windows not intermittently work. If I played with the driver side window switch things would return to normal for a while. Now; the idiot lights don't come on with I first start the car. It may not start without trying two or more times. The radio still turns on and off regularly. Now my hea

The gas guage is the sending unit in the fuel tank, the other issues are caused by a defective BCM, body control module. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

I have a 1999 Daewoo Nubira and it has started to cut power to my windows and heater fan at times. This does not happen all the time and it happens when the car is running.If I stop the car and turn the key to accessory then the windows and fan will work. Also the ABS light comes on when this is happing, when I see the light come on I know the windows and fan will not work. Tried to changing circuit breaker under hood and cleaning body ground connections but it did not work.

You are more than likely looking at replacing the ignition switch. If you would like instructions on doing this, please let me know. ... 1999 Daewoo Nubira

Wont start I have a check engine light on, and when I took it to a mechanic, he told me i had a emmission leak. I changed the gas cap, then had the diagnostic test one more time. It shut off for about 10 miles then the check engine light come back on. Well, the other day, I was driving and was waiting at a light and the car completely stalled. I tried to fire it back up, which didnt start. it. I came back about 2 hours later to try to start it and she fired up. Well, I changed the fuel filter an

Try a new vent tube hose from the fill neck to the tank,sound to me like your tank is not venting.The next time it does this,stop,take off the gas cap for a few minutes and then it should restart,if it doesn't let me know. ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

Electric problem It started when I tried to unlock my doors with remote. I had to manualy open, when I got in the car the dome light and front seat lights wouldn't work, also the radio no longer had any stations programed in and the clock time was wrong. Sometimes when I turn the car on and off things will start working again. Then today the radio no longer was working either. Again sometimes if you turned the car off it would come back on. The last really weird thing the front seat lights came

Disconect youre battery.remove the computrbox under glovebox.unplug all connectors and reconect properly.this should solve the problem. ... 2005 Mazda 3

Electronic immobilizer my vw jetta wont start and the electronic immobilizer light is flashing but it starts then just turns off. I have a 2000 VW Jetta. Suddenly after 9 years my car ignition does not recognize the key and the electronic immobilizer light comes on. I have not had any work done on the car in recent months and have not had battery replaced, etc. For now, I can wait a few minutes and try again and the car will start.

Most likely cause is the gauge cluster, this will have to be tested and service by your local dealership because the dash cluster and keys have to be coded. I have seen the immobilizer loose it's coding for apearantly no reason. therefore have them r ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

My 1994 lexus es 300 sometimes won't start. twice inthe oast 2 weeks i had beendriving the car just fime. i turnit off to go into the store, wheni come out it appears to need a jumo start. the first time it jump started with a (jump start) machine. this time, we tried jumping it with 2 cars and 1 jump starter, no luck. the headlights, inside lights were at full brightness. went back a few hours later and it started right up.

Fit a new battery ,and buy a set of proper copper jump leads with double connection pincers and cable of a minimum of 30mm .not them cheap ones made in the peoples republic ... 1994 Lexus Es 300

I have a 2005 Dodge Magnum.. I went to start my car and it started and then turned right off.. I tried to start it a couple of times with no luck. My anti theft light had been coming on for some time but my car would always start..

Its time to reset the cars system... you need to if you want to use it again ... 2005 Dodge Magnum

Hi i have a s80 01 just came back from the dealer after spending 2500 $ n still have the same problem.. idle goes up and down on park, hazards lights come on and off by them self when the car is looked, dash board speed gauge and rpm stops working while driving, in car lights stop working then minutes later are working fine and while driving sometimes the car starts trying to turn off i stop the car then it starts fine for awhile i have changed the battery timing belt and alternator now there

Replace eletric part of ignition shorting out differnt circits at diiffernt times ... 1999 Volvo S80
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