Having problems with your 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ?

Chevy 2000 silverado tow haul wont work, light wont come on and the engine light stays on all the time

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Answers :

I had that problem yesterday and researched the web. Found out underneath the steering column, take the bottom plastic cover off, there is a orange wire for the tow/haul. It's actually 2 white wires with orange covering. It was broke.
\015\012Splice the two wires back together and it works great...
Have the engine code/s read. Auto-Zone will do it for free. And these code/s may hold your answer.
Please go and do it and let me know what you found.

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Chevy 2000 silverado tow haul wont work, light wont come on and the engine light stays on all the time

I had that problem yesterday and researched the web. Found out underneath the steering column, take the bottom plastic cover off, there is a orange wire for the tow/haul. It's actually 2 white wires with orange covering. It was broke.\015\01 ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The overhead console lights do not work, they used to work for only a short time, now not at all. The dome lights work. While driving today the engine quit, and it wont start. Dash lights, dome light, headlights all work. The check engine light does not come on and it wont start. When the check engine does come on, it starts. This has happened before but it has never just died on me. Anyone have any ideas?

All lamps inoperative?1. Slide the I/P ilumination rheostat to the right. The lamps should light, If not, remove, inspect and test the dome lamp fuse (in Fuse Block: Cavity 5 / Fuse 15Amp / Courtesy Lamps).2. If fuse is OK, repair open ci ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1990 acura, when it gets hot outside, the check engine light comes on and wont let me start my car. Happens after about 12 hrs of sitting outside. Starts fine in the morning on my way to work, but then when i get off, the check engine light is on, and it wont let me start the car. At all other times the car runs just fine. Starter is working well with engine sounding like going to start but doesnt. At times if i let the key in ignition, the light will go off, and then i can start the car

Unfortunately anything could be causing your check engine light to come one. You'll actually need to have it towed to autozone or someplace like that to have the car scanned to determine what is causing the issue ... 1990 Acura Integra Hatchback

The ECL and check engine light come on everytime the car starts. that is if it starts. In the heat or just randomly the car wont start. it will crank but wont start.the only time the car does start is when the ECL and check engine lights come on. this usually happens during the day. also, at night the computer keeps the right headlight from working and the brights from working. when i flick the brights on the lights go out. This problem even messes up the LCD screen in the center of gauge cluste

WHAT YEAR AND TYPE? ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Wont start car died twice today both time the dash light stayed on was able to put in park and start but the third time i was pulling into drive way it died but this time lights on dash whent off would not try to turn over radio stoped working but windows would work fan on ac worked head light worked then dash lights would blink on and off engine would try to turn over but would not start

Could be a fuel filter ... 2005 Buick Century


You may have a power problem, the battery light is an indicator of charging problems that can affect performance of electrial componets [ the transmission is controled that way ]. Have the charging system checked out. If you had an alternator repla ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500

The a b s light stays on most of the time,,I did notice recently that when I leave the key on for a few seconds before I start the engine the light goes off and then comes back on for a few seconds when the engine is started and then goes off like it's supposed to and then I know the abs is working properly but that doesn't work all the time,,,I don't think it's a sensor though, could it be the computer ?


Some times the engine light will come on and the idle will jump up to 2-3 grand then will do this will driving causing jerking and when coming to a stop the car will stall...other days the car runs good and the light stays off....this tends to do it when the engine is hot or on hotter days...i am thinking it can be the mass air flow sensor...i have been out of work for over 2 years and not receiving any money and we are living off my wifes social security and can not afford to put the car on a d

Do you have an "Autozone" auto parts store in your area? They will scan it for free and when you have the codes it will give you a start. ... Dodge Conquest

I own a 2001 chevy silverado and my gas guage doesnt work ac wont blow cold air cargo light does not work my emergengy brake light is always on the alert center flashes between saying low battery and cargo lamp lit and I have taken my truck to get a smog test and it fails every time because the OBD system wont turn on.....i have checked the fuses and the wire running to the firewall from my engine and they are all good.....any sigestions

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My daytime running lights work, high beams will come on but switch wont stay on, have to hold it. Low beams do not work and daytime running light dash indicator stays on all the time. Is it a relay or switch? How do I solve this issue? 1998 Sunfire

If you have to hold the switch so the high beams stay on then that indicates a bad/worn switch,you could have 2 problems the day time running light relay may have a problem with it.i would first replace the headlight switch at the base of the steer ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

1998 Ford Taurus SE, Problem Transmissions wont Shift, Took it to the Shop and they Said it Had to be a Electracal Problem?? But they did not Know what, Some times Works Fine Other Times Check Engine Comes on Then it wont Shift After a While the Light Goes Off and The Transmission Working Good Again, it Has to Be Electrical But where??

TRY THIS I BET IT'S YOUR PROBLEM\012Neutral Safety Switch\012\012\012Put the selector in the park position.\012Loosen the screws on the neutral safety switch.\012 ... 1998 Ford Taurus

My check engine light, traction control light and other lights stay on constantly and my heater and ac wont work. they work when some of the lights go off but when u turn the heat or ac on all lights come back on and heat and ac go off .

With very little to go by here. I'd say you need to check the igniton switch, sounds like you are loosing power. ... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Hi i have 2007 chevy avalanche it wont start no security light on i tried unpluging battery and doing the procedure of 10 min leaving the key in and then try starting i tried it 3 times still dont work the only light that stays on is engine light when i try to start it i can hear the fuel pump sending fuel to the engine and it will not go to crank it just goes one click then dead

... Chevrolet Avalanche

1990 f150 larriat. V-8, I believe the engine should idle around 750 rpm. I tried using a timing light and adjust the timing but the it would not work with advancing the timing. Is there anything else that I could do. The engine is idling around 450 rpm and stalls when I come to a stop and will not stay running when warming up. I have changed the plug wires and plugs, distribor cap and rotor. No change. what could be the issue with this?????

Check the mass airflow sensor. ... 1990 Ford F150

1999 Grand Am GT Check engine light is now staying on. This light haas come on many times since the car was new but every time it happened it was because of the gas cap not being vapor locked. Taking it off and screwing it back in tight would work everytime but, not this time?????

If you have the same code, as in EVAP leak, you could have a number of issues. A bad gas cap, rusty filler neck, (Hole in it) bad vent solenoid, bad purge solenoid, bad charcoal canister...and on. Get the system looked at. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

JoeE 12/20/2009, 11:48AMAbout: 2009 Hyundai Tucson Jump starting I left the interior light on for three days, now my Tucson wont start. I tried jumpimg it, but mistakenly crossed the cables and I heard a humming noise coming from the engine. As soon as I realized that the cables were crossed I switched them, my Tucson started but it wont stay running and it wont stay charged. My radio, A/C and Heating panel is not working, Question: Could I have done some damage to the electrical/ comput

I obviously am not joe but you would like a fast solution or advice. there is a chance you have caused damage to the computer ... but first locate all the relays under the dash in that fuse panel and the fuse panel in the engine compartment.... like ... Hyundai Tucson

My 2002 chevy impala wont start. When i try to crank it all the lights shut off & nothing works but the check engine light flashes. After messing with the positive post on the battery the lights come back on but the samething happens. I tried starting it yesterday & it took a while but it finally started but later on after that its been doing what it been doing & only starting a few times. I still dont trust driving it like that even thought it started a few times. What could be my problem

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Please excuse me if i sound like i dont know much about cars, cause i dont. So i have a 1997, Jetta GLS 4 speed automatic 2.0 engine with 125,000 miles on it. While driving it the other day the Speedometer, Temp, gas, and Tach gauges stopped working, all pegging at 0 and staying. Since we have bought this Jetta the cruise control has never worked, as well as the red airbag light has flickered off and on and random times. Now we have to fix this problem with the meters. The lights still work, and

I would get a cluster from the junkyard and replace yourself. the back window motors are dead and need to be replaced. I hope this help you. ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

I just got a 1998 PLY Voyager 3.3 o.d. trans. 1. Problem lights blink on & off on rear wiper buttons.2. head lights stay on after i turn off engine day or night.3.Doors a jar dash light stays on.4.air bag dash light stays on.5. door locks don't work.6.check engine light comes on some times along with ABS light.I was told take it to the dealer get the body modgle reprogram.7. Dome light dosen't come on when door is open and the hole dash gos out some times.

Problem #1 The blinking lights in the rear wiper rear defrost area can be reset by holding 2 buttons of the 3 on the left hand side. The top and bottom buttons. Turn the key on and hold them for about 10 sec and they should start flashing differently ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

This morning when I started my '98 Voyager. It started for about five seconds then turned off. This happened three times. Started it one more time and revved the engine. Same thing, five seconds then off. Tried one more time but now the odometer and mileage lights do not work and it will not turn over at all. My van's ABS light comes on, all dash displays stop working (gas, speed, temp, mileage, gear that I am in), the engine light comes on, my brakes sound like they drag when stopping at times

I think the reason it starts and turns off is most likely you fuel pump the abs light on could be the brake fluid level and or the brakes may need replaced. ... 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Couple of questions on a 1997 4 cyl Ford ranger; engine light stays on all the time. Sometimes its blinking nut mainly just stays lit. In addition the O/D off light comes on to let me know its off for no apparent reason. And last yesterday I checked the "fluids" as its running sluggish and the container that holds the radiator fluid was empty-what caused this? Its been 0-32 degrees out. thank you for your help.

First off, the check engine light. If it's flashing, that indicates the engine is misfiring. You should immediately pull over and shut it off - driving while misfiring can cause serious damage. The fact that it stays lit indicates that you have store ... Ford Ranger

My security light comes on and stays on while I am driving the car. It does not do this all the time. Also at times the gauges will quit working and the car engine will run at full throttle even when stopped at a traffic light.

I hate to disagree with johnjohn2, but he is wrong. I have the same problem with my 03 Impala. I have the Passlock2 thieft system in my car. (no resitor on the key) The Passlock2 system is getting movement from the ingiton switch when the car is runn ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

Renault laguna 1.9 dti, 2000 'v' reg, old shape estate. Indicators flash at double time when braking. Fog light lights up on dash when braking. If lights are on a night and you indicate, all the lights do crazy things. Stop light and temp warning light come on and sometimes stay on. Intermitant wipers no longer work. No apparent faults with engine or cooling system. It must be an elec fault somewhere. Please help, its driving me mad. Thanks.

Your problem is you have a bad connection somewhere like at parking lights/stoplights/rear lights/so what you do is remove all parking and rear lights then turn on indecators and check the lightsyou will find that one of them has a bad earth and when ... 2000 Renault Sportwagon

My problem started with the key ignition. it won't turn I drip oil in the slot. then started working fine for about 5 months. until it wont turn again, but a month ago the speedometer wont work, at the same time ABS light, brake light and a square light with an exclamation sign would come on, and the shifting light won't work. Other times when I turn the key on everything would work fine. recently it got worse. the

... 1999 Saab 9-3

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 8 cylinder, My "check engine" Light wont come on. Truck runs, then shuts down. I try to check the codes, Turn on, turn off, on, off, on. I get nothing. No check engine light at all. After I disconnect the battery for awhile, It starts' right up. When I check the codes again, all the comes up is code 12, (Battery disconnected from PCM within last 50 starts). Will a "Crank-Sensor" work, then not, then work again? Could that make the "check engine" light not come on? The

A failing crank sensor sometimes won't set a code, but it will not prevent the check engine light from coming on.I'd test it with an ohmeter both hot and cold just to make sure it's good, but think your problem is likely to be a connection betw ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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