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1999 Lincoln Town Car: This car runs and sounds like a diesel at speed after it warms up and the gas mileage has significantly declined. Tune up didn't help and now I am being told that the catalytic converters may be clogged. I am also told that sometimes after market converters may cause the O2 senser to give bad readings. What is your experience with after market converters with this car.

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There should be no difference in using an OEM or aftermarket cat to the O2 sensors-as long as it fits with no leaks, it will do exactly what an OEM cat would do, with a significant savings. When the pipes are dropped behind the cats, inspect for 'clogging'-although it does happen, your cats behind your 4.6 are not as prone to breaking up as the earlier generations of catalytic converters, so look yourself for proof that they are damaged. If you do replace the cats, the rear sensors only monitor the cats thenselves they do NOT affect the way the engine runs at all. You are being sold a bill of goods in my opinion.
I am in a similar position. I have replaced the cat, both o2 sensors and various other sensor and such still haveing problems and it's throughing the code for a bad converter. Which has been checked and i'm told it is fine. Now my mechanic is in the guessing phase and i don't have money to be guessing. I've talked to numerous people and no one seems to know what it wrong. It knocks and rattles and idles rough. I was told the same thing about after market converters and the check engine light. My light has been on since the new cat was replaced and it comes back on within a day of resetting it. I have talked to other people that have had the same problem, if there is nothing wrong with my cat why the code for a bad one. doesn't make since to me. Hope you got/get your problem fixed.....im still at square one, very frustrating.
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1999 Lincoln Town Car: This car runs and sounds like a diesel at speed after it warms up and the gas mileage has significantly declined. Tune up didn't help and now I am being told that the catalytic converters may be clogged. I am also told that sometimes after market converters may cause the O2 senser to give bad readings. What is your experience with after market converters with this car.

There should be no difference in using an OEM or aftermarket cat to the O2 sensors-as long as it fits with no leaks, it will do exactly what an OEM cat would do, with a significant savings. When the pipes are dropped behind the cats, inspect for 'cl ... 1999 Lincoln Town Car

2001 Taurus started chugging & wanted to stall while waiting at a stop light. Car did not have good power so we parked it. It popped no codes. Now the only way to keep it running is to constantly pedal the accelerator. We changed the coil pack & Idle sensor, same problem. When we slowly press the accelerator it will have power and will drive, difficulty is stop signs, lights and traffic. Difficult to get it started, must pedal the accelerator. Was told it is possible the catalytic converter may

Get a friend with a hacksaw and a welder to chop it off and put a piece of straightpipe on it. it'll be fine. but first, unplug the mass air flow sensor and/ or the manifold absolute pressure sensor and see if they are fouled out first. check all sen ... Ford Taurus

I have a 1999 mazda protege 1.6 liter and the car was driving fine until about 4 days ago. it acts like its not getting gas especially on an inclined road. it jerks and acts like its gonna run out of gas or stall. my friends dad who is a mechanic told me that it may be the fuel filter but my fuel filter is on the fuel pump which is in the gas tank. so we checked it out and theres nothing wrong with the filter or pump. so im thinking that its the catalytic converter. whats up?

My car has a similar problem, if you take it to AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts they will usually scan it for codes at no charge. My problem is a bad Map Sensor. Hope this helps. ... Mazda Protege

Catalytic Converters My boyfriend has a 2001 Nissan Frontier 4cyl. The check engine light came on and he got a diagnostic. He was told he needs to replace the catalytic converter. When he talked to the mechanic the guy told him he has to replace both of them. What are they called and where can we buy them? Would a mechanic be able to tell if they both need to be replaced without opening up the car and checking?

Yes any mechanic with a code scanner will be able to tell you if one or both are bad. each one has its own code. If it is a front cat then it should be a up stream cat and if it is the one further from the motor then it will be a down stream cat ... 2001 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab

2000 S70 GLT SE idles poorly - seems like the car is coughing. I think it could be avacuum hose but was wondering what else it might be. The car has not stalled (yet); it starts fine and seems to run fine while I'm giving it gas. The car has 76k miles. A second issue which may or may not be related is the Check Engine light is on. The dealer couldn't determine the problem and wanted to replace the catalytic converter ($$$). I've done some research and found people have had issues with the positi

If your car climbs a hill or comes from a complete stop to a moderate engine speed without dragging or stalling than you can rule out the catalytic converter. In order to check for a vacuum leak, just take a can of WD-40 or any spray oil and shoot it ... 2000 Volvo S70

My chrysler intrepid 2001 is completely done. I was driving home from work one night and halfway out the driveway it began to knock and then everything just shut off. The car would start again but the gas was not working to move the car. My boyfriend came to pick me up and looked at it, the pieces on both sides of the car right after the catalic converters were glowing bright red they were so hot. We brought it to a garage and they told us to change our spark plugs and the converters may be plug

The timing chain has jumped. It starts with the cam sensor unplugged because the ecm sees the camshafts aren't in time with the crankshaft. With the cam sensor unplugged it doesn't know its out of time and it starts. It likely has a bad waterpump ... 2001 Dodge Intrepid

I got a 1998 buick lasabre limited 3.8, I got a P0420 Catalyst below threshold bank 1, it has new 2 new denso oxygen sensors, new muffler has been installed, new spark plugs and wires, new pvc valve, new air filter, the old catalytic converter is after market installed 4 years ago I think it maybe a bit under sized. I was thinking it may be replaced again. what test can I do to tell if it is the catalytic converter?

Being that you already threw that many parts at it you might as well change the coolant temp sensor as that can cause the problem. Also yes it could be that your cat isn't working efficiently. Everything else it sounds like you have changed. This err ... Buick LeSabre

I've been told that the catalytic converter on my 2000 Outback has failed. It will cost about $1000 to replace. I bought the car in California but live in another state that doesn't required smog checks. Could the catalytic converter be removed without causing any other problems?

Straight pipe baby , just don't tell anyone...bad for the greeners... ... 2000 Subaru Outback

Car shakes I have a 1987 Caprice Classic sedan, 4.3L V6, with a 3-speed auto trans (R-200C). When I reduce my speed to below 30 mph, then accelerate, the car begins to shake badly. I was told by the dealer that the entire x-mission had to be replaced. One local mechanic said it may be the differential's spider gears. Someone else told me it was the torque converter.

I'm going to say that it's somewhere in the drive train. Rear differential, tranny, or stall converter, you will need a transmission shop to diagnose it. The reason for the low rmp or speed shake, is that there ... Chevrolet Caprice Classic

I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer ES w 110k miles. Recently it has been vibrating severely (almost to the point that the rearview mirror shakes) while i'm accelerating. My car struggles up inclines and sometimes hesitates out of a full stop. My mechanic found a hole in the flexible pipe and I had it replaced. No dice. I tend to think that it may be the catalytic converter, but I haven't gotten that rotten egg smell. How can I be sure that the catalytic converter is the problem before blowing some

Welcome to FIxYa.com\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 Have your tech put a vacuum gauge on and bring to operating temp 20 hg is top when you accelerate does gauge ... Mitsubishi Lancer

Po240 code came up when I did the key trick. Autozone got the same and so did the garage which cost me $55 for the computer set up. The only thing I found out was it wasn't the O2 sensors for $55. I need a car inspection this month. The light went out after he hooked it up to the computer and he told me to come back in a few days for inspection as the car needed to reset itself. On the way to garage, the light came back on! He told me it would cost $700-800 to fix catalytic converter. I am fin

Try this before buying anything. (seeing this alot lately) Run tank down to near empty and have Autozone reset the light then fill with a good brand name fuel. Cheap fuel/gas going around is triggering false O2 sensor warnings. (Had 2 this week alone ... Dodge Caravan

When my engine light came on, i was told that the codes read ''catalyst below efficentcy''. i was told it meant i need a new catalytic converter, but not to worry with it now. about a month later, my car began to stall when i stopped at lights. i cranks up fine, but after a few mins of driving, it starts to stall when i stop. is this the converter, or something else is going on

Change the catalytic converter ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

My check engine light is on and I recently failed emissions test and was diagnosed with a bad catalytic converter(bank 1).There are 3 converters under there.I was told that it can only be replaced with a mitsubishi converter and as the aftermarket ones would still trigger the same code (p0421).My car is a 2000 montero.Is it true about the aftermarket replacement and which of them is bank 1?

Bank 1 is the converter on the side that engine cylinder one is on. Yes that is true about the converter, the computer is programmed for a certain value, an aftermarket cat will not meet that value and the check engine lite will be triggered. ... Mitsubishi Montero

Code P0305 My car just hit 80,000miles yesterday. So today I was driving my car to school and all of a sudden I was driving below 40mph to a traffic light ahead and a light came up and the computer screen in my car said Engine Malfunction- Increased engine loads may damage catalytic converter and then I checked the code at a shop and it popped saying P0305 (generic) Cylinder 5 Misfire detected on top it says MIL (on) Freeze Frame 01/03 so i was wondering if you can help me determine

... 2005 BMW 545i

I have an 02 Infiniti I35, Ive had it for a year and since then I've had the thermostat, cramshaft, and radiator fixed. Two days ago the SES light came on and my car stalled. I got a diagnostic, it pulled up code p0430. But from what I was told issues with the catalytic converter doesn't cause a car to stall. What could be wrong? Please help I'm so over this situation

... Cars & Trucks

Engine light came on 2000 toyota avalon. auto zone said error code indicated it needed a new charcoal canister for emissions. today, car sounds ruff as if valves are knocking and wanting to stop at low speed. stopped again to have checked and was told the entire catalytic converter system, including everything that runs to it, is failing. can this actually cause the car to run so ruff that it sounds like the valves are knocking?

Take the vehicle to a close by local repair shop, that has beenin the same place & same owner for 25 years or moreThe chain store places aren't what you needYou need a proper diagnoses of the entire cars engine etc ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2004 VW Jetta. it is stalling when car gets warm or it is warm out. It happens when coming to stop. EPC and Battery light come on. When it start is runs ruff, If leave car off for a period of time it starts with no problem. Dealer replaced recalled break switch and said that should fix but it did not. Had a diffrent mech check codes and told me the only code that come up is catalytic converter code. That code has been on for 6 months.

If you allready replaced converter , you need to reset your ECM , Turn on key "not running" Turn on ac then disconnect positive battery term. then replace, This will reset your ECM. ... 2000 Volkswagen Passat 4Motion

Catalytic converter my service engine soon light on my 2006 infinity m35x came on the car runs smooth however iam told i need to replace the converter i have 140000 miles which takes me out of warranty what should i do

Take the car to a muffler shop (not to one of the big national chains).\015\012\015\012They will replace it for around $50~$70 and not charge for additional services like the big muffler shops.\015\012\015\012They will keep th ... 2006 Infiniti M35

Have a 99 malibu with a 2.4 ltr engine. when trying to start the car it backfires thru the throttle body.It acts like it wants to start and when it does that i'll hit the gas pedal and thats when it backfires. been told it could be timing, if it is, i cant adjust it because it's computer controlled. i've also been told it could be a stopped up catalytic converter.

Sounds like low fuel pressure issue or the timing belt has slipped, have those two things checked ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

My car (1993, 88 Royale) is getting terrible gas mileage, seems to be getting worse. I can smell some exhaust when standing by the front of the car, and inside when the heater is on. I have loss of power, even if I depress on the gas pedal it will only slo... accelerate, makes a uh puh puh puh sounds. Takes time to get up to speed. When on the freeway I have to let off the gas pedal and then depress it again to gain power. I have been told it is the catalytic converter, exhaust leak, needs tune

The catalytic convertor is most likely your problem\015\012Stop at any Auto Zone and they will scan the computer fpr FREE and the codes will tell them what the problem is. Also they can tell you how much for the parts and were they go to for yo ... 1994 Oldsmobile 88

I have a 96 Honda Civic HX. When I am at idle the car starts to shake and the rpms fall almost to zero. I took the car to a mechanic and was told that I need a new Catalytic Converter and the EGR ports cleaned. Is this the reason why I have idle trouble or is it something unrelated?

Yes and No. The EGR can cause the car to idle rough and or stall. I am assumeing the check engine light was on and set code for EGR and Catalytic Converter. If the engine isn't running right it is possible the cat won't work right due to improp ... 1996 Honda Civic


Did the car appear sluggish after picking it up ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

I had my 1998 Isuzu trooper repaired for the cylinder heads, when the mechanic returned the car, he told me that the computer showed that the oxigen sensor located before the catalytic converter,on the passanger side needed to be replaced, lately i notice that when the car goes in slow speed it slips, constantly, I haven't replace the sensor, could it be cause of the slippage?

Slippage is terminology for transmission problems. If the engine revs but does not climb up to speed right away, this is slipping. Your O2 sensor would not cause this problem. I my guessing this slipping did not exist before the cylinder head replace ... 1998 Isuzu Trooper

I recently took a trip in the mountains. Going uphill, my car would chug (pull) and eventually slowed down to 25 MPH on a 65 MPH hwy. I had to ride the shoulder to the next exit. Fortunately, there was a Napa auto shop nearby. They test drove it and it seemed ok. I made it to my friends' house. The next day, I had the fuel filter changed. I was told it was very dirty, but if I continued to have a problem, have the catalytic converter checked. I made it back home, but the car slowed to about 40 M

Deifintely have the converter checked. It may be partaily restricted and when seems to be working ok it may have dislodged a piece of the catalyst allow exhaust to flow freely again. ... 1999 Saturn SL

I am told that the catalytic converter is restricted my car drives but does not pick up speed like a normal car it drives really slow

If you have been told that you have a bad catalitic converter, then you most likely have to replace it. they can be expensive though! ... 2001 Kia Spectra
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