Having problems with your 2000 Dodge Neon ?

I just bought a 2000 Dodge neon for my nephew and it has 174000 miles. When I start the car and start going - sometimes the car will shake and make loud noise uner the hood and If let the gas padel go and ores it again it runs fine? also it has "FUSE" flashing on the odometer, And the Door signal is lighgted. The stereo and the right headlight wont come up.. head light works fine on the high beam.. Please help.. Check engine and the battery light is on also...

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Answers :

Wow, that's a small list of problems to fix! If you are mechanically inclined, sounds like you need to start from ground zero. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for 3-5 minutes then reconnect the battery cable. This will clear out any old code readings. Then go to you local auto parts store and buy a basic code reader for your make and model ($30-$125). On the way to the auto store, the electronic computer control (ECC should recieve a fresh set of codes. Plug in the new code reader to the OBD-I or OBD-II port and see what kind of codes you get. This would be a good starting point. Please rate this response if you found this helpful, thanks.
I don't even know where to start, Here is a link for you and hope it's going to shine some light at the end of the tunnel. it's going to give you instruction on to how to retrieve DTC codes and possible causes to why your neon is doing what it's doing.\015\012
\015\012Good luck and keep me posted, be glad to help you out. http://www.allpar.com/fix/codes.html There are also links there for related problems to your neon too.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2000 Dodge Neon

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I just bought a 2000 Dodge neon for my nephew and it has 174000 miles. When I start the car and start going - sometimes the car will shake and make loud noise uner the hood and If let the gas padel go and ores it again it runs fine? also it has "FUSE" flashing on the odometer, And the Door signal is lighgted. The stereo and the right headlight wont come up.. head light works fine on the high beam.. Please help.. Check engine and the battery light is on also...

Wow, that's a small list of problems to fix! If you are mechanically inclined, sounds like you need to start from ground zero. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for 3-5 minutes then reconnect the battery cable. This will clear ... 2000 Dodge Neon

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Perhaps a dicky connection somewhere. Perhaps corrosion, even moisture in the connection plugs. Inspect all connections to your indicator lights. Also check for worn or damaged wires. Also Have a look inside the lenses of the lights to see if the the ... Pontiac Firebird

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Need a new battery or startor regulator or bushes. ... 1984 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

Car will only start with remote start and sometimes with key. security light is on sometimes. also when i start the car the blinkers work fine but as soon as i go to push on the break, i hear a click and then they stop worrking and when i push the turn signal lever it makes a buzzing noize. is this something i can fix or do i need special tools. i also have a 98 chevy lumina with the secerity light on but it seems not to cause issues. what can i do? Thanks

Sounds like you dont have the bypass mod for your type of car. Do a search for GM bypass or passlock and locate the one for your car. They are plug and play and make the car fuction normal after the remote start is added.\015\012\015\012 ... Chevrolet Impala

My 1989 300SEL the check engine light flashes intermittantly starting at around 70 MPH. If I accelerate it stops until I settle in at another highway speed. The car also hesitates slightly at the same time, and then picks right back up. Also have to really pump the gas to get the car to start (Check Engine List flashes a lot during this time also) once I get the car started it's fine.

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1986 Camry hatchback 4dr that wont start at all. i don't even get any dummy lights, stereo, or wipers... (anything related to ignition) also when i turn the key theres no start either... No click in the relay box beside the battery. ALL fuses & Battery good and still nothing. I'm positive that its apart of the ignition because i still get head lights, horn, and 4 way blinkers. and this all happened in between the time of 8:AM (had car running fine) and lunch (car was dead).

Some of these cars have a fusible link,to protect major parts.its a wire with the fuse built into it.a repair manual with the wiring diagram is a big help finding it. It could also be a bad ground wire these are a black wire bolted in different locat ... 1986 Toyota Camry

2001 Subaru Outback. Had problems with the engine feeling like it was going to stall when stop at a light or stop sign (actually stalled twice but started right up). Then had problems getting going up hills or from a stop. Once the car got above 2000 rpms it was fine. Had new plugs, wires and overall tune up done, also new PCV put in. Yesterday the car was fine, today I was back to the same problem. Check engine light came on once but has not been on at all since that one time. Has been col

Try replaceing the fuel filter and if that does not do it then it may be the pump. you can rent a fuel pressuer tester to test to see if fuel pump is going out. If you rent one and need to know how to check let me know and I will put the proccedure h ... Subaru Outback

My volvo V70 1998 won't start. The indicator lights go on so the battery seems fine but the engine does nothing when I turn the key-- no clicking or attempts to start. I've have this happen before, but it would always start on the 2nd or 3rd attempt. Also, PNP replaced. Also, right before this episode, the car started 2 times when I got it into neutral using the gear shift override button. At the same time, the headlights didn't work-- but the high beams did! Help!!

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Check your battery terminal's, check woltage when engine is off on your battery, check voltage when running. Could be alternator, battery ior something wrong with charging system. ... 1995 Ford Escort

Have a 2003 VW Jetta.. Automatic.. lights on dash,headlights flicker. Today, car stalled and all lights flickered and came right back on. Car started up fine, but lights still flickering. Also within first minutes of driving, 3 chimes sometime ding. Any ideas?

Check the ground wires under the battery tray\015\012you will need to take out the battery and hold down tray. ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

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Your owners manual will tell you that the anti-theft can be turned off, but doesn't tell you how (dealer only?). If it is turning over but wont start, (trying to hit and outside temp is below 32) check the coolant temp sensor. Saturns notorious for ... 2002 Saturn Sl

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Ususally - in the case of a vehicle dying at low RPMs - the alternator is to blame.Your vehicle runs off alternator power. The battery is only there to start the vehicle.Sometimes, however, a battery will develop a bad cell an ... 2001 Chevrolet Metro

I have a 1991 Lincoln Contential and all the lights are flashing and you hear a clicking like the blinker or turn signal is on but their not, their is so type of security system on the car but I enter the code and everything but it wont stop everything else is working right the car even starts up and drives fine yet the lights are still going off and it's makeing that clicking noise (fyi- the horn to the security system has been taken off)

If the headlights are flashing, the alarm system is factory installed. Inserting the key into the driver door lock and turning to the left then back to the right is supposed to disarm it. If the parking li ... 1991 Lincoln Continental

Car quit in parking lot but started right back up, moved out on highway car started stalling and sputtering at about 35 mph. Would only run if gas pedal was very slowly pushed in and finally reached 60 mph. No lights or warning signals. Seems to run fine in drive way. Has 1/2 tank of gas.

It sounds as if the fuel filter may be clogged up. I would start by replacing the fuel filter, if it continues to produce same problem, then check fuel pressure. It is starving for fuel from your description. ... 2003 Chrysler Concorde

I have a 1990 Honda CRX Si. When i drive the car with the headlights on, my gauge cluster goes crazy. Both left and right signal turn on and the hi-beam light turns on. My gas gauge goes to the very top and also does the tempature gauge. Plus my rpm gauge goes dead. But as soon as I turn the headlights off, everything goes back to normal. Also my car will not start if it sits for more than 3 hours. Im always having the disconnect the battery when I go to work. Any answers???

Your alternator may be on it's last leg. Start the car and while the car is running, remove the negative cable from the battery. If the car dies, the alternator is no longer working. If you have a volt meter, put the meter on the battery positive and ... Honda CRX

I have a 2001 trans am and when I turn on my car the left turn signal is on and when I turn the handle to turn left vthe light blinks on and off very slow but the right side work just fine .And also when i turn my head light on the left turn signal does not work at all. Can u help me please

Turn it on,, get out of the car & see if all the turn lights are working,,if u dont know how many,,turn right on first look at them,,then turn left side on,,sounds like u have a bad bulb,, hoped it helped ... 2001 Pontiac Firebird

I have a 1998 GMC Jimmy. It cranks all the lights come on and it started up fine but if it sits too long I need starting fluid. The gas pressure is right and the fuel gets to the engine, but will not start anymore even with starting fluid. Also when it does start I have to steady the gas pedal until the accelerator actually runs like normal but tapping the pedal with my foot cause the car to idle funny and rpms jump up then it runs normal. Any help ?

... Cars & Trucks

The turn signals on my 2003 Impala intermittently stop working. They will work fine one minute and then the next time you use the signal they don't work. Sometimes if you leave the signal (left or right makes no difference)on it will come back. Activating the hazard lights also will work but not every time. It's very random when they go out (wet weather, dry, same trip, cutting the car off)

Sounds like your blinker relays are going out. Im not sure where they are located on your vehicle. but typically they are located in the interior fuse compartment of the vehicle ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

My main instrument cluster has "died" the speedometer,gas gauge and temp gauge all sit at zero and drive indicator does noit light up. Also the signal lights and brake lights don't work except the back window brake light.The car starts fine and runs and all the rest of the electical work, radio, a/c, fan, power adatpter. I checked all the fuses but did not see one associated with this main cluster. Is it a serious problem or is there a relay or fuse i can replace? Thanlks

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In my 88 camaro the low beams dont come on! i can pull the light switch out all the way high beams come on when i get out all the 4 lights on the front of the car work i pull it out just a little bit i get the yellow runiing lights but no lowbeams! also when i hit the right signal light switch the drivers side right signal light doesn't light up and the side light doesn't flash either i look at the back right signal light it flashes but no driver side on all the left side signal lights work fron

Ok...silly question, and dont be offended that i asked please, but have you checked the globes...as i have had alot of cusomters coming in with noticing that all the lgiths have blown, but they do not realise until they have none, they dont seem to n ... 1988 Chevrolet Camaro

Go out in AM, car is cold, starts and runs fine. Drive short distance, stop and restart, runs fine, idles fine. Drive about 8 miles at 50-55 mph, pull up at a red light, when speed gets down to ~25-30 mph, car stalls. Carburetor has been rebuilt. Put car in neutral or park right after it stalls - it starts right up and will run until you slow down to 30 mph or slower, stalls, As long as choke is closed enough, it seems to run fine. We really appreciate your help. It has been

The EGR valve is unserviceable which causes a bad or insufficient fuel control for em-missions......Hope this helps you out........EGR valves are not very expensive. ... 1985 AMC American Motors Eagle

Car wont even turn over i turn key on and all lights come on and i try to start by jumping starter but only turns on for a second then shus right off again my key is broken but i was starting it with a scewdriver and it was working fine why all of a sudden it wont work now i missed a very inportant intervievw today because of all this please please help me i also need to take my family shoping for food please help

Take off the alternator and have it checked at a parts store.When the alternator stops working,your car runs off battery power,which it will quickly drain.Your cars starts from the battery and then continues to run off of the alternator,charging the ... 1995 Buick Park Avenue

I was driving my car and the engine just stopped. I put it into park and started it up again and it was fine. The battery light and the light right above/below? lit also. What could the problem be?

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