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Small ECS leak code p0442 how do i find leak Check engine light came on, and got worried just had an engine/transmission replaced in it.How can you tell where leek is? Is there a dye or something to add to fuel to pinpoint the leak? Any help, greatly appreciated...Thanks

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Running lean probably listen for any air hissing spray with soap and water see bubbles
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Small ECS leak code p0442 how do i find leak Check engine light came on, and got worried just had an engine/transmission replaced in it.How can you tell where leek is? Is there a dye or something to add to fuel to pinpoint the leak? Any help, greatly appreciated...Thanks

Running lean probably listen for any air hissing spray with soap and water see bubbles ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

I drive a 2006 v6 ford mustang and have noticed i started a fuel leak. It seems to be leaking underneath around where the driver seat is. It also appears as if i bottomed out and may have broke something...how do i locate the fuel filter...is that all thats wrong? any help is of great assistance.

Fuel leaks are hard to trace especially with no light under the car. raise the car as high as you can very securelystart at an area were the line is dry and slowly wipe the line with a paper towel until you find wetness on it.,the fuel f ... 2006 Ford Mustang

Misfiring Number 3 cyn is misfiring - everything is fine for a couple of days, then the engine light comes back on and gives the code for number 3 cyn misfiring. I have changed the plugs, wires, coil pack and did a vacuum pressure test, no leaks in the intake manifold and the fuel injectors are fine. I know I am missing something, so any help anyone can give me to solve the problem is greatly appreciated. Thanks again..

Hi there:A code P0303 may mean that one or more of the following has happened:- Faulty spark plug or wire- Faulty coil (pack)- Faulty oxygen sensor(s)- Faulty fuel injector- Burned exhaust valve- Faulty catalytic conve ... Chevrolet Corsica

I am working on a 2002 Chevy Tracker with 2.0l Susuki engine. I have rebuilt the engine and had problems getting it to restart, has fuel has spark but is leaking compression by all valve. this sounds like either the cam timing is wrong which is possible or there is something wrong with the lifters. can some tell me how the timing marks should line up on the timing chain?

... 2002 Chevrolet Tracker

I have a '77 cadi with 425cid and quadrajet carb. Rebuilt the carb and works great but there is a pretty good fuel leek at the filter, coming through the threads. Tried plumbers tape on the threads , tighten well and still leaks.

You can go to the parts store they have a repair kit you can buy to fix your problem,It is a common problem that they have,the repair kit is motormite and the part number is 55124, I hope this helps you and please vote on this solution,have a happy n ... 1976 Cadillac Deville

Right behind my exhaust manifold there is a coolant leak. I cant tell xactly from where, but I removed the heat shield and I can see there is a "black box" there and te coolant seems to be leaking from there. I am hesitant to remove the exhaust manifold just to see if that is something that I can fix. You know the bolts and studs strip readily. Is there something there that the coolant can leak from? Freeze plug or something? thanks TED

... 1998 Ford Escort

My 96 Oldsmobile Delta 88 has had issues with a fuel leak for sesveral monthes. Just recently it's been having issues with power loss with driving, not starting right away, or reving the engine upon ignition without touching the accelorator. We fixed the fuel leak and while it's driving at a steady pace it runs fine, but when I start it, it still has issues igniting and randomly shutting off when idle. Is this a fuel line issue ( which has started leaking again) or is it something more serious w

... 1996 Oldsmobile 88

1992 Ford ranger, manual, 5 speed. Something is leaking but I can't tell exactly where its coming from. It is a brownish, watery fluid, with a greasy feel to it. It is leaking from something right behind the serpentine belt but I can't see exactly what. Coolant, steering and brake fluid are all full. Is this transmission fluid leaking? How can I find and fix this leak?

... Ford Ranger

My 1997 ford windstar van has been looked at by 3 mechanics, they all tell me something different is wrong, it keeps flooding and blowing smoke after going down the road about 3 miles, then it stalls out, and is hard to start. Where should I start to check the problem? Some told me the #3 fuel injector was bad, but we put new injectors on it just a little while ago, some tell me the fuel regulator is bad, some tell me the motor is shot?? can you please help? where can I get diagrams of the motor

It does sound like the fuel pressure regulator, replace it,you can get a free print out at auto zone ... 1997 Ford Windstar

My 1986 F250 (4X4, automatic, turbo) has begun to leak diesel from various points surrounding the fuel injectors and associated fuel return lines. I had a visual inspection of the truck and the mechanic told me to replace the return lines (kit:$140.00 labor:$350.00). I just wanted to know if something else might going on that would cause the whole fuel system to start leaking at the same time. I am hoping to adress the root of the problem, not just start replacing parts and work backwards.

No the mechanic is right, this problem is caused by the new (in use about 12 years) clean burning diesel fuel mandated by the Feds, it eats up all the injector seals, the new seals are Viton synthetic rubber and are not affected, ford was doing this ... Ford F-250

I have replaced the fuel pump on my 1994 pontiac grand prix with the 3.1 litre v6. But it does not seem to be sending the fuel to the motor? In the instructions it says something about the oil pressure switch might need to be reset or something. Can you tell me why i am not getting any fuel?

Are you sure that the fuel pump is properly installed? Have you tested the fuel pump circuits to see if they are working properly? Did you also replace your fuel filter? (It could be totally clogged up) Have you checked to see if there is any fuel ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

Fuel Reg........ I'm stumped. Car starts, runs great, dies when I make a left turn. Seems to starve for fuel. Right turns are fine. Should fuel system maintain fuel pressure even after car sitting for a while? I checked pressure at fuel rail service port. sometimes it is pressurized, other times nothing, is that normal, and what are the symptoms of a failing fuel regulator? Replaced fuel pump motor recently but wondering if I might have an internal leak within the fuel pump module, which might b

Fuel pressure should not drop more than 5 PSI in 24 hours, the symptom you have is more than one issue, first verify the system holds fuel pressure over night, the pressure regulator will not cause this issue, the check valve built into ... 2002 Daewoo Lanos

I have a 2007 ford f350 gas truck 5.4L V-8. Tells me i have no fuel when its full, contantly tells me to check my gas cap. recently it has issues with accelerating and chuggs when you try to force it to go. This morning i replaced the fuel filter in it and it ran great for about ten mins until i hit the hiway and tried to really open it up and then once again it started chugging around 80km/hr. It will run and when it chuggs i turn it off restart it and it seems to work fine for about 5mins. Now

... Ford F-350

My 2000 Elantra is throwing a p0441 code . I've replaced the gas cap & Evap purge flow solenoid . I cleared the code but it came back again ? Whats next , could the fuel pump seal on the tank be leaking or something with the fuel tank pressure sensor ? My next step is a smoke tester to find a leak in line or tank .

... Cars & Trucks

Fuel Tank I have a 87 chev truck with dual tanks both tanks have leaks removed one and repaired the leak re-install now I cannot get the truck to run of that tank.Checked the fuel pump it does come on when the key is turned when truck is running on the other tank works great but dies when I switch tanks . Thanks for any help you can give me  Ron

Make sure the fuel selector switch is in the right position for the proper tank. Double check that the tanks have not been reversed according to the selector switch. You could be pumping out of the wrong tank ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

My cars check engine light comes on sporadically. it has failed state inspection due to the code P1259 manufacturer controlled fuel and air metering. i've looked all over the web trying to find out what exactly the problem may be and how tho fix it. i found something telling me that it has something to do with the VTEC, possibly the wiring to the selenoid. i have been unsuccessful in finding anything that could even tell me where to locate the selenoid or any of the wiring to it

... 1999 Honda Odyssey

2006 Pontiac Torrent for the past year I have had trouble with the gas cap and engine light coming on from the emmissions, i guess. I take it to Advance Auto and they diagnose a small fuel leak.. this last time it said small and large fuel leak.. does the light only stay off with the factory cap or is there something else wrong with it?? I am averaging 300 miles to a tank of gas what can i do? or what is the problem!!!

... 2006 Pontiac Torrent

I had to replace head gasket on my 96 pontiac sunbird. When I bolted the fuel line back to the intake, i have gas leaking. Is there a o-ring or something that goes between bolt and fuel line? I have tried using a spacer but it still leaks

... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

Some days my van starts, other days it won't. It will turn over and start but something is telling it to shut down. I can start it one day and the next it won't start at all. Then it will stay that way for awhile [ week[s] and then all of the sudden start. Frustrating. Replaced fuel pump and all other fuel related items. Battery is good. Could it be something in the security system?

Sounds like your transponder key ... 1998 GMC Savana

I have a 1990 corvette coupe with the l98 , I have replaced the fuel injectors , cap and rotor, plugs and wires, temp controll sencor , idle control sencer, o2 sencor , ecm computer, fuel regulator and my car still runs like ****. It does ok untill I give it a lot of throttle then it bogs down. Could this be a vacuum leake? If so how can I find that leake? Is there a diagram telling you where each line should go? Or what else could it be?

Check timing chain. Shoot a timing light at the crank, and see if the mark is jumping around, or staying in one spot. If it's jumping, time to change it. It probably jumped a cog. If it's a vacuum leak, wiggle the hoses around with it running, and li ... Chevrolet Corvette

Help please @ first 2 weeks ago drove it 3miles and it quit tryed starting it and every time i put it in a gear it would just quit then next thing you know it wont start at all then we put throttle body ? on it then fuel pump, fuel filter, practically everything new and we have had mechanics look at it and no one can tell us what it is can anyone please give me something else to tell someone to look at since im a woman i dont know much but my boyfriend has tryed everything and my ex husband is a

Try checking the crank sensor, (for sludge, and wiring connection) and having someone check the timing. It may have jumped a tooth. (so the engine isnt firing the sparkplugs at the right time) Also try drilling a 1/4" to 1/2" hole in the exhaust ... 1992 Chevrolet Corsica

88 kawasaki vxii, sat up for 5mo...ran great when parked..now leaks fuel continuosly..runs great one sec and so-so the next. Will fuel treatment, wd40, and a couple days of riding..fix it?

... Cars & Trucks

I just replaced the intake gaskets on a 2000 olds bravada because of leaking antifreeze it ran fine before the distributor was put back in the correct position but the center and rear plug are not firing they have good spark but it seems like i'm not getting fuel to the two cylinders could this be something to do with the spyder fuel lines i did separate to upper and lower to replace all gaskets could it be something i did

... 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada


I pretty much had this same problem what your problem is going to be is more than likely you have a pin hole leek in one of the fuel lines inside the plenum . ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

1985 toyota 4x4 pickup 22r non cali emissions. Had carb cleaned and rebuilt, runs good for hours parked in drive, can drive for up to 10-20 min just great. Then cuts out and dies no fuel in the window of the carb. Thought about vaporlock in the pump, new mech fuel pump still same. also took off fuel tank checked pickup tube no blockage, also new fuel filter blew into carb no restrictions. Seems like fuel float may be sticking. I was wandering if maybe something with vacuum hoses since all electr

Please contact TOYOTAED. He is an expert user, and toyota mechanic.\015\012Thank you ... Toyota Pickup
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