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My 2000 dodge stratus 2.4 DOHC won't start? I was driving on the highway and for a good 3 miles I felt three mini-misfires going off in my engine. Eventually I lost the power to accelerate in the car anymore and then my power steering went out in my car. When I tried to restart my car it started up, but I was unable to accelerate or use the power steering; on the dash the red light with the oil came up. I checked both dip sticks and they were fine. I tried removing fuses to reset the computer an

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You must turn the engine over by hand for one revolution to ensure the motor has not seized due to oil pressure!get back to me
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My 2000 dodge stratus 2.4 DOHC won't start? I was driving on the highway and for a good 3 miles I felt three mini-misfires going off in my engine. Eventually I lost the power to accelerate in the car anymore and then my power steering went out in my car. When I tried to restart my car it started up, but I was unable to accelerate or use the power steering; on the dash the red light with the oil came up. I checked both dip sticks and they were fine. I tried removing fuses to reset the computer an

You must turn the engine over by hand for one revolution to ensure the motor has not seized due to oil pressure!get back to me ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

A friend serviced my 2000 3.3 dodge grand caravan. He changed the power steering pump, and the CV joint. When we went to start the car the dash lights came on, but no start. ( no click no nothing). We changed the ignition switch and tumbler, nothing, we changed the starter motor, and when we went to start the car, still nothing, we tried jumping the battery and now the tach needle went all the way over and is stuck at 7K Rpm. We disconected the battery and the needle is still stuck.The car STILL

This sounds like a bad connection at the battery terminals.or at the engine.with all the clicking noises that what indicates to me that the van is losing voltage check the voltage at the starter relay on the starter.also check for a bad ground.If thi ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

I was driving and all of a sudden engine light came on then shut off and then oil light come on as im losing power and steering wheel locked up then oil light went off. i pushed it to side turned on hazard lights. got a quart of oil put it in.. thats all it was low (although i am in need of oil change and last time it was changed it was done with synthetic and that is not what was put in my car when we added the quart it was not synthetic) had it towed to my house. then then my car had no power

From your explaination you have a bad alternator, with the new battery it will run until the battery drains, what happen was the alternator went bad engine stopped running when there was not enough voltage left,the oil light and steering problem is a ... 1999 Chrysler 300M

I have a 2006 dodge magnum 5.7L HEMI AWD. I was drving and all the sudden the car shut off without warning (the oil light came on as it died) and i had no power or steering etc. The car would not start again and had to get it towed. When at the shop the engine light came on as well as the oil light and still does not start. Plugged into the computer and came up with 17 codes. the mechanic fixed the 17 codes, the engine light went off but still does not start. he thinks that is a crank sensor whi

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Hello, I was diving and the check battery light came on, all power functions operated poorly, and the power steering was operating poorly as well. I parked and turned off the car when I tried to start it again it was completely dead. I replaced the battery, the car is running fine, however the light is still on and the steering wheel is very hard, I checked the power steering fluid and it was fine, what could it be? Thanks, AV

Bad Alternator ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 92 Chrysler new yorker 3.3 engine 160K mileage. One morning, I stopped at a red light and the "check gauges" light came on during idle. I immediately noticed my oil pressure gauge lower than usual. Upon pulling away from the traffic light and accelerating, the light went out and the oil pressure came up to normal again. The oil pressure drops as the car idles, sometimes to the point of triggering the "check gauges" light then returns to normal during driving. The oil level is full and t

Your vehicle uses OBD 1 technology which is the earlier engine management systems, that is latter controls and monitors the engine while it is running.The best and cheapest way to troubleshoot this problem is to start with a computerised diagnostic t ... 1992 Chrysler New Yorker

Received a recall letter regarding the electric power steering one week ago and a message came on the dash about problem with power steering. When I tried to start the car all I hear was a clicking sound. I tried jumping it but still only a clicking sound and we tried a fully charged battery starter to give it more juice but still heard only the clicking sound. The car is an automatic and is in my garage but it will not shift out of park into neutral. It's frozen in park. Is the electrical probl

... 2004 Saturn ION

My 2002 Hyundai accent is doing many things....the power steering is gone... The battery light and brake light are on on the dash..... The heater blows only cold and it says it is overheating. All if it started at the exact same time... I cranked the car and pulled away from the gas pumps, the belt made a loud squeaking for quite a while, the lights on the dash came on, the power steering was gone, as well as the heat, and maybe a mile down the road it started to overheat. What could be wrong???

... Cars & Trucks

Car trouble Car not starting. ON dash board following lights are on: rear light faliure, low engine oil level, ABS, low washer fluid & Discharge (battery) Warning Light. All of the above (apart from ABS) have been checked, i.e. have topped up fluids for washer fluid and engine oil. Power steering turns on and off on sharp bends. Steering becomes difficult on bends. And finally right side speakers are not functioning. Please advise me of what I should do.

Check all of the fluids, check all sensors.\015\012get a hayes book on you car and change what ever need to be changed.\015\012too many problem, nothing too expensive and nothing is critical for now, if you don't fix them, they will be yo ... 1994 Lexus GS 300

Power Steering The Power steering on my 2005 Saturn Ion goes out. I will turn the car on and drive between 5 and 35 minutes before a little light flashes and the POWER STEERING comes up on the Dash. After this I have no power steering until I restart the car. It's a repeating cycle? I've tried changing the fuses to no avail...

Has anyone gave Saturn any hard time over this power steering issue yet? Looks to me like this is a very WELL KNOWN problem for Saturn's but nothing's been done to solve it. Even newer Saturns have this problem, especially just when the car's out of ... 2005 Saturn ION

My car died quietly, while I was driving. I was exiting the elementary school zone, making a left turn and moving steadily at 10 MPH. No sputtering. No jerking. Just lost the power steering and had to guide it to the curb. When I try to restart it, the instrument panel lights up, and one by one all the lights go off...except the oil light. Changed the oil two days prior. Used a Fram PH16. Checked the oil. It is full, and the car was not hot when it died. Battery is good and car cranks over norma

I had this happen on my concorde also and I was on the freeway. it turned off, lost steering and it kept doin it, I was trying to get off the freeway.anyways...I also thought that it was the fuel pump and was ready to replace it, glad I didn't though ... 1997 Chrysler Concorde

Sister in laws car .drove from work to pick up kids then 20mins later car would not start .checked battery ok ,lights are on ok when trying to start no crank nothing .NEXT morning went to check on car put key in drivers side open door went to put key in ignition car started right up in morning .drove home. Started car again when got home 1 min later ok . tried a 3rd time in a row failed came home at night tried 1 more time still failed to start. lights on dash are bright red ...

If you just hear a click, try this:\012This procedure usually works:\012\302\267Check the battery cable connections:\012Make sure the positive cable, makes a good connection at the battery and at the starter. Make sure the negative cable ... 1997 Mercury Villager

I have a Ford Focus 1.8 TDI 2000, i was driving down the motorway today when it gave a massive **** and lost power. i dropped a gear and the revs went up, but yet no power to the car which by the time i got to the hard shoulder had died. The radio and all electronics are working, brand new battery. Turned key to try start, the starter motor was going anyway and it was trying to start but with no joy. Oil light came on also, checked under the car and there was a puddle of oil and a trail from th

Well than it might be that something went wrong with the timing area, oil could come from one of the cam seals, the only option is to remove the top cover for the timing belt and have a look at it, as well as some engines have the injector pump drive ... 2000 Ford Focus

Car shut off while i was driving i tried to start it again but it would not start now the car had develop this knocking noise when ever i start in the morning and wen ever it sat for long.Now when the car did shut out the only lights that came on was the oil and battery lights and it did make a sound that sounded lik a snap or crakin or w/e i dnt kno so after it shut off i tried to start it again and at first i cud hear the starter and the engine bump but it was lik not enough powere was ther to

Sounds like bad starter or bad wiring conection if cables got hot that shuld do ... 1994 Honda Accord

Car made a extreamly loud noise like shaking rocks in a tin can after driving 1 1/2 miles the steering wheel locked up as i attempted to make a right hand turn the battery light came on and the thermostat gauge jumped all the way to the red H. I turned the car off and proceeded to let the car cool off. After about 5 minutes i tried to start the car again and the noise was even louder and it would jump to the H everytime i tried to start it. When i tried to roll down my windows it seemed to drain

You probably lost serpentine belt , check if the belt intact . Laud noise , I guess , was belt flaping around and tearing apart.\012Before replace the belt you need to find the cause of this problem , \012I've seen belt tensioner gets cr ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Yes, i was parked in my driveway last night and my power steering engine light came on. I tried driving and the steering wheel was stiff, hard to move. I got up this morning and went out to start up the car and the light went off and it seems to be back to normal...I dont know what the problem is? I don't know whether to try driving it or not, if that will happen again while I'm driving...

Instead of a hydraulic power steering pump your power steering is assissted with an electric motor. please read the link. \015\012\015\012 ... 2005 Chevrolet Malibu

Ok i got a 91 honda accord ex auto and i have power to the starter and a new battery. i already took the starter out and had it tested at my local auto store and it tested fine. i checked my fuses and none of them were burnt out. when i try to turn my car over i get nuthing the motor desent even try to turn over. i get all of the lights on the dash and was wonderen if it could b a bad relay or maby a bad netrual saftey switch. i dont have a check engine light on and it hasent came on be4 the car

On the basis of what you have described it would be best to check power supply to the starter again as I am unsure if your 'having power to the starter' means just from the main battery cable.The ignition switch supplies a 12volt feed to the solenoid ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have a 2006 VW passat and the electronic power steering wheel light on the dash and it is red. It says service now. Can I reset this is light. All I did is jack the car up and changed a tire. No my power steering is not working. How can I fix this?

... 2006 Volkswagen Passat

2002 chevy malibu... I have been having acceleration issues with my vehicle. I got some solutions and was trying them. The problem is this... I started the car and as I was pulling it onto the ramps, the needles on my dash went down as if I shut off my car and then the car stalled. I turned it off and attempted to start it again. I tried to start it but the engine just cranked over. I turned it off then tried a third time. The third time I had no power at all, no lights no door dinger no nothing

When you say you replaced the ignition.Was it the ignition cylinder or the ignition switch?The electrical or the mechanical part? ... 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

The battery dash light, the parking brake light, the brake failure light flicker faintly to bright to faint while I drive and it died on me. when I tried to start the car the following lights came on "check engine" "oil pressure" and when I turned the key the arrow underneath the fuel gage came on but nothing happened or could be heard. I thought it was the battery since all the stuff that wasn't working well was electrical but after replacing the battery the lights mentioned first started flick

Replace the alternator,and clean the battery cable ends real shiny,no grey,or black film left on the cable ends that connect to the battery.Alternator does not have enough power to run the ignition and all it`s assesories. ... 1990 Volvo 240

2007 VW jetta 2.5ltr Having problems with jetta dying. First time issue happened, warning lights in car came on, generator malfunction light and power steering. Lost power steering then car died. After a jump which we let charge for about 10 minutes, then I was able to drive a 6 hour distance. However, on the way the generator malfunction light came back on. The car died a second time after about two hours after the light came on. I got another quick jump and went about 20 feet. Went back to the

... Cars & Trucks

Check engine light is on, service emissions system flashes on console, oil light will flash and car cuts off at random, sometimes car will backfire and cut off. Lots of exhaust when trying to accelerate or sometimes when starting car. Ran a computer diagnostic check for error codes and came up with: PC0113, PC1111, PC1153, IP2711, AC1347, RS0038 and RF2560. Can you tell me what these codes mean and where I should start with repairs?

... 1996 Cadillac DeVille

04 jeep grand cherokee v8 belt melted while driving, car overheated, and light came on saying check gauge now lights on dash showing what gear the car is in wont come on but car still drives without the belts just no power steering????

Your Jeep should only have one serpentine belt. That belt powers the alternator, water pump, and power steering pump. You should not drive without the belt. I would guess one of the pulleys locked up and melted the belt. ... Cars & Trucks

I was driving my 1996 Subaru Sportswagon manual 100km/h in 4th gear, bringing the rpm to about 5,500 or so. It was a mere test, comparing the diff of the Sportswagon and a Datsun I drove earlier that day. When I reached high speed, the 'check engine' light came on, the oil light and the Warning light. I also lost power steering. The car was still running because the rpm was showing but rolling I took the car out if gear so it was running at an idle. Almost 6-7 seconds after I got these warnings

If you lost power steering and all those lights came on, then what you experienced was the engine stalling.If the car runs well aside from this single incident, then I wouldn't suggest that anything is necessarily wrong. You may have accidentally ... Cars & Trucks

I noticed dash brake light was on, I checked parking brake to be sure it was off, light didn't go off. Was debating turning around and taking another car when car wouldn't quit accelerating, put in 2nd than low. Pushed on brakes felt like I lost power brakes took both feet. Managed to put in park and turned key off. Tried restart twice still was racing. Pulled up on accelerater didn't feel anything but started up normally. Brake Light was still on and drove mile to house with no more probl

I see you have received a response, but I can't see how without knowing the year,model and mileage of the vehicle in question. Can you post answers to the previous questions for me. Thanks. ... Toyota Camry
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