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Electrical failure Whenever it rains, my alternator light goes on, the doors lock up and general but inconsistent electrical quirks happen. On this particular occasion, after weeks of rain, my car refused to start - there was NO power even to the clock. After fiddling around with the battery and checking wires (but finding nothing) the ignition lights came on and we can roll start the car. If i turn the ignition on there are ticks and clicks behind the dash but no start. I've tried to find an an

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On my old ford windstar.... water leaked by the passenger side window... ran across a beam under the dash and dripped right over the fuse panel... i suspect you have something similiar and the relays are filling with water. basically you need to locate the leak and then replace all the relays... as there are alot of them and the flasher relay is abit pricey i would suggest doing what i did which is to go to a junk/recycling/wrecking yard and locating a vehicle like you have.... ask them how much for all the relays (including the ones under the dash in the fuse box near the battery)... keep replace the ones you need to replace and keep the rest in the glove box... first place to look for the leak is along the window... if it has black plastic strips beside the windshield it is probably leaking there... lift them up and put a small bead of silicone caulking in the crack then push the plastic strip back in.. use some tape to hold it till it dries
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Electrical failure Whenever it rains, my alternator light goes on, the doors lock up and general but inconsistent electrical quirks happen. On this particular occasion, after weeks of rain, my car refused to start - there was NO power even to the clock. After fiddling around with the battery and checking wires (but finding nothing) the ignition lights came on and we can roll start the car. If i turn the ignition on there are ticks and clicks behind the dash but no start. I've tried to find an an

On my old ford windstar.... water leaked by the passenger side window... ran across a beam under the dash and dripped right over the fuse panel... i suspect you have something similiar and the relays are filling with water. basically you need to lo ... 2000 Ford Focus

The battery dash light, the parking brake light, the brake failure light flicker faintly to bright to faint while I drive and it died on me. when I tried to start the car the following lights came on "check engine" "oil pressure" and when I turned the key the arrow underneath the fuel gage came on but nothing happened or could be heard. I thought it was the battery since all the stuff that wasn't working well was electrical but after replacing the battery the lights mentioned first started flick

Replace the alternator,and clean the battery cable ends real shiny,no grey,or black film left on the cable ends that connect to the battery.Alternator does not have enough power to run the ignition and all it`s assesories. ... 1990 Volvo 240

I have a mondeo 2.0 tdci 02,the glow plug light came on when i was driving and stalled,so i changed the camshaft censor and the car was fine,then a couple of days later,i went to start the car and the battery was flat,bought a new battery and was fine,then on motorway the glow plug light came on again and stalled,re-started the car and drove off,then started to loose power and ignition lights came on and car stalled,now it will not start at all????

... 2002 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW Reg. Cab

Charging system failure light came on for a few seconds and then went off after starting car this morning. Drove to town fine. Battery seems to be charging fine. Car started fine. No charging system failure light came on all that time in town. Car is 2005 pontiac grand prix gt with 3.8 litre engine. need new alternator? need new battery? What would set light off?

... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

Car doesn't start. I have a 2002 Cav, jumped in tonight...no dome light, key in the ignition..no dash lights, no start, no click....nothing. turned it on and off for about a minute. Then the dome came on. After the light came on, it will crack over but not catch. I could start it but as soon as I took my foot off the gas it died. This continued for about 5 minutes. I took the key out of the ignition and was about to walk away...decided "Ah, what the heck" tried it again and WHAM! Started right u

Check your battery cables, Battery to starter, and battery to ground. Make sure all contacts are tight and corrosion free. ... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe

Any computer problems with 2009 Acura TSX? My car was just towed to the dealer. It started with the battery light coming on and it said to check my recharge system. Then my ipod and radio started acting up, next the power steering went and the VSA light came on, then the ABS light came on. Every alarm in the car was going off! Then the car died and there was an electrical smell

... 2009 Acura TSX

I just bought 2005 La Crosseused of course. We drove about 150 miles and came home parked the car. I went back out to get something out of the car. I decided to crank the car and see what light came on when the auto lights were on. I put the key in the ignition and the car would not start and since I don't have an owners manual I have no clue as to what to do to start the car. THe man we bought it from says he never had a problem with it .What can I do or try ?

The security system is malfunctioning .turn key to the run position for 12 minutes then finish turning the key the rest of the way to start this resets the security system. ... 2005 Buick LaCrosse

Sister in laws car .drove from work to pick up kids then 20mins later car would not start .checked battery ok ,lights are on ok when trying to start no crank nothing .NEXT morning went to check on car put key in drivers side open door went to put key in ignition car started right up in morning .drove home. Started car again when got home 1 min later ok . tried a 3rd time in a row failed came home at night tried 1 more time still failed to start. lights on dash are bright red ...

If you just hear a click, try this:\012This procedure usually works:\012\302\267Check the battery cable connections:\012Make sure the positive cable, makes a good connection at the battery and at the starter. Make sure the negative cable ... 1997 Mercury Villager

This car has an electrical problem. When you turn hard left the idiot lights on the dash all light up....you must turn the car off and restart it and everything is back to normal. Well now it seems everytime you turn the car off...the next time you start it the clock has reset itself as if you had disconnected the battery and reconnected it. Like a power failure in a house and all your electric clocks reset at 1200. The clock thing just started and now my girlfriend was in the car and turned lef

Check to make sure your battery is bolted down securely and its possible that when you throw it hard left its moving around and you"ve loosened the battery cables. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

The gas light and electrical light came on yesterday. I had over half a tank of gas. The car started several times while I was running errands, each time the lights stayed on. This morning the car started normally. The lights were still on. At lunch when I got in the car, when turning the key it seems to want to start, but eventually wears down. The battery is new (July) and the battery connections are tight. Any ideas?

Took to mechanic who checked alternator. Alternator was bad. Replaced alternator. ... 1998 Kia Sephia

Electrical issue Problem started with the battery light coming on. Found that the battery wasn't holding a charge properly, and the alternator was bad. Replaced both and now I'm getting intermittent electrical issues like ABS light coming on, Car stalling when coming to a stop like someone shut off the ignition. The car re-starts immediately after. Dash lights going bright then returning to normal


I have a VOLKSWAGEN POLO E (55), 05 reg. Just want to confirm that the "bing" and lights that come on when I turn the ignition to start the electrics is just confirmation that the electrics are available. The process is... 1) insert key 2) turn to first "click" - see lights, hear "bing" 3) start car, lights car Sorry, I would look this up but i have no manual! many thanks Mark

Hi, yep your exactly right its nothing to worry about, its just the system testing itself to make sure everything is working as it should be so dont worry its normal for your carlet me know if you need further assistance ok ... Volkswagen Polo

I have a 95 Lesabre. I was doing errands, stopped car, came out of store and tried to start car. The engine didn't turn over. All lights on dash came on when I turned key on and all went off when I turned key off, except the security light. Even with key off it stayed on. I was trying to call someone for help, when the security light went out. I tried to start again and it turned right over. A friend told me I might need to replace ignition key. What do you think?

Hi,The ignition lock cylinder is most likely the problem. It has the sensor that rears the key inside of it. The cylinder has two wires that come off run down the bottom of the steering column. This is where you are going to splice the re ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

Have 2004 s40 Volvo. Turned car off, left key in ignition about 5 minutes. Car has been running great, went to take key out, dash light would come on, key would turn but couldn't take key out of ignition. We took out battery hooked up another battery because battery went dead by time someone came to check out car, key came out of ignition. Put key back in ignition car will not start. What shall I do.

The key lost synchronization with the the computer. its a common problem with these new high security systems they're very sensitive. this made the battery die, next step is to take the car to the dealer, dont try to start the car anymore. if you hav ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2006 Dodge Stratus SXT 2.4L and my car was driving great and all of a sudden my car starts to stall and it wouldn't go over 20 mph and my check engine light starts blinking and my oil pressure light came on. I pulled into a gas station and my car turned off, but the lights didn't. I tried to start it again, but it seems like it's not getting any fore to ignite. What can I do to fix it?

Read the codes in the computer to find out what codes are stored in the computer and then we can get more info to get it fixed email me at [email protected] ... Cars & Trucks

Alternator started vcar battery light came on after driving for a few minutes car stalled like alternator wasnt working lights went out and it wouldnt start while waiting for tow turned on lights and they seem bright so i tried to start the car and it did after five minutes running it started cutting of as if no current was available and it stalled again, battery is brand new so is the alternator, starter, ignition coil, apart from the obvious which is the alternator what else could be causing

Try checking you belt tension. That happened to me once while I was driving. Turned out to be a broken fan belt. ... 2001 Mercury Cougar

Electric tilt wheel works sometimes, check engine light came on, horn doesn't honk and ignition was locked momentarily when trying to start car.

You will be required to run a scan on this car to generate the error code that will lead you to the problem wherein we can proffer a solution to you.Let me tell you about the check engine light.CHECK ENGINE LAMPMon ... 2001 Mazda Millenia

Electric problem It started when I tried to unlock my doors with remote. I had to manualy open, when I got in the car the dome light and front seat lights wouldn't work, also the radio no longer had any stations programed in and the clock time was wrong. Sometimes when I turn the car on and off things will start working again. Then today the radio no longer was working either. Again sometimes if you turned the car off it would come back on. The last really weird thing the front seat lights came

Disconect youre battery.remove the computrbox under glovebox.unplug all connectors and reconect properly.this should solve the problem. ... 2005 Mazda 3

I recently entered my Jeep and the lights started to flash and the Security word came up on the dash. The car almost did not start. Could a weak battery have caused this? When I turned off the ignition and closed the door and locked it the lights stopped flashing and the Security light went out. I cannot start the car now but the symptoms re-occured when I tried.

Hi and welcome to Fixya!\015\012\015\012Yes this can be caused by a weak battery. I strongly suggest that you replace the battery sooner. \015\012\015\012Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa! Have a good one! ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Car is not charging. I have nothing electrical, but when the car is jump started, it starts right up without a problem. Car ran fine yesterday, today it needed a jump, went to store, had lights and radio and seat control, came out and needed a jump again...after that jump the charge meter showed it draining and the red light stayed on, no lights, no turn signals, no radio, no seat control, no windows...belts look fine. Looked at the alternator and the fan is going around...any ideas of whatelse

Need a new battery or startor regulator or bushes. ... 1984 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

Hi, our 2003 focus wont start. The engine light, the ignition light and the oil light are all on. We have checked the battery and all the fuses but nothing there seems wrong. We've only had this car for about 3months, when we got it we had to get the fuel gage fixed, and there was a noise in the front of the car which the mechanic said was a fan belt & that he had fixed it. 2 weeks ago the noise was back and the ignition light came on, took it to the mechanic and we had to get a new alternator.

Could be the belt tensioner is bad. That will loosen the belt so the car battery goes weak and will make a bad noise. Could have gotten a defective alternator. ... 2006 Ford Focus

Car electrics hi can any one please help with my problem. i've got no c/locking with or with out key fob, no flashing led (for alarm) no boot or interior light, no ignition lights, no hazard warning lights, no side light, all most no electrics at all but the radio does work. i've chacked the battery 12.4 volts & i've checked the fuses in the dash, boot & bonet all are live that are suposed to be. obviousley the car will not start, PLEASE HELP!

This is a highly sophisticated system (complicated and expensive!) that will require an experienced Volvo shop. There are 15-20 computers in this car that are all networked together and they will need to be checked. You need a special tool to read al ... 2000 Volvo S80

Electrical Problem While driving the check engine light will come on (not blink). Then I can see the the temperature gauge starts to oscillate ( as if the voltage to the gauge is changing). Next the gauge needle goes off ( complete cold) as if voltage to the temperature gauge is gone and the Service 4WD and Electronic Control Throttle lights come on. The car starts to run rough. If I pull over and turn off/on the ignition the lights are cleared (accept for check engine light) and the car runs no

... 2009 Jeep Liberty

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 l won't start. When I turn the ignition, no clicks, starter won't turn over but the display panel lights illuminate randomly...some of the idiot lights just go on and off randomly....starter doesn't engage. The headlights and interior light come on strong so there seems to be electrical power....I charged the battery anyway. When I jumped the car's battery, I could get the car to start and it seemed to run ok including the display screen but I had to keep my f

... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Car won't start--stopped running while driving appears to be fuel pressure did not overheat--trac off light followed by the service engine soon light came on while driving and within a couple miles the car shut off and wouldn't restart cranks well and tries to turn over but will not start battery is new (within the year) and we have replaced crank sensors, bcm, and ignition system all within 18mo as we were having passlock issues--we thought we had problems solved with this car then this

Check the fuel pressure.\015\012If no pressure, then check for power at the pump when cranking. If not, it is the fuel pump relay. You an pull it and put a jumper across the secondary leads to get it to run. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am
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