Having problems with your 2000 Hyundai Accent ?

Wont take fuel took to auto zone and 4 codes came up P1404 auxillary emission control-P0442 small vacuum leak-P0340 camshaft sensor-P1507 vehicle speed control. Can I replace these parts myself? Does any one part fix two or more problems? Car runs good! just wont take fuel from pump only half gallon at a time. Also a little surge idle is felt on idle at light I think or coasting with brake on. Those are the only two performance issues and both are minor. I would like to fix this my self if I cou

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Answers :

I would try to find and fix the vacuum leak, as this will be causing other problems, like the emission control.. other than that I am afraid I can be of little help.
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Wont take fuel took to auto zone and 4 codes came up P1404 auxillary emission control-P0442 small vacuum leak-P0340 camshaft sensor-P1507 vehicle speed control. Can I replace these parts myself? Does any one part fix two or more problems? Car runs good! just wont take fuel from pump only half gallon at a time. Also a little surge idle is felt on idle at light I think or coasting with brake on. Those are the only two performance issues and both are minor. I would like to fix this my self if I cou

I would try to find and fix the vacuum leak, as this will be causing other problems, like the emission control.. other than that I am afraid I can be of little help. ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

My 1995 K 1500 w/ 5.7 motor will not idle very long before it dies. I have replaced the idle control valve, idle control sencor, and map sencor. That didnt fix my problem. So I thought fuel could be my problem. I put fuel dryer/ antifreeze in tank. changed fuil filter, again. still wont stay running. has to be fuel pump. right. PLEASE say yes... Thank you for your help. Ken

Thats what it sounds like.. Alot of times the pump will be pumping but not enough.. ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Engine Dies When driving or idling, the RPM guage will drop to zero and within a second or two the engine will die. It will restart immediately by reengaging clutch ( if driving) or by using the starter if sitiing and idling. It will run a minute or two and the process repeats itself. It has ran perfect since a rebuild this spring and a new distributor was installed then. I suspect the control module, since, I believe, it also controls the fuel pump operation if ignition is lost. I tested the mo

Check the crank trigger sensor as well this can be presenting the way you described i dont feel it is the throttle position sensor but you may want to test that as well if the crank sensor comes back clean ... 1985 Pontiac Fiero

I changed the fuel filter on my 1992 jeep Comanche. Now truck wont idle, and starts to backfire. Also, just after I changed the filter I put five gallons Of fuel. Not sure if air in fuel line or bad gas. But truck wont run now. The only reason I changed the fuel filer was because the rubber fuel line split.

... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Car has new plugs, wires, dist. cap and rotor, also water pump. Sputters badly when you take off, continues to sputter until higher speed is reached. Also surges occassionally when idling. Fuel pressure tested at 35 psi. Don't know what to try to fix this fuel problem in 92 Cadillac Eldorado

My 1992 Cadillac Eldorado is idle up and cuts off ... 1992 Cadillac Eldorado

Starts and runs fine but after 15-20 miles if you let off the gas the RPM gauge spikes and the engine cuts off. I have replaced the Idle Control Valve, EGR, Fuel Pump Relay and Fuel Pump, Water Pump, Torque Converters. Also after the engine cuts it wont restart for 15-20 min at least. Not overheating at all on heat gauge either. Another problem is the brake lights stopped working. I replaced the bulbs, fuse, and brake light switch. Still they wont come on. The operating lights and blinkers still

Have you performed a voltage test on ther TPS? If so, what was the results? Was there any dead spots? ... 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1987 jeep comanche with4.0 will crank but wont idle i have already changed tps and idle air control valve and checked fuel pump and changed fuel filter and checked vacume lines with no change what else could it be also had throttle body cleaned

Have you checked the crank position sensor? when this baby goes the engine will start and run for one or two seconds then die like its out of gas.\015\012\015\012Also the ignition switch may be suspect. ... 1987 Jeep Comanche

I have a 97 isuzu rodeo with a gas gauge issue, i replaced the sending unit and it didnt fix the problem so i replaced the fuel pump with the sending unit on it and still reads empty. the fuses have been checked and i took out the instriment panel and checked the ribbon connection and its fine too. the fuel pump is working fine. also have a problem with a high idle, i replaced the idle air control valve cleaned the mass airflow, replaced several vacuum lines and reset the ecu. after resetting th

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 98 dodge Dakota 4x4 auto 5.2. Air idle controle valve was loud all the time and wound load up on fuel n die and also rpms wont go past 2000. So I changed both o2 sensors. Now air valve is not loud at idle most of the time. But still won't rev up. When I try to rev it up it bogs down n smokes alittle n some soot sometimes comes out. Fuel presser is 45 psi @idal new o2s new air temp water temp new tps used map used air valve. Please help

Here's a link on what may be wrong.Here's how to ... Cars & Trucks

I have 1997 lumina engine starts then shuts down immedately replaced fuel pump fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator also the mass air flow sensor and idle air control valve car still wont stay runn

Have you checked your battery.. If it does not have at least 9 volts it can not run the computer , so it would start up but then die.. ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina


Throttle Position Sensor ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

High idle 89 c2500..5.7 TBI... starts normal idles fine, then sputters a bit and kicks into a high idle and wont stop.. i recently replaced the following-- Fuel pump,fuel filter, TPS, coolant temp sensor,ignition control module, idle air control valve, ignition coil, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, starter, fuel injectors...sometimes it wont idle high and i can drive it for an hour or so with no problem..then out of no where it'll start idling high.. im confused ..if anyone has any suggestions ple

It's probably one of two things , a vacum leak or a bad ground. ... 1989 Chevrolet C2500

The truck starts and idles fine but when put in drive the truck stalls out and wont start without being primed.the fuel pump has been replaced and also the air idle speed controller but i was wondering if it needs to be adjusted and if so how to do it

What is the year, make and model? Does it stall slowly or abrupt? the Idle air control motor has no adjustments. It is controlled by the ecm. Also is there any codes. ... Chevrolet 1500

I have a 03 cavalier i changed plugs,coil,and ign module two weeks ago now the miss is back this time with no acceleration hardly it wont go past 60 cut cat off seemed to help but you rev it up it cuts out them picks back up i checked fuel press its good then i if it is the module again what could be taking it out? also the trac off light on it sounds like reduce power mode is on but what would cause this? thanks in advance the eng is the 2.2 ecotec also i noticed the fan running upon start up a

Buy a couple bottles of gas-line antifreeze and add it to your tank, it absorbs any water in your fuel. add one now and one next time you fill up. ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

1999 Cadillac DeVille. Error: Service Idle Control. OBD: PCM-P1654 (Cruise Control Inhibit Output Circuit). What does this mean? I also lost almost a gallon of Coolant at this time, but had a new water pump put in a year ago and a new radiator put in two weeks ago.

... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2001 Ford Focus LX. I have had a two different mechanics work on the car but no fix. It runs fine most of the time but occasionally it just starts choking and cuts off. It acts like its not getting the proper amount of fuel or something is clogged up. This also seems to occur on super hot days when sitting in traffic but the car does not overheat. When it occurs it will start to misfire and then gradually getting worse until the car dies. Also sometimes when I crank the car it idles poo

I had the same problem it is a lack of gas. fuel fillter in the fuel pump is bad. it has a safety recall on it. I just got my car fixed and to no cost to me. ... 2001 Ford Focus

A 2000 Dodge Ram Van 1500 5.2L shut off while driving without any warnings. New Computer same problem Cables checked Thottle Position Sensor new could it be the Idle Air Control Motor? You can t restart the engine. It takes a time, sometimes a few minutes sometimes half an hour... if the motor controll lamp and the fuel indicator comes on, you can start it. If you re driving fast (75 and up) it wont shut off.

... 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck

I have a 2004 Avalanche 1500. I have had lots of trouble filling it with gas the past two years. I have to let the gas trickle in order to fill up. Also I have had trouble with the truck not idling right and running really rough. Every time they change the fuel pump and that does not fix the problem. Then the change the O2 sensor and that seems to fix it. But 10-12 months later it starts all over again. Any ideas on what could be causing the constant sensor failures?

I had the same issue. After replacing several items on the truck and still having the same problem, the dealer replaced the cannister. Bingo, problem fixed and I can now fill up my truck. ... 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche

Hi There I have a 1996 Ford festiva fuel injected 1.3 liter 3b (kia) when you crank it it fires and idles but only for 30 sec then it runs rough and stalls and if you press the gas it dies, when you immediately take your foot off after trying to rev it it goes back to idle for a while and stalls. I had a problem like this 6 months ago and fixed it by replacing the distributer because the engine ignition control module is inbuilt so i thought lets do that again but after swapping the dizzy

I would definitely do a fuel pressure test, or if the vehicle is just a high miler put one in it. I had a 90 festiva I drove for years and it did the same thing to me. I ended up replacing the fuel pump, and I am also a professional mechanic and have ... 1993 Ford Festiva

Have a 2005 trailblazer,it started acting up by not wanting to run good while taking off or going up hills.put it on code reader it told me that it was cylinder 1 misfire,I changed the plug and the cylinder and it still didnt fix it.so I tried changing the fuel pump and that didnt fix it and the code reader then told me ramdom cylinder misfire..so we changed all the spark plugs...it seem to help the problem but now it wont idle it dies everytime you go to drive it...do you have any ideas?

Could be plugged catalytic converter ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My 99 Durango wont start unless i put my foot into the pedal. Once I take my foot off the pedal I dies. Check engine light is on. P4xx (cant remember the code) but I think it said Idle system failure and I think it said "values out of range" once. I have replaced the computer as well as the Idle air control valve. When I changed the computer it acted like it was going to be fixed. Slowly over the period of a few days it went back to the way it was.

My 98 dodge wouldn"t idle and only run if i kept the trottle right down . it was the catalytic converter\015\012plugged . It comes with y-pipe so price it out . I got quotes from 275.00 to 1580.00 for parts . I removed complete exhaust system a ... 1998 Dodge Durango

Hi 2.6 rodeo isuzi 1997 egine wont idle or rev out also slight back fire through inlet manifold have tryed to fix im a mechanic tried changing mass air flow sensor as check light was on when fitted

Hi Bruce, The reset of the engine check light should be incorporated into your diagnostic equipment. Erase Fault Codes should do the job for you. I think that the fuel pump pressure is low. It should be about double the reading you have. (3.8 bar or ... Cars & Trucks

Help 10 codes on 323i! p0150 p0170 p0300 p0306 p0305 p0304 p0173 p1188 - Fuel Control(Bank 2 sensor 1) p1188 - Fuel Control(Bank 1 sensor 1) It doesn't effect my normal driving, my idle is little bit rough, there is also some power loss between 1 & 2 rpms. I replaced spark plugs, wires, o2 sensors. I think it may be my ignition coils because most of these codes are random misfires, 4, 5, & 6. Also my car shakes in idle.

These codes will have to be cleared and the car driven through a drive cycle, maybe a couple of times, is the check engine light off? Also you should check your MAF sensor it may need to be cleaned or replaced and makes sure there are no holes in you ... BMW 323

My 2003 Yukon XL won't start if the fuel level is less than a quarter tank on level ground...I add 5-gallons of gas and it will start then. It has been like this now for two years, so I never let it get below half a tank without filling up. Now, the last couple of days, it want's to stall when I come to a stop-sign or pull into my garage. It also seems to be idling at less rpm's than usual. Thoughts?

OK I HAVE THE ANSWER. The fuel pump needs to have an adequate gas supply to start up. When low, or on a steep angle, and especially when BOTH conditions occur, the pump is no longer submerged. A check valve is intended to retain gas at the pump in th ... GMC Yukon XL

Fuel warning and battery warning (in the dashboard) stays on even when im already driving. I had my alternator and battery line checked already. I tried using new battery as well. The fuel gauge still works. When i stopped the engine and left it idle for more than 2hrs, it takes more than 5 secs (but just 1 click) to start the engine. But when left idle for less than two hours, it only take just a second or two to start.

I suggest checking your fuel filter,and cleaning rthe battery terminals THOROUGHLY.Also make sure if you have a battery that has the type caps that allow you to check the battery water level,make sire the water level is at least one quarter inch from ... 1992 Nissan Pickup
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