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When I push the gas pedal my car's check engine light starts flashing and my vehicle boggs down and wont build up speed. When i let off the gas a little my car then slowly starts to pick up speed and my check engine light stops blinking. ive been told i need a new coil assembly and all new spark plugs and they estimated $242 is that right?

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When I push the gas pedal my car's check engine light starts flashing and my vehicle boggs down and wont build up speed. When i let off the gas a little my car then slowly starts to pick up speed and my check engine light stops blinking. ive been told i need a new coil assembly and all new spark plugs and they estimated $242 is that right?

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I have a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport SOHC. Check engine light came on and started flashing. Took it to have it checked. They told me engine misfire in a couple different cylinders and o2 sensor. I changed all plugs and wires, put a new coil pack and a new o2 sensor. Also cleaned throttle body and air filter. Used gas treatment. Still having same problem with check engine light. Also idles rough and is very sluggish. Doesn't stay on when idling at light or stop sign. What else should I do?

Fuel filter,module. ... Cars & Trucks

2001 sentra (81k) started up short 7% grade hill - half way lost power and started to idle rough and check engine light started flashing. Proceeded about 2mi to destination. A couple of hrs later I checked all fluids etc. The following day took to my mechanic and was told I needed 1 new ignition coil and plugs were fouled too. Picked up after repairs put less than 20mi on it and check engine light came on (and stays on). Back to machanic, they checked code and said now is indicating ineffic

Hi!!!\015\012\015\012Every time there is an emisions problem your check engine light comes on and stores a code in the memory in which, using a OBDII scanner, it can be retreived later and proper repair should be made. If the code that i ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

Motor misses On highway driving when you tryto pick up speed by acceleration motor starts to miss big time and the check engine light blinks.After when you get to the speed that you need to stay with the traffic and ease of on the gas. The check engine light stays on but no more blinking.Until you accelerate again and then again it starts to blink.And after then back to steady on and on blinking. Sure like to know.

Find your nearest autozone or auto parts store most will put there scanner on your car for free .they will retreve the code and will than have an idea what part or parts your car needs if this was helpful please leave me good feedback. ... 2004 Ford Freestar

Check engine on acts likes it is missing on low speed 5 and 6th pinstons I have done a tune up on the van sparks plus disturtor cap rotor cap, wires new muffler the guy at the muffler shop said that the injectors needed cleaning and put a new coil pack on it. the check engine light is still on

... 1996 Chevrolet Astro

2001 Windstar stopped running while driving. It started fine but was shaking thought I needed gas since my fuel light was one. Car stopped working before I got there right before it died the oil light and battery light came on. About a week before the check engine light was on. Towed the car home we replaced the fuel pump and filter. Still nothing. The battery is new. Then we saw that one of the arms was missing from the engine shut off module. Went to the junk yard got another arm for it. put i

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2003 dodge neon: check engine light came on got it tested got code P2305 which is coil#2 replaced coil, spark plugs, coil pack, new battery. a little while after light came on, when starting car seems fine til you try to go higher than 30 miles per hour then it drops down to say 10 miles per hours and im flooring it at this point and it takes minuntes to go back to whatever speed i was at. so i thought i wasnt getting any power i got it flow tested gott the o2 sencor tested and came back fine. o

... 2003 Dodge Neon

Check engine light is on when the car starts and stays on. Then when driving it and giving it some gas vibrates and the check engine light starts blinking Reducing speed makes the check engine light s

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I recently bought a 1999 Grand Marquis the lady started using Ethanol free gas in it since she bought it. I starting using the 89 gas and the check engine light comes on and when I put some of the Eth. free gas in it and when it reaches the engine the light goes out. What do I need to do to the car to help me to start using the 89 gas without the light coming on?

... 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 2001 2.4L Mitsubishi Eclipse GS starts then stops right away. I try to give it gas but it ides rough fro a few seconds thein dies. If I disconnect the battery it clears the problem so atleast I can start the car but the check engine light comes on, then when I stop the car it won't start again until I disconnect the battery. I took it to the dealer and he said I need a new OD sensor. I tried to look up the part on the web and even in a repair manual but no such animal.

... Mitsubishi Eclipse

1994 F150 5.0- new mass air flow sensor, new throttle position sensor. It will start when it is cold,revs at 600-700rpm and check engine light is on.When truck warms up, check engine light goes out and now idles at 1300-1500 rpm with no power at all. It also consumed 1/4 tank of fuel for 38 kms. Also when warm, it will not start at all. I believe it is running super rich as per fuel consumption,high idle when warm, and if it does start ( hardly ever) it lets out a cloud of unburnt gas fumes that

What codes do you have?\015\012You have a check light on,you have to \015\012diagnose and repair that issue first ... Ford F-150

I have a bad miss at idle... smell gas... put new iridium plugs in and still the same...i have nology wires... i cannot figure this out...check engine light is on and had checked... said plugs or wires possible cause...i checked wires i have 3 ohms. means? very low resistance? HELP 2001 sierra 4.8 seems to drive ok at speed, and sometimes hard to start, hit or miss... normal or crank alot... getting on the highway once i gunned the motor and a great burst of smoke came out and pinged alot... it

Pull out the distributor and see if the gears are worn to a razor blade sized point,if so you need a distributor and a cam shaft replacement. ... 2001 GMC Sierra Crew Cab

I have a 2003 cvp. As I accelerate to get on the freeway, or under severe load, the check engine light blinks. Code was misfire in cylinder 6. A mechanic felt it was not the coil or the spark plug, but the injector. He told me to put cfoam (sp?) in a full gas tank and see if it helps. My gas pump then went out and I replaced it. This AM, I was driving and accelerated hard and the check engine light started to blink. I pulled over, turned the car off and re-started it, but now the check en

More than likely you have a misfire due to a coil. In 11 years of working at a ford dealer as a driveabilty specialist I have never seen a crown vic injector fail. If it has a misfire code again I would replace the coil and plug on the appropriate cy ... 2003 Ford Crown Victoria

1990 mazda b2200 pickup after 15 to 30 min of running the engine quits then in about 10 to 15 min it runs fine. I crank the engine but it just cranks and cranks I checked to see if it had spark. I checked at the coil wire then plug 1 spark was good I removed the gas line to the fuel injection system and pumped gas into a bottle and it pumped as the engine cranked put the hose back on still would not start then I wait 10-15 min starts right up runs very smooth and has a lot of power new plugs new

... 1988 Mazda B2200

Changed engine in my 93 Celica. Used all of the original sensors on new motor. Engine starts easily and idles very good. no check engine light at idle. If you step on the gas at all, the engine shakes badly and the check engine light flashes in sequence with the shake. If you let off the gas the engine returns to smooth idle and no light.

Have you checked to see if the harness on the distributor is plugged up good?How about throttle position sensor?Is it plugged up?Let`s look at the distributor timing,is it in time?If you disconnected the injector harness on each injector,they may hav ... Toyota Celica

Van running rough at first starting. drove to work shut it off, end of shift would not start. turned over but did not start. Replaced fuel pump twice (2 New Ones) Still no gas to engine. No electric to pump motor. Switched relays still no juice to pump motor. I need help here. motor spins just fine just no gas from tank. Switched relays, new pump relay, even though not sure needed, I need fresh ideas. Second damn Ford I have owened & got rid of for gas problem Motor light on all the time does no

Check to see if FUEL SHUT OFF SWITCH Went BAD..............Located in Passenger side kick panel. will have red button on top. Unplug it. take paper clip and complete circut. If car starts , then replace fuel cut off switch.It is an INERTIA SWITCH,sim ... 2003 Ford Windstar

2005 Pontiac Sunfire. No start condition this morning, finally needed a jump. Got it started but it was running real rough and had a flashing check engine light. Pulled the coil pack rail, checked connections. Replaced very old plugs (OE) and replaced. Still running rough AND Backfiring, but now the Check Engine light is solid, not flashing. The car is not driveable. There were NO previous check engine conditions on the car. It was running beautiful and quiet. Now it rattles and the rear pipe al

Timing is off, did you replace the wires as well? Check the timing? ... 2005 Pontiac Sunfire

I had blinking vsc code and check engin light on. Took it to a dealer who ran diagnotic. Dealer said gas cap has failed and new charcoal canister is needed. Since the high cost of latter, I simply replaced gas cap only and warning lights remained off. now, 4 months later lights came back on. Am I going to have to replace gas caps every couple of months? If I buy a new cap and put it on myself does the warning lights go off by themselves it this is the correct fix or do they need to be rese

... 2009 Toyota Corolla

On my 97 Sunfire the check engine light was staying on all the time. My scanner gave me a P0342 code. I cleaned the connection to the cam position sensor and coated the wires with insulating grease. The check engine light went out but now comes on again after 10 to 15 minutes of driving. When I shut of the engine and restart it 3 times the light goes out on the 3rd start but comes on again after a few miles. Again 3 starts and the light goes out and so on....Do I need a new sensor or could it b

Probably the sensor. Hair line crack in sensor can cause the check engine light to come on .When the sensor gets hot it expands and causes a fault reading. ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

#1 cyclinder misfires is the code we get. Tried new plugs, wires, fuel filter, fuel pump and distributer cap and rotor. Pressing on the gas the engine sounds like it is backfireing, and takes a lot for it to go. Before this all started happening the speed dednomitor fell a the way to zero while traveling down the rode at 60 mph sputtered and acted like it would die, but then picked back up an drove normally except the check engine light came on.

The 96 97 98 caravan has an issue with bad instrument clusters where the speed is displayed.: the grounds and other soldering on the pc board get hairline cracks in them.it also causes the ASD relay to shut down the vehicle or.it can cause no start a ... 1996 Plymouth Voyager

My toyota celica .... everytime i start it up it stalls sometimes i can get it in reverse and then drive and it seems like it is gong to stall again but doesnt or i will make it down the road and it will stall. It also hesitates alot when you hit the gas it doesnt really want to accelerate. We had our check engine light checked and it said it needed a new fuel pump so we replaced the fuel pump and strainer. Now it seems like it is even worse. Please help me

It certainly sounds like a fuel delivery problem. You didn't say if you changed the in line filter. If it is partially plugged, it won't allow enough gas to reach the engine. After or before changing that, you would want a fuel pressure test, to see ... 2000 Toyota Celica

I have a 2001 9-5 SAAB V-6 turbo. I took it to the dealer and they said it needed the ABS Modulator, the speed odometer quit working. The abs light, park break light, check engine light , and TCS light stay on. But every once in awhile the lights go out except the check engine light and the speed odometer starts working. The dealer wants 2998.00 to fix it. I am wondering if I buy it at a junk yard for 200.00 will I assume to have this same problem again?

... 2008 Saab 9-5

I have a 2000 jeep wrangler 4.0 engine it ran good for 16 miles then would quit no check engine light on so i scanned it anyway came up with a p 1391 mis fire so i changed can sensor ran good about 30 minutes and died scanned again same 1391 i returned cam sensor and got a new coil pack and crank sensor i installed coil pack ran good about 30 minutes and died so i installed crank sensor and put back on old coil pack ran good 45 minutes then actually started missing and check engine light on it s

It does sound like the ecu is bad the only other thing it could be is the antitheft system is having problems ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I had a check engine light come on with cylinder 6 misfire and multiple cylinder misfire codes/descriptions. I replaced the spake plugs and the car ran worse. it was very sluggish and would run better at higher RPMs but still unnatural. several times while accelerating the check engine light would flash. again the code were the same as above. I replaced the bank of coils and now it wont start. it pops and sputters and almost starts when i give it full gas. the engine light can on again and

Have you reset the computer (disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes).\015\012\015\012The crank trigger is likely bad.\015\012\015\012Hope this helps. ... 1997 Audi A4

The gas gauge on our 1995 Jaguar XJ-6 has been malfunctioning for several months. It can read zero or full or anything in between, even after a fillup, but usually reads zero until the car burns some of the gas. The problem started with the needle twitching up and down just after starting the engine, and quickly got worse. Soon, the check engine light came on. I need to know if it can be caused by the gas gauge problem, such as the onboard computer thinking there is a fuel leak. The check engine

... 1995 Jaguar XJ6
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