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My 1998 jeep grand cherakee limited while driving it all of a sudden looses power and engine stops went in fuse box under the hood and found fuse that controls the fuel pump and dash idicater lights was burnt engine wood turn over but wood not start replaced fuse and car started instantly drove for a while fuse would blow again until this afternoon fuse blew replaced it tryed to start car it keeps blowing the fuse every time you try to start car

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Answers :

Sounds like a dead ground to the fuel pump.
This could be dangerous if the bare wire is in the fuel tank.
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My 1998 jeep grand cherakee limited while driving it all of a sudden looses power and engine stops went in fuse box under the hood and found fuse that controls the fuel pump and dash idicater lights was burnt engine wood turn over but wood not start replaced fuse and car started instantly drove for a while fuse would blow again until this afternoon fuse blew replaced it tryed to start car it keeps blowing the fuse every time you try to start car

Sounds like a dead ground to the fuel pump.This could be dangerous if the bare wire is in the fuel tank. ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

History: 2 days ago the battery light came on. Car ran fine that evening. The next morning. The tach stopped working. a minute later the speedometer stopped working. Then, another minute later, the car began running rough. Then died. Car would not start. Starter just chattered. Replaced battery and drove to nearest autozone. had charging system checked. Wasn't charging. Replaced 7.5 A Alternator fuse (#2 fuse). Car started. Battery light went off and verified charging. Drove it 97 miles without

Replacing the fuse the first time was the right move, becuase it could have been a fluke that it blew. Replacing it again and again was not! You should have found out EVERYTHING that the #2 fuse controlled and verified that the components weren't ... 2000 Ford Contour

How do I replace my alternator on my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee? I think the battery just needs to be replaced...but yesterday my car wouldn't start, after trying to jump it, it still wouldn't start. We determined that the starter fuse had blown and replaced that and then tried starting the car again. Car still wouldn't start, we tried jumping the car again and the car started. I drove the car home (30 minutes) and then this morning the car would not start again. We are planning on getting a new b

Here is what I suggest. Remove the battery from the vehicle and take it to an autoparts store. Most parts stores wll test the condition of the battery for free. They can tell you whether the battery is any good or not. Then, if you find the battery i ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2002 chey malibu. no start conditon.have good fuel pressure,no spark.new crank sensor and sounding ring all fuses,relays checked, ok.had this problem,before and would start .put replacement engine in, drove for three days,ok. had waterleak from heater core,bypassed for now. now car won't start.no codes .i was a tech for 40 yrs so i can understant answers.could it be the alarm system locked.by the book i tryed key on for ten minutes,then off and start, nogood.tryed lock/unlock doors with key no g

Hi this is only a suggestion if it does not work ask again for assistance, what you can try is, put the key into ignition, turn to position 2 , then remove battery earth -..not live + , leave off for ten minuets , then leaving the key st ... Chevrolet Malibu

I conected my car radio and blow a fuse. I replaced it but now 1 of my engine fuses keeps blowing everytime i start my car, so my car wont start. It turns over but just wont fire up. a hour before this happend i ran out of fuel. I have a VW Golf GT TDi. I have heard that it could be a air lock in the fuel lines? Ill also add that the car fired up fine and i was driving around for atleast a hour. But would not re-start. HELP!!

... 2000 Volkswagen Golf

We have a Dodge Caliber and when we went to start the car all the dash lights came on but the engine would not crank at all. Tried to jump battery, nothing. The doors would not lock or unlock with the key bob. Checked the fuses and when I removed then replaced the fuses for the IOD Sencor the car started right up, and the key bob worked to lock and unlock the doors. We all so have a problem with the dash lights going on and off while driving if we hit a bumb just right.

Check with dealer on technical service bulletin, and/or recall regarding this. My Daughter had same problem, it was to do with sensor in ignition for recognizing key. Have heard some say, reducing static before putting key in also helps, such a ... Dodge Caliber

I recently filled up the gas tank, started the car and drove home(about a mile). My wife got in 15 minutes later and the car would not start. I did find a 15 amp fuse burned out labeled fuel pump. I replaced this fuse and the car still will not start.

You can try a few things:\012\012Remove the gas cap to relieve the fuel pressure and replace\012Pump the gas repeatedly to force any air out of the fuel lines\012Prim ... 2006 Saturn ION

Problem started when son left inside lights on overnight. Charged battery and drove for about 10 minutes and car died. Replaced battery and car would not start. Replaced starter and car will still not start. Will not even turn over: only goes 'click'. need help. Oil was a little low, but engine never got close to hot let alone overheated. any ideas?

Chechk and double check the cables from the battery to the ground and to the starter. One of these may be bad. I assume when you replaced the battery it was fully charged? The clicking sound lets me know your getting power to the key switch and volta ... 2001 Dodge Intrepid

Check engine light flashing on and off. replaced coilpack. A.S.D. Fuse blew replaced fuse drove home and would not start the next day. fuse blew again. now what? was driving fine before light came on. thought it might be water in gas so put dry gas in tank. Didn't work. was vibration in engine compartment when light came on. oil is fine. pops new fuse when started.Trans shifts fine, temp. is fine, heater works good,

Recheck your connections on the replacement parts may have a loose connection if good than something loose. going south or shorting out will cause the flashing check engine the flashing means [fault ] something is going to fail or is causing a malfun ... 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

I drove the car for about two hours and smelled something burning for a minute(Melted 15 amp fuse under dash for Ignition) The holder that holds several fuses was pretty warm, indicating some type of a short. Oh, the car would not start again until I replaced the fuse. It appears that the alternator charging circuit is keeping the ignition running, even after the 15 amp fuse heats and blows. Because the car if already running, continues to do so with the blown fuse until turned off. I had to d

Any time a fuse gets hot, or even the wiring, or connections, is from a poor connection or an excessive draw. It sounds like from what you are saying that the starter may be failing. Do look closely at the the fuse area for a fuse holder that may hav ... Suzuki Samurai

2002 grand cherokee 2.7 crd engine management light came on 4 weeks ago (and is still on), the car stopped and would not re start turns over but does not fire up car started the following day I drove 8 miles and then the same happened it stopped and has not started since I have had the car at a local and they replaced the crank sensor to no joy they then had cpu checked and were told it checks out ok. I now have the car at the main dealer their jeep tech ran a full diognostics and states that th


Wont start i drove the car a couple times during the day. I tried to start it later in day and it would not start. I had someone jump it, but it wouldn't start. there was no sound at all coming from the car while trying to start it. I know it was missing @ 6th plug, but that wouldnt keep it from starting. also the maf sensor needs replaced, but that wouldnt keep it from starting either. Could it be a fuse or a relay?

This engine has a bad design flaw in that the timing chain does not get any oil. Pretty much there are two types of failures. Failure around 20,000 miles and failure around 78,000 miles. All the engines they made for a few years had this flaw and no ... 2001 Saturn L-Series

I have a 1991 toyota celica gt.I parked the car for a few months,it was running when i parked it.I went out one day to start it up and it would not start. i checked the fuses and gound that the 100 amp alternator fuse was blown.i relaced it and as soon as i replaced it it blew again. i replaced it again but this time i diconected the alternator but now the engine will not start.can you help me

He didn't ask what might have gone wrong. Would have been more helpful if you'd told him to replace alternator diodes or the alternator itself. ... 1992 Toyota 4Runner

Car sometimes over heat! 2 weeks ago I flushed the radiator and replaced with antifreeze made for all makes and modles by prestone. Ran fine for to weeks untill car overheated refilled fith antifreeze and drove 700 miles to Texas ran just fine eveen cooler than normal. Onthe way back from Texas when I pulled into a rest area the car temperture start to go way above normal but the fans were running the only way to keep engine cool was to keep driving.The next day I replaced thermostate car would

Fit 1/3 of radiator flush in to the sistem it is good as you pout 1/3 more 5 days after notes radiator blockge high temp make smart leaks sow ef radiator water stay ful and no top up is block radiator ef you put water sum time check for litle le ... Chevrolet Impala

My 1997 Mitsubishi mirage was recently repaired and the repairer had a new key cut to replace the one he lost. I drove the car home using this key. When I used the original manufacturers key my engine would not start. Now the new key will not start the car either. A mechanic has looked at the car and says he can't find a mechanical problem. His scanner is displaying 'immobiliser'. What does this mean?

Lock and unlock your door using the key in the driver side door lock. This my fix it ... 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage

I was listening a cd when waiting to pick someone up and when i came to start the car it the engine turned over and the sort of bussed but would not start - i waited a couple of hours and then the car started - i had the battery checked and they said it was ok. About 2 weeks later i had drove my car to and was sitting in the car and when i came to start the car it would not start -then engine would not even turn over. I left it for a couple of hours and it still would not turn over and it looked

Charge the battery, then put a volt meter on battery before you start it and note the voltage, then start the car and check the voltage while its running..if its less then 13-13.5 then its not charging...if it seems to be charging, take it to your lo ... 2004 Acura TSX

Started car this afternoon for short errand. Drove 8 miles to store and when ready to leave store car would not crank, engine would spin but would not start. Waited about 20 minutes checking under hood for any loose wiring and repeatedly tried starting engine. Was about to give up and tried 1 last time and while trying to start engine repeatedly patted foot pedal and then car finally started. My son also said it seemed weaker while driving as far as power did not have the normal feel. 217k miles

Clutch pedal switch would not let the starter to operate. So you can eliminate that. Possibly the fuel pump.or it was momentarily flooded. When you pushed the accelerator pedal whaile cranking you were allowing more air into the engine, thereby blo ... 1988 Toyota Camry

My 1991 Buick century problem, well it started one day win i herd a sound rattle in my engine. Thin my car would not stay running so i check the spark plugs and they where bad. so i gave it a tune up but later it back fire so hard that it blew a hole in my muffler.so i was thinking since my car would not stay running i checked the 02 sensor,fuel pump, and fuses. Replace what was bad and still the same thing. I did some more research came across the camshaft position sensor and it was bad bu

Man what a hard time you have had!\015\012Before you can trouble shoot the possible bearing problem,your engine would need to be able to run.\015\012\015\012Your engine will run with a bad alternator for awhile with a fully charged ... 1991 Buick Century

My 2004 cadillac cts would start then die caus of lack of fuel, it stays running by spraying fuel into engine tho so thought it was a bad fuep pump. replaced fuel pump but still same, checked fuses but nothing blown. thought maybe a regulator but dealership said no regulator on the 3.6 engine. car has been parked for 5 months now an still making car payment an paying full coverage on it. currently ordering fuel rail and new injectors.please help...

Hello and Welcome to FixYa.com\015\012\015\012try the fuel pump relay. what size engine do you have? i need this info to help you. \015\012\015\012 \015\01 ... 2004 Cadillac CTS

Okay, this car has been giving me alot of problems. Currently I am experiencing a starting problem with the vehicle. This seems to occur when the engine is warm, yet sometimes even then it starts perfectly. I have replaced several parts on the vehicle, had a recent major service etc. I have been told my fusebox needs replacing - its worn out and the one fuse has been burnt. Yet my friend took a look at it and it seems okay to him... Would a faulty fusebox cause such behaviour in the vehicle?

HI, I had the same problem about 6 months ago. Replaced the coolant sensor as you suggested and it fixed the problem. (about £15 from a local shop - just click the old one out and the new one in, reset the warning lights with a friends VAG and ... 2005 Audi A3

98 firebird 3.8 engine died and would start back up. no fuel pump sound. replaced fuel pump and drove about 10 miles. car died and no pump sound. tpwed to yhe shop and the car started back up. no codes set or pending.

This is a common problem on GM vehicles. When this happens, look for a light on the dash somewhere that says SECURITY. If you see this, you have an antitheft security issue. It can accually turn off your starter, fuel pump, or injectors. Check out th ... 1996 Pontiac Firebird

Blowing Fuses A month ago i had the battery changed in my 01 zx3 focus. Everthing was hooked up correctly, but now my car is blowing the 30 amp fuse under in the engine that controls the car starting. If i replace it it will be ok for about a week or 2 then it blows again. I believe it has to be somewhere between the battery and the starter, because that is all that controls. I know its not the alternator because the battery still is holding a charge. What would be causing this?

Your starter is going bad have it check out, ... 2003 Ford Focus

Have 91 dodge shadow replaced 2 pistons 4 rings head gasket drove car abit put foot on brake the odd time rpms would go way down and stall car. now check engine light is on when i start car. when i come to a stop put foot on break RPMS go way down and stall my car code is 12 324 55 need to know what problem is

Sounds like a vacuum leak. ... Dodge Shadow

I have a 2003 dodge stratus engine studdered so I pulled over turned car off the on and car ran fine but now the engine light is on and error code reads p0016 this has been going on for a year and we would just turn the car off and it would start back up and go just fine and the engine light would go out after it sat for a night. well it did not run fine this last time so we just replaced timing belt and water pump crank and cam shaft sensors car was running fine and then we started it after sho

This poo16 is cam/crankshaft sensor if u change it already and still the same maybe a loose connector or the cable are shorting ... Dodge Stratus

My daughter has a 1998 Avenger as soon as the car starts it blows a 30 amp fuse in the engine compartment which is simply marked ENGINE. After this fuse blows the car will not even try to start the lights and power windows and all still work but nothing as far as ignition, replace the fuse the car starts pops the fuse and dies again. Can anyone help me ???

Sounds like you have a short in the electrical system between the ignition and the fuse box. it might be metal to metal somewhere inbetween in the wiring that is makeing the fuse blow out everytime ... 1998 Dodge Avenger
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