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2000 pontiac grand am se v6 3.4 ltr My car keeps getting extremely hot, it has over heated in the past but since I've done all this work I shut it off before it gets that bad. I've noticed that the 2nd cooling fan won't turn on and I'm thinking this may be the problem. Work already done: Pressure test Intake manifold gaskets Water pump Thermostat

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Check the thermal switch for the second fan.disconnect the fan first and put 12v to it and see if it works.these are things i would check....fuse,relay, fan thermal switch(usually on the radiator,,and the fan itself.one fan is the cooling fan,the other fan comes on with the air conditioning.
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2000 pontiac grand am se v6 3.4 ltr My car keeps getting extremely hot, it has over heated in the past but since I've done all this work I shut it off before it gets that bad. I've noticed that the 2nd cooling fan won't turn on and I'm thinking this may be the problem. Work already done: Pressure test Intake manifold gaskets Water pump Thermostat

Check the thermal switch for the second fan.disconnect the fan first and put 12v to it and see if it works.these are things i would check....fuse,relay, fan thermal switch(usually on the radiator,,and the fan itself.one fan is the cooling fan,the oth ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Hello, i have a clio 1.6 1999 the cooling fan wont work.. i have replaced the switch. , the fan works when i give it power direct, ive checked the wiring to the relay and its all ok ive traced the wiring back to the ecu so i think the ecu controls the fan could the ecu be broken any ideas. cheers steven

Check the thermostat if the engine is running cold the fan will not come on or radiator may be blocked the radiator will be cold at the bottom ... 2000 Renault 181

My 2003 toyota corrolla wont start. turn the key, no clicking, just nothing. lights seem strong, heater fan blows, radio works so dont think its battery issue. can tell you after 20 min drive last night car sat for about 45 minutes and wouldnt start. went back up today after sat all night and started right up. drove it home 20 minute drive, turned it off tried to restart, nothing. let it cool an hour with hood open, it started again.but tried to start alittle while ago with engine cool and it wo

May have a bad starter colenoid, easier to replace the whole starter. sometimes the starter colenoid goes 1st when really hot & then it cools & restart no problem. next time it won't start, try boosting it.if you can, tap on starter when turn ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

I have a 07 chevy aveo ls 5 with a 1.6 ltr engine and it's automatic trans so here's my problem my wife was driving home from work and the car overheated and shut off when i got there i found that the cooling fan had rubbed a hole in the radiator we towed it home i replaced the rad water pump thermostat and hoses but the fan still wont kick on not even when you turn on the ac so i replaced the all the relays still no fan i think it's the temp sensor but i can't find it any help would be great

Check for power to the fan and for a good ground. If those are both present then you would need a fan. If your old fan rubbed a hole in your radiator then I would definately check to see if the fan has play in it that would case it to hit the radiato ... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

Electrical Had problem with a cassette tape stuck in deck. removed tape and think it caused a short in the electrical system....Now... Headlights and tail lights come on automatically when you turn the key...never did that before! It was manually done with button. Fog lights do not work as well ...did before, radio does not work...did before Cooling motor fan alarm now on Just recently had the air conditioning recharged..works well Where do I go from here????? What do I look for in the way of tr

I got the same problem just put in a new system and now it has a short the dash board dont works it keep blowing fueses ... 1987 Cadillac Allante

I also have a 2004 saab 9-3 with the inside blower motor that wont turn off with key out of the car and even when the car is locked,It has manually air con panel. When i disconnet the battery and reconnect the battery the fan stop working, when i start the car and use the blower motor it works correctly for a minute then freezes on the speed i on and same think again fan wont turn off, any one please help. Saab garage have never seeing the problem before. Its not the blower motor and i think its

Hello.\015\012\015\012There are two probable causes for this problem.\015\012\015\012The first is the fan power relay is sticking in the closed position and drawing power even with the key off. When you disconnect the battery ... 2004 Saab 9-3

My 06 c230 has a few problems. they all started the same day. 1. when i turn the car on, the steering wheel wont drop to my setting, the a/c wont turn on, the instrument panel wont work (tach, speedometer). I have to keep turning the car off and back on to get this fixed. 2. my eps light is on. 3. my brake lights wont turn off while the car is on. 4. my engine fan turns on at random when the car has been off. Earlier today the car was off for over 3 hours on a cool day then the fan kicks on full

... 2006 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class

I have an 02 trailblazer just had the cooling fan replaced in now i have an airconditioning ad heating problem when i go to turn on my ac or heater nothing comes out of the vents what could be wrong but before i got the fan clutch done it worked on level 3 not level 1 or level 2 but now it doesnt work at all wen i go to turn it on my car gives off this sound like it idling up then down alot but no air coming out the vents but when i donot turn i on my car runs just fine


My car would run a little hot when you would turn ac on after about 10 min but would come back down now it ran hot with no ac on and i notice fan wasnt working i turned car off and let it cool and took off again and now fan works and is ok but still a problem when you turn ac on can you help

The Radiator May be Getting Stopped up I Would Need To Be Rodded Out If So Or Could be Thermostat Not Opening Up All The Way I Would Check Therostat First Before Going The Route Of Pulling The Radiator ... 2003 Ford ZX2

My Voyager is overheating, Ive flushed the radiator,changed the thermostat,radiator cap & temp.sending unit. The fan works properly but Ive replaced the relay that runs the fan,A/C,& temp. sending unit twice already. So as of right now I have the cooling fan bypassed to where its always on when I'm driving. But where im stuck is when it starts getting hot It will start to cool down when I drive very fast between stoplights,or when I turn on the heater.What else could be causing it to over heat?

It's the radiator cap """" just take the cap off and change evreything underneath it LOL ... 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Cooling fans do not work.Replaced relay. Turn ac on and one fan worked until i connected the other fan to it to see if the motor of that fan was bad or not,now neither of the fans will run. I replaced the relay again and none of the fans will run. Before aything was done i could turn the ac on and one fan would run.

Hello! There are three cooling fan relays...And three fuses...Lets begin with the fuses...Fuse #2 (30A)= primary cooling fan...Fuse # 5 (40A)=secondary cooling fan...Both of these are under-hood. Fuse #29 (5A)=fan fuse...Feeds power to all three rela ... 1996 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a 2002 Chevy Impala. The cooling fans only turn on when the ac is on. I replaced the thermostat and the coolant sensor. I also bled the system and they still wont come on. The hand only goes to the middle of the gauge but the radiator gets to hot and kicks out antifreeze. What else could be done to get the cooling fans to turn on?

Being you have replaced the obvious, the thermostat and the coolant temp sensor(that is the one that threads into the block correct?), then all is left is the fan relay, which shoukd be located in the relay box under the hood, I do believe there shou ... Chevrolet Impala

Cooling fan not comming on when AC is turned on. Cooling fan works normally otherwise. I'm thinking FAN RELAY so I check all my fuses, all good. I can't find a book on a 2008, the 2001-2003 I did find, was no help at all. I saw the two relays mounted near the fan shroud, so I decide to unplug both relays and flip flop them. If fan comes on with AC, I buy a new RELAY. I can't get both hands to reach relays, so now I can't get them unplugged even with the little latch pushed in. So, I swallow my p

Well bro..this is your lucky nite...pt cruiser r well known with that problem..i am a master tech...under the battery there is a fan wire connection..what happen the ground wire got corrosion on it...what u can do is cut the ground that will be the b ... 2008 Chrysler Pt Cruiser

Toyota Ipsum/Picnic, 1997, 2L, 3S-FE. Radiator cooling fan stays on all the time. 2nd cooling fan for air con. also was staying on, but has since stopped working. Problem is probably there since I bought the car but not noticed 'cause I thought the a.c. compressor sound was the fan coming on. Kieran.

Hi There,The problem for the fans may or may not be related. For the radiator fan, the signal to turn it off comes from the temperature sensor at the lower radiator hose. You should see wires going to a plug which is the sensor itself. ... Toyota Previa

My 1998 buick regal non turbo 3800 radiator cooling fans will not work when the car gets to operating temp. The fan motors will work whtn the AC is on. I think it could be the temp sensor that turns on the radiator fan. Where is that located?

The electric cooling fan for the radiator will not turn on when the engine reaches normal operating temp, its only supposed to come on if the engine temp goes over the normal temp. (around 220 degrees)it is normal for the fan to come on any tim ... 1998 Buick Regal

Overheating I have replaced engine coolant sensor and relay and the engine electric fan does not come on. I connected the fan direct and it turns on. What else can I check? I have a '93 formula firebird (LT1) Both my fans check out. Electrically everything seems sound. I just changed the thermostat and still does not work. The engine block however is hot and the return hose to the radiator is cold, so my thinking is the cooling pump has failed. My only worry/question is what turns on the primary

Thermostat is not opening, or is installed backwards is why the hose stays cold. Make sure the nugget is facing the engine block. If this is correct, make sure the belt is installed correctly and is rotating the water pump in the right direction. ... 1999 Pontiac Firebird

The cooling fan is not working this is the second fan I have fitted in the car. I think water gets in to the motor of the fan. It is in a stupit place and it costs a lot of money to replace. When it is working when you stop the car it wont stop

Some older cars the fan will run for about 30 secs after you shut it off. Other than that you have a faulty tempeture switch or possibly a bad fan silonoid. ... 2005 Peugeot 405

I have a 2004 Kia Sedona. The engine cooling fan (not condensor fan) will not turn on and the van overheats when idling. I've replaced the fan thinking that the motor had burned out, but the new one doesn't work either. I've checked the fuses and relays and they are all okay. I have been researching and think it may be the temperature sensor or temp sensor relay. What are your thoughts?

Take a look at this...it order to get the cooling fan to turn on you need good power through the low cooling fan relay, which you siad i ... Kia Sedona

I have a 1997 JGC V6 lately I noticed that the gauges don't work when the key is in the run position and the jeep wont start. If it sits for a while then I turn the key the gauges come on and the jeep starts yet sometimes the gauges don't come on and it starts...two seperate problems? I tested the inition switch it was fine every thing else works radio heater fan engine cranks but wont start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you ever get this problem fixed mine is doing the exact same thing? If you did any help would be greatly appreciated. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ive flushed my cooling system. ive changed my thermostat,and all of the hoses. still when im driving and i turn the air on the engine temp gauge creeps over to hot. if i turn the air off it goes back to normal temp. the coolin fans are also working. what else is there.

Did you use an AC Delco or Stant super stat, big differance between theese 2 and other brands. ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

09 Pontiac g5 over heats while sitting at idle cooling fans not working they come on with the ac which is normal and after you turn the ac off they will stay on until engine cools back down and they shut off again which once again is normal operation. But when the engine temp starts to climb back over 196* they will not come back on until you turn the ac back on. I have moved the relays around to see if maybe a faulty relay is to blame but nada. Next step i would think is test the Ect sensor. Ho

Try testing the fan switch,some models have a fan sw. and a coolant temp. sensor and some just use one or the other.The fan sw.should be in the side of the radiator either a single wire or two.Coolant temp.sensor should be located in the thermostat h ... 2009 Pontiac G5

I have a 92 buick park ave and when i turn the key the lights turn on, the radio works, but the car wont start and it make no noise. i think it has somethinmg to do with the anti theft system in the key. ive tried cleaning the chip in the key but it didnt work. need help!

Look for ignition fuses or just check all of the fuses.does the light on the dash come on when you try to start it. ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

My 2001 chevy cavalier was serviced last year for over heating and the a/c unit not blowing cool air. It has a new radiator but the fan has stopped turning and the a/c blows hot only. Ive tried re-charging the unit it seemed to be full or clogged it blew cold for a couple days now back to hot again. Ive had a new coolant reservoir air filter put in and a new head gasket and thermostate put in not to long ago could I have blown something out again by the fan not working

Might just be a bad engine coolant temp sensor , it tells car computer engine temperature and computer controls fans , as for recharging a/c , did you pull system under vacuum ? to check for leaks ? vacuum also helps remove air to get a better charge ... Cars & Trucks

I have 1994 Audi 100 cs and i replaced the switch behind the ignition switch and every worked great for 2 weeks. now it works when it wants to or not at all some times i would hit a bump and every thing came on or if i cranked the car on a hot day it would work like normal. when ever it doesn't work i have no turning signals / ac or heat windshield wipers or cooling fans that is the issue it had when i bought it recently it just started not cranking up at all witch i think is the starter all li

... 1994 Audi 100

My question concerns the electric cooling fan attached to the radiator: Should this fan come on automatically with the A/C compressor? After having some work done on the A/C, the fan comes on with the compressor, even when the engine is cold. It goes off with the A/C compressor also. My thinking is that the fan should be thermostat controlled, coming on when needed.

97 caravan it begain with the fans coming on, on moist night conditions and draining by batt. replaced the relay under the air box on the frame rail. now the engine gets real hot with the ac on and the fans will not come on until it gets to hot and n ... 1996 Dodge Caravan
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