Having problems with your 2000 Toyota Camry ?

I replaced the spark plugs in my 2000 toyota Camry and the issue with missfiring appears to have been solved and it seems to drives just fine now. However, the check engine light is still on and there is white smoke that smells like gas coming from the tale pipe when I push on the gas. What could be causing the smoke and does the check engine light need to be manualy reset? Before i replaced the spark plugs, I went to autozone and they hooked it up to the computer and got the codes P300, P301,

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Answers :

Yes, I had to Had to reset the code after i got the misfire codes.
If the check light is still on, you didn't
\015\012properly diagnose the original issues
\015\012and resolve them
\015\012The spark plugs seldom resolve misfire issues
\015\012What codes do you have now?
\015\012Check that your not loosing coolant
\015\012from a head gasket (white smoke)
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I replaced the spark plugs in my 2000 toyota Camry and the issue with missfiring appears to have been solved and it seems to drives just fine now. However, the check engine light is still on and there is white smoke that smells like gas coming from the tale pipe when I push on the gas. What could be causing the smoke and does the check engine light need to be manualy reset? Before i replaced the spark plugs, I went to autozone and they hooked it up to the computer and got the codes P300, P301,

Yes, I had to Had to reset the code after i got the misfire codes. ... 2000 Toyota Camry

I have a 2003 vw passat 2.8L while changing the spark plugs I noticed oil in the spark plug holes. After gapping and installing the new plugs I drove the car about 20 mile and the check engine light started flashing and accelleration became slugish. I shut down the car. I am going to replace the valve cover gaskets. Could this cause the flashing check engine light and slugish acceleration issue?

The oil in the spark plug may cause the car to run sluggish. The oil may prevent the spark plug from firing correctly or cause you to burn oil. You may want to replace the oil seals around the spark plug holes by removing the valve cover and you sh ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

My 2000 durango 4.7 keeps throwing cod p0149. when i drive it down the highway it is fine but around town the check engine light comes on and it starts idling way rough and blowns heavy bleck smoke out the tail pipe it also has a kind of sulferic smell. but once it cools off and i reset the light it goes away. the shop just replaced the o2 sensors plugs and air filter. what else could be causing my problem. every once and awhile it also shows a code refering to vacume leak or fuel problem

... Dodge Durango

My civic is running hot according to the spark plug chart when i replaced them. what would be something i can do to help that? also i have replaced the oxygen sensor once and the check engine light turned off for a couple weeks but now its back on again. what could be causing this to happen?

If plugs are white and running hot then air is getting in the system and leaning out the the cylinders. Also the PSM could be the problem. Get a code reading - May require cleaning the Mass Air Flow Sensor ... Honda Civic

99 Jeep GC Laredo, several problems, very frustrated! Turn signals-have replaced all bulbs and fuses. Tried a new multi-function relay switch, didn't work. Turn signals and hazard lights don't light up, blink, make noise or anything they are supposed to do. Could it be the flasher module? If so, how hard will it be to replace? Check engine light is on. Doing the same thing it was doing a couple months ago. Had it checked, #2 & #3 spark plugs needed to be replaced. Replaced all six.

Alright "Frustrated", let's solve some issues! The problem with Chrysler electronics and lighting is usually the BCM(body control module). This is very common on all Chrysler trucks and mini vans. This is the unit that incorporates all the interior f ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hello, I just replace the spark plugs on my 2005 Cadillac CTS. After everything was installed and I powered up the car it began to idle very high. I double checked my work and couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. Any advice on what could cause the car to idle at high rpms (3000)? The reason I charged the spark plugs was because the engine was mis-firing so i replaced all the spark plugs.

High rpms could be caused by an intake leak or vacume leak check your vacume lines maybe in the process of replacing your plugs you might have accidently damaged a vacume line. ... Cadillac CTS

The engine sometimes hesitates when accelerating, or even when it is already running at highway speeds. It also hesitates sometimes when going about about 30mph. Spark plugs have been replaced. Check engine light sometimes goes on and off on its own. Fuel additive has been used also, it caused check engine light to go off, it still hesitates.

... 2004 Hyundai Elantra

Glow plugs come on only after the engine starts. on power when light in dash is on.WTF? what could cause this? the plugs stay powered as long as the engine is running???? they should only be on for a short time before to make cold starts easier! What should I check and replace? The glow plugs are new and the relay clics so I think it's working. Could the relay be in wrong? I think it only goes in one way? Please help!

Had this before and i have always ended up rewiring the control unit feed ,i tried every which way to find the fault and then i gave up blaming the fancy computer controlled software .I just ran a feed to the unit from the ignition switch to turn it ... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

My 1997 Geo Prizm has been misfiring in cylinder 2. The check engine light came on and sometimes flashes I have replaced spark plug wires and the spark plugs looked good and were only a month old. If the spark plugs arent bad what else could this be?

Do a leakdown check, you may have a valve that is leaking\015\012I am not up to date on that motor but if it has a distributor cap the terminal for that plug may be tracking inside the cap or it may be cracked and causing it to short and creati ... 1996 Geo Prizm

The check enginge light,ABS light, brake and low fuel light come on and off at will. A recent miss in the running of the engine led us to the fuel pressure regulator. All spark plugs were replace in the past 2 months, yet the mechanic told me the plugs were fouled out as well. I know these are not all related, but the fuel pressure regulator has me puzzled. Where can i go to get detailed description/pictures of where this is and what it does, what typically cause these to fail, etc. Thanks.

The fuel pressure regulator adjust the fuel pressure from 30 psi to 50 psi, full fuel is with no vachum or wide open throttle toes tickling the Rad. cap at idel it's 30 PSI but I don't know if you have a Vac or electric operated one. the regulator is ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1999 Crown Vic. Check engine light was on. Difficult to start and wouldn't hold its idle. Took at least 15 minutes of idling before I could put it in gear. Codes indicated cylinders 1 and 6 misfiring, inspection revealed intake manifold gaskets needed replaced. Replaced gaskets, changed spark plugs. Still misfiring. Replaced coils. Car was fine then for the next 50 miles or so. Then started again with losing its idle right after start up when put into gear and running very rough like the engine

... 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

2006 Ford Explorer P0306 code. I had all spark plugs replaced wires, water pump and radiator. small mis fire not that bad, check engine light on. what else could it be?

... Cars & Trucks

2001 gmc yukon service engine soon light is on always sometimes it goes off but it comes on again replace spark plugs and still the same how can i check if the ignition coils are working or if is anot

... 2001 GMC Yukon

My 2000 Nissan Maxima is dying right after I start it. I have to press on the gas for it to stay on. My check engine light is on and I previously had the spark plugs, wires and coils replaced and was told the light was for either my catalytic converter or my O2 sensor. I fixed the converter and replaced all three of the O2 sensors. What could the problem be?


My 2002 V6 4wd s10 pickup wont start. Checked battery its fine. checked alternator and it passed. it will not turn over. after inserting the key and turning the dash guages and lights will blink ans spasm and continue to do so even after the key is out. then sometimes when i ty to start nothing will happen except the engine light will come on. Could this possibly be realted to spark plugs? those have not been replaced in a long time.

Check your ignition switch (located on the steering column under the dash) If this is working, you will hear an electronic switch click when you turn the key on - if you do hear it then replace your starter ... 2002 Chevrolet S-10

I am having the same issue as talked about above, but with a 1998 ford escort zx2. i have replaced the spark plugs and the wires and getting misfires on all cylinders. Then also just replaced the coil pack and car us running smoother, but the engine light still coming on with all 4 cylinders still misfiring. Wondering if there could be anything else that might be causing the computer to say the engine is misfiring, thanks.

When is the last time the car has had a timing belt could it be bad?? ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

Ive been having issues with my 2001 tacoma pre runner. The check engine light goes on and off. It read a P0171. I replaced spark plugs and MAF sensor. Light has not come back on again but engine still bogs down a lot(speratically), and i am also losing a lot of gas mileage. roughly 65 miles per tank. No sulfur smell and no discolored smoke from exhaust. Should i be looking at the EGR vavlr or Cadalitic Converter, or something else?

That code is P0171= system too lean (bank 1). The computer is reading a lean condition and is trying to richen up the mixture but is unable to fully compensate for the condition. That is why the engine is running so rich and you are losing mileage. ... Toyota Tacoma

I have a 2000 honda civic hx,the check engine is on,i replaced the timing belt,distributor,spark plugs and wires too and the check engine light is still on.the car has lost power,consumes more fuel and it bacfires too.what could be the problem?

Try to check the voltage of the multiplier. the voltage should be 18kV at least ... 2000 Honda Civic

Check engine I changed my spark plugs, wires, oil and oil filter, and air filter; now the check engine light came on, it wasn't showing before i did all this and the car seems to be running fine. What could be causing ths to happen?

Check to make sure all connectors on thee air filter housing and intake tube are connected. Should be 2. ... 1993 Lincoln Town Car

My engine oil looks like chocolate milke shake what could be the cause? i checked my spark plugs and the middle two on the passenger side were covered in oil mostly the bottom of the plugs. i drained my oil so i can replace the head gasket but i dont know if the head gasket is the cause of the oil looking like a chocolate milkshake

In some cases I have seen blown intake manifold gaskets cause a milkshake in the crankcase inspect the lower intake gaskets coolant passages at the end of the cylinder heads for damage. I would suggest a compression test and a cylinder leak down test ... 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

My son's 2000 Protege's check engine light came on after he had an oil change done at a local dealership. They did a free quick scope check and said it was running lean and provided a printout of possible causes. As he's on a budget, we thought we'd try here first in case you're aware of which probable cause would be most likely, and whether or not it was an easy repair that we could attempt on our own. We canged the spark plugs about 4000 miles ago. The list is as follows; Misfire HO2S front de

I recommend double checking the 02 sensor ( the one before the Cat) This item is the lead sensor when it comes to the ECU leaning or riching out the vehicle. The rest of the items they supplied you with can pretty easily be verified if you purchase ... 2000 Mazda Protege

My 1998 Buick Regal does not start on incline (when the front end is raised). It turns over but will not catch. I have to roll it to level spot, wait, then--with much gas peddle pumping--it starts. What could cause this? My Check Engine light is not on and the only other problem with it is that it stumble sometimes accellerating up hill (which is probably the spark plug wires since they are the origionals but spark plugs are brand new as is air filter, starter, water pump, oxygen sensors, and ra

My guess is a fuel pump problem. Most cars today are fitted with two pumps, a pre-pump usually within the tank and a second main pump further towards the engine under the floor. ONe pump matbe enough to keep the car running but under additional stra ... 1998 Buick Regal

I have a 1998 Chevy cavalier When I accelerate the rpm?s go up normally then will shoot back down. Initially my mechanic thought it was the spark plugs or the spark plug wires. Then the check engine light came on and they thought it was the EGA value, then the oxygen sensor. Change those parts did nothing, any ideas on what could be causing the car to accelerate normally then jump back down.

A clogged exhaust system could cause this. Symptom would be car runs great then can't go faster than a given speed but you can cruise slower with no problems. The its gets worse over time. Always runs good at lower rpm's, then lower, then lower as t ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

06 wrangler 4 cylinder... keeps going thru spark plugs. I have changed the spark plugs twice in 2 mnths. the 1st time was loss of power in about 3rd gear so changed to platinum and then about 2 weeks later the 3rd started misfiring so changed to copper, now again the check engine light is on and sputtering about 3rd gear like last 3 time. what could cause this??

Pull the plugs and compare them to the pictures in repair manual, ie: Chilton's or Hayne's. May be a bad injector flooding them or an intake leak causing a lean condition. ... 2006 Jeep Wrangler

My check engine light came on and I took it to Advanced Auto Parts, he told me the code was P0301 and read a misfire on spark plug 1. He said it could be the coil. What is your opinion, I just had the spark plugs replaced. Also my front drivers side has always made a rubbing metal on metal noise and it is starting to scare me now.

Check the spark plugs, on cyl#1 if the problem started after they were replaced you could have a defective plug. As for the metal to metal noise have your brakes inspected. They could be worn out. ... 2006 Dodge Stratus
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