Having problems with your 2000 Volvo S40 ?

I have a 2000 Volvo S40. A few days ago it began automatically accelerating while driving. I took my foot off the gas and the car took off as the tach got close to 4000 rpm I shifted into neutral and pulled over. I had to shut the engine off. The car would not restart. I let it cool down and after a few hours I was able to drive it home. This just started happening and the check engine light is on.

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Answers :

I believe it's most likely the Idle Air Control Valve, also known as\015\012the IAC valve. This is what regulates the air intake on a car when your\015\012foot is not on the pedal. Valve should be under the black plastic cover on the front right corner on the engine. Remove the cover and remove the valve. Then clean the valve, gasket seal (may need to replace the gasket) and electrical connections\015\012to it with a Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner (or another non-abrasive\015\012cleaner) and reconnect everything. If the cleaning doesn't do the trick, then you may have to replace the IAC valve altogether.

Since you said the check engine light is on, you can\015\012have your car computer scanned to retrieve the code that\015\012the computer would have stored when the light triggered. Most garages\015\012will do this free of charge. The code will tell you what may have\015\012caused the light to initially turn on.
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I have a 2000 Volvo S40. A few days ago it began automatically accelerating while driving. I took my foot off the gas and the car took off as the tach got close to 4000 rpm I shifted into neutral and pulled over. I had to shut the engine off. The car would not restart. I let it cool down and after a few hours I was able to drive it home. This just started happening and the check engine light is on.

I believe it's most likely the Idle Air Control Valve, also known as\015\012the IAC valve. This is what regulates the air intake on a car when your\015\012foot is not on the pedal. Valve should be under the black plastic cover on the front right corn ... 2000 Volvo S40

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The most likely problem is the cam sensor in you valve cover. we see this all the time here in Florida. once the sensor heats up it fails and starts working again when it cools off. try replacing it with on from the dealer and you should have no more ... 2001 Mazda MX-5 Miata

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It is a bad solder joint in the RCM (Relay Control Module). Have the dealer replace the module and you should be fine. This is a known problem. ... 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

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I change the idle air control valve on my 2000 nissan maxima and took it to the dealer to have it relearn and the dealer told me it would nt let them relearn the sensor so latter they told me it needed the sensor and the engine control module now the car is worst then when i took it to the dealer now i turn the car off and take the key out and the lights in the dash and radiator fan come on for like ten secons and then it all goes off please help me

Check the radiator fan relay.this relay ground is connected to ECM.It controls this relay.as you mentioned about engine control module.So it can be the problem with relay or ECm not controlling this relay, and this causes the radiator fan to come on. ... Nissan Maxima

I was driving my 2000 Honda Civic to work and all was well with it. However, as I started it up to drive home, the dreaded Check Engine light came on. I bought a new O2 sensor, and installed it, but the check engine light stayed on. I took the battery off, let it stay off for a minute, and then put it back on. I restarted the car, the light went away, I drove for an hour, and the light stayed off. However, I turned my car on this morning, and lo-and-behold the light came back on. In additio

Start by waiting overnight (until the engine is stone cold), then remove\015\012 the radiator cap and top off the radiator. Fill the reservoir to at least \015\012the\015\012minimum line. Run the car until it's at Normal Operating Temperature, ... 2000 Honda Civic

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For the last few years the dash unit would flash leds, or not let you switch from circulate to fresh air. If the system was on heat when you turned the car on it would not go to cold when the thermostat was turned to the blue zone. The only way to get it to go cold was to shut off the engine, turn it to the cold zone and restart the engine. I could live with this, now it will only blow lukewarm air. I am thinking it is the dash unit, thoughts?

This control head can be tested for proper function by any Chevy dealer, as the control head is around $400.00 I suggest you do that, the problem is most likely the head unit based on my experience with this type of problem, but there is no guarantee ... 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

The car is at the dealership for a starting problem. The car hadn't been runnning for several months because my son was at college and he left the car at home. We tried to start it yesterday and had to 1st jump the car to start it. It would run for a few minutes and then die. At that point we couldn't restart the engine. However, if we let it sit for an hour or 2 we could then do the same thing again. The dealer service says that the problem they found is that water got into the carpet areas

Ask them to show you the water damage. don't warn them you want to see it wait till you are at the shop. i'm willing to bet they say you need a new computer which of course is very expensive. ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

I drove my camaro for about twenty miles on the highway, and when I got close to my destination it stalled. When i restarted it, it would putter when I tried to accelerate and then would die. I let it cool down for 3 hours and tried it again. Just more of the same. It would putter when I would try to rev the engine and then die. Please give me some advice. ,Frank

Sounds like your not getting enough fuel or air- Change your fuel filter and air filter then go from there- Post your results back here or to my email addy ([email protected] ... 1986 Chevrolet Camaro

Hi, I have a 05 Chrysler Town & Country. When I got home, I opened my car door and the radio stayed on, the electric doors would not open, had to do them manually. So I restarted and the electric doors would still not work, my headlights came ON even though I never touched them and they would not turn off. I let it sit for about 20 minutes came back outside and everything seems normal but the check engine light is on. What is up with this van?

Gremlins? ... Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 2001 Maxima with approx 142,000 miles. When the car is warmed up good, it sometimes will either not shift out of 1st gear, or it shifts into neutral & I have to stop the car to either shut it off for a 5 -8 minute cool down, or let it shift back to 1st gear before proceeding. I have a intemittent "service engine soon" led which I had checked and the code that we got was "J74" which I was told was a transmission speed sensor malfunction or failure. I took the car to my Nissan dealers

Possibly get speed sensor replaced this could be causing problem without speed input to control module the module doesnt know what gear it should be in or use\015\012have this part of speed sensor circuit tested ... Nissan Maxima


Need to have computer scanned to see what the cause of the light is.then you can properly address the problem. ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Hello all, I have a 1985 F-250 4x4 w/351 Windsor, Dual Tanks, Front tank needs new fuel pump, however recently went offroading and everything got wet, day after the trip, engine would crank but would not stay running...I let it sit for a week and everything started w/no problems, ran strong..Just took it to the car wash yesterday, and it died once again had to get a tow home...what could it be, sounds like somthing is getting wet? Connection to under chasis relay or fuel pump for rear tank? what

Check the plug wires and the distured to it sounds like its not getting fire ... 1985 Ford F350
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