Having problems with your 2001 Chevrolet Silverado ?

The button on the end of the auto shift lever wont work for the tow the light in the dash will not come on either . would it be a bad fuse and if so were would that fuse be? this button is for when you are towing or hauling something thank you

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Answers :

The wire goes through the gear shifter and comes out the bottom under the rubber flex on the column, the wire tends to break there( orange covered wire} . You can try to fix it or replace shifter arm, there is a disconnect on the left side of column you will need to remove plastic cover upper and lower pieces they pry apart. Trace orange wire back to disconnect.
My problem was that it would keep turning on and off. i found that the wires at the shifter broke under the boot so i put them back together and electric taped them no i didnt solder them cause i wanted it flexable so it wouldnt short cause of them being too stiff
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The button on the end of the auto shift lever wont work for the tow the light in the dash will not come on either . would it be a bad fuse and if so were would that fuse be? this button is for when you are towing or hauling something thank you

The wire goes through the gear shifter and comes out the bottom under the rubber flex on the column, the wire tends to break there( orange covered wire} . You can try to fix it or replace shifter arm, there is a disconnect on the left side of column ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado

I am having a brake light problem--all are out. I think the switch is working. With the brake fuse out, I get a 12 volt read across the fuse terminals when the brake pedal is depressed. I think if the brake light switch was bad that I would not have a reading when the pedal is depressed. Is there a relay or something that could be interfering with the circuit. I have tested the wiring at the rear of the car and the lights all come on with a jumper. Thanks

Using a test light, depress brake and see if have 12+ on both wires, when release brake pedal should only have 12+ on one wire, if only have 12+ on one wire then switch is bad.\015\012If you are using a multi-meter, put your negitive on a known ... 1987 Toyota MR2

1997 Isuzu Rodeo V6 4X4. I have only owned this vehicle for 3wks and the fan/ac wont blow at all out the vents. The blue light comes on when i push the ac button but that is all it does. I don't know which fuse it is on the vehicle but I assume it is either the fuse/blower motor. I would like to know which fuse controls the fan/blower motor and how to test and fix the blower motor and and any thing else that you might think is wrong with it. Thanks!

C-19 Blower motor fuse 25A located in cabin fuse box. Left hand footwell on LHD vehicles, right hand dashboard on RHD vehicles. Start by checking blower relay B-36 in the engine compartment fuse and relay box. Remove the relay. Jumper directly ... 1997 Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 92 buick skylark 3.3. v6 that I just replaced the starter on after the original starter gave out...after 3 days it's acting like the starter is junk already...I need to know if there's an inline diode or fuse or something other than the celanoid going bad that could cause this. Please...any answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Sam


I have a 1998 Pontiac Firebird, and the drivers side window stopped rolling up and down, I could take the panel off, mess around with the cables, and it would work for a few days. Now when you push the button, nothing happens. And now, the passengers side doesn't roll down either. Could this be a coincidence that they both stopped working, and maybe the cause is something other than the motors being bad?

Its the window switches in the door panel they are attached together replace its only like 15.00 to replace that / please rate my response thank you very much ... 1998 Pontiac Firebird

No heat I have a 1995 ford explorer, I have no heat. have checked the fuses, and replaced the relay. I think it could be the blower motor. People have differing opinions on where it is located either passenger side inside the dash or passenger side up against the fire wall. Any ideas or could it be something else... I also have no air conditioning, defrost, (basically no fan) I do have heat when the truck is moving, i.e.blowing off the motor. any help would be great. Thanks, Dawn

Your problem could be your fan not working for both problems. Generally speaking, it would or should be sticking out of the fire wall. What you need to look for is a small, round protrusion, usally black with 2 wires running to it.\015\012 ... 1995 Ford Explorer

Wireing problem i have a 2003 chevy 2500 hd,it started to skip so i thought it was a fuel filter it wont get over 2000 rpm and its like it hits the rev limit i turned out of the store and something sparked i cant find were its comein from a buddy of my said my ignition switch is bad oh it s blowing fuses on the ignition b box if some one could help i would surly thank you


2002 GMC Sonoma, 2200 4 cylinder: My heater worked fine last night, but this morning no go. Dials do nothing, so I check my fuses. My HVAC 30a fuse in the engine compartment fuse box is blown, so I replaced it with a spare. Of course, I didn't check to see if it was bad before trying the heater, and it blew as well. I either have something else wrong, or I replaced it with a bad fuse. While I hope it was a bad fuse the second time around, I don't think it was. It was in the "Spare Fuse" sect

... 2002 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

Would a bad fuse cause the fog light button to not light and turn the fog lights on and off? Also would a bad fuse cause the window lock not to work properly?

Welcome to fixya yes it can yes it can. If you need more info go to my www.collisionrepairadvice.com ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee

I would like to check the fuses for the power passenger window side, but how can i check the without getting shocked. I know where they are located and I know it isn't the window motor and the switch works but I can only unlock and on the lock button it is slow and the button to raise and lower the window does not work. Could it be the switch or would it be a fuse? Thanks Rebecca

Well try to pull the fuse and see if its burnt or not. and you will not get shocked, because its just 12V and there is no way that the fuse will shock you. just pull the one the you think its burnt and try to replace it. are all the windows out of wo ... Ford GT

Hi, i have a 97 chrysler concorde and im having problems with the trunk. it works sometimes (with the release button in the glove box and also the release button on the keychain) and sometimes it dont. and when it doesnt work you can still hear it trying to open but for some reason it wont...if you have any ideas on how i can fix this or get it open in general that would be awesome...i dont know if its a short in the wiring or a fuse thats going bad because i cant find the fuse for the trunk (no

... 1997 Chrysler Concorde

My trunk release and gas cap button does not work on my 2000 audi tt. have checked fuses and none seem to be blown. also the alarm control which is between the two buttons is not working...seems like it would be a fuse, but i can't find one that is blown.....any ideas. thanks, john

Look for a release cable in the trunk. Pull the trunk carpeting away on the side where the gas filler door is and there is a red cable that can be pulled to manually release the trunk. Change the battery in your key FOB ... 2000 Audi TT

Back door My sister bought a liberty from a dealership in phoenix and it did not come with a remote for the keyless entry. The dealership told her that she cannot open the back door with out it. Also her lock button works but her unlock button does not work, we think that it may be a fuse blown, vallet mode, or something else.... if anyone knows something it might be or a fix for it please let me know! thank you

Go to a jeep dealership to get the remote. you need one to make everything work. ... 2004 Jeep Liberty

My oven went bang and blew the fuses when I was pressing the ignite button. The fuse in the plug was changed the buttons lit up again, and it the oven lit but is making a terrible loud noise. What could it be? I would be very grateful for any help please??? Thank you regards Pamela Jones

If it is when you turn the oven on,then one of the elements has burned out,top,or bottom. ... 1989 Dodge Diplomat

My parking lights stay on when i shut my truck off ...97 chevy z71. when i pull the fuse for the running lights or any lights for that matter the lights stay on. tested the light switch itself and it seems to work ok.. check continuty on the wires coming up to the switch and no bad wires there. if i had a wire problem you would think it would blow the fuse...any [email protected] thanks

The switch could be shorted to power internaly not blowing afuse. or you could have a bad body control module. ... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

The power door locks for my 1996 Odyssey just stopped working. I can't lock/unlock the doors with either the key fob or the front door lock buttons. When you try the door lock buttons, you can hear a buz noise in the front drivers door area. Even checked the fuse under the hood, noise stopped with no fuse. I think it is the door lock control unit but not sure. Any suggestions and any ideas how much to fix? Thanks Jim

Sure sounds like your problem is the power door lock control unit. Best thing to do is get a replacement unit(new or used) and install it, unless you can open and fix the defective unit yourself. ... 1996 Honda Odyssey

Hello i need a picture of a fuse box on a 84 ford diesel f350 please i took out 3 fuses outta the fuse box and now i dident knew it matterd about the fuse i thought you just poped one in and go but little do i know it messing up things so now i have to try to find a pic of a fuse box to tell me where they all go and the # on the fuce doesent show on the box so if you could send a picture to me or something like that i would be more then happy please? my email is [email protected] thank yo

The manual in your ford truck should give you that information also.... look under fuse boxes ... 1984 Ford F 350

The pull cord for my electric shower no longer lights up, and my shower therefore won't run, I've checked the fuse box, nothing is labelled and it's an old style fuse box, there is two 45A which are separate from the rest of the fuses, with separate on off switches, but on removing the fuse I can't tell if either have blown or not. Would I need to check the box for the pull cord, or am I looking in the right place assuming it's a blown fuse? Many thanks

... Cars & Trucks

Hi, I have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rocky mountain edition and just recently the ''step'' button on my ''information center'' went out. It's the 3rd button out of 4 on the same row. I can't imagine that it's a fuse since the others are lite. Can this button have an individual light bulb behind it that may have gone out? How would I replace it? It drives me nuts to look and see One little button not lite.. a huge pet peeve.. Thanks so much.

... 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

My Saturn ion 2005 fan/ac/heater only work on high setting 4.nothing on 1-3. i changed blower motor resister still something. i noticed a rattle sound when i press the snowflake ac button and sound goes off when I turn off snowflake ac button. when i press the snowflake a little light under the button turns on to tell me a/c is on, that light only comes on on setting 3 and 4 but i only barely feel anything blowing. i checked all fuse but I don't know how to tell if the relay is bad. anyone have

... 2005 Saturn ION

I have a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan ES, which the cruise control does not work. I tried to find if a fuse was blown but could not find a cruise control fuse or relay indentified in the fuse box in the engine compartment. When I pust the ON/OFF button no light comes on and the cruise control will not engage. Any ideas or help would be very welcome. Thank You for your time and efforts.

There was a recall on the clockspring. If you havent replaced it, that could be the problem. you can have it done at a dealership free of charge. ... 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

My 2003 pontiac Aztek back hatch will sometimes not open with either the key or the inside release button. I did some internet research and found that taking off the battery cable resets something that allows it to function again for about another 3-4 weeks. I then tried pulling fuses and found that fuse 28 (Battery Contol Module) fuse will do the reset. What is the most likely cause? From other internet research I am thinking it may be the power control module. Where is that module located?

Hi, the power control module is located on the fire wall inside car behind the glove box. Just remove your glove box door & glove box liner it should only be 4-6 screws to remove both once removed you will be able to s ... 2003 Pontiac Aztek

1994 Eldorado ETC, it has no dash lights to light the dash, info center buttons, a/c buttons, radio buttons and shifter. I check wiring diagrams in Chilton?s on-line but was unable to find a fuse for these bulbs (i don't have an owner's manual.) Other lights work in the dash like check engine, seat belt, etc. but you can't see the dash at night with the lights on. Any assistance would be great. Thanks in advance.

The dash lights are usually on the tailight fuse so check there. ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 1986 f150 and the heater fan does not work. Figured it was either fuse problem or fan motor is bad. Would like to check fuse but i have no diagram for the fuse box and no owners manual

Also check that the harness is plugged in at the ac evap core box under the hood ... 1986 Ford F150 SuperCab

Cooling fans run all the time.Head lamps on dimmly. traced back to ECU-IG fuse powering part of the fuse panal with the key off. there are about 30 systems on that fuse. I suspect water has shorted something as it's Been raining here. Any info would great Thanks Robert

Hello Robert.I suspect a poor ground circuit.Have you checked actual voltage at the headlight socket? If it is reading battery voltage it would then become a ground circuit issue.I suspect that the fans could also be affected ... Toyota Sienna
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