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I have a 2001 Ford Escape and recently it has been blowing both the break light and hazard/flashers fuses. It started with the break light fuse leaving me stranded in a drive through for an hour because I could not get the car out of park (I've since learned about the manual override for the interlock solenoid). We figured out the problem and put in a new fuse that blew immediately, and then we put in another and it got me home. It worked for a few days, but then on my way home one night I notic

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There is a shorted wire in somewhere in the circuit. The problem is where. You can use an ohmmeter and trace all your wiring or use a voltmeter and find a light socket that doesn't measure up to the rest or has inconsistent voltage readings. Make sure the fuse is not smaller than the origional
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I have a 2001 Ford Escape and recently it has been blowing both the break light and hazard/flashers fuses. It started with the break light fuse leaving me stranded in a drive through for an hour because I could not get the car out of park (I've since learned about the manual override for the interlock solenoid). We figured out the problem and put in a new fuse that blew immediately, and then we put in another and it got me home. It worked for a few days, but then on my way home one night I notic

There is a shorted wire in somewhere in the circuit. The problem is where. You can use an ohmmeter and trace all your wiring or use a voltmeter and find a light socket that doesn't measure up to the rest or has inconsistent voltage readings. Make sur ... 2001 Ford Escape

Check engine light flashing on and off. replaced coilpack. A.S.D. Fuse blew replaced fuse drove home and would not start the next day. fuse blew again. now what? was driving fine before light came on. thought it might be water in gas so put dry gas in tank. Didn't work. was vibration in engine compartment when light came on. oil is fine. pops new fuse when started.Trans shifts fine, temp. is fine, heater works good,

Recheck your connections on the replacement parts may have a loose connection if good than something loose. going south or shorting out will cause the flashing check engine the flashing means [fault ] something is going to fail or is causing a malfun ... 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

I purchased a new battery for my 1997 hyundi sonta but everything is dead. when time to come home from work hopped in my car everthing was dead jump lead no problems went straight away drove home about 17 ks turned key of turned it on dead. on the way home the light lit up check engine. Brought new battery put in still dead. The only thing working is the break lights hazzard lights but these were not blinking and the inside light in car.

Sounds like the ground wire for the battery is not making clean contact. Trace that wire and clean both ends and the area it connects to the engine block. Good luck! ... 1997 Hyundai Sonata

93 suburban 1500 no tail lights backups plate or blinkers and brakes,, It started with just the tail lights i got puled over for it,, today i put a new fuse in but blew out,, after unpluging the trailer wires from the truck side i lost the others light i listed first,, tryed new fuse no luck,, the trailler jack was cut of,, i unhooked it from the back of the bumper [may be factory plugs] i dont think this is the problem,, it pops the fuse as soon as i replace it,, Any one have any idea

Trace the wiring and cap any loose ends. If there's a cut in the wires they will jump and blow the fuse. make sure you don't have a pinch in your wires anywhere. Something is most likely cross wired due to corrosion or moisture in the snow. Good ... Chevrolet Suburban

Dashboard lights I have a 2005 ford taurus, at night I can't see how fast I am going, I believe it is a fuse, because I recently put a new radio in the car and I believe the person whom put the radio in my car did not disconect the battery. Which fuse in the box do I need to replace. I do not want to inspect each fuse, because I am not really a mechanic and don't want to break a fuse. Which number fuse controls the dashboard lights?

On the dash to the left of the steering column there should be a dial for the lights to dim or brighten them on the dash display and if you turn this all the way up it keeps the dome light on. if you have an owners manual it will help alot otherwise ... 2005 Ford Taurus

1994 Lincoln Town Car. Cruise Control quit. No Brake Lights. Cannot get out of Park. Found 15A fuse blown. Installed new fuse and got it out of Park. A minute later the fuse blew again. Now with it out of Park the fuse and the engine running, another new fuse blew again. Don't want to put it in Park again and then of course the key must be left in the switch. Help Help !!

It sounds like the brake indicator switch, located at the top of the brake peddle replace that it all should work fine.the switch is only about 10-30 bucks.if this switch is bad it will shut off the cruse and prevent it from shifting. ... Lincoln Town Car

No dash lights or park lights/ tail lights. found the fuse that was blown # 14 its a 15 amp, put a new one in and it blew as soon as i turned on the lights, so i bought a new light switch for like 50 bucks. It done nothing, still blowing that fuse! Urrrrr.. Help.

As with any electrical problem where a fuse blows, you will have to trace the circuit to find the overload or short to ground. It could be any of the lamp sockets or in the wiring harness. ... 1992 Buick Park Avenue

Hi i have a 94 gmc k1500 4x4. i went to put it in to 4 wheel drive and he light did not come on on the floor and i was not in 4x4. so i saw that the fuse was blown so i put a new one in and i went to turn the key on and it blew right away again. i then unpluged the tla switch it still did it then i unpluged the ball switch put a new fuse in then the same thing as soon as i turn the key.. what do i do please help me?

Hi hows it going, i'm having the same problem have you figured it out? i was out driving today came home for 3hrs then went out again and noticed the 4x4 light was out and the fuse was blown and blew when i put a new fuse in it's about -31 degrees ... 1993 GMC Sierra K1500

Hi, I have a 1996 Ford EF Falcon, and just recently, the 30amp fuse which controls the Park lights/Hazards/Dashboard blew. Each time i replace and put a new 30 amp fuse, it keeps blowing. The head lights work, but park lights/tail light dont work since the fuse is blown. i have checked the globes for the park lights and tail lights, and are fine. Can you point me in the right direction please, as to what you may think is the problem? Regards, Tg101

... Ford Fairmont

When thr headlights are on the tail lights dont come on. the bulbs are new. the break lights come on when breaks are applied. and i changed the fuse but as soon as i put a new one in it blows... i have no idea what to do

You have a short is your tail light wiring somewhere. Check all the socket where the bulbs go in on your tail lights and parking lights (front). Look for corrosion or melted wires or socket clean or replace if nessary. If all thats is okay start trac ... 1999 Plymouth Breeze

My '89 S-10 pickup turn signal quit working on left side. Right side works. Bulbs look okay. Flasher makes the sound when I try the left side, but no lights. Instrument panel lights quit also, but don't know if this is related, or if it happened at the same time. I tried a new flasher, but when I put it in the fuse blew. I checked continuity on both old and new flasher; old one had current, new one wouldn't light my tester. Store said it is the right one. I reinstalled the original one because

Check your terminals at the fuse block sounds like someting shorted out maybe bad ground ... Chevrolet S 10

My turn signals are not working on my 93 jeep grand cherokee larado..we replaced the fuse and it blew our we bought it from an auction and the person we bought it from had no clue either...we had to dig the fuse out because it was like it was welded in the socket...got it out and put a new fuse in and it immediately blew out...???

... Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 4 wheel drive wouldn't come on. No 4h or 4L light either. I checked the fuse and found that the 30amp fuse was blow. as i proceeded to install a new one, it blew as well. and then another. I put the truck up on a lift and disconnect the harness to the transfer case motor in case there was a problem there and then installed another fuse and it blew as well. i have a 2006 f-150 fx4 5.4L. what could be the possible problem? oh yeah, my wife drove the truck on the highway doing around 65

If you have a 30amp fuse then you have a electronic 4X4 system, the 30 amp fuse powers the 2 4X4 relays in the auxiliary relay box under the hood the wire from the fuse is a green wire, pull both relays and replace the fuse ... 2006 Ford F-150

I have a 1994 t bird with yhe 3.8 non supercharged motor i have test the alternator twice it passes each time but as soon as i put it on the car nothing happens it doesnt charge the battery now i have yet to see the battery light on but who knows with that. where is this in line fuse that you guys are speaking of.the previous owners put the battery in backwards so it way have blew that fuse. i hope. but i have check the main fuses and they seem ok besides some grey cloudeness no breaks

Fuse 11 powers the stator coil, which is needed for the alternator to charge. The 175 Amp maxi fuse is where the charge current runs thru to the battery. Let me know if you have more questions.\015\012 ... 1994 Ford Thunderbird

Long story short: I installed a new stereo system in my xB and blew the fuse for the tail lights and speedometer/dash light. I stupidly put in a 30 amp fuse (instead of the 10), and got smoke outta the dash from the dial that controls the brightness of the dash lights. In the process of trying to find the burnt wiring, we took off the speedometer cover and accidentally bumped the needle. We have placed it back at zero, but now the speed shown is wrong and the needle occasionally drops down an

... 2005 Scion xB

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my break lights have been giving me problems for the longest time, so today I went a bought 2 new sockets for the break lights and 2 new bulbs and a new fuse, I replaced the fuse, sockets, and bulbs and now my break lights won't go off, unless I pull the fuse?! What do I do? I don't know where the break switch is and I don't know how to find it. :( hellppp. Thanks.

Look under dash follow the brake peddel up you will see the metal arm riding on a switch it needs ajusted so the peddle arm pushes the butten in.rodger.... ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The headlights on my 2004 GMC ENVOY just stopped working. First I replaced the light bulbs but had replaced them a few months back so didn't think that was the problem but started there and once the new one's were put in they still didn't work, but the break lights and everything else worked just fine. Secondly checked each headlight fuse and both fuses were good, had the battery tested and battery was good, high beams work just fine only thing not working is both headlights.

... 2004 GMC Envoy

Hello I went to auto zone and brought a new battery they put it in for me and the horn would go off and the lights as well as the windshield wipers they disconnected the horn and it turns out i have a after market anti theft system that the owner prior to me had put in.... they sent the car to a mechanic to see why my car wouldnt start and they are saying that it looks like they blew a few fuses and or the battery blew the computer.... any suggestons or help would be recommened im so upset i sh

You should have found a shop that has been in the same locationwith the same owner for 25 years or moreGet it out of wherever it is & use a knowlegeable shop with a database --so they can help you ... 2004 Mazda 6

I have a renault megan 97 1.6 coupe got home from work the other day to find battery dead,jumped it got it going but had know indicaters, wipers,hazardslights,and the engine managagement light was flashing,it got me home but next day tried it again and dead, put new battery on still the same with all the electric faults plus know imobiliser so now cant even jump it,the led light for the imobilser isnt even flashing to bypassit useing the code, its just dead,ive checked all fuses,can enyone help

It is fatal to jump start modern cars, The surge in voltage simply blows numerous computerised circuits. I feel that your only solution is to tow the vehicle to the agents for them to sort out ... Renault Sport

I have a 98 chevy lumina and my dash lights and rear running lights went out. I found a fuse under the hood labeled parking lamps that was blown. I assume that this is the problem but everytime i put a new fuse in it blows immediately. Any Ideas?

Well unfortunately you have a short. Try pulling the bulb sockets out of the lenses. You should be able to get to them from the trunk. Take the bulbs out and see if the sockets look normal under the bulb. Also see if you can trace the wires throu ... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

We have a 1998 vw beetle that we just had in because check engine light was on. Dealer said we needed new battery and they also put in new fuse panel and rewired everything to the panel. They said they checked it after those things were fixed and everything was OK. We also had a car starter that was installed by a previous owner taken out. We get the car home,and the next day the check engine light was back on, and we can not get in the car witout the alarm going off. And it also goes off when w

You need to go to Autozone or Advance Auto and borrow their DTC Scan tool and hook up to your car and send me the code or google it. That way it is easier to identify it. ... 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

All my tail lights are brand new and were just replaced. The passenger side rear lights each work individually when I turn on the blinker, turn on the fog lights, press on the breaks and put the car in reverse. BUT, while the lights are just turned on NONE of the passenger side rear lights come on. The driver side rear lights are on like they are supposed to be. I was thinking that maybe there could be a separate fuse for that function on each side but I couldn't find the information in the

... 2004 Jaguar X-Type

With the lights on, the tail lights and dash lights went out. The fuse was bad and was replaced. As soon as the lights were turned on the fuse blew again. Tried another time, same problem. Braeak lights and turn signals and hazards worked. Had to drive 15 miles to destination and used hazards and turn signal. 4 miles from destination the break and turn signal lights went out. Upon reaching the destination the fuses for breaks and turn signals was changed and blew out as soon as the break

Yes it could be a short at a light socket.Also a plug in the rear under the bed that splits the sides may somehow have rubbed through and when brake lights are applied has a ground short.I hope this link will send you to the wiring diagram.The di ... 1991 Ford F150

My 1987 ford econovan all went out like i blew a fuse ? put in new battery but no lights or no engine turn over...nothing is there more fuses besides the ones inside the fuse box under the steering colum

Wqewqe ... 1988 Ford Econoline

Check engine light flashing. Tried to get code. No reading. Fuse was blown in cigar/DLC circuit. Tried to replace fuse and as inserting new fuse it immediately blew. Where do I start to look for short? Bob

Pull the connector off the lighter--they are notorious for shorting out. If that doesn't work, get back to me and I'll look up the wiring diagram for more ideas. ... 1999 Pontiac Montana
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