Having problems with your 2001 Mazda 626 ?

2001 MAZDA 626 When turning the key switch you hear one click, it is not a chattering click like a bad solenoid. For a while you can continuously try to start the car, it may start after 7 or 8 times.

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Answers :

Bad alternator brushes
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Clueless... I own a 95 Passport and for some reason my car would start but before I could even put it in drive, the car shut off on me and this continued to happen until a couple of days later when I tried to start it again it didnt even turn over this time and there was a loud clicking noise from my engine and everytime I try to start the car I always hear the clicking. So is there any chance that if I was to fix the clicking, my car would start up again or are the problems entirely different t

My 96 rodeo does alot of the clicking B/S.. for about 3years though and the clicking has never interfered with anything but my own nerves. a friend of mine has the same make and model, and his does the same clicking thing, and also runs good. Most th ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

My '02 V70 wagon has a starting issue. Every now and then when I turn the key in the ignition, there is no response. The dash lights turn on and there is a clicking sound under the hood, but the car doesn't start. In the past four months or so it has happened sporadically three or four times. Typically, if I keep trying the key it will start on the third or fourth try. Last week, however, it wouldn't start at all. AAA jumped the car off and it has continue to run well, but it is currently at a r

Check for loose or bad connections at the battery and starter both positive and negative, sounds like a bad ground to me. get back to me if you need more help. Thanks Ray ... 2002 Volvo V70

I have a 2003 N16 Nissan Pulsar sedan, 1.8L vehicle. Sometimes, when I insert my car keys into the ignition, and switch the car on, it doesnt start, and the car is making noises (trying to "rev"), but the car does not start. I then take the key out and try to start it a few times without success. However, I do notice, when I turn the key once to the first click, it makes a "click" noise, and then the car actually starts up normally. This is not the first time it has happened, and it seems to

Hi Kelly,sounds like your battery is a bit sick. Or it could be the starter motor solenoid sticking.The click you are hearing is probably the starter motor solenoid. If you hear a series of loud clicking its usually due to a flat battery ... 1990 Nissan Pulsar

Starting Saturday-Car doesn't start hear a click, click clicking sound on 4th try car turns over and starts fine rest of day Sun-turn iginition nothing, turn again hear clicking sound again try a few more times with same results. Car then trys to turn over and does on third try. Runs fine rest of day. Mon-Car turns over smooth as silk but radio shows "code" which should mean power supply interrupted. Runs great now. HELP !

You have a problem with your starter solenoid. the contacts are worn out and needs to be replaced.\015\012\015\012it is at the side of the starter. it is where the big wire from the battery is connected.\015\012\015\012i hope ... 2001 Honda Accord

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee suddenly will not start. When I turn the key it clicks once and nothing else. The gauges and celiing light stay on continuously without flicker the battery power seems low but we changed the battery. I checked the diagnostic code by clicking the key on/off 3 times and said "done", so the problem is not one the computer can recognize. I also tried turning the key in the car door two or three times to the left the right or both to resolve any anti-theft issue. But, stil

Suggest you try live chat if you need a fast answer for this problem ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2001 MAZDA 626 When turning the key switch you hear one click, it is not a chattering click like a bad solenoid. For a while you can continuously try to start the car, it may start after 7 or 8 times.

Bad alternator brushes ... 2001 Mazda 626

2004 Sebring 2.7L. The car was running fine with no apparent problems. I turned the car off for a few minutes to get gas. When I went to start the car again, it wouldn't start at all. No clicking, very dim lights. I tried jumping 3 times. It would start, then die. The third time, I revved the engine a bit to try to keep it running. while revving, lights on the dash would flicker and the gauges were jumping a bit. car still died once I stopped revving and tried to drive. The battery has been long

Check for 12 volts at the battery if it is anything less you will need a new battery. ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

2000 Olds intrigue: When i turn the key nothing happened. All the lights came on (like they would if it normally started). There was no clicking noise - nothing. I tried shifting the car from park thru the gears and back to park - nothing. I waited for a couple of hours and tried again and at first try - nothing, but turned the key a few more times and it started. I drove the car home, turned it off and started it several times without issue. This is the first time this has happened.

If an ignition switch fails, sometimes you can jiggle the key and it will start right up. its very hard to tell. but if you can start it by bypassing the ignition switch, then its the switch itself. go to this site for more detailed info--- aa1car ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 2000 cadillac deville. Yestersday I was starting the car and it was hard to start, didn't want to turn over. I heard a "clicking noise" while trying to start it. The car did start but I had problems starting it again later. When I got home I turned the car off and tried to start it again, that time it started right up. A few minutes later I tried to start it again and the dash went all black and the car cut off. I am unable to remove the key now and nothing comes on Please help!!!

Your alternator or battery needs to be changed test the battery first. have some1 give you a jump and see if it fires up ... Cadillac CTS

Mondeo 1.8 y reg petrol. My car wouldnt start after leaving for a couple of weeks. When trying to start there was a clicking sound. I got some jump leads and the car started first time. i charged the battery and had no problems for about a week. Yesterday i was driving and the battery light came on then in a short space of time all of the digitals on the dash and the speedo stopped working. I pulled over and stopped the car, after this the car wouldnt satrt again, just got the clicking noise! I

... 2001 Ford Focus

Seems like a starter issue. Not every time but most of the time when I try to start the car it just clicks...turn it over enough and it will start. It is a 1997 model. Great car and want to keep running it. One day it was trying to turn over and sounded like it was turning over took the key out because it kept turning but would not crank..the key was out and it kept trying to turn over.. [put key in and finally turned off...next time I cranked it fine!

Sounds like the starter is probably missin some teeth needs to be replaced... Also go to auto zone or whatever is near you and have them test your battery ... Toyota Corolla

2002 Sebring Starting Problem - 2.7 L V6 Problem: Won't start. When the key is turned, I can hear the starter relay click. That's the only think that can be heard. This is the third we have encountered the problem in the last couple of weeks. First Time: The car was sitting in the garage and when we went out to start it, it wouldn't start. We tried a few time, then I tried checking that all the relays we tight by pressing on them and the car started. I can't remember how long it was

Not sure what the starter relay is but I would have said solenoid after reading the first few sentences. ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 2005 stratus. It is in the teens here in Ohio and I went to start my car this morning and it started but ran for only a few seconds. I tried again with the same results. Tried a third time and again it started but failed to keep running. The fourth time I turned the key I got nothing. No clicking, no cranking, nothing. I have had a charger on it for an hour now and am getting the same results. The lights are bright, blower works, but nothing when I turn the key. I even put the car in ne

Check the fuse box under the hood ... 2005 Dodge Stratus

I just washed my car i was at the light and the car shut off i have lights radio works and everything it keeps burning one of the 20 amps fuses under the hood with the engine symbol and i have been getting a clicking noise when i try and start my car like the past 3 months or so its clicks a couple of times then it cranks up now it just shut off when i was waiting at the light and it wont start it tries to turn over but it wont turn over all the way need help

Hi Eason, The fuse which keeps blowing is the ECU fuse, which means the computer isn't working. That being so, the vehicle will will not start. The starter motor problem is separate and will need the starter relay or the solenoid replaced. The fact t ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

Intermittently the car won't start. sometimes when turning key over I hear clicking noise and sometimes this will happen 2-5 times consecutively. other times it will fire up right away. other times turn key over, I hear click, try again and car will start but it almost seems that the battery is dying. If it is a stater problem, can I buy a brush/contact rebuild kit?

I think you answered you own question, when you said "it almost seems that the battery is dying," Drive it (while you can) to a parts store and get a FREE check of your charging system. They can tell you if it's the battery-low charge, which may in ... 1998 Honda Accord

Starter problems i have a 1992 ls400....the car died on me once for about three days, so i let it parked for those three days then i tried starting and it didnt start, i waited about 2 minutes then started the car and it work.............now the car is dead on me again this time its not working, when i try to start the car there will be a clicking noise coming from the engine.... alot of people tell me its the starter but im not sure...thanks

My 92 lexus turns over but will not crank, is it the timing or starter ... 1992 Lexus Ls 400

91 nissan stanza - car will not start, tried serval times and it just click and the turn the key to start. It will not even turn the starter. Tried the next day and it cranked immediately. It has done this several times, took it to mechanic shop and was told it had to do it when they have it to find out the problem. Left it with them for two days and it cranked every time. I got it back and drove it to work and I had to leave it. It would not start until I tried the next day. can you help?

Your starter solenoid is worn and going bad. Have the starter replaced and it should start every time after that. I had the same car, with the same problem. Change the starter. ... Nissan Stanza

Car alarm I tried to start my 96 Jetta Trek after it hadn't been run for a few weeks. It just went "click,click,click" and I tried a couple more times and then the alarm started going off! Thankfully stopped after a couple of minutes. Then started again when I opened the door to get out - again stopped after a few minutes. However, I had put in a new radio/CD player awhile ago - would I punch in the same code? Haven't tried it yet because don't want the alarm to go off. Also, the lock came out o

The passenger side door lock will work to turn off alarm i'm having the same problem my car wont start cause the alarm is on and both of my door locks are broke so i'm trying to disable the alarm. ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

My 2008 Ford Mustang started having problems a couple of days ago. The radio would come on and off, and at the same time the power in the car (lights, windshield wipers, power locks, power windows) would come and go. Now my car will not start and the battery appears to be dead. I try to start and hear the clicking sound. I had it jumped twice today. Both times the car turned itself off after running for a couple of minutes. During this time I couldn't shift the automatic out of park. Please advi

Hi\015\012it sounds like a bad earth conection, check the battery leads and ensure the black earth wire has a good tight conatct to the battery and also a good tight connection to the car body, if the wire is loose then when driving will touch ... 2008 Ford Mustang

Battery light and stop light stay on then next time i tried to start my car when i turned the egnition to glow the plugs it was making a funny clicking sound at the same time the hands on the clocks where shaking like vibrating then when i tried to start the car the battery was drained of power straight away

Please have your battery and alternator checked.\015\012\015\012Please rate this.... ... 2002 Renault Sportwagon

When i try to start my 1988 daimler i get a continual clicking, i think from the starter motor. the car has been standing for some time. what are the first things to check.

If you get a single click each time you try to start and it's from the front of the car, you most likely have a failed starter motor solenoid. If left for a while, the solenoid contact points can corrode and fail to pass enough current to get the sta ... 1988 Jaguar XJ6

I have a 2001 IS 300 with 160,000 mi. I was having trouble starting the car in the morning where it would take 2 or 3 tries to get it to turn over. It is in a garage in California, so not in extreme cold. I got a new battery and it was fine for about 4 days. Also, once the car starts it is fine for the day. This morning it again would not start until I tried 4 or 5 times. The starter just made a steady sound no clicking, and all the check lights were on. I did pump the gas on this morning try. I

Try if this works\\improves your situation;turn the key to ON but don't crank, let it sit for 2 seconds. Do this 2-3 times, then put it in the ON position, wait 2 seconds then crank. As for what it is, could be spark plugs, fuel pump\\lin ... 2002 Lexus IS 300

I just started my car and heard an extra noise from the engine that sounded bad (louder, kind of grinding and high-speed whirring) so I turned the car off but the noise continued. It fluctuated a little bit, but not based on anything I did. After turning the car off, it would not start again. There was no clicking noise or any attempt to turn over. The extra noise in the engine continued until I unhooked the battery, and started up again as soon as I tried to reconnect it. Smoke was coming

Sounds like you starter hung and was still turning even after the engine started. I would remove the starter and have it tested. ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Tried starting car after work and it would not start got a jump and it strted right up but all the lights and radio were flickering on and off during the drive home. I get home and try to start it again and all i get is a constant clicking sound coming from the starter relay. filled the battery with water because it was low on fluids and it started right up then after to trys it went back to the clicking again but this time jumping it would not start it up again. Main issue is that it will not s


How to fix a continuous clicking when trying to start the car

... 2001 Dodge Intrepid
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