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My car would shake when at a stop and almost turn off. The belts would make an awful noise. I took it into the shop and they changed my spark plugs and the connector wires, and they replaced all three of my belts. One the drive home the car did the same exact thing but worse, it wouldn't let me go over 25 miles and the light started to blink. I took it back in and they said it was my alternator and battery, both got replaced and now the light is back on. Don't really want to push the gas too muc

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Answers :

Have them make sure the timing is right.
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My car would shake when at a stop and almost turn off. The belts would make an awful noise. I took it into the shop and they changed my spark plugs and the connector wires, and they replaced all three of my belts. One the drive home the car did the same exact thing but worse, it wouldn't let me go over 25 miles and the light started to blink. I took it back in and they said it was my alternator and battery, both got replaced and now the light is back on. Don't really want to push the gas too muc

Have them make sure the timing is right. ... 2001 Mazda Protege

Check guages light comes on after short drive while engine is running, and the car died while driving on I-95 the lights started flickering getting dimmer. the radio would turn off when anything else electric was tammpered with like when the wipers would move, radio would turn off. pulled over to check alternator belt which was intact. tried to start car again and it wouldnt turn over. took a jump the car started ran for a few min. than turned back off. replaced the battery and it starts with no

It sounds like the Alternator is actually bad.One great way to determine this:Recharge the new battery with a trickle charge overnight. Make sure use remove the wires going to the Battery before recharging.Replace the Battery Wires. ... 1988 Chrysler LeBaron

99 grand marquis the battery light would come on and off so i replace the battery... battery light stil came on. So i replaced the alternator now the battery light comes on an stays on once my car has heated up. I dnt know if i have a regulator and idk if that cud b the issue i do not think its the belt. But i plan on replace the battery cable... i took it back to autozone they said my battery was good but my alternator bypass the test.. not everytime but somtimes it does not want to start n sta

... Cars & Trucks

Took the battery out to replace the fron left headlight. Once we put the batter back the car would not start and all lights inside and out started flashing. Started the car downhill in 1st gear and drove for 20 min. Blue flashing light was on whole time. This light is located to the left of steering wheel next to interior dimmer control. Got home and car would not start and blue flashing light continues to go off. What is that light and how do we get it to stop? Also why does the car not start.

Does this car have an aftermarket alarm system? it sounds like it does, as i dont ever recall seeing a blue flashing light in one of these cars. do you have an alarm / auto start remote control? try locking / unlocking the car several times with the ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

I was getting a po755 code shift solenoid b malfunction for a while, after a couple of months it started showing signs like it would shift into overdrive and the o/d light started blinking, so i replaced the solenoid pack and it seemed fine the code didnt come back, i got my overdrive back and the light stopped blinking but a few days ago i went through a car wash where you put it in neutral and let it pull it through and in the middle of it my o/d light started blinking again but stopped shortl

This code can be caused by worn out transmission fluid, I recommened you have the fluid and filter changed and clear code ... Ford Expedition

I have a 2003 dodge stratus engine studdered so I pulled over turned car off the on and car ran fine but now the engine light is on and error code reads p0016 this has been going on for a year and we would just turn the car off and it would start back up and go just fine and the engine light would go out after it sat for a night. well it did not run fine this last time so we just replaced timing belt and water pump crank and cam shaft sensors car was running fine and then we started it after sho

This poo16 is cam/crankshaft sensor if u change it already and still the same maybe a loose connector or the cable are shorting ... Dodge Stratus

Hello, I have a 2003 iszuz rodeo with the 2.2. Car didn't run so i changed the timing belt. it started up but it ran poorly and had a top speed of about 30 mph. I removed the front o2 sensor and it ran better so i took it to an exhaust shop and they replaced the cat. When i got it back it ran better but there were still issues. On light to medium throttle it would run fine but any time you were taking off from a stop at full throttle it would really bog down like a bad missfire. but once it reac

Could be one of a number of things. Check fuel pump pressure, throttle position sensor, intake air temp sensor, MAP/MAF sensor, and look for a sticking EGR valve. ... Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 1996 Honda Accord Lx. on 12/1/09 I begin to notice that my car would barely start in the morning. I thought the battery was going bad so I took it to Walmart and had it checked. It read 528 CCA and this wasn't far from the norm of 550. On 12/21/09 I went back to Walmart and the CCA were 449. Last night they replaced the battery. The car started right up with no problem. This morning my car didn't start. The interior light, head lights, and radio work find but the car won't start. Also t

Considering what you have done so far, I would say the culprit is probably the starter. ... 1996 Honda Accord

I have a 1990 Honda Accord DS,automatic. I took the car to a mechanic, because the car would crank, but not start. The mechanic found out the timing belt was in an incorrect position. He fixed the timing belt, but when I started driving the car, there was no power, plus, the engine light was on. I brought it back to the mechanic and then soon after, he said, the distributor is no good anymore. I left that place because he sounded as if he wasn't sure what he was saying was right.

It sounds like the timing belt was installed a tooth off. If you get it repaired at another shop and it was installed at the first shop incorrectly I would try to get a refund from the first shop or have him pay for the second repair - though this m ... 1990 Honda Accord

Interior light was left on for a couple of days...old battery replaced and car started like a dream...took car to doctors appointment about 20miles away and when I came back out to leave (about 3hrs later) car would not start again. Even a jump start woulnt turn over the engine...am I looking at a new alternator?

Doesn't sound like an alternator unless your battery light is on constant. check to ensure check terminals are connected. Check main ground wire. Check for a blown main fuse or relay in the power distribution b0xunderhood. absolute worst case possibl ... 2006 Kia Sportage

I have a 1999 Mercury Sable and had to replace the battery a month ago. Today, after driving for 20 min on the highway I stopped at the store and shut car off. It would not start back up, it was completely dead. After letting the car sit for a couple hrs, it started right up, but then my battery light came on, and my dash lights and head lights got really dim and windows would not work, while the car was started. Then it would only go 5 mph. So I shut the car off and now it won't start agian

Has to be tested for the solution ... 1999 Mercury Sable

Have a 1996 buick lesabre 1800 engine. The serpentine belt was replaced recently. Drove it the other day with the AC running. Shut it down in the driveway before turning off the engine. Later on went to go somewhere, started the car and went to back up but had no sterring and a few idiot lights came on. Pulled back in, open hood found the serpentine belt snapped. A friend came over to help with a new one but we found the AC pump would not turn by hand...Does this mean the pump has freezed up and

Yes the pump should turn freely it could be the output shaft bearing or the compressor is out of oil. the best bet is to get a belt that will fit everything but the air compressor this will give you time to find the money to replace the pump and repa ... 1996 Buick LeSabre

My 2007 Saab 93 car is malfunctioning. key will not start nor come out. dashboard, interior, head and rear lights are flickering. nothing works. I got into my car started it and turned it quickly back off to go back inside and when I came back out to restart the car, it would not start nor turn. key took forever to get out. I took cable off of battery for 5 minutes and put it back on and still the same results. what do I need to do?

... 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible

My 1998 plymouth breeze wont get spark. a scan tool was used which gave a code for the cam positioning sensor. i replaced that and still no spark. please help. when it happened i was driving and the power to the car just went real low and when i stopped at the red light the car stalled. it started back up enough for me to go 2 blocks and then it died. i have power to the car but no spark. if the timing belt jumped, would that cause it to not get spark and give that code?

... 1998 Plymouth Breeze

I have mercedes ml 430. check engine came on at the same time fuel warning light was blinking. took the car to authorized mechanic, they checked and found po455ctrl system grass leak. they reset the check engine light and replaced fuel tank cap. second day the same problem came back check engine light started to blinck. checked for the leaks and did not find any problems. mechanic wants to take out the tank for further investigation.

... Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

Speed sensor got a 1996 honda accord that the speedometer does not work, and when I hit a decent speed the light on where it says D4 is starts blinking and the car chokes like looses power and I have to stop turn off the car and back on so the blinking light stops blinking cuz if I leave it for too long the check engine light goes on and the car starts not responding as it should respond front or reverse......would that be the speed sensor problem since the speedometer does not work and computer

The speed sensor is on the transmission, any repair shop that does HONDA work should be familiar with it. ... 1996 Honda Accord

1997 nissan maxima problem alternator was bad I replaced alternator two weeks later battery died I figure it was old and needed to be replaced replaced battery,worked for a few days then battery was drained. Nothing seemed to be left on, like lights or anything.when I jump start the car it started fine but using a meter i can see if I took off jumper cables the voltage would start at 13.4 then slowly just start dropping until the car would just died. Any suggestions. the alternater was a refurb

... 1997 Nissan Maxima

I have a 96 Cadillac Seville STS the engine is strong with low miles. The ignition was replaced about 6 months ago at the dealer because the car power would not go on. Well, same problem. I will be driving along, and suddenly the car will just die - all power, no lights, no nothing just GOES TOTALLY DEAD. It usually starts right back up but this last time it took about 45 seconds before the power was restored, and I could use the ignition. Help me.

Nothing is more frustrating then an intermittent problem (to both the mechanic and the car owner) Your description leads me to think that there is wiring that is overheating and is causing an ignition breaker to trip. Or maybe there is a related ign ... 1996 Cadillac DeVille

Shut off 1997 buick skylark to go into store. Put key back into ignition and will not turn to start. The key will not turn to start car. Locked up. Is it the ignition switch, key, anti theft light also blinks. Was told that we can replace for 200 then a dealer would have to program. Is there another solution to this at less cost. Trying to move and delayed suddenly.

Ok if key goes fully into ign then you have a easy and common issue. im guessing the steering wheel is locked too? if so insert key and hold firm forward turning pressure while slowly trying to turn steering wheel from side to side. the wheel should ... 1997 Buick Skylark

My car is having difficulty idling, this morning it died on my way to work but started right back up. The check engine light has been on for about 3 weeks. I took it to a garage to have it ran on the machine, it came up with code P2187 Lean O2 sensor on bank 1 and bank 2. I was told that cheap fuel can cause this code and the guy pretty much told me it wasn't worth fixing. The car is having trouble idling, but the guy said if I replaced the O2 sensors it would pretty much just do the same th

I had that problem, my MAF was dirty so I cleaned it. I have a CAI (Cold air intake) so it was easy for water to get to it, I moved the MAF sensor to a better spot and it stopped my vehicle from Idling at crash ... 2003 Mazda Mazda6

Hello, I need help....i have a 2003 jetta 1.8 turbo with 93,000 miles. bought the car two days later it started acting funny. It would rev really high before shifting and acted like there was no power then the oil light came on so i got a full synthetic oil change done....then next morning large white smoke with oil burnning smell so i took it back to the used car dealer and they were helping me fix it. they decided it was a bad turbo so they replaced the turbo and gaskets. I read online about h

Hi! The car is burning oil thats for sure. valve seals and piston rings will surely need replacement to resolve the problem. Please have it fixed before it brings serious damage to the engine. Once the piston rings and valve seals are replaced you'll ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I have a 2002 chrysler 300. I just had a water pump & timing belt replaced as well as an oil change and 02 sensor replaced (diagnostic pointed to this). After all the work my car would run rough as if it were running out of gas on an idle or low rpm. I took it to a dealership and they said i needed an 02 sensor that was NOT after market, a Mopar one which I had them install as a software upgrade. It lasted for 34 miles and now the engine light is back on again! Help! Single mom who has just sunk

There is a possiblity another 02 sensor went. This is not a trial and error thing. Stuff happens. I suspect that the timing belt was replaced without lining up the cam gears because they either did not have the tool to hold them while the old belt wa ... 2003 Chrysler 300M

Took car in working fine to have remote start instlled. remote works fine but somehow it is killing battery. every morning car needs to be jumped. replaced battery w/energizer still dead in am. Headlights also stayed on for 10-15 min after ignition turned off. took it back to shop and they "bypassed the light switch'. Now lights don't stay on at all and i don't have panel lights. took it back to shop and they said i needed new computer, $300.00 later so far it works ???? SO FAR MY REMOT

... Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2009 Pontiac Vibe with 54000 miles on it. I took the car in to the dealer because the ABS lights, traction list were coming on and then would go off. The dealer replaced a bad wheel bearing and an ABS snesor for a total cost of $880. Two days after the repair the lights came back on. We took the car to the dealer and there were no codes in the system. They informed us to being the car in when the lights remained on long enough to check the codes. We took the car in with the lights

It is might be a defective part. But with out a code being stored it hard to tell . Are they looking at the EBTCM (electronic brake traction control module ) There was some info on a new style abs sensor connector .but that applied to the toyota matr ... 2009 Pontiac Vibe

I tried both factory-given remote keyless entry and couldn't get in my locked Hyundai Elantra GT. The lights on the fob blinked rapidly but didn't make the car lights blink and the door open. I opened the door with the key. No alarm. Tried to start the car. No response. No alarm. Went to Radio Shack and replaced the batteries on the keys. Didn't work. Can I override the keyless entry so I can start the car and eventually get it to a dealer? The car's been great. I had some timing belts repla

Check for blown fuses and a faulty main relay. ... Hyundai Elantra
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