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2002 Dodge Caravan 3.3 liter 6, 36,000 original miles..Car runs fine, but headlights and E-flashers just started blinking on & off, alternately, like a police car would do. Kept on, no change, even with ignition off. removing a relay called "RG HEADLAMP WASHER RELAY", which was clicking, stopped the E-flashers but the head lights kept right on blinking until I disconnected the Battery to save its charge. Headlight switch may or may not be bad, can't tell. Battery is 3 years old (Jan '08). C

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Answers :

Sounds like you have a security problem, (antitheft) , when it acts up take the key and put it in the outside door lock switch with the door shut and window down and lock and unlock the drivers door with the key,it should quit, if not try locking and unlocking car with key fob(remote lock,unlock switch on key chain), if that dont work , you have further prob. with security system and take it to a shop. if it quits with the key process and then comes back on , the sensitivity might be to high. does the horn go off with the lights?
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2002 Dodge Caravan 3.3 liter 6, 36,000 original miles..Car runs fine, but headlights and E-flashers just started blinking on & off, alternately, like a police car would do. Kept on, no change, even with ignition off. removing a relay called "RG HEADLAMP WASHER RELAY", which was clicking, stopped the E-flashers but the head lights kept right on blinking until I disconnected the Battery to save its charge. Headlight switch may or may not be bad, can't tell. Battery is 3 years old (Jan '08). C

Sounds like you have a security problem, (antitheft) , when it acts up take the key and put it in the outside door lock switch with the door shut and window down and lock and unlock the drivers door with the key,it should quit, if not try locking and ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

1997 Vauxhall Passat 1.6L Saloon (P-Reg). Following Flat battery, Right hand side indicators are permanently on - Noticed it as soon as I connected battery charger as ignition key had not even been put in place. Lights stay on permanently - even when car locked. Have tried: 1) Located and removed flasher Relay (which works fine on other side) - Right lights still stay on. 2) Located relevant fuse and pulled it (Number 2 on Passat Diagram). Disables Left hand side (working) indi

Got me thinking here .,,,,in all honesty havent come across this on this model before but i have had it on a renault i think it was and it was caused by a chaffed wire under the bonnet near the power distribution box cant see it being the computer as ... 2004 Volkswagen Passat

My 2001 chevy malibu ls v6cranks,starts up but right after,right after dies like somethings shutting it down. radio was locked from me disconnecting my battery without disconnecting the anti theft system. all my inside electrical somehow shutdown also. can someone please help me. i dont think my theftlight blinks just stays solid. helllp

Is the Security light flashing??? If so, the security system (passlock II) is ******** off the fuel because the car thinks it is being stolen. If the security light is flashing, leave the key in the "on" position for about 10 minutes and it will st ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

Charging system The 2005 Montego that we have is not charging correctly. The battery is new, but the battery keeps going dead. We charged it up and started the car and when I disconnected the battery the car ran for a couple of minutes and then died. I am assuming that it is the alternator, but the system check says that the charging system is okay. I want to save some money, but I may have to take it to the shop. Any suggestions.

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My 1993 Toyota Tercel does not start when key is turned. New battery, all fuses checked and fine. When the doors get opened, hazard lights start blinking for 15 blinks, then pause, then 15 blinks. This continues until doors are closed. A friend discovered a green Toyota starter relay under the dash directly underneath the glove compartment that you can feel clicking when you touch it when the 15 beats of hazard lights goes on. Any ideas if this may be my problem? Maybe just replacing the start

Hello! I believe your Tercel Is equipped with Theft Deterrent which is faulty..The starter relay is being pulsed by the Slave Relay (SLRY) or alarm relay...Check the connector on the rear of the green starter relay...It has four pins...Wire col ... Toyota Tercel

I'm getting an intermitent code P1389 on my 2002 Dodge Dakota Manul Transmition 3.9 engine. the truck was running great when I shut it down. When I went to start it back up it would turn over but not start. I erased the code with my OBD II tester and still wouldn't start. I disconnected the Neg battery term. and tried to start 10 times. I reconnected the battery term and then started right up and run great. This has happened several times now and the reader says it's the ASD relay low voltage.

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When I went to crank my 2003 Toyota Tundra a few days ago, the Hazards were blinking without the hazard switch turned on. I went and checked the fuse and exchange it with an identical one but no luck. I then disconnected the battery for a few minute. When reconnected it, the right blinker is now continuously blinking. Any ideas what could be causing this?

If the bulbs and fuses all check ok then I would suspect a faulty hazard switch. The hazard switch also controls the "flashing" of both the turn signals and the hazard lights. Try turning on and off the hazard switch a few times to see if you c ... Toyota Tundra

I have a 1990 F-150 with a straight 6, 300 engine. The fuel pump continues to run with the ignition position on off. The only way I could get it to turn off is to disconnect the battery cable from the battery. I have read that it may be the the fuel pump relay, some say fuel pump. Any ideas?

Hello HK.I have seen this happen quite a few times back when I worked at Ford.The fuel pump relay contact is sticking.You will find it on the front left top fender under the hood. There is a black housing that houses two relays. The ... 2004 Ford F150

Our 1998 Volvo V70 doesn't start in the morning when it's cold (usually below 40 degrees). Once it's jumped it starts right away and will start again that day (unless it sits for 10-12 hours on a really cold day. I've been looking online and asking around and had my mechanic check it out. Possible answers I've heard - replace fuel pump relay, may need a bigger battery (we replaced the battery a year and a half ago). Any suggestions?


Initial problem was right turn signal remained on. Found a buent fuse and then replaced turn signal flasher with no luck. Was told it was the turn signal combo switch. While looking to see how to replace the switch I needed to go somwwhere so went to start the car. Initla electric contact then complete power outage. Was told it may habve burned the main fuse. Battery is fine and cables care clean. Found a battery fuse in the fuse box under the hood but can't tell if it is burned out. ANy ide

It sounds like you maybe have a defective ignition switch or an open internal open battery post. So first have the battery tested by a parts store it is free then go from there ... 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

When applying brake peddle as car is running (parked) the headlights and radio blink and drains the battery completly. A new radio was instaled and it was all hooked up right using existing wires.one time this week i revved my engine and then braked fast.Afterwards of doing so the whole car died. Alternator appears normal when disconnected from the postive terminal on battery.

May be a short in your brake switch.if it only does it when you apply the brake, ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

My turn signals stopped working suddenly on my 1992 ford probe lx. Prior right side was blinking faster. Changed signal switch next to steering column changed turn sinal/hazzard flasher by the clutch pedal. Little green box 2 in 1. Is there another flasher anywhere or a relay? Bulbs and fuses are fine.

If this is not working on the right side and is OK on the left side then one of the indicator lamps on the right side has blown out. The reduced load on the right hand indicators causes the flasher can to flash faster.Try turning on the hazard sw ... 1992 Ford Probe

I have an 2002 olds alero and I need to know how to change the flasher relay,more to point how do I get to it to change it. I've been told it's right behind the steering column ,but how do I access that area. I would take it to a dealer ,but alas they want an arm and a leg for a two pronged plug in relay. If you can help that would save me a bundle. Pictures would be nice if you have them.

Http://www.2carpros.com/forum/2002-oldsmobile-alero--turn-signal-iregularities.-vt328308.htmlThis should help you out. ... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 1995 1/2 Jeep Wrangler. I hit the turn signal lever hard with my knee getting out of my vehicle. Now the hazard flashers are on and I can't shut them off. My only solution right now is to disconnect the battery. Help!

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2000 buick park avenue - Blinker Problem Left-side turn signal does not work. At first it began to stay lit (no blinking) while car was running and even when car was turned off. Had to pull fuse to prevent battery drain. Car sat for a few months, then it worked briefly, and now left-side binker does not illuminate but the flasher ticking can be heard. This same behavior occurs whether using the turn signal switch or hazard switch. Right side works fine. Checked fuses and bulbs, now wha

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Right side turn signals are on, not blinking just on like a light, what controls the flashers/turn signals, it doesnt have a flasher relay. The lefts work fine.

I would change the bulb sounds like the 2-way light is broken ... 2004 Nissan Titan

2000 Volvo S80 heater fan wont work. First it wouldnt go off no matter if the dial was off or on (or the car was on or off - key in or out) . I had to pull out the fuse to save the battery from draining. Now it doesnt go on at all. There still seems to be heat though. Any ideas what it may be or even where to look for relays etc? Thanks

Where is the location of my heater motor in my 2000 Volvo S80T6? The fan only works when it wants to. Can anyone think of any solution/problem or anything I can try? It is still cold here in Michigan and we have frosty nights & mornings so it is ... 2000 Volvo S80

Hazard flasher stays on will not shut off on 2004 colorado.I pulled all fuses and relays and it only stops when battery is disconnected

The switches were notoriously bad on these. Replace the switch, and your issues should go away. When you get them, go to someplace that sells aftermarket ones rather than the dealer, like rockauto.com or related. The aftermarket has solved the pro ... 2004 Chevrolet Colorado

My 6 disc DVD changer will not eject, nor play. The lights blink back and forth from the 3 left lights to the 3 right lights, whether the van is on or off. I disconnected the battery to reset it, but to no avail. If I need to replace it, how do I best remove it? Thanks.

I'm having the same problem, although I didn't get the 3 left 3 right thing until I reinstalled the dvd changer to see if it worked. The Haynes manual for Chrysler Voyager & Town & Country 2003-2006 has the steps you'll need to remove it. J ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

1999 suzuki vitara electrical issue/ after changing out a front headlight the dash cluster lights wont work nor the parking lights. flashers work/ headlights work/brake lights work/ backup lights work. Is there a common relay for the dash/parking lights. ground cable may not have been disconnected at time of bulb change,,,fuses ok... help please..manual we have (haynes)

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Can anyone solve my problem. My 1990 Corolla will not start at random times. There are no signs as to when it may not start. I can go in the store and come out and it starts fine then sometimes not at all. When this happens sometimes jummping it helps or times you have to let it sit over night and then it start right up. I have changed the alternator, starter, all the relays, the battery and the inginition switch. but the problem continues does snyone have any other suggestions?

Hi! Are you running on an efi engine? Thanks! ... 1990 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2006 jeep commander, V-8, 5.7L, hemi.....it has 58k miles on it and a few days ago, the vehicle was parked and the lights starts blinking. When i tried to start it up, it wont turn over. I jumped the battery and it started right up. I drove it around and then parked it, attempt to start it up again...to no avail...I jumped it again and then disconnect the negative termanal and the vehicle died out. Pls help

Don't pull the negative terminal off the battery to test the alternator. That was old school and can not be done anymore. It can damage the cars electrical system.It sounds like your battery is junk but you need to run diagnostics on your charging sy ... 2006 Jeep Commander

I have a Crime Guard alarm in my old '98 Honda Odyssey, I want to disconnect/completely disable it. Even though it is disabled by the button under the dash it still is going off and disabling the ignition system. (I can hear the relay under the dash clicking away when I try to reenable the car). Right now the battery is disconnected because the alarm went off and won't shut off with the remote or the underdash button, and the ignition is disabled.

Just pull the one under the hood at first. The vehicle should not be running when you do this. Glad I could Help. ... 1997 Honda Odyssey

Have a 2002 chevy blazer with right blinker blinking very fast. replaced all bulbs and flasher relay and this didn't fix it. what else could it be? maybe blinker switch? any ideas or advise would be appreciated !

Had that problem with a 94 blazer turned out it was an electrical issue. Get a diagnostic check for your electrical system. ... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

How Do I Reset A Mercury Villager/Nisan Quest Minivan 1997 Anti-theft Feature? I've locked and unlocked the vehicle several times, but it doesn't reset. That is, the ignition and steering column remain locked. I disconnected the battery thinking that would disable the anti-theft mechanism, but it has not. The alarm has not sounded. But when I open the door, the small red LED light for "Security" (in the same panel as the hazards--to the right of the steering wheel) blinks on and off.

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