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2002 Ford Taurus has no power. No head lights no dome light no horn blah blah. Ok first of all my cars alarm kept going off by itself off and on for 2 weeks. I come out to start the car and it goes click click click but no start. Later on I come out to the car and I can hear this tick tick tick tick noise coming from the dash. A few days later and I get someone to come to the house and jump the car and nothing happens. No click click click this time. No dome light. No power what so ever. But the

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Answers :

One possibility is that the battery terminals are either corroded or not tight to the battery posts. Second, the battery itself may have seen its days. Try another battery of simply replace it. If the problem still exists, the have a mechanic inspect the main wiring from the battery to fuse block. Your alarm device may have its own battery source. The tick tick are the cars systems relays trying to engage, but there is not enough power for them to engage.
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2002 Ford Taurus has no power. No head lights no dome light no horn blah blah. Ok first of all my cars alarm kept going off by itself off and on for 2 weeks. I come out to start the car and it goes click click click but no start. Later on I come out to the car and I can hear this tick tick tick tick noise coming from the dash. A few days later and I get someone to come to the house and jump the car and nothing happens. No click click click this time. No dome light. No power what so ever. But the

One possibility is that the battery terminals are either corroded or not tight to the battery posts. Second, the battery itself may have seen its days. Try another battery of simply replace it. If the problem still exists, the have a mechanic inspect ... 2002 Ford Taurus

I have a 2000 cadillac deville. Yestersday I was starting the car and it was hard to start, didn't want to turn over. I heard a "clicking noise" while trying to start it. The car did start but I had problems starting it again later. When I got home I turned the car off and tried to start it again, that time it started right up. A few minutes later I tried to start it again and the dash went all black and the car cut off. I am unable to remove the key now and nothing comes on Please help!!!

Your alternator or battery needs to be changed test the battery first. have some1 give you a jump and see if it fires up ... Cadillac CTS

I have a 1996 Honda Accord LX 5 speed manual trans. The car had some battery trouble, and when I went to get it charged; the tech said that it was so low he didn't think it would work. I came back, and to my surprise the battery was fully charged. I hooked it to the car, and everything was fine; started right up. About two days later I got in to start the car, and nothing. Frustrated I gave it a week before checking it out again, and now it is making a clicking noise. The clicking is coming from

Probably your battery is too far gone and does not hold a charge. The clicking you hear is the starter relay. Get a new battery. $55 at Costco. ... 1996 Honda Accord

Wrong oil I put the wrong oil 5-20 instead of 5-30 in it and about 3 weeks later it started to click or tick. I then changed the oil again and then looked in the owners manual and it said not to use 5-20. When I was changing the oil, I noticed that the filter had "ooze" falling out of it. When I finished the oil change I started the car and it still "clicked or ticked". I think the whole engine is "oozed" up. Is there any fixes for this?

I wouldn't worry much unless it lasts for more than a few weeks after the next oil change. What you're probably hearing is the valves rattling. This is because of the very low consistency of the oil. I wouldn't recommend 5w20 for any engine pers ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

My 2006 BMW 5 series fails to start. Lights and gauges come on, but not even a click when turn key. tried both keys. checked battery. 4 days later tried ignition and car operated normally, starting, etc. for 6 days. overnight same problem occurred, but two days later, still not starting.

If you can catch it failing again, test for power on the small wire going to the starter solenoid while someone tries to crank it. If you have no power, check for power at starter relay and trace backwards. If you have power, you have a bad starter. ... 2006 BMW 5 Series

0303 trouble code on my 2006 Nissan Altima. Leaving work I noticed a clicking noise coming from my engine and my service engine soon light come on. I had to make a stop on the way home and when I started my car again the click turned in to a load knock at first and silence down a bit 5 second later. I had a 5 minute drive home where I noticed the low knock got louder when idling at the lights. Once home I got the service engine soon code of 0303, which I looked up and found said it was a misfire

... 2006 Nissan Altima

Battery was replace 2 yrs ago. I had an issue with the car dying on me a few weeks ago. I wiggled the positive wire and it started. Now 2 weeks later, i tried the same thing when it decided not to start. When i turn the key, it doesnt click. The inside lights will come on, the door chime also, but it wont turn over. If it were the battery, wouldnt the lights not come on? Please help me

Take the battery cables off one by one and clean the inside of the clamps with sandpaper/emery cloth. do the post also, re-clamp and try again. Many times the inside of the cables become corroded and have enough contact to power the lights but when y ... 2003 Dodge Intrepid

GPS issue hi. just another problem that is not exactly related to the car itself. i have a maxx Car GPS (explorer I). it was working fine but lately it started to give problems such as sometimes the audio assistance would not be available (with the volume set to full and the clicks being heard) and it would come back on later. also, the navigation manaul would become unselectable (the light will change and the click will still be heard). now the navigation manual is permanently unavailable. what

... 1998 Mercury Sable

Starting Issue On occasion, my 2000 3.5L Intrigue will not start. I can hear a "whirring" noise under the hood, the lights come on, all electrical systems seem okay, I just put in a new battery. Sometimes I'll disconnect and reconnect the battery and there will be a "click" sound. The car then starts. However, We just spent three hours one night, 70 miles from home, and nothing worked. Five hours later, it started right up. The Service Engine Light is now on, too! We also have occasional

Check the condition of the negative battery cable and end. If you see corrosion, replace it. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I was on vacation for ten days. When I returned I used the Echo to go to a store. It started well and I had no problem starting it to come home. Three hours later I tried to start it again and there was no noise at all except for the fan starting as well as the radio. I cleaned the battery poles- no go. I then jumped the battery with my other car and still no go. I do not hear a click nor does it turn over. What are the possibilities?

Possibilities are :\012Starter itself (lately I've noticed they tend to go out quiet , with no warning) , Ignition switch , safety neutral switch .Check the starter first with test light.\012Hook test light to small single wire attached t ... 2002 Toyota ECHO

My car won't start. It doesn't even make a click. After I turn the ignition on it takes a minute for the dash lights to come on and then they start blinking, and I hear a noise from the fuse box, I think. Could it just be a low battery? It ran with no problem, then it wouldn't start 3 hours later.

The battery cable could be loose or corroded. Check your terminals and the cable going to the starter. ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

The car just recently will not start sometimes, not all the time, and the security light will come on in the dash. The battery is full but all it will do is click once then the light comes on. The next time at a later day it may fire right up like nothing is wrong. Is this just the starter going out or do I have a problem with my security system?

Have your dealer check the PCM. ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2003 Chevy Impala. I ran my car with no oil and now I'm hearing a loud ticking/knocking noise coming from under my valve cover. I added 2 bottles of oil after finding out that I didnt have any and my car sounded and ran just fine. It wasnt until like 2/3 weeks later that I started to hear the ticking/knocking noise. It was quiet and came and went until i drove it once more, now it ticks all the time and its somewhat loud. Can anyone help me please and let me know what you think it

Might be the valves have been damaged running without oil \012 - or the crankshaft / camshaft / main bearings\012 most probably you have to let the engine be rebuilt by a mechanic \012 (expect cost of more than US$ 2.000)\012 or g ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

Clueless... I own a 95 Passport and for some reason my car would start but before I could even put it in drive, the car shut off on me and this continued to happen until a couple of days later when I tried to start it again it didnt even turn over this time and there was a loud clicking noise from my engine and everytime I try to start the car I always hear the clicking. So is there any chance that if I was to fix the clicking, my car would start up again or are the problems entirely different t

My 96 rodeo does alot of the clicking B/S.. for about 3years though and the clicking has never interfered with anything but my own nerves. a friend of mine has the same make and model, and his does the same clicking thing, and also runs good. Most th ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

My '92 Integra cranks but does not start. Events: Many months ago, car started to have starting problems in hot weather. In the morning or evening, the car would start without problems. In the hot weather, the check engine light would come on and I could not start the car, however it would crank but no start. I had to wait for a few minutes until I heard a sound click, then the engine light would come off, then I could start the car right away. Eventually, some months ago, this problem would occ

I have this problem on a regular basis with my 91.it happens in hot weather, and sometimes after having to start and stop the car several times quickly(like going ot different stores over and over) again, in warmer weather, like 25 C+. ... 1992 Acura Integra Hatchback

Ford fusion starting problems i have a 03 plate semi auto starts up when it wants if i go out to the car and try to start it the dase board lights come on as normal turn the key to start and nothing will happen if i leave it and try a little bit later it will start but then sometimes it still wont start it seems like to me how i would explain it is if you had a auto car and left it in drive and then try to start it dase board lights would come on but car will not start untill you put it into par

Hello, The first thing you need to have someone look at is the Brake pedal lever under the dash. This part of the starter Interlock system is the one which requires you to have your foot on the Brake before trying to start the car. With a St ... Ford Fusion

1991 cadillac eldorado, car wont turn over and makes clicking noises. How do I know if its the starter or a specific part on the starter going out? When you turn the key the headlights and dash lights, radio will come on. Jumped the car and car still wouldnt start, still just clicking noises and smelled a slight burnt smell once after trying to start it with no luck. Couldnt tell where smell was coming from though, but it only happened the one time.

1st make sure your connections at battery and starter are clean and tight. Next pull the battery out and have a parts store check it's condition. Even though the lights and radio work, it may be too weak to crank the engine over. If the battery ch ... 1991 Cadillac Eldorado

I have a 2000 Lexus RX300 and had a remote car starter installed at Best Buy in October. It usually works fine, but twice after I've pushed the remote button, the lights go on, but the car starts making a ticking sound...about ten seconds later it tries to start the car again and it makes the same ticking sound. The car then will not start with the key. I've had to have the battery jumped to get it to work again! Is there something wrong with my car or the car starter?

... Cars & Trucks

Tried to start up my 2003 galant (31,000 miles) only to hear a loud clicking noise coming from the engine. The batttery was not dead, and i didn't leave the lights on. When I put the keys in the ignition all the lights show up on the dash like usual, but the car just wont get past the clicking noise to turn over. What could this be? I tried jump starting the car, but the car i didnt start. I just replaced the battery and the same thing is happening. Any other suggestions for why its clicking and

Its the starter itself ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

1993 Toyota Previa won't start... I took the battery to O'rielys and it was 75% charged so they charged it up full for me, I replaced the leads and cleaned off all corrosion on the battery. When I try to start the car you can still hear the gas pump "whirr" All the lights come on fine and my headlights look normal. When I try to start the car it just makes a click and thats it. It used to click click click but since I have cleaned up the battery it just makes a single click. I got it jumped

Check the other end of the battery cable going to the solenoid. It's possible that's corroded and is preventing sufficient power from the battery to engage the starter. If it's fine, you may be looking at replacing the starter. A bad starter will ... 1993 Toyota Previa

Having an issue (since I got the car 10 years ago) with the car (not sure where the click sound is coming from) making a single clicking sound when turning the key to start the car. The car always starts but sometimes takes a couple turns (and clicks) of the key. Thought it was a sticky relay as I've replaced the starter/solenoid/battery and none fixed the problem. Was going to replace the relay last night, but could not locate an ignition/starter relay on the vehicle. Does this vehicle have

Hello d Mclinden.There are a couple of components between the ignition and the starter , one of which is a theft deterrent relay and the other the transmission range switch.Have you tried to start in neutral or wiggle the shifter? ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Ignition switch was sticking for weeks but starting i would start the car then pull the swirch back a little an everything was ok i had a music system installed one day five hours later my head lights shut off while driving i pulled over and just thought it was a fuse while the car was running i saw smoke coming from under the hood i lift the hood up an steem was coming from the coolant tank i shut the car of looked under the hood for a moment then tried to start the car an

It sounds like you have more than one problem with your Audi. The coolant leak and the ignition switch are two separate issues. I would recommend that you take the car to the Audi dealer or to an independent garage that specializes on German cars and ... 1996 Audi A6

I have a 1986 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Station Wagon. 302 Fuel Injection. When I turn the key on I use to here a the Fuel Pump come on and then a few seconds later after the pressure buildups up it stops. Now I hear the Pump Constantly running. I also hear a hissing noise coming from the Throttle Body near the firewall. My car will not start. The only way to get it started is to spray starting fluid into the Throttle Body. After starting, the cars runs rough. When I put the car in drive and push

You may also check your fuel pressure module...it is located behind your throttle body, near the firewall. I was able to isolate a vacume leak in that same area with the same symtoms before starting the car, although mine runs an idle ok, it hesitate ... 1986 Ford LTD

I have a 1992 Saturn sl2. I recently had to replace the battery and the starter. The car has been fine but one day it took a few turns of the key to start. When I reached my destination I turned off my car. Five minutes later it refused to start and a click click click sound started up by the starter under the hood. It repeatedly clicked while getting no power, and all my gauge needles dropped and wavered back and forth while my battery apparently died. Any thoughts on what could be causin

Possible alternator failure take battery out get it charged up then go to auto zone, o'riely and or advance auto and have them check the alternator normally they don't charge for this ... 1992 Saturn SL2

I bought a new alternator for my 1990 oldsmobile and my car was running fine. A couple of months later i was coming home from work and my car had a hard time starting so when i got home i shut the car off and try to start it again and it wouldnt start. it took a jump but didnt last long. So i thought it was my battery but a week later the car went completely dead as i was driving. both days it was raining, i dont know if that was just a conquencent.

I have old car also and after i went to grocery store it's hard to start it. I thought that the alternator is not charging? but when I check the battery is ok! if your alternator is ok? maybe your fuel pump, like mine! ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais
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