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2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. 4.7L V8 The car will not start. When i turn the key i hear click,click,click. Like a bad battery. I can jump the car to start it, but when i shut it off and try to restart i hear the clicking noise again. All interior lights, radio and etc work. Is this just a issue of a bad battery?

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Answers :

Check the battery connetions first,then if that does work jump it and drive it too auto zone they will check the battery and charging system for free
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2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. 4.7L V8 The car will not start. When i turn the key i hear click,click,click. Like a bad battery. I can jump the car to start it, but when i shut it off and try to restart i hear the clicking noise again. All interior lights, radio and etc work. Is this just a issue of a bad battery?

Check the battery connetions first,then if that does work jump it and drive it too auto zone they will check the battery and charging system for free ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hyundai excel 1994 hard to start after sitting. Problem: After the car sits for a while it is hard to start. It is not cranking but I hear a click on turning the key. I need about 5 -8 tries until the car starts. All those tries give me only a click noise like the battery is discharged. The car drives then very bad until it is warmed up. If I put my foot off the accelerator to change gears the motor seems to close down a bit, that is until the car is warm. Once the car is on temperatur

Even i had a similar problem with my Suzuki SUV. It is a bendex problem It is about to go. Bendex is a part of the starter motor and moves forward to engage the flywheel when you turn the key. It can be repaired yet as it is working although intermit ... Hyundai Excel

Starting problem. when trying to start the car it takes about 15 tries to get it to start. All you hears is a clicking noise. Had it tested and all they could tell me was that it had low cranking amps, that the battery was good, and so was the alt. How can you figure out if it the relay starter, solenoid, or starter that is going bad,

If you just hear a click the starter is going bad ... 1996 Mercury Sable

Tried to start up my 2003 galant (31,000 miles) only to hear a loud clicking noise coming from the engine. The batttery was not dead, and i didn't leave the lights on. When I put the keys in the ignition all the lights show up on the dash like usual, but the car just wont get past the clicking noise to turn over. What could this be? I tried jump starting the car, but the car i didnt start. I just replaced the battery and the same thing is happening. Any other suggestions for why its clicking and

Its the starter itself ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

I just started my car and heard an extra noise from the engine that sounded bad (louder, kind of grinding and high-speed whirring) so I turned the car off but the noise continued. It fluctuated a little bit, but not based on anything I did. After turning the car off, it would not start again. There was no clicking noise or any attempt to turn over. The extra noise in the engine continued until I unhooked the battery, and started up again as soon as I tried to reconnect it. Smoke was coming

Sounds like you starter hung and was still turning even after the engine started. I would remove the starter and have it tested. ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Intermittently the car won't start. sometimes when turning key over I hear clicking noise and sometimes this will happen 2-5 times consecutively. other times it will fire up right away. other times turn key over, I hear click, try again and car will start but it almost seems that the battery is dying. If it is a stater problem, can I buy a brush/contact rebuild kit?

I think you answered you own question, when you said "it almost seems that the battery is dying," Drive it (while you can) to a parts store and get a FREE check of your charging system. They can tell you if it's the battery-low charge, which may in ... 1998 Honda Accord

I have a 2004 Acura MDX. When I try to start it I get a clicking noise. I turn it off and everything in the car stays on and every 5 seconds I hear the clicking noise like it's trying to start. It did this until the battery went completely dead.

Is it the original battery? Time for a new one. Pull it out and take it to Napa/Autozone/Checker...... and have them check it - you will probably come home with a new battery.\015\012\015\012Or it could be the starter. On some cars the start ... Acura MDX

My 2006 pontiac soltice has only 50kms on it. I didn't use my car over the winter about 5 months and went to start it the battery was dead,I quess that can happen. I jumped it and took it out for a long spin just to recharge the battery when I shut it off the car won't start agian,but everything on my dash works,all I hear when I turn the key is a clicking noise,even when I tried the second time jumping it the car just won't start.Is the battery no good anymore or is there some other problem

Had same issue did it turn out to be battery related ... 2006 Pontiac Solstice

I have a 2002 Mercedes Benz C230 . I have replaced the battery couple of weeks ago now sometimes the starts( cranks) and sometimes it makes clicking noise and then starts after trying couple of time. My mechanic checked the battery and starter and he said those good. Do I need need to replace ingition switch? If the ignition switch is bad then why the car starts sometimes. Do I need reprogram my key? If it does then why does the car cranks sometimes . I am just confuse .

If the starter is clicking it could still be a bad starter or a connection problem has to be one of the two ... Cars & Trucks

2003 bmw 330xi wont start checked battery and battery is good. hear a clicking noise and that it. It does not try to start of turn over. sounds like that starter from what I'm used to hearing on other cars

The noise is coming from the starter solenoid. The plunger is acting but the Starter Solenoid Contacts are burnt. In some cases we replace the solenoid contacts and the plunger. All have 1/8" thick copper contacts. The other options are, replac ... 2003 BMW 330

My 03 chevy monte carlo has a po102 code and I know the mass flow sensor connector is bad but will this cause the battery to drain for no reason? I hear a clicking noise coming from the gove compartment area even when the battery is dead and if I boost the car it will start and I can drive it but the next day it won't start unless I give it some gas and it's a very rough start and will cut off it I dont keep giving it gas and then the battery just slowly dies in like a day or so and I have a bra

... 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1993 Toyota Previa won't start... I took the battery to O'rielys and it was 75% charged so they charged it up full for me, I replaced the leads and cleaned off all corrosion on the battery. When I try to start the car you can still hear the gas pump "whirr" All the lights come on fine and my headlights look normal. When I try to start the car it just makes a click and thats it. It used to click click click but since I have cleaned up the battery it just makes a single click. I got it jumped

Check the other end of the battery cable going to the solenoid. It's possible that's corroded and is preventing sufficient power from the battery to engage the starter. If it's fine, you may be looking at replacing the starter. A bad starter will ... 1993 Toyota Previa

I have a infiniti G35 and the car alarm goes off for no reason I have the same problem. Car just started to make the horn noises. 1 second apart. I can start the car, but you can hear the clicking of the horn sound still. when i try to unlock the car with the key, it locks itself right away. i then realized that my spare key was in the pants that was put in the washer. not sure if this is why the alarm went off. I changed batteries on the key, but the alarm still goes off. only way to stop it wa

Turn down the sensor under the hood ... 2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan Sport Sedan

I was on vacation for ten days. When I returned I used the Echo to go to a store. It started well and I had no problem starting it to come home. Three hours later I tried to start it again and there was no noise at all except for the fan starting as well as the radio. I cleaned the battery poles- no go. I then jumped the battery with my other car and still no go. I do not hear a click nor does it turn over. What are the possibilities?

Possibilities are :\012Starter itself (lately I've noticed they tend to go out quiet , with no warning) , Ignition switch , safety neutral switch .Check the starter first with test light.\012Hook test light to small single wire attached t ... 2002 Toyota ECHO

2003 honda accord dx remove the starter and hot wire it to see if the drive gear of the starter extend and spin. i found out it dont extend or spin just click, click. it sound like being installed in the car. is this means the starter is bad that is why the car will not start. we change the battery twice. first change the new battery was bad. second battery still wont start. then i tried another battery fron another car and still wont start. prior to this work, i remove the starter and have it c

If you removed the starter, and placed battery voltage to the starter, and it clicked just like it did when installed, then the starter needs to be replaced. When you had it tested and they said it was good, did you verify this claim? ... Honda Accord

Mopar remote start issue. It was installed by the dealer and worked fine for a while but now It will try to start, (radio comes on, seat moves forward, etc,) and i can hear clicking noise from under the hood, but it never actually tries to start the car, and just beeps twice. I don't think it is a hood switch issue because if i open the hood to engage the switch and try to start, it come back immediatly with 2 beeps. With hood closed i can hear clicking noise and it takes a few seconds befor

Many of these remote start units are defective or the install was done with the wrong type of connectors and a poor connection is the problem, suggest the best thing to do is have the dealer who installed it take a look at their work. ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My car, a 1999 300 M, when it sits for a couple of days wont start on the first try..it will click ...sometimes but you have to keep turning the key on over and over.. some thimes it takes longer to start than others this has been going on for a couple of years.. I hear no spinning noise. sometimes its completely dead.. I thought it was battery issues at first I have power to windoes and all but I changed out the battery out anyway, and it still does it from time to time ..It is getting a lot

Yes, you have dead spots an the starter commutator. The way to tell is this: the next time it happens, get a hammer and hit the starter dead on the side. If it then starts, replace the starter. ... Chrysler 300M

Hi i am having problems when driving all electrical lights and cd player start to go on and of including battery light which makes a clicking on/off noise and my car will cut out while driving , i then try to restart it and it is out of battery until left for a period time and will start for the same thing to happen whilst driving 5 minutes later

Have the alternator tested\012 if alt is not putting out enuff volts this will be the problem ... Chevrolet 1500

My car won't start. I just put in a new battery but sometimes the dash lights won't light up. Could somethng be draining my battery? Or is just a bad starter/solenoid? I hear a clicking sound when i try to start it up..

... 1991 Acura Legend

I have a 2001 Xterra and it won't start, the battery has power, (even tried another battery) and a starter less then 1 year old. I can hear the fuel pump running but the engine won't turn over. Head lights don't dim when trying to start. Bad starter solenoid? fusable link not letting power to the starter? I hear something clicking in the engine compartment when trying to start, is there anything located on the firewall that might be bad?

Starter is bad check connections at battery n starter if their good u need a new starter motor ... 2001 Nissan Xterra

Clueless... I own a 95 Passport and for some reason my car would start but before I could even put it in drive, the car shut off on me and this continued to happen until a couple of days later when I tried to start it again it didnt even turn over this time and there was a loud clicking noise from my engine and everytime I try to start the car I always hear the clicking. So is there any chance that if I was to fix the clicking, my car would start up again or are the problems entirely different t

My 96 rodeo does alot of the clicking B/S.. for about 3years though and the clicking has never interfered with anything but my own nerves. a friend of mine has the same make and model, and his does the same clicking thing, and also runs good. Most th ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 1997 Buick Regal LS that won't start. When I try to start it, all it does is click. ''Click, click, click'' is all I hear. I thought it was the battery, so I charged it up and tried to start the car again. The same thing happened. It won't start. Why is it not starting? Is it a problem with the starter? Alternator? Battery Cables?...

A careful check of the system will be necessary. Will the car start with a jump? If the cable ends are dirty clean them. When was the battery installed? How old is it? Has the weather gotten cold all of a sudden(could end a weak battery). Is it ... 1997 Buick.5 Regal

When I start the car, it just makes a fast clicking noise like the battery is dead and would not turn over. I can stop and try it again and the car starts right up, sometimes. The battery had some major corrosion on the posts, I cleaned them up and was hoping that was the problem. It started right up after hooking battery back a couple of times but did the clicking again and no motor start. One other thing, after I cleaned the battery post and it fired right up, I drove it around a little. when

Sounds like your alternator to me. The alternator is not charging the battery so when you drive it, the battery is being drained. It can die even while you're driving. I would get the alternator checked and get a new one if necessary ... 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4WD

I live in north dakota, grand forks afb. i have a 04 infiniti g35. i ran into a problem this morning when the car wouldn't start. it wouldn't even make any clicking noise when i turn my key all the way to start. so i thought it was the battery, and put the brand new one in. i even cleaned off the corrosion that was built up on the connector. after i changed the battery, the car started much better but later on today when i tried to start the car again, i ran into a same problem. i tried jumping

Sounds like the solenoid in the starter, is stuck and not engauging all the time.. if it were your starter relay, then the lights wouldnt dim when you try to start it...id take it out, and have it rebuilt if i were you, thats a lot cheaper than buyin ... 2004 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe

Mondeo 1.8 y reg petrol. My car wouldnt start after leaving for a couple of weeks. When trying to start there was a clicking sound. I got some jump leads and the car started first time. i charged the battery and had no problems for about a week. Yesterday i was driving and the battery light came on then in a short space of time all of the digitals on the dash and the speedo stopped working. I pulled over and stopped the car, after this the car wouldnt satrt again, just got the clicking noise! I

... 2001 Ford Focus
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