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The ABS light on my 2002 VW Passat shows on the dashboard. This happened after I change the rear brake pads. The dealer tells me a faulty ABS module is the problem, and it will cost over $1K to replace. Any second opinion? Brakes are good, car drives well, everything works well except the ABS light on the dash. There is 165K miles on this car.

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Answers :

If it happened after pad replacement check the pad wear sensors
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The ABS light on my 2002 VW Passat shows on the dashboard. This happened after I change the rear brake pads. The dealer tells me a faulty ABS module is the problem, and it will cost over $1K to replace. Any second opinion? Brakes are good, car drives well, everything works well except the ABS light on the dash. There is 165K miles on this car.

If it happened after pad replacement check the pad wear sensors ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

Good Morning. My ABS light comes on intermittently in my 2001 Nissan Xterra SE model. The light will stay on until I turn the car off, but when I start it back up later the light is off. For the light to come on I don't even have to depress the brake pedal, just driving down the road seems to trigger the dipslay. Could someone please explain to me what might be causing this? I've had someone check the brakes and was told all is well there. I'm uncertain of what to try next. Thank yo

A lot of times the sensors on each wheel become covered with brake dust if you remove the wheels and clean the sensor with brake cleaner this will solve the problem but keep in mind it may happen again when the brake dust gets on the sensor again ... 2001 Nissan Xterra

Rear braking when braking on 97 pontiac sunfire sometimes car slides but comes to a stop, have new rotors,tires, on a wet day i drive like a turtle when stopping, mechanic said it's my abs unit going bad, before this all started abs lights would come on and off, have not come in months,i'am a female please help, car runs good, good gas mileage, no dents,cannot afford another car.

Check if this car has load proportioning valves fitted for the rear brakes and working correctly if it is a rear brake slide.if not check A B S sensors and the A B S control unit.if the A B S light comes on when moving it is a sensor problem.if its o ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 2007 Ram 1500 Quadcab 4x4 5.4L Hemi. The Brake and ABS lights go on and off as your driving. When they come on they kick the cruise control off. Started last week, brake fluid level is good, Parking break switch is not the problem nor is the brake peddle switch. Today the brake light and ABS lights came on as well as the check engine light, the speedometer becomes intermittent, and when the speedometer quits working the engine bogs down. when the speedometer strats working the engin

Scan for codes first. sounds like a shorting wire. has vehicle been lifted? ... 2007 Dodge Ram Truck

2005 toyota prius abs brake not working warning light and abs lights all stay on toyota cant fine problem they say the brakes are fine they want to put in a main chip which well cost $2500 i beg to differ its my brakes not main chip as the car drives ok

Hmm, I'm not sure what a main chip is but, there is a few reasons for this problem.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012ABS Sensors - there could be something wrong with a sensor and/or the wiring to them\015\012 ... 2004 Toyota Prius

Hi, I have a 2002 tt Quattro 225 which has developed some faults and wonder if someone can help. I was driving when the engine management light came in followed by the battery light and the abs light followed by the yellow low battery light and the red brake warning light, the radio went off along with the air con unit. The car ran well with no loss of power. After stopping the warning lights went off and the radio and ac came back on the car started and ran as usual. Any ideas?

... 2002 Audi TT

Hello we have a 2000 mercedes clk430 and when you are driving and attempting to stop it feels like the brakes are pumping themselves (the brake petal) and then sometimes the abs and check engine light comes on and the car goes into fault mode and you have to pull over and restart the car to reset it and the check engine light will stay on but the abs light will go off of it and it will drive right until the abs light goes off again. We changed all four brakes and brake discs because we figured t

... 2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK

ABS and Brake light come on about 10 seconds after I start the car, and put it in drive. I hear the ABS system pump itself ( a self-test?) and then the lights come on and stay on. This has happened recently, normally the self test does not turn the lights on until now. 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera SL wagon 3.1L

Hi, the first thing to do is to check for leaks in the hydraulic system. Check your brake fluid reservoir to see if it's low. If it is, look at the wheels but also all along under the car for a leak. If you find a leak, I can advise you on how to ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

My brake lights went out on my 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. I had lights one day and the next day I did not. I tried to replace the bulbs but they are not blown and the fuses are good as well. I can not drive my car without brake lights. What could it be?

Check the brake light switch on the brake pedal up under the dash,it is most likely the problem. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

The ABS light in my daughters 2001 Jetta came on yesterday in a snow storm. Then the brake light started flashing and the car stopped moving. It was a little while before she could drive again, but the lights stayed on. Not sure what the situation is today. Not keen on driving it right now without some expert opinions. Thanks

... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I have a 2009 ford explorer and after changing the front wheel bearings, my ABS lights came on, brake system lights came on and it says I should service the RSC. My engineer has done everything possible but nothing seems to work. Ithe would not respond immediately to downshifts until about 5 seconds putting my foot down pedal-to-the-metal. This car automatically applies brakes when am driving the the traction control light flashes when that happens. I bought and Installed a brand new fuel pump a

Nothing changed because you have to component testto find problems with a partOnly if you understand the parts being tested & they fail a test,do they get replacedALL VEHICLES since 1996 have those problems & lots more ... Cars & Trucks

1996 Buick Park Avenue, runs fine but sometimes shuts down when the heater and/or brakes are used when vehicle is in motion. This happens when driving down the road. Total electrical shutdown. Battery and alternator tested good. Sometimes car would start after sitting a few minutes. Tonight, I started my car, it ran for a few seconds, and then shutdown again. No power to anything..lights, locks etc. Connections to battery are good and seem tight. Car didn't start after sitting a few minutes on l

Sounds like a battery terminal ,or earth connection from battery to chassis ,or where the power is picked up from which is the starter motor terminal ,sorry i am not very explicit but i live in spain and not may buicks to the euro here,But if i got m ... 1996 Buick Park Avenue

VSA problem. On three occasions, weeks apart. First time ABS activated for no reason. They kicked in a few times in 10 minutes on flat straight road going 10 mph. Turned car off, back on - no problem for 2 weeks. Second time - heard a heavy metal clunk, car jerked a little, VSA light came on, stayed on until we turned off car. Then stayed off for a couple of weeks. Just did it again. Same as second time. Took off wheels, sensors seem fine, wheel is tight, brakes look good. 2004 MDX

If the car has not been for a routine full check up on the clocked mileage , I think it is only a possible clean up of all the wheels, the sensors that can help to eliminate this problem.\015\012The other probable suspect can be the ABS itself ... 2004 Acura MDX

2006 Nissan Pathfinder, check engine light on code is P1757 information my mechanic pulled was DTC P1757 front brake solenoid valve. Problem I feel while driving is after stopping I can not accelarate well once I pull through the 1st couple a seconds the car is perfect, usualy when I start the car I dont have the problem only in middle of driving after I stopped. Can you tell me what part I need to change. Do I have to change the whole valve body or can I change the Solenoides themselves.

I have the same issue how did you get it to go away ... 2006 Nissan Pathfinder

ABS system: ABS warning light sometimes illuminates when I start the car or turns ON while driving. Sometimes it even turns ON when car is idle. Sometimes when the warning light doesn't illuminate, I can feel, while giving a light brake, the brake pedal vibrates for a short moment and then - the light turns ON. I had the car for testing and they said it was the ABS sensor at the rear right wheel. I had it replaced, but it didn't solve the problem at all. It was all the same after

The wheel baering is going bad leting the axle kick sideways causeing light ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Drove on lots of ice yesterday. ABS system worked well all day. As I pulled in to my garage, both the Brake and the ABS lights came on, and they won't go out even after a restart. I took the car back out on the ice- no ABS now. Safe to drive? To repair shop pronto? Fixable myself? I did make sure the master cylinder was topped off.

You likely got some water in a speed sensor. You will need to have it scanned with a code scanner to find out what is wrong. It is safe to drive. You will have regular brakes. It will just be like driving an older vehicle. If it is snowy and ice ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2009 Dodge Caliber - The ABS & Brake Light came on as well as the feeling/sensation of the brake being applied very hard for a split second.

... 2009 Dodge Caliber 2.0

ABS light would come on and brakes would pulse only when turning left coming to a stop. Otherwise brakes worked fine. Fluid level good. Pads were only half worn but went ahead and replaced pads on all four wheels. Calipers all looked good. No leaking or stuck calipers. After all pads replaced, brakes felt even a little better but problem still exists. Now ABS light will occasionally come on while driving but brakes work good except for initial problem of coming to a stop while turning left. If I

This is your Hub Wheel Assembly. Just replace them, get an alignment, and you will be set to go. I have had to replace mine twice in 5 years so they seem to go out relatively quickly in the Blazer. Good luck! ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

I drive 03 Acura MDX, when car go straight and brake, it ok. But when i turn L or R, vehicle seem to be stop, grinding sound appear, like ABS opperate, triangle light on, 30 second later, VSA on, no check engine on, then no more happen untill i turn off engine. It happen again if i start engine and drive. It just happen when make turn R or L and 1 time. Dealer recomment steering angel sensor. Please show me how to replace and reset and i need any special tool to replace steering angle sensor?

... 2004 Acura MDX

1998 Audi A4 2.8L 154,000 miles I have a persistent slow oil leak coming from somewhere on the right hand side of the engine. The oil drips from all over the bottom of the front end, but it seems to be coming from that area. The car drives fine/handles really good. Theres no other problems other than, I live in USA, and my check engine light is on and it failed the smog test due to a mass airflow sensor, and incorrect flow in an air line. The brake and ABS lights are on but the dealer couldnt ev

... Audi A4

Losing Power! Okay, here's the deal. First: My 2000 Honda Accord has a very hard time shifting out of park. I have to turn it off and on again and pump the brakes and after a few times it'll finally come out. Second: Once I get on the road, my interior lights go dim, I feel like I'm losing power, my ABS light comes on, all my guages die (fuel, oil temp, speedo, odo), and then finally my car dies. I want to drive it into the dealership but I can't make it more than 1 mile. Any Help? What's up?

The power problem sounds like a bad alternator or else there is a loose belt as far as shifting out of park its probabally in the transmission ... 2000 Honda Accord

The ABS and Traction Control OFF lights came on today. I also heard a low groaning sound just seconds before that happened (as if the ABS activated - but my foot was not on the brake at the time). Will it cause damage to my car to continue driving it until I can get it to a shop?

You should not drive any vehicle more than a couple of days,\015\012when any MIL Lamp or Check Lamp comes on your dash\015\012\015\012They are System Malfunctions that need to be checked for\015\012Codes,Diagnosed and Repaired ... Lincoln Continental

The problem is that every time I start my car and begin to accelerate, reverse, brake or whatever, generally about 3 seconds after I do this the car makes a sound and slightly jolts. When it does this, my headlights dim and my radio will shut off but then restart itself and the two lights, the emergency brake light and anti-lock brake light will turn on. So, if I drive with these lights on, my car makes a high pitched grinding noise when I accelerate. Generally I have to restart my car to make t

Sounds like you are having a short circuit, my guess is something in your ABS unit has failed, if it were me and ANYTHING AT ALL was happening that should not especially with something as important as the brakes on your car, i would get it serviced i ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

2003 chevy malibu abs light keeps coming on after be service by dealer. all new brake pads all new sensors drive the car no light, car sets over night start it up and the abs light comes on and stays on but everything works fine in the braking system light will go our and not come back on for a couple of days

Hi.If the ABS light comes on, then there is definitively a problem that must be corrected. The ABS light turns on for a number of reasons. If the problem started after replacing brake pads and sensors it is usually because of sensor wirin ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 1999 cadi deville, the abs and traction control lights come on and the car steers like the power steering belt has came off and the car acts like the brakes are being held on. When these lights come on you can press the gas pedal to the floor from a dead stop and in about a 1/4 mile the car reaches about 55mph. Sometimes while driving the car with the lights on the abs light will start blinking and the lights will go out, when the lights go out there is sometimes a loud noise that sound

A few things could be wrong....it could be your brake control module, anti-lock brake system or a wheel speed sensor. The best thing to do is to get it into a garage and have them take a look at it and give you an idea of what is wrong. Either way, i ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille
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