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My car feels when driving lack of power or bogging. but no engine light, at first i thought it was engine priblem. After spending lot of money and time trying to fix now I'm having second thought it may be the tranmission causing bogging due to not down shifting and uo shifting is this posible.

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My car feels when driving lack of power or bogging. but no engine light, at first i thought it was engine priblem. After spending lot of money and time trying to fix now I'm having second thought it may be the tranmission causing bogging due to not down shifting and uo shifting is this posible.

... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

Transmission problem? i have a 2005 g35x and i installed a cold air intake. i was driving today while it was wet out and i was stopped at a traffic light. when the light turned green i got on the gas hard. when it was time for me to shift from 1st to second i hit the shifter up and it went into second gear but as it shifted into second gear it sounded like the engine bogged down for a quick second and then it continued to accelerate. i shifted it into 3rd gear and it did the same thing again. it

If you are getting close to red line on tach you are fealing the rev limiter. That is the computer shutting the engine down at a particular rpm. ... 2005 Infiniti G35

95 chevy impala ss lt1 350; Problem with high idle 1100 rpm's or so on first startup, with harsh shifting. Stop and turn engine off, wait a few seconds, restart ane idle drops to 600 or whatever. Problem may be cleared, or may return after a few miles of driving. No tranny noise, and when initial idle had dropped to normal, tranny shifting pattern excellent with very smooth shift to 3rd and od. No tach, of course, on the 95 impala SS of I'm never sure of the exact rpms. Thanks, Mike L

Hi,You may want to check the idle control valve of your engine. Have it cleaned first. You may use carb cleaners for this to get the dirt out. Check also the vacuum hoses and see if there are leaks. Check for loose wiring especially o ... Chevrolet Impala

When in automatic drive, the engine revs up and appears to be havinng problems shifting into higher gears. While this is happening, the brakes seem hypersensitive. This just started happening and the second time required switching to manual shift. A VW serviceman suggested that the vehicle's transmission may need to be checked as the transmission may be in lame mode, buut it does not seem as this is the case because the dash does not show all gears highlighted as he suggested. What might be happ

I had a similar problem on my vw jetta. Check your vacuum modulator line. It is a black line that is about 8 inches long and 5/32 in diameter (about the size of a pencil) connecting the intake manifold to the modulator. Overtime this line cracks and ... 2004 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 2002 dodge ram 3500 24 valve cummins diesel that when first started if the A/C is on bogs the engine down gets poor acceleration and you can floor the gas pedal with no rpm increase and obviously no speed increase.Once engine has warmed up it gos back to its main problem were it doesn't want to come out of first gear til 2500rpms and then it will go ahead and shift to second gear and that will go on til i sit stopped for awhile then it will take off in second gear from stopps until truc

... Dodge Ram 3500

For several months I have been having issues with my car not shifting when I back out of a spot and go into drive. In order for it to shift into drive, I have to shift to L and then 2, then drive. Now all of a sudden the "Check Engine" light is coming on. Anyone know what may be causing these issues? Thanks. Is this expensive to fix? This really has been happening since I got the car in Oct 08. This only happens when I stop somewhere and then have to back out (or even go forward) and then shift

Your transmission shift linkage out of adjustment.take to garage .it will damage transmission.i drive my in over drive all the time .from 1999 upto now had no troubles. ... 1998 Hyundai Elantra

I have a 2003 pt cruiser with automatic transmission. A few weeks ago, the shift knob button became very hard to depress to shift out of park. I have to slap it hard with my palm to get the button to release so I can shift it. Once in Reverse or Drive it is fine, but it is sticking in park. It happened when it was cold, so I thought it was ice related... It is now above freezing, and the problem still persists. Any suggestions as to what it may be and or how to fix? I have also tried pressing th

... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have a 98 Subaru Forester, and the clutch has finally given out...to replace the clutch I was quoted between $800 - $1300 - so its not worth it to have it fixed. Engine runs fine, shifting has no effect now. Is there an easy way to fix this on my own? I heard the possibility that the clutch cable may be broken. I have not had the car examined, as I dont want to pay for towing...if I cant fix this on my own I am going to give this one to charity.

Sorry for your loss, you should be able to get it changed for less, around 600.  Did the clutch slip at all before it broke?  Can you now put the car in any gear with engine idling w/out the pedal?  If yes, then the clutch is worn to n ... 1998 Subaru Forester

May daughter's 2002 Acura RSX automatic transmission (base model) just started shifting hard between reverse and drive. I haven't heard it yet, but she describes it as a thunk sound - not a grinding sound. Also it seems the shift around 30 mph is going to a higher rpm than it needs and dropping into gear. Her check engine light came on and I know shifting patterns can seem to be affected when O2 sensors go out, but I can't see how that would affect going from reverse to first. Any thoughts?

... 2002 Acura RSX

I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota sport - automatic. Recently my check engine light came on. Since than, every time I step on the gas it makes a strange noise as well as I hear a thumb every 10 - 20 seconds when I am driving. I though maybe I need to get my engine flush so I had my oil change and engine flush. The person thought that it was my #6 cylinder is misfiring. Would like to take it to a mechanic but I am afraid they will give me a run around along with a large bill. Any advice you may

Do a tune up cap, rotor, plugs, wires. This is the simple and easy fix. You may also have a bad ignition coil or module. ... 2002 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

A few months back my 2004 Xtype 3.0 engine light came on and the engine started chugging. it appeared to happen about the time when it wants to shift. So I went and had it scanned and it came up O2 sensors. so I replaced them (ugh) and the chugging still is happening and the Code that it is saying is still O2 ... What sensor or part is before the O2 sensor that may be erroring this out? What questions or answers can I ask or provide so I can get this resolved and fixed as I want to sell the ca

... 2004 Jaguar X-Type

2003 pontiac grand am 5 speed engine light on . took it to a mechanic had misfire on cylinder 1&4.. replaced the part with 2 coils he said and had it working well til one day coupl;e weeks later started acting up again and so he put in a new module... put in a new module and just used it for one day and when shifting into second gear the service engine soon light on again?? I am female and don't know much about this stuff.. my son's friend's dad is fixing the car for me and is a heavy truck mech

You don't say how many miles on the car so I will ignore that aspect for now. When you fuel up the simple act of putting the fuel cap on loose can cause the engine light to come on. If you have an auto store like Advance Auto - Auto Zone or som ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

My Toyota corolla 1993 jumps out. Of gear while driving I guess.it will stall engine still running I cut engine off wait bout ten seconds and problem fixed it shifts fine after that till bout another twenty min again same thing

... 1993 Toyota Corolla


Your brake switch is failing.The brake switch is mounted above the brake pedal. When you press the brake pedal, it moves away from the switch, closing the switch. When this happens, your brake lights come on, and if you are in Park or D ... 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

2004 chevy cavalier, on acceleration from a stop, the tach and engine speed up, but the speed takes a few seconds to catch up. transmission has been checked and was told they thought it was an engine problem because no transmission codes were found. Changed throttle position sensor, fixed the problem for about a month. replaced throttle position sensor, with no change. New plugs and wires, new crankshaft sensor. it only happens from about 25 - 30 mph.

... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

C6 grinds in first - 1980 F-250 - C6 with shift kit. Was sitting all winter. Terrible grinding noise and no power. Engine doesn' t want to idle either. Thought it was the rearend. Took it apart looked ok, changed fluid..still grinding. Noticed that the grinding stopped when shift out of 1st. Is there a quick fix, maybe Lucas transmission additive.

I would the oil level in the tranny.mabee from sitting some leaked out.But i would add the Lucas as soon as i could. ... 1982 Ford F 250

Have a 1993 ford f150, 5.8. Engine light would come on when idling and would go off when I gave it gas. Now light is staying on and automatic transmission is shifting hard in all gears. Any suggestions? Trying to prevent from having to take it somewhere to be fixed. Did take it to Auto Zone to be tested. Not too sure about reading. was having trouble operating it and thought that it was a trouble code 998 . Thought I might have a vacuum leak due to light going off when giving it gas, but

... 1993 Ford F150 SuperCab

Transmission issue I have a friend who has a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT with a 2.5L engine Manuaul transmission. He has an issue. He had broken the rear end and had got it fixed. I went out there to look at it and He has the balance weight on the drive shaft is broken. He is only able to get it to shift into 4th and 5ht gear only. No reverse or 1st or 2nd. I told him that the shift syncronizers for those particular gears may be sheared or bad. They think it maybe the pin that come out or broke. I t

This 'ol truck has more shift issues than a Kleenex box has wipes. First off, a broken weight on the drive shaft is not going to cause gear selection problems. I suspect that the "curb" was more than the truck's clearance could handle, and that there ... 1998 Ford Ranger SuperCab

My 3rd and 7th cylinders are misfirering.the truck starts up and idles fine for having two plugs out. when i drive up a hill its very weak and starts to buck and vibrate,then it'll down shift and run fine but only for a second. also when i shift into reverse the engine bogs down a little. throttle body sensor??

Check compression on #3 and #7...could be a valve problem ... 2000 Ford Excursion

Replaced engine because of spun bearing. Truck ran fine first drive, shifted normal and ran great. Second drive ran rough and didnt have power when starting off, sputtering when driving. 10 codes came up, P0743, P0750, P0755, P1747, P0443, P1451, P0135, P0141, P0155, P1409. Engine is a v10 6.8 liter. Have a list of the codes and what each mean, any help with fixing would be great

... 1999 Ford F250 Regular Cab

I have a 1997 chevy cavalier, the tranny won't shift out of second gear,took it to tranny shop, they told me it was a shifter solenoid which they relaced,but the engine light still stays ON.it still shows that a solenoid is still bad, they told me it might be the car brain or computer,they could'nt fix it so they told me to pick-up the car from their shop free of charge. can you help me,? any suggestions?

The only effective way to isolate this fault is a wiring harness pin out test, only the dealer has this very expensive peice of equipment, one issue you might want to test yourself is the connector to the transmission on the outside of the case, wate ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 97 blazer overheated and stalled out on me. steam was rolling out of the engine and I let it sit for the night. the next day i went to start it and it took a little while for it to start. i had to give it a little bit of gas for it to start and once it did it only ran for about 30 seconds then died on me again. when the blazer started, it bogged and shook so i didn't put it into gear. any suggestions? what all is messed up? how much do you think it'll b to get it fixed?

The overheated issue makes me think you blew a headgasket. Best bet is to do a chemical block test before you spend any money on other parts. This test will confirm gasoline is in the coolant. If you just added coolant because you were low then you ... 1999 Dodge Durango

2006 Suzuki Forenza: when in D and approaching 60 mph, car acts as if in N. If I let off the accelerator and coast for a few seconds, it goes back into D. Also, the gear shift seems to be loose (easy to wiggle around, whereas it used to firmly lock into position). No check engine light. Any thoughts?

Hmm couple of things.\015\012Firstly if its going from drive and then sounds like its revving high and not doing anything then your torque converter is starting to go. Best way to tell if it is this put the car in N while parked up and take you ... 2006 Suzuki Forenza

I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan, 3.0L V6, Automatic w/ A/C. There is a distinct whirring sound coming from the mechanicals (engine/transmission) and changes when it shifts. At take off, intermittantly, then engine will rev, but it will not move, then suddenly jerks and goes reluctantly. It seemed to get worse the more we drove it so we stopped driving it, but we have to get it fixed. We have almost 156,000 on it. Any thoughts?

The change in sound after a shift shows that it's something attached to the engine, which is driven directly by it. Change in RPM of the engine effects change in the sound you hear. Whirring noises which change with engine RPM are normally things lik ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

My car is not shifting out of second gear unless you put it in neutral and shut the engine down it gets stuck between 2500-3000 rpms when it does this. what could be the issue and how do i fix it

Okay, so this is what I am going to recommend. On the top of the transmission are two sensors, one input and one output. They are very easy to access, what you do is you remove the air box and look right on top of the transmission. There will be two ... 2001 Kia Sportage
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