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Went on trip, drove a little over 500 miles to destination. When went from one freeway to another car seemed to go into a limp mode after slowing to bout 20- 25 mph. I reset by putting it in park turning car off and restarting. After getting back home it started doing this more & more. It seems the car goes into limp mode after reaching speeds of 40-50 miles per hour and then slowing to about 20- 25 mph. I have the codes; P0456 Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (very small leak) & P0440

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Answers :

PO456 is most times a gas cap or gasket,
\015\012to get an incorrect gear ratio the transmission has probably started to slip.
\015\012Change the fluid and filter first off in the transmission and use only atf+4 fluid and possibly the govenor pressure sensor,and change gas cap.
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Went on trip, drove a little over 500 miles to destination. When went from one freeway to another car seemed to go into a limp mode after slowing to bout 20- 25 mph. I reset by putting it in park turning car off and restarting. After getting back home it started doing this more & more. It seems the car goes into limp mode after reaching speeds of 40-50 miles per hour and then slowing to about 20- 25 mph. I have the codes; P0456 Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (very small leak) & P0440

PO456 is most times a gas cap or gasket,\015\012to get an incorrect gear ratio the transmission has probably started to slip.\015\012\015\012Change the fluid and filter first off in the transmission and use only atf+4 fluid and poss ... 2003 Dodge Intrepid

2006 Saab 93 SportCombi 2.0 t with 32k miles. I just bought it 2 months ago. The check engine light comes on everyday! I'm in sales so I am driving it most of the day. It puts the car into limp mode EVERYDAY!! After it sits with the keys out, most of the time it comes out of limp mode. I took it to a Saab garage (not a dealer) that has worked on saabs for 25 years. They put the scope on it and said that the electric trottle control shows that it went out of parameter. They clear it and Im go

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No tach, check engine light, security light, starts hard, runs rough (limp mode), will not go over ~2000 rpm, this was after an engine swap. took the car for a 13 mile test drive, on the way back kicked it down to pass, the batt light flashed briefly, then limp mode. I can not do more that about 5 mph, because no power, engine starts every time

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2000 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, Jxi (Only 76K miles on it) - Codes - P1776, P1784, P0700 in that order then car went into "Limp" mode. Trans Oil full and smells totally normal according to techs. When I cleared/erased the codes with my OBD2 Scan Tool the car behaved normally at all speeds, and in all gears, and at all shift points. went to 3 transmission shops. 1. Whole trans needs rebuilding, $1700-$2400 2. Valve block needs rebuilding,$400 -$1400 3. Solenoid pack needs replacing, $350-$50

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Electronic throttle control symbol illuminated this morning and the engine went to a limp-home, what does it mean, and is it costly? Driving to the train station in Atlanta this morning the symbol came on and the car slowed down. And I turned the car off and sat for a minute with the caution light on. Then turned the car back on, made it to the train station, and didn't have a problem. Should I attempt a 400 mile trip on Sunday?

I would not recommend any trip until the car is repaired. The symbol in the dash means the car was in limp mode. It could be caused by the T/P sensor, this is the most likelt problem. ... 2004 Lincoln LS

Hello, I have a 2001 Jaguar XJR. As I was driving it home, I slowed down to turn in to my road and the dash board lit up like a christmas tree and went into engine failsafe mode. The car would not go over 5mph (in limp home mode) and there was also a

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The engine icon warning light has come on in my 2005 S-type 4.2 jag (50,000 miles). According to the manual, this means that something is likely wrong with the electronic control system for the engine. It happened once before, and the car went into limp home mode, but it has not done that this time. I have my car into a jag dealer, and he says the diagnostic for the engine controls has not revealed the source of the problem, but it does indicate many "faults". His solution is to begin trying

HI. I find it strange that the certified dealer technician cannot pull the codes properly. This is very strange, your car is equipped with a very sophisticated Engine CPU. The trouble codes should be accessible with the correct diagnostic equipment, ... 2005 Jaguar S-Type

2002 Chrysler 300m, DTC codes P0700 and 1776. Had an issue 3 years ago when car was bought but it was just the 1776 code, had it looked at and found it to be the soleniod pack, i replaced it (trans build date is concurrent with the TSB stating "Not" to replace valve body, just soleniod packs)and have never had an issue in 50,000 miles until today when the light came on and it went into limp mode. Just unsure having the 2 codes this time. I have kept up on servicing sice repair.

... 2002 Chrysler 300M

2001 Jaguar S Type, "Failsafe Engine Mode" message with amber warning light, no power, then warning off and I drive on, 90 degree day, turn of AC and radio. About three miles down road second warning, no power, pull off road limping, stop, shift to Neutral, turn off engine, restart, drive off. No codes set. Car towed to repair shop, can find no issues driving car 30+ miles. Pick up car, driving about 6 miles the "Failsafe Engine Mode" comes on again, then goes off, continue driving with no more

Hello jpbreece i could be diappointed if i can't solve ur problem cz dis is wat i have been doin whole of my life..repairing cars!! espicially Jaguar, Mercedes, etc.. let me tell you its acommon problem and has asimple solution...let me go slow....\ ... 2001 Jaguar S-Type

Vauxhall astra 03 1.6 engine management light been on for ages but had driven fine some one has earthed the Ecu before I got the car. went out to out yesterday morning battery was dead. put new battery on went in to limp mode, turned engine of and on again was fine, temp got above 90 in traffic went back in to limp mode , turned engine of and on again it was fine. Tends to be when it gets warm it does have various fault codes its sending about five in total do I need a new ecu.

NO, you need not a new ecu, but a diagnostic tool for your diy work. i recommend you this one ... Cars & Trucks

2007 chevy surburban goes into limp mode and stabiltrac ligfht comes on and truck goes into limp mode loss of power. I bought this truck new in January/2007 and ythe trouble started at 20000 miles and continued a total of 5 times thru milage 26500 on July 9th 2009. It has now happened again at 40000 miles and I almost got rear ended as when the truck goes into limp mmode it loses power and cant go over 25 mph. It is dangerous and the problem has happened 6 times 2 more than a lemon law ......do

... 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LS New Cars

Speedometer problems The speedometer on our 2004 LeSabre with 20,000 miles on it suddenly became erratic and jumped to 120 MPH and stayed for a few miles, then jumped to 140 MPH. We were driving in a traffic flow of about 60 MPH. After a few miles the needle went completely to the top and dropped all the way down to the right. When starting the car now in idle it again goes up to around 1 120 mph. We have had no recent repairs other then the replacement of the PVC valve. We are no longer in warr

... 2004 Buick LeSabre

I own a Chevy Malibu 2003 LS, fully loaded and 54,000 miles. I was driving approximately 20 mph in a 45 mph zone. There was a car in front of me going extremely slow so I sped up to approximately 40 mph to pass. My car continued to speed up. I hit the brakes and immediately after taking my foot off the brake pedal the car sped up as if the gas pedal was floored. I hit the brake pedal and shifted into neutral after going almost 80 mph. Scary as my 18 month old was in a carseat in the back. I took

Do all of the other sugestions, they are probably a lot cheaper.Then i would i would have the cruse control looked at.I had a simular problem with a 1983 Oldsmobile, i caused the problem in my case, i made some adjustments to the cruse contr ... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

My '99 Land Cruiser has gone into limp mode twice in the past several months. First time was when I was restarting it after a short break. We pulled a battery cable, and the "Check engine" light was cleared and it ran fine. Recently, it was after running it for about a mile - the "Check engine" light came on and it went into limp mode. After letting it set for a few days during the holidays, I went back out to see what I could do, and when restarted, the check engine light was gone, and vehic

I have this same issue with my 99 Landcruiser\015\012Where you able to resolve it? My dealer cant find anything\015\012I have also had the probelm where the car wont shift out of Park ... 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

Hi - I have a 2002 jeep liberty. I was driving down the highway going 70 miles per hour and it went into limp mode. Stopped and disconnected battery to reset codes. Started driving again and it made the 1-2 shift. On the 2-3 shift it drug the shift and went back into limp mode. I believe it may have broke the screws on the accumulator cover and let the 2-3 accumulator dislodge out of the bore. Is this possible or what are your thoughts?

Scan it.check vechicle speed sensor.a bad speed sensor will cause shift problems. ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

My Hyundai Grandeur XG30 has a gremlin. It puts itself into "Limp Mode" and Check the Engine light flashes. I have had it at 2 mechanics plugged it into a computer and neither know whats wrong. They reset the computer and it drives ok for a few days and then next you start its in limp mode or like yesteday it went into limp mode WHILE i was driving it. The revs are up and down the bloody car is possessed!!

Replace both input and output speed sensors and she will run like a beauty ... 2001 Hyundai XG300

Limp mode car went into limp mode garage put new gear box in drove for 2 days started shuddering garage put old gear box back in still in limp mode

Hi Mary, You have not told us the vehicle make or model, or basically anything we can use to determine what fault it may have. Take your vehicle to a reputable garage and ask them to carry out a diagnostic scan. Regards John ... Cars & Trucks

Go out in AM, car is cold, starts and runs fine. Drive short distance, stop and restart, runs fine, idles fine. Drive about 8 miles at 50-55 mph, pull up at a red light, when speed gets down to ~25-30 mph, car stalls. Carburetor has been rebuilt. Put car in neutral or park right after it stalls - it starts right up and will run until you slow down to 30 mph or slower, stalls, As long as choke is closed enough, it seems to run fine. We really appreciate your help. It has been

The EGR valve is unserviceable which causes a bad or insufficient fuel control for em-missions......Hope this helps you out........EGR valves are not very expensive. ... 1985 AMC American Motors Eagle

I have a 2001 Chrysler 300m,we had an engine swap from an 2002 special edition 3.5l and sawped our parts on that engine since the 02 had different parts but same engine block,after puting everything together,car would not start,I then replaced crank sensor and cam sensor,car didn't start till 2nd or 3rd try then it it threw a cam code,car woo only start if I disconnect cam harness from cam sensor,like if the computer went to bypass mode or limp mode,car will start but on the 2nd or third crank h

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To whom I may inquire. I have a 03 Taurus that just turned 78000 miles. My son was driving the car the other night when the trans went out. He said he was going about 30 mph when it just went out as if it was thrown into nuetral and he just coasted into a parking lot. When I arrived to pick him up I tried the the car myself just to see what might be going on. The car started fine and when put into gear ther was absolutley no gears, any gear,no reverse, no OD, 3rd,2nd, or first. I know this tr

You had a loss of hydraulic pressure that the fail-safe mode can not compensate for. Usually this is due to a seal failing in one of the clutch packs or the rear lube tube coming out of it's hole.Either way, it requires removal of the transmis ... 2003 Ford Taurus

Hi, I have a 1994 Eagle Summit Wagon, AWD, 2.4l 4cyl engine with automatic transmission with overdrive. 105k miles. It is made by Mitsubishi. The car has been working perfectly until yesterday. I started the car and drove about 2 miles at 60 mph and suddenly the tranny went out of gear. All forward gears and reverse were equal to neutral. I coasted to an uneventful stop. No unusual sounds or events prior to this. I added a little fluid but not much was needed. I turned off the car

In automatic transmission, there is a sensor referred to as neutral sensor chip.Please this is not an issue that you should dabble into because only a tranny professional/ expert can fix it else you might have to get a replacement for you ... Eagle Summit

I have a 2006 kawasaki prairie 700. The belt light was on and it was in limp mode. It would only go about 15 mph. And the 4wd was out. I replaced spark plugs, belt, choke cable, 2wd/ 4wd actuator, and had the carbs worked on at a shop(also tried switching grey and black plugs to reset light). None of this worked. So i bought a dynatek cdi box and switched it with the old one. This fixed the problem and the belt light went off. I rode it for a half a day and now its back in limp mode like it was.

\012You may have this\012posted in the wrong product category. Please select another category\012appropriate to the problem and re-post the problem so the correct\012expert will see and respond to the question.. \012\012This is for ... Cars & Trucks

On my 2000 dodge caravan v6 3.0 engine . I was driving at 65 mph lights on dash and radio started flashing started lossing power went down to 40 mph then all of a sudden felt it kick back in and it seemed like it was normal was ok for 2 days (150 miles ) then it started again lights on dash and radio flashing lost power was on main highway so I wanted to get off road so i kept the pedal floored every thing on dash went off all needles dropped as if car was off but was still going appox. 20 mp

Start out by replacing the oxygen sensors. The electrical system and fuel delivery depend on the O2 sensor to be in perfect condition. If you still have these flashing and flickering lights after you replaced the O2 sensor then then next thing to rep ... 1999 Dodge Neon

Fuel issue When the car first starts in the morning, it stutters and takes a bit to warm up, almost like gunk in the fuel filter. This has been going on for months, changed fuel filter. minor improvement. Now car will only travel at 15-27 mph, after several miles it may break wide open and go for a few miles at 70 then it slows itself down to 25 again...help

Either has the common plastic intake leak or faulty mass air flow sensor by air filter, cost $25 used so the best place to start and make sure you do not have any loose connections or cracks in air intake hoses ... 1998 Lincoln Town Car

About 3 weeks ago we took a trip of around 300 miles with my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0. After about 100 miles, the check guages light came on and the volt(battery level) guage went to zero like it shut off. I stopped and shut off the car and restarted it and the volt meter started working again, but only reading about 12 volts instead of 14 or so where it usually is. We kept going and every time i shut the car off and restarted it, the guage would shut off at about 30 or 40 mph. The batte

Hi this sounds like the voltage regulator on the alternator, maybe you should get the alternator changed out as this really would be the logical thing to do, i am surprised the garage did not suggest this as that would be the normal course of action ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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