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2003 F150 4x4 does not start after sitting about a week starter grinds and dome light and underhood lights flash (Fairly new battery and altenator). Truck does fine unless it sits for about a week, and will restart with a jump. Is this a relay problem? I can hear a relay in the cab clicking with the flashing lights

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Answers :

You may have a parasittic draw some were check for components staying on when ignition off, also check for a loose ground also the battery may have a bad cell and not holding charge
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2003 F150 4x4 does not start after sitting about a week starter grinds and dome light and underhood lights flash (Fairly new battery and altenator). Truck does fine unless it sits for about a week, and will restart with a jump. Is this a relay problem? I can hear a relay in the cab clicking with the flashing lights

You may have a parasittic draw some were check for components staying on when ignition off, also check for a loose ground also the battery may have a bad cell and not holding charge ... 2003 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a 2002 grand cheroke limited and it only has 80,000 miles on it, the battery keeps getting drained we replaced the battery, same problem would not start after sitting a day or 2 no lights nothing, charged battery it starts, if it sits for a day it won't start, we have replaced the altenator and it ran fine for a week and now that it sat for a day it will not start, unless we charge the battery. the battery we replaced we put on a charger and it is holding a charge just fine now that its

You need a test light to check for current draw--remove the negative battery connector, make sure the battery is charged, and rig the test light to complete the circuit between the negative battery post and the negative battery connector so that the ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1983 dodge ram w150 turns over but will not start. I drove it home and it quit. I have no spark. I checked the ballast, buzzed the coil and they both seem fine. The battery light in the interior is off - it may have been all along, but I noticed it while troubleshooting. I have 7 volts on the coil. I checked the ground from the battery and that is good. The truck was sitting for 6 weeks getting a new interior, but drove home fine. I don' know where the starter relay is. I did notice

The fact that it's turning over indicates that the start relay is good.Couple of quick questions to help me out please,if the 2 things at the bottom do not show anything.You drove it all the way home and then when you went to restart it would not sta ... 1983 Dodge Pickup

1989 - GMC Sierra 3500 4x4 has 2 issues: 1) dash brake light flashes with engine on, but repair shop says all brakes are functioning properly and pads and rotors are OK & safe to drive, but they don't know why the dash brake light flashes. 2) Truck starts fine and runs fine. After driving for more than an hour and cutting off engine, engine will not start until it sits for about 10-15 minutes. Lights come on in dash, but no clicking, no sound, does not start. Also, notice after about an hour of

Put a remote starter cycloid on the firewall that's hooked to the one on the starter to get rid of the having for it to cool in order start it. At least that solved my problem. As for the brake light flashing..well mine does too but everything work ... 1989 GMC Sierra

Ford 2001 f250 superduty 5.4 gas dash battery light flashing intermittently,dash voltage gauge read normal truck drove fine. next day battery light stayed on longer volt gauge fine,turned on heater and wipers, volt.gauge dropped to almost nothing.made it home parked truck, wouldnt start just click of starter relay. new battery approx 5 months old. didn't have time to test batt voltage with meter will do when i get home from from work. thanks in advance for your assistance. Ralph

Hi, \012The Alternator is JUNK, sorry.\012Regards,DT ... 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Super Cab

I have a 97 nissan pickup XE that I recently put on the road. The other night (very cold out) the head unit started to flash and the lights were dimming. I made it to a gas station where the truck died and would not turn over. I received a jump and the truck made it 100 yards started sputtering and basically shut down. Had the battery tested it was good so we changed the alternator and everything was fine for the past couple of weeks. Today the battery light and emergency brake lights came

Its electrical problem causing this issue.As you mentioned the brake light came on .Get the brake light switch checked,if faulty replace the switch.Look up on the brake pedal, follow the bracket up until you see the brake light switch.Al ... 1997 Nissan Pickup

I have a '99 Ford Ranger 3.0L that won't start reliably(3 times in 2 weeks).When I turn the ignition to "on",the theft light flashes rapidly,and will eventually give me a 1:6 code(faulty link between PATS module and EECV).I tried a regular door key in the ignition,and a 1:3 code flashed(key code not received)which tells me the transceiver is working properly.When it will start,the theft light works properly and proves out.The truck will start sometimes and runs fine,which makes me discount coil

When the anti-theft light is flashing rapidly then either it is not seeing the key,or the transciever module is not communicating with the PCM. It could be the transciever or it could be the PCM is not powering up for some reason. I would first try r ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

I have a 1994 chevy 1500 2WD truck that I leave it parked at a ranch for several weeks in between uses. When I put truck in drive after sitting for a few weeks, the rear left wheel will not turn. Right side wheel turns fine. I have to put it in reverse and lightly apply gas and then put it in drive again and it usually frees up. After getting it broke loose the last time and drove it for aboput a day, I got around to pulling off wheel and looked at brakes - no leaking brake cylinder, brake co

Hi,This problem won't be your diff, it will be the brakes, even though you don't apply the emergency brake now, the problem is with the foot brake.I would say that the brake shoes are not returning properly and when you stop to park the t ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

No dash lights or odometer reading when you open the door and car cranks but will not start. Alarm is in vallet position. Few weeks ago paaenger window would not work then started working then driver side window did the same. As car was being loaded on tow truck we opened the door and all the dash lights came on as they should. Mechanic had car for two days and said everything was working fine then he said while the car was running lights started flashing and sliding door opened by itself. They

I would start by removing the pesky alarm. My encounter with alarms is they create more problems than they actually help a badly wired alarms systeme can be a true nightmare. My advice the best lock for your vehicle is the lock that locks the gas and ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

Have you ever heard of the engine oil reservoir being full and the dipstick reading empty? I just bought an old 1985 toyota pickup truck and it was fine until I had my oil changed. After driving for a week the engine oil light came on and it ended up taking 2 quarts of oil to show a reading on the oil dipstick. After driving it for a week it flashed slightly and when I went to check it again, the oil reservoir is full but I cannot get a reading at all on the dip stick. This seems very strang

When your car is low on oil, there is a sensor (sometimes called a switch, as well) that will light up an indicator inside the car to inform you of the low oil level. In some cases, checking the dipstick will show that there is actually oil present, ... Toyota Pickup

I have a 19998 Mazda Pickup B2500. My problem is that when I start the truck, it runs fine for about 10 or 15 seconds, then shuts off. There is a clicking sound in one of the relays and the check engine light starts flashing. I don't have any problems starting the truck, it just dies after a few seconds. Any ideas?

... 1998 Mazda Pickup

I have a 2005 LT Trailblazer I was driving along to the gym and all of the sudden my engine starting to sound funny, and sputtered alittle bit, It also seemed to slow down a little bit, It felt funny when I touched the Gasacceleration. The engine light flashed a few times disappeared and flashed again several times, so I proceeded to turn around, as soon as I got 10 minutes from my house, the truck was running fine again, I also noticed a few weeks ago I was driving to the mountains the a diff

It sounds like its gone to limp home mode have the ecu codes read by your garage ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Periodically, the truck will not start. I hear some "clicking" of relays under the hood, but not sure if it is the fuel pump, start or other gadgets. On the dash, the yellow "check engine" light is solid and the security lock light is flashing. No start Typically, if I wait about 10 minutes or so, I retry the starter and all works fine. Took to dealer: no joy. There were no codes from the computer and they even tried to reproduce the problem. Any ideas?

Sounds like your security system is cutting out the starter circuitry, unfortunately if the security module is going bad it may only test bad when it is causing the problem, this is a sure sign of the alarm cut off, perhaps you need to have an alarm ... GMC Canyon

Engine light I have a 2005 jeep grand cherokee and the engine light came on after sitting for 2 weeks because of a operation, the truck is acting like its not getting a steady flow of gas. I tried the off-on to get codes but nothing is flashing. Im I doing something wrong or is it service time ?? by the way it is a 6. with 36000 miles

Reset the computer disconnect the battery for 15 min then reconnect you way have water or moisture in the gas this will not show a code try some water remover and or fuel treatment also fill the tank and see if you get any improvement ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 96 chevy s-10. When I turn the key my gauges, warning lights or my fuel pump will come on. My radio will work when the key is on as well as the starter will turn the motor over. I have replaced the relays behind the golve box with new ones. I let the truck sit for a couple of weeks and went out and it started. After driving up the road a few miles, I started back home. On the way back all the gauges on the dash went dead and the truck stalled but came back to life. After I got home and

Sounds simple but inspect battery cable tension at the battery...snug up with 6pt 8mm or 5/16" socket/wrench. ... 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Truck runs fine. no misses ect... electrical short I think, turn the key on and all lights lite up or flash on the dash. turn signal lights on but dim. message center changes from one message to another to another etc... turn lights don't work on the front or back of truck during this problem. 4x4 will not shift (push button) while problem is going on. new batteries and alternator working fine. sometimes truck starts just fine with no lighting problem and everything work great. never know when t

Check to make sure that the wiring harness isn't touching the exhaust manifolds. This happened to my dually. ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado

Truck surging my 2004 ford ranger will surge driving down the road... it cuts out and check engine light flashes.. it will only rev to 1500 rpms when throttel is on the floor... then will jump and take off... runs fine for twenty min after sitting for couple hours.... i don know were to even begin to start... it has the 3.0 engine......

... 2004 Ford Ranger

1987 ranger 2.9 V6 turns over fine, but no spark at coil or plug. It is getting fuel, so far new coil, cap ,rotor, plugs, wires, relays,cked coil plug and am getting 12V to coil, but no spark, how do I ck TFI module? What else might be problem? This started 2 mos ago as an intermittent problem, last week it quit in the road and hasnt started since, before then, it wouldnt start unless it sat for a few hrs and then would usually start right up. The last time it happened, truck was only drven a bl

Check the ignition module its usually a silver box bolted onto the Firewall or fender on the right side. Replace it. ... 1987 Ford Ranger

My 2009 Toyota RAV4 (4WD) had been sitting in garage for about 3 weeks. Started fine but didn't want to move forward or back and then the electronic stability light would flash after a couple of seconds. Finally got it to go forward by putting into 2L gear and hitting accelerator (while trying not to plow through front of garage). There was a clunk when it moved like something broke loose. Then for the first mile or so of driving there is a wheel/brake noise synchronous with speed of wheels.

Sounds like the handbrake had stuck on.the brake shoes can bind if the handbrake is left on and this is probably the clunk noise.you are almost certainly right about the "cleaning themselves" if you look at the disk surface after a ... 2009 Toyota RAV4

Hi there, Kia Carens battery went totally flat after sitting for 6 weeks. Car was fine before. Following recharge of the battery, the IMMO light in flashing. Car turns over but wont start. Any ideas???

... 2002 Kia Sedona

93 gmc sierra 5.7 liter engine, injection carb, will turn over won't start, replaced fuel pump fuse, replaced fuel pump relay, replaced fuel pump inside gas tank, no gas flow to carb , gas gauge has always read improper gas levels, so i tend to run on empty alot, one week prior to trouble "check engine" light came on, but truck was running normal, no sluggestness in engine, all fluid levels were normal, everything was fine...thanx in advance "

You say you replaced the fuse, but does the fuse have power? the gray wire at pump should have power when cranking, or for 2 seconds when turning key on. At fuel pump relay, put power onto gray wire, the pump should run if the wiring is good. if it d ... 1995 GMC Sierra C1500

Problem started last week. sometimes engine cranks slow then fires up, other times fine. Also airbag, engine and abs lights come on sometimes when car is started. If i stop the car and then start it again they don;t come back on. Last, the low beam flashes on and off when starting the car. Could this be a short somewhere or faulty relay or something similar? Thanks

This one I would need to have in my shop. I need to know which codes your car is throwing. If you take it to your local dealership, I will be happy to consult about the codes and the technician's recommendations. ... 2004 Mazda 3

Battery recharging I have a 1992 Diesel Nissan Serena van, having problem with the battery charging. Heard a shorting sound from behind Glovebox, this made warrning lights flash, after a while my car died. it can be push/ jumped started, have charged the 5 month old battery out of the car and once i put it back in the car starts up with no problems, apparently altenators fine too. problem is battery wont charge up in the car.Is there battery relay switch? if so, where? can anyone help?

You may have a burned out 'fuse link' in the heavy wire running from the alternator to the starter solenoid (+ battery cable side). Check for proper charging by measuring the battery voltage with engine running--it should measure 13.5 volts DC to 14. ... 1990 Nissan Minivan

Won't start Truck had not been driven for a couple months due to flat tires and a dead battery. I just put in a new battery and when i turn the ignition, nothing happens. Lights go on but nothing else. There are no sounds. The car previously ran fine until I hadn't driven it for 2 weeks and the battery drained. Is this a starter, or relay problem? what shoudl i be trying first?

Sounds like a bad ground to your solinoid its not the starter try tapping the solinoid ... 1988 Toyota Pickup

Car won't turn over. Nothing. Lights, panel, everything is good. Tow truck comes, hoists it, turn ignition, fine. Same thing happened 2 weeks prior and was sitting outside repair shop in minus 30 all weekend. Mechanic turns key, works ??

I would check the condition of the battery, and battery cables, and also to the starter, doesn't sound like fuses, also check ground wires. ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee
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