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Hi I have a 2002 ford mondeo, the car was fine and I drove for about half an hour, came back to it after I was done swimming, the car started fine drive five minutes stopped and then as I went to start again the dash lights started flashing and the car wouldn't start, got a jump start from someone nearby and it went for about 20-30 minutes and then cut out, and the dash light were flashing, got a jump again and got it home, checked fuses they are all fine, the battery is fully charged as well tr

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Hi I have a 2002 ford mondeo, the car was fine and I drove for about half an hour, came back to it after I was done swimming, the car started fine drive five minutes stopped and then as I went to start again the dash lights started flashing and the car wouldn't start, got a jump start from someone nearby and it went for about 20-30 minutes and then cut out, and the dash light were flashing, got a jump again and got it home, checked fuses they are all fine, the battery is fully charged as well tr

... 2003 Ford Mondeo

My 2001 oldsmobile alero will not start, I put gas and it would not crank over. Then the security light started flashing so I turned the key to the on poistion and was waiting 10 minutes and during that time temperature gauge moved to hot the fuel guage went to empty my battery light and oil light went out and my battery completely died. Got a jump lights started functioning fine but security light was flashing and it happened again. I cannot start it either because the security light keeps flas

You have to leave it in the on position until the light stops flashing and then turn the car all the way to the off position then start it it works everytime for me make sure your radio and everything if off so it wont drain your battery ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

2005 nissan sentra battery went dead. got jumped w/ immediate start. I drove it around for about 15 minutes and parked it my car in the garaqe. I tried to start it again but it had very little power and no turnover. do I need to let it run for a specific amount of time to get a full charge or could there be a underlying problem? I I had to get it jumped(left headlites on when pumping gas) a week and a half ago and I drove for about five minutes, parked it, and it it started up fine the next day.

Check to make sure the alternator is charging the battery.crank engine while idling the alternator out put should be 13.5 volts to 14.5 volts. if not alternator is not charging the battery.if alternator is charging battery.the battery is weak.if its ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

I drove my car today and when I was about to go home the car started acting weird. When I tried to start the car my rear windshield wiper started working but the car did not start. Than when I got a jump the car ran for like 4-5 minutes then it shut off. We jumped the car again. It was fine till I got home, I left the engine running while in park for a few minutes, and when I pulled out of the parking space the radio cut off then came right back on and as soon as I turned on the headlights the c

Could be your altenator and or your battery. You can get both tested for free or a small fee at parts stores or garage. ... 2001 Nissan Xterra

I have a 2000 BMW 740 i. New battery. Went to start it (was running fine all day), and nothing. Jumped it and started. Chugged a couple times but then ran fine. Got home 45 minutes later. turned off the car and tried to start it again and nothing?

Check the alternator and wiring to battery. if belt is ok. then when car is off, voltage at battery should be at least 12.6 or better. when it is running, at battery should be at least 14.1 to 14.7. jump start car, try this, with car running, remove ... 2000 BMW 7 Series

I have a 2007 s60 T Volvo... I bought the car used and it has about 30K miles on it. Yesterday I drove to the store and went inside for about 10 minutes, when I came out and tried to start my car it was totally dead. No interior dashboard lights, no nothing... I had it jumped and it took the charge at first and then cut off again. Jumped it again and the charge stayed and I drove to another location parked, went in for another 10 minutes came out and it started fine. The car has been parke

... 2007 Volvo S60 T5 Sedan

2004 Sebring 2.7L. The car was running fine with no apparent problems. I turned the car off for a few minutes to get gas. When I went to start the car again, it wouldn't start at all. No clicking, very dim lights. I tried jumping 3 times. It would start, then die. The third time, I revved the engine a bit to try to keep it running. while revving, lights on the dash would flicker and the gauges were jumping a bit. car still died once I stopped revving and tried to drive. The battery has been long

Check for 12 volts at the battery if it is anything less you will need a new battery. ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

Car was running great. Stopped dead. No click when key turned, Nothing. Got a jump, started fine and was fine for three days, then went dead again. It started with another jump. I drove it down the highway for a half hour to charge the battery. I stopped in the driveway and tried to restart the car right away, There were a few dim lights on the panel then dead dead dead. No lights, no clicks. Battery put in new at Christmas 2009. Any hints?

I have seen this problem many many times. It is either the battery has a shorted internal cell, causing a restrictive amp supply to the starter or there is a bad/corroded connection. This is the primary circuit of your vehicle, and there is not much ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

Went to start my car yesterday and it wouldn't start. Got it jumped it worked fine. A few hours later started it again and radio went dead car went dead what could it be?

Sounds like alternator may not be charging check voltage at battery while engine is running need to see at least 13.1 volts if not have alternator checked and or replaced ... 2005 Nissan Altima

Wont start I have a 1999 Daewoo Nubira. I went to start my car and it started it fine. I wasnt leaving for a little longer and shut it off. When I went to start up again it wouldnt even turn over like the battery was dead. After it got jumped it was okay but when I shut it off it wont start back up. Do you think I need a new battery or can I just get the battery charged up or could it be a whole different problem all together? I got a new engine installed last year.

Start vehicle up and take vehicle to an AUTO-ZONE they will check the entire charging system for FREE. This could BAD battery or a BAD alternator or even maybe both. So let not guess or if you have a volt meter at home with vehicle running voltage at ... 2001 Daewoo Lanos

One day car wouldn't start, sometimes made clicking sounds, other times nothing. Jump start and things were fine. But once I drove 6 blocks from home, turned off engine and went inside for all of 10 minutes. Came out and car wouldn't start. Was able to get jump start and go to work. After a couple times, mechanic replaced the starter. Not long after started all over again. This happened awhile ago but can't really remember what the solution was. Maybe the relay switch?

Hi, \015\012\015\012Firstly...turn your headlights on FULL BEAM (or operate your screen wipers).\015\012\015\012As you watch your headlights (or wipers), have an assistant turn the engine to START. If your lights DIM or turn ... 1988 Chrysler LeBaron

I have a 1990 cadillac eldorado and my remote car alarm is not working and has new batterybut alarm was still working then i cahange the car battery and started the car and it ran fine then i turned car off and went to start it upand it would not start and on the dash i got a message that said: "starting disabled anti theft systemon and told me to wait 3 minutes and start cart car so i followed the instructions and it still did not start and message came on again remote number on the inside is

... 1990 Cadillac Eldorado

Hi, 2002 dodge Dakota, 4.7l, got home from work and shut off. 10 minutes later, went to start and made a noise like a car makes when you try and start car when it is already started, then idle was rough, shut off and had strong smell of gas in exhaust. Thought to be timing chain had jumped, others said to change the cam and crank position sensors. Changed them and still running rough, engine vibrates bad if I can get it to start at all. Still have gas smell in exhaust. Do the timing chains jump

The chain could jump a tooth or two, but normally a chain or gear breaks. You could pull the spark plugs and check compression to find out.It sounds like one or two injectors may have failed allowing liquid gas to flow into the cylinders. ... Dodge Cars & Trucks

So i had a problem i went to the grocery store and i was in there only 5 minutes or so and i came out got into my 95 crysler LeBaron 3.0 V6 and the car wouldnt start so i called someone to give me a jump hooked it up thinking it was a battery problem but the car still wouldnt start. i then called the AAA and they came out like an hour later and when they asked me to try and start it up it turned over and started and i was able to get it home but the next morning i went to drive it and it wouldnt

Thats what you will hear when starters bad,, click. just follow the big red wire from your battery to the starter, the solenoid is connected to the starter. ... 1995 Chrysler LeBaron

The car ran fine then engine light started flashing ran it for a 5 min started running really rough cut car off tried to start it but it only clicked like the starter was stuck all lights good thou ,got a jump still nothing so i got a wrench turned the crankshaft a lttle then it turned over but still wont start

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. A flashing light means there is major engine damage. You need to get your computer scanned asap to find out what is wrong. ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

My car was making a crink sound when i tried to turn it on. I was told it was the battery so i went and bought a new one from auto zone. Drove it home just fine but when i got up to go out again, it would not start. EVERYTHING was dead this time. Not even the head lights would come on. My roommate gave me a jump and it started up. HE told me to take one of the connectors off when I go to places and have to leave the car off for long periods of time. WHen i do that, it starts back up just fine

It sounds like something is draining the battery. Hence it starts up if you disconnect during periods of disuse . As to what is draining can be hard to trace. ... 1999 Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 2002 Dodge Neon. Drove my car to work and when I got off work my car had to jump started. The brake light,odometer and seat belt light was blinking for the 20 minute ride home and the battery light was on. When I got home I turned the car off and when I went to start it again there was nothing. Could this be the battery. Thanks Debbie

Since the battery light was 'on', it seems the vehicle's charging system has failed.\015\012Get the charging rate, and probabley the alternator will need overhauling. ... 2002 Dodge Neon

I had just driven the car. I shut it off in the parking lot because of a long phone call. When I went to start it, I got nothing. We tried jump starting it with no results. The key got stuck in the ignition for a short time , I eventually got it out . The batttery is fine. We had it towed to mechanic. He also checked out the extra key to make sure it was not the key. Can you help. The mechanic and I are baffled. The starter was also checked out and is fine.

Is the security light on on your dash .check for theft code ,if security light flashes your problem is your theft system .i've repaired alot of these .if you have questions call me at 270-556-7357 or ... 1993 Buick Riviera

Last week, flashed head lights and dash board flickered for a moment, parked it up and locked it once, fine, went to double lock nothing, would not unlock, five minutes later fine, however since then all lights can flicker for long or short periods and sometimes not at all, again yesterday flashed a car and dash board went out for fraction of second, the clock and radio have reset twice, got alternator checked its fine, using any electrics while driving seems to worsen it please help as have lon

... 2005 Toyota Avensis 2.0

I woke up, went to start my car, and the battery was completely dead. I got a jump, drove for a while, parked it. I left it that night, and when I went to start it in the morning it was dead again. The alternator is new. I then charged the battery (also had it tested - all is fine), drove it for a while until the battery light started to flicker on and off intermittently. I then got a voltage meter hooked it up to the positive cable and then the positive terminal of the battery. I then proceeded

Feel around the alternator and make sure everything is plugged in tight and not lose ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Recetnly purchased a used 2003 Suzuki Aerio from dealership. Car was running fine. Then suddenly would not start after being parked at work. The interior lights went dim when door opened, and battery was completely dead. Called Progressive Roadside Assistance and got a jump start, and the car started but lights still dimmed. Arrived home, and killed car. Tried to re-start the car and it would not even try to turn over at all. Battery was completely dead. Weird thing is when all doors are

I would say thats a good idea, if you got an extended warranty! from most of the symptoms i would say it sounded like your alternator was hooped. the clicking from the dash...if it's coming from the engine side it sould be your solinoid which click ... Suzuki Aerio

My 2000 Lincoln Town Car wont start. A few days ago my dash went black when I attempted to start. Looked under the hood and there was heavy corrosion on the pos bat terminal. Changed both terminals and the car started fine. However light on dash would continually blink, and hazard lights would continually flash while driving the car. Ive been searching for answers online. I tried holding terminals together for 5 minutes. I tried securing the terminal connection to the wires. Tried letting car id

... 2000 Lincoln Town Car

I bought a new alternator for my 1990 oldsmobile and my car was running fine. A couple of months later i was coming home from work and my car had a hard time starting so when i got home i shut the car off and try to start it again and it wouldnt start. it took a jump but didnt last long. So i thought it was my battery but a week later the car went completely dead as i was driving. both days it was raining, i dont know if that was just a conquencent.

I have old car also and after i went to grocery store it's hard to start it. I thought that the alternator is not charging? but when I check the battery is ok! if your alternator is ok? maybe your fuel pump, like mine! ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4wd v6. Car would not start. We change the crank shaft position sensor and the car started with no problem. 1 month later when we start the car the check engine light comes on and the car run rough for about 5 minutes. I went to Auto zone to have them pull the code and got: P1391 CMO or CKP signal intermittent condition. The ECM detected the actual CMP position disagreed with the expected CMP level. 1. Timing belt or chain stretched or jumped. 2. Defective C

... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

04 Ford Explorer battery light and abs light on and the battery doesn't seem to stay charged. Yesterday the brake lights were stuck on and then the battery went dead. I jumped and started it but the battery quickly went dead. So I put a new battery in and drove about 45 seconds and the car died completely. Had it towed home but this morning I went out there to start it and it started right up I drove for about 30 min and everything fine until I got home and the battery started draining again and

... Cars & Trucks
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